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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mexican Journalist Shot Dead at Sons Elementary School Christmas Party

Posted by Yaqui from: Houston Chronicle

Gumaro Perez 10th Mexican Journalist to Murdered in 2017 

Dec 20, 2017
Lev Garcia Flores for AP Xalapa , Veracruz

Attackers burst into an elementary school where a Christmas party was taking place and shot reporter Gumaro Perez to death Tuesday, making him at least the 10th journalist slain in Mexico this year in what observers have called a crisis of freedom of expression.

The Veracruz state security coordinator said in a statement that dozens of parents and children were present when the unidentified attackers shot Perez, whose own child attends the school in the city of Acayucan.

Perez, 34, covered crime for a number of local outlets, had founded the online news site La Voz del Sur and also worked for the local government in some capacity.

Guaro Perez Murdered at his own sons Elementary School Christmas Party
He was part of a state program designed to protect journalists as they carry out certain "high-risk" coverage, separate from a federal government program known as "the mechanism" that offers reporters measures like panic buttons on their cellphones and home security.

"He belonged to the preventive program for safe coverage of this Commission since 2015, which refers to mechanisms for reporting that diminish danger in high-risk events," the Veracruz State Commission for Attention and Protection of Journalists said in a statement. "Nevertheless, regrettably, he had not made us aware of having received any threats that could have put him at risk."

Commission president Ana Laura Vazquez said the group would monitor the investigation and urged the government of the Gulf coast state to bring his killers to justice.

Adelina Mendoza, Perez's widow, said in an interview published by the local branch of the online news outlet E-Consulta that for the last year she had begged him to leave journalism and open a restaurant with her, but he refused.

She told that Perez arrived on time at the holiday party Tuesday and planned to keep their son company so she could leave early.

While Perez remained indoors, "I went outside and my son went out of the room with his little friends," Mendoza was quoted as saying. "I hugged him, I gave him a kiss because I was leaving, and right then I heard the gunshots. But I thought they were fireworks that some child had brought."

Founder of La Voz del Sur  Slain Dec19, 2017
"God knows how to do things, because my son never saw his father die," she said.

Gov. Miguel Angel Yunes condemned the shooting and said he ordered state police to provide protection to the journalist's family.

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Roberta Jacobson wrote on Twitter that she was offended by Perez's death at the hands of "cowardly killers."

"The truth cannot be killed by killing journalists," Jacobson tweeted.

Mexico is one of the world's deadliest countries for journalists, and Veracruz, plagued by drug gang violence and corruption, is seen as the worst state, with several killed there this year.

They include Candido Rios, a hard-nosed crime reporter for Diario de Acayucan, who was shot dead Aug. 22 at a highway gas station convenience store about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from Acayucan despite having been enrolled in the federal protection program.

Newspaper columnist Ricardo Monlui was killed in the Veracruz town of Yanga, near the city of Cordoba, on March 19 as he left a restaurant with his wife and son. The attacker appeared to have been lying in wait.

Armando Arrieta Granados, news editor for the newspaper La Opinion de Poza Rica, Veracruz, was seriously wounded in late March in a shooting outside his home.

According to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists, ( CPJ ) 95 journalists have been killed in Mexico since 1992. In 43 of those cases the motive has been confirmed as being directly related to the victims' work — including six in 2017, higher than any other year in that period, the group says.


  1. No respect for family it's not their fault they don't like his father what happened to the old rule women and children are not to be touched No v alen Madre pinches vatos hojala y le hagan lo mismo pinches nacos muertos de hambre nomas en eso pueden trabajar y el hoto del jefe escondido dando ordenes entrale al toro tu solo killing the people of mexico is not buxiness vengan a estados unidos a ver que les pasa cobardes.

    1. Wow, how dumb is the plaza boss that would order such a thing...what a mess!

  2. 8 Americans killed in Mexico in tour bus crash

    1. 10:08 killed in an accident, doesn't count for shit, bye!

