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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Feminicides in Veracruz advance with more brutality, also in municipalities not under Gender Alert

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from SinEmbargo, originally published in BlogExpediente

[Translator Note: Diana E. H. Russell, the feminist writer and activist who coined the term ''Femicide'' defines the word as, ''the killing of women because they are females."

see Russell's discussion on the use of these terms here

The term ''feminicide" has become more commonly used in Latin American countries and is defined by the Guatamalan Human Rights Commission as "...a political term. It encompasses more than femicide because it holds responsible not only the male perpetrators but also the state and judicial structures that normalize misogyny. Feminicide connotes not only the murder of women by men because they are women but also indicates state responsibility for these murders whether through the commission of the actual killing, toleration of the perpetrators’ acts of violence, or omission of state responsibility to ensure the safety of its female citizens."

In this article, the writer's use of the word ''feminicidio", or "feminicide'', is kept.]

Contains graphic descriptions of violence towards women.

In Veracruz, 175 women were raped and dismembered in the last two years in seven violent municipalities outside of the Gender Violence Alert area.


The municipalities of Coatzacoalcos, Xalapa, Poza Rica and Córdoba have hot spots, but in the larger part of Veracruz, the cases do not stop and the women disappear.

By Arantxa Arcos

Xalapa, Veracruz, December 16 (BlogExpediente / SinEmbargo) .- From the crime committed against the Salvadoran who decided to live in Veracruz, Adela Isabel Romero Guevara, 42, to the murders of Abigail Roxana Sagrero Wilson, 31, and Dana Paula Sánchez Sagrero, 16; all are counted on the Feminicides in Mexico Map, created by María Salguero, geophysical engineer of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN).

The crime of Adela Romero is marked with a red cross, like 1 thousand 844 more cases located in the Google Maps application. She left the house, in Nautla, to celebrate the New Year.

She considered seeing her boyfriend, Juan Reyes Moctezuma. An argument went off track and hours later, on January 1, 2016, she was found without clothes and with several stab wounds to her body. The crime scene was discovered by her daughter.

The injuries that caused the painful death of Adela are replicated in 18 municipalities of the state; in 2016, 71 women and in the year still in progress, 104 increasing statistics and injuries to Veracruz families.

The municipalities targeted as red spots, insecure, unresponsive to controlling attacks against housewives, employees, girls or elderly women are Coatzacoalcos with eleven cases, Xalapa with ten, while Poza Rica, the port of Veracruz and Córdoba, with eight feminicides in two years .

This "Feminicides in Mexico Map" places four murders in January 2016. In Minatitlán, a woman was run over near Motel California, at the point near the Movistar cell tower. The name remains unknown.

Ana Karen Sizagua appeared January 7 in the bushes of the Coatzacoalcos-Minatitlán highway. Strangled and raped with traces of violence reflected on her skin.

Perpetrators of feminicide in Veracruz indulge in raping and dismembering women. The cases match in the cruelty with which the women are violated until they die. On January 9, on the road that leads to the community of La Isla in Papantla, a woman was abandoned decapitated with her hands mutilated; she remains unknown.

In Álamo, another woman was put through the same thing. The body was found in a building on Calle Ferrocarril, in the Santa Cruz neighborhood. Along with the motionless body, items of clothing for men and women, without a trace of identification.
Women from different organizations carried out a march with slogans of rejection of the State Government and the Prosecutor's Office, to stop impunity and speak truthfully about the numbers of feminicides in the state. Photo: Ilse Huesca, Cuartoscuro
For the month of February 2016, Ofelia Juárez López, 63, was lying in her house in a large pool of blood. Her neighbor found her showing no vital signs on the 7th of that month in Papantla. The first investigations mentioned robbery and feminicide as the motive.

Two days later, on February 9, on the Veracruz-Cardel highway, at kilometer 231, a woman was found with severe injuries to her body. First investigations report she was run over, although it has not been ruled out that she could have been abandoned there by unknown persons.

