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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Armed group attacks independent pre-candidate Marichuy's caravan in Michoacán

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Radio Formula                                                                             

[More information as details emerge - El Profe]

Although the status of the independent candidate is not specified, collaborators asked to be alert for the safety of their colleagues.

The National Indigenous Congress (CNI) reported that its spokesperson, the independent candidate for the Presidency, María de Jesús (Marichuy) was the victim of an attack by an armed group.

Through its social networks, the CNI explained that the events occurred on the highway between Tepalcatepec and Buenavista, in Michoacán, when two trucks stopped them and armed men threatened them "and removed cell phones and photographic equipment of journalists who accompany her on the route”. 

Although the status of the independent candidate was not specified, collaborators asked to be alert for the safety of their colleagues.

"At the moment we are on the road to her meeting, we demand security guarantees for the caravan and our spokesperson," the bulletin reads. 

#DENUNCIASe just attacked the #CIG caravan and our #Marichuy spokesperson between Tepalcatepec and Buenavista, # Michoacán .
- CNI Mexico (@CNI_Mexico)   


  1. Oh here it comes!A couple of folks on here mentioned it could get violent before these elections.Looks like they were spot on as this is the beginning.

  2. She is lucky to be alive.
    As an independent candidate she is vulnerable in many aspects of such behavior. Political parties have their alliances with criminal elements. Moreover, financial support.
    If true democracy were to apply in Mexico. Government should provide security to all those presidential candidates. An implementation necessary whiere political assassinations are frequent in that country.

    Something said does not mean something will be done. Mexico’s political theater is and will always be their destruction of a civilized society.


  3. There are Indian legislators in Peru who have proven to be MORE CORRUPT THAN THE USUAL CORRUPT POLITICIANS.
    they play along to get along and sell their people down the drain.
    In Mexico the Indian owned lands are being stolen, used, exploited, without paying one red cent to the OWNERS OF THE LAND, they are getting imprisoned for protesting, or if they are having a bad day, they get murdered, among the worst are MINERA FRISCO of Carlos Slim Helu, who is trying to steal more of Mexico now that he is watching his ass with the drug trafficking...
    --MINERA PENMONT of Caborca Sonora where the new governor Claudia Pavlovich and her uncle Rafael Pa lovich Durazo and "functionaries of tribunal agrarian diet 28 are robbing the ejidatarios of Ejido El Bajio of billions of dollars and thousands of hectares of land rich in silver and gold, incarcerating their leaders AFTER LOSING LAWSUITS IN FEDERAL COURTS.
    It is not that the Indians are dumb, it is that alone they don't have too many chances against a corrupt government hijacked by corruption and financed by billions US government dollars behind the backs of american people.
    --On the news, Cierran Refineria Secreta de PEMEX en Houston Texas...

  4. These ppl are the real heros of Mexico.fighting for the ppl despite beeing beaten.robbed ans killed by officials.police or cartels.
    Keep on tour Work.

  5. El Debate is reporting that the five journalists were “ extranjeros” which usually means foreign, they claim two are French but I can’t find the nationality of the other three named .

  6. Wow it's like a Final Destination movie, she lived this one because of the foreign journalists with her, but will she survive on 2nd attempt? As I have read on BB, the government does not want a good future for it's people.

  7. Michoacan has to be the toughes state in Mexico, there is always stories from there that surprise me.

  8. So pitiful to see such low interest to comment when it pertains to political related articles.
    Who would have thought that blood and gore is what’s entertaining? Moreover, the stupidity and ignorance of others.


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