    2. Give it some time 10:06, I'm sure there was a cartel target on the bus.

  3. Unbelievable!
    What a Fucking cowardly act with no sense of respect. Why at a sons elementary school party? Goes to show that there are no boundaries for these criminals. Moreover, any control to stem the violence which has plagued much of Mexico. Definitely signs of a broken society where criminals reign over justice!
    Truly admire his courage and dedication to report. Furthermore, his honorable commitment
    to do what many fear to do in a country where journalists are targets.
    Condolences to the family. Furthermore, my sympathy to the perpetrators family who I’m sure regretted his existence.


  4. Thats totally f'd up just like the gruesome butchering that everyone but CDS does for sport. I know a bunch of cluesless fans will chime in after this, but if you want to face reality; these type of killings are almost unheard of in Sinaloa, and since the BLO and Mazatatlacos where cleaned out the settling of scores has been handled privately. 99% of the people in Sinaloa have Catholic faith or atleast a sentiment. You don't see that stupid Santa Muerte everyone like you do along the toll roads in NL, Tamulipas, Veracruz etc. You walk into hot spots in Culiacan even the young narcos are wearing rosary beads and the culture here maybe ruthless by US standards, but there's minimal displays for innocents to see, rarely killings in front of wives, and nothing like the Veracruz killing in this articl since BLO killed a family and drowned the babies in 2009 or 2010 in northern Sinaloa. That sangaria, vooddoo, santa muerta, witchcraft, canabailism these thugs think is cool makes people use their humanity where they kill for sport, and not a legitmate unjustice that can't be respolved in the courts. My kids school teachers in Culiacan don't get extorted, we've never had a security issue to close school, and I can guarantee you that if a teacher was shot dead in front of kids and the public on the escuela premises - every road up to the mountains and north and south on 15 would have road blocks until they caught the animals.
    Take that to the bank!

    1. So in your words, culiacan holds a higher standard of criminal ethics? Where criminals behave in a respectful and dignified behavior?
      Never engaging in activities that jeopardize the safety of its citizens?
      If what you state is true about Culiacán. Then maybe other states should adopt these same principles and ethics.


    2. Everybody knows cds under chapo had rules not to kill inocent people , the ones that Say "o Sinaloa kill lots of inocentes in Juárez are michoapuercos who are hardcore cjng come hoyos they hate Sinaloa i Sinaloa ni en cuenta con ellos lol
      El Alacrán durango

    3. Where are on earth you get that? Why you wanna put words in his mouth - you basically luring about what he said. Fact are facts man and it is what it is

    4. 12:11 ROADBLOCKS work, but they are very expensive to maintain full of soldiers and polesias.
      Citizen manned roadblocks are a no no because they are cheap and "usurp the function of the authorities" that have abrogated themselves the job of extorting, kidnapping, robbing, raping and murdering to make themselves rich somehow, veracruz has OILS, TAMAULIPAS HAS GAS about to be fracked, coahuila has coal, Nuevo Leo has Olimpic sized corruption of the greediness of the Mexican billionaire politicians, like the Salinas de gortari, and drug traffickers bigger than Noah''s Arch.
      --Sinaloa has what ports and drug traffickers owned by the US and the Mexican governments? No OIL? well, thank GOD...
      BUT no citizen involvement on crime control, by any means necessary, take my word, reporter's need to do their thing in secret, please...

    5. 12:11 Man you explained a lot . You seem to be saying there are many classes and levels of scum sucking low lifes . You seem to pride your class of scum sucking low lifes as better than the scum sucking low lifes on the eastern coast . Very good to know that the scumbags in Sinaloa that murder at the drop of a hat aren't as bad as the really true dirt bags in Vera Cruse that will pretty much do the same . The Sinaloan dirt bags wear religious ornaments , must mean they probably deserve it when they kill they . Just curious them being big time catholic and all , do they ask for forgiveness before or after they kill you ? Being pious men that they are , you probably believe god already gave them absolution . Its always good to hear about good people .

    6. @3:22 "michoapuercos" .. don't be hating, "el alacran DURANGO" LMFAO.. if only you knew ..