Although not in Veracruz, Anabel Flores Salazar, a reporter for El Sol de Orizaba, was found lifeless on the Cuacnopalan-Oaxaca highway, at kilometer 1 + 580. She remained missing for two days after being taken from her home.

For February 17, 13-year-old Monserrat Nolasco Rodríguez and her mother, Ana Cecilia Rodríguez Quino, 35, were found executed on a dirt road in the neighborhood Héroes in the municipality of Medellín. Toribio Flores Ayala, the driver and Father of the minor, survived the attack.

On February 24, 2016, three feminicides occurred in Veracruz. In Soteapan, Apolonia Hernández Sabalza, 78, was dragged to a cornfield, receiving physical injuries from a machete. She was stripped and raped by her assailant and then murdered.

The second was a 30-year-old woman who was shot dead while traveling through Cristóbal Colón street and Street 1 of the El Mangal neighborhood in Minatitlán. Subjects who traveled on a motorcycle shot her in the face without exchanging words.

And the third, in the town of Emiliano Zapata of the municipality of Jáltipan. Karla Antonio Blando, 18, had been reported missing and was in high school. When she was located on a public road she was semi-nude with only a red blouse, a rope tied around her neck, and strong blows in different parts.

The third month of the year only recorded one incident. In the vicinity of the municipalities of Jáltipan and Cosoleacaque, to the south of the state, a young woman of 30 years was found executed on March 21. The victim wore red-colored pants and a brown blouse.


The following five municipalities in the top ten crime categories are Orizaba with seven feminicides, and Martinez de la Torre, Santiago Tuxtla and Las Choapas with five each.

María Manuela Josefa Ortega, 45, appeared on October 7, 2016 with signs of torture on a plot of land owned by Mr. Jorge Trujillo, near the Tele Baccalaureate of Veracruz (TEBAEV) Orizaba campus.

She worked as a cook in a hotel on Calle Oriente 6 and Sur 11. At the time of her death, she wore a white blouse, dark blue pants and a brown handbag. At the time of her discovery, it was presumed that she was killed when she left work.

Minutes from Orizaba, on the hillside of Cerro de Matlalapa, located in the municipality of Atzacan, on June 18, 2017, the skeletal remains of three hostesses, a tattooed man, and a heavyset girl with long hair were found.

All were in a clandestine grave with obvious signs of torture. Alma Krystell, 17, Nancy, 26, and Anahí, 20, were the three hostesses who were reported missing by their relatives on April 30. They were allegedly traveling as employees to Puebla.

Belem Yusinell Barthell, 31, worked as a waitress at the "La Bombilla" canteen in Orizaba when she was killed by one of her clients. June 21, 2017 police notes, the day of the crime, detail that the murderer strangled and then used stones to kill her.

A cranial vault fracture and being displayed half-naked on a public road was part of the torture inflicted by her executioner.

Luz del Carmen, 40, and Karen Yamel, 20, found murdered inside their bedrooms in Orizaba. Both were tied up with clothing and showed signs of torture.

The scene was discovered by a relative of the deceased, on the morning of Saturday, June 24, 2017.

The boyfriend of Vanessa López Atilano, aged 19, killed her and buried her clandestinely in the patio of her house, located in the Puerta Grande Housing Unit of the municipality of Mariano Escobedo.

The girl was reported missing since September 23. Almost two months after the disappearance, on November 18, 2016, Orizaba authorities entered the house of Vanessa's boyfriend to discover her buried.

Eusebio Rivera Tapia, alias "El Chimino", 32, declared a confession before the control judge for having killed Vanessa, in a bond hearing held on November 30.

With acknowledgment of the facts, Eusebio was held in the medium security prison of La Toma, in Amatlán de Los Reyes, where he will remain until the judge determines sentencing for the murder of Vanessa.

I. L. G., 31 years and E. D. O. R., 36 years, employed by the Regional Hospital of Río Blanco, were left lifeless inside a car. The now deceased were placed on Justo Sierra Street in the San Javier 2 Housing Unit of the municipality of Rio Blanco, near Orizaba.