    7. 9:55; Why don’t you read the comment for the facts that were noted. You can add unfactual color to it but those who look at reality appreciate reality. Sinaloans do not fear, get extorted, kidnapped and constantly victimized by CDS as the Santa Muerte worshiping canabalistic blood thirsty psychos that are hanging people fro bridges, murdering fathers in schools in front of children etc.

    8. 10:59 The facts as you see them . I must have a longer memory than you or something . Tell my are you over 25 ? If not research Rafael Caro Quintero . Is he from Sinaloa ? Head of the Sinaloa cartel as I understand . He seemed to be pretty handy when it come to torcher and murder of innocent people . He thought everybody he didn't know was a undercover . Living off alcohol and cocaine tends to get to ones mind. Drug induce psychosis is what its referred to . That's what is running the Sinaloa cartel . I hear he is moving to the USA though . Really its more like getting moved to the USA . There was a time when the agents would have raped him regularly with a broomstick . Maybe that time has passed . But he is coming .

    9. Sorry got all caught up with the cheerleaders saying my cartel is better than theirs .
      The subject needs to be focused on the terrible way this man was murdered in a school . He looks like a good man that was doing good for society and I am sorry I strayed off the topic . There has to be something done about these animals . I am confident with time this terror in Mexico will be dealt with and the vermin across the country will be exterminated . There is always a need before there is a solution . It will change . Even after his death this man will likely help bring about the change that has to happen .

  5. Gumaro Pérez Aguilando joins the list of journalists killed in Mexico so far this year : Cecilio Pineda, Miroslava Breach, Javier Valdez, Ricardo Monlui, Maximino Rodríguez, Filiberto Álvarez, Salvador Adame, Héctor Jonathan Rodríguez, Cándido Ríos, Juan Carlos Hernández Ríos y Edgar Daniel Esqueda Castro.

    1. There you go Yanqui, the protection for journalists is all a sham to help them unmask themselves to prune them out of their family trees, while the UNO and human rights organizations all over the world expertly rub their fingers trying to find their ass with both hands, because they got bought and paid for by the money of the world.

    2. ^^^ Exactly what I think. This so-called protection program is a set up to get whacked. Where was his protection? How was it so well timed? His wife praises that their son didn't see his father die, thanking God for this turn of events. More likely,this was part of the assassin's plan.

  6. What a bunch of dicks plain and simple, that was a Damm christmas party at a school.

  7. You know with their mentality they really don't give a rat's ass where they pick off their victims.I think they might even do it on purpose at schools,in front of families,inappropriate places,etc. to send their message.Hey if they had a conscience they wouldn't be a narco OR the conscience went out the window long time ago.

  8. "Nevertheless, regrettably, he had not made us aware of having received any threats that could have put him at risk."

    Wouldn't his investigative work be enough evidence for his "protectors" to have probable cause towards issuing adequate security???

    This is a sad day; may the cowards who did this be brought to justice by the almighty Lord himself.

    May Senor Perez find eternal peace and enlightenment.

    May his family find peace and justice as well.

    I don't believe in saying Rest In Peace; instead, I would like to wish he Thrive in Heaven...


    1. Shows how f g stupid the plaza boss is why bring that kind of heat to your plaza pendejo. And in a school what kind of scum does that shit you got them sicarios like the barredora who are onto something then you got these animals or more like jackasses

  9. This is so sad,it could be dealt with more seriously but it tells us that the gob is NOT moved to do anything about these journalist's murders.It is mind boggling that in 2018 we are talking about FEMICIDES,CARTEL brutality,JOURNALISTS being routinely murdered,they haven't done shit about any of it,the GOB or the civil authorities.Only Mexicans can fix Mexico,but that wont happen,too busy playing the national victim of other countries and the race and blame culture that is massively exaggerated,its a sad situation but sometimes Mexico is its own worst enemy

  10. If someone did this in the US, he would be hunted by the entire community until justice was served. And that my friends, is the difference. Revolt in this mans name.


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