During the expert testimony it was confirmed that the couple was killed on November 18, 2016 in front of their 18-year-old son, who remained at the disposal of the police to offer his testimony of the bloody attack.

Iliana MS, 20 years old and Jorge Ávalos died leaving the gym on March 8, 2017 where they trained to compete in bodybuilding events.

The young people left the IDM gym, located on 19th Avenue, at the entrance to Orizaba, when they were attacked with a firearm by unknown individuals, who after committing the crime, fled on motorcycles.
International movement "Not one more" in Xalaca, which aims to demand justice for the victims and raise awareness regarding feminicides. Photo: Rubén espinoza, Cuartocuro

The victims collapsed on the pavement while the medical attention arrived to the scene; in video recordings, Iliana and Jorge's companions can be seen helping them with encouragement. "Do not fall asleep, Jorge. Hold on, brother, they're coming to help you." However, the death of the two athletes was confirmed hours later.

Mariluz RJ, 37, did not return home on February 23, she was located lifeless on March 13, 2017.
Her body lay decapitated in a ravine approximately 200 meters deep, on the road of the congregation of Zoquitlán-Viejo, in Orizaba.

This finding happened [...] Thursday at around 6:00 pm, when Luis Vega Rosas, owner of a piece of land known as Las Ánimas, on the road to Zoquitlán Viejo, went to that property to check his coffee crops, where he detected bodies without heads.

From November 23, 2016, less than a month after the murder of María Josefa, the municipality of Orizaba became one of the eleven that entered the Gender Violence Alert (AVG).

Juan Manuel Diez Francos, mayor of Orizaba, said that this AVG was a distraction compared to the absence of economic resources for municipalities and not to protect women from the environment of violence against them.

As for the municipality of Martínez de la Torre. On August 8, 2016, María Anabely Barrios Tiburcio, aged 20, was fatally assaulted when traveling along Corregidora street of the Ruiz neighborhood.

A bladed weapon was repeatedly thrust into Anabely, who died from injuries at Clinic 28 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

Sheinny Figueroa Pinto, 26, was driving a motorcycle on Santiago de la Hoz Avenue, in the Primero de Mayo neighborhood when a vehicle hit her, knocked her down and directly fired at her.

She was accompanied by a young woman who, at the time of the attack, called emergency to the police to start the search and arrest of a man in a black shirt who murdered her friend.

The following year, the month of August, registered three feminicides in Martínez de la Torre. The first one occurred on the 4th day of the month in the neighborhood Luis Donaldo Colosio, María del Pilar Bello Hernández, 43 years old. Her son found her with signs of violence and lying on the floor.

On day 7, gynecologist Elda Domínguez Sollozo died when she was attacked in her office located on Nicolás Bravo street and Ignacio Zaragoza Avenue. The murdered woman was the sister-in-law of the former local deputy, Eduardo Sánchez Macías.

On August 14, 2017, seven days after Elda's crime, Nelly appeared bloody from the head with her skull shattered. She was originally from Oteapan, south of Veracruz, but had been in Martinez de la Torre for a long time.

At the end of August 2017, 53-year-old Patricia Rodríguez Vázquez died when she was shot at while she was in her business in the Benito Juárez neighborhood. A stranger arrived on August 31 at the shop door and killed Patricia.

The sisters Zoraida Iveth and Ana Karen Garduza Escobar, aged 30 and 26, respectively, worked in bars and cantinas in the municipality of Minatitlán, but lived near Santiago Tuxtla.

Both were missing for a few hours, until they were found among cornfields on October 10, 2016. Karen wore green boxers with black butterflies, a navy blue blouse with bright white and navy blue denim trousers.

Gabriela, 52, was struck by Luis, 31, with a machete, when they were both arguing in the Huerta neighborhood of the municipality of Santiago Tuxtla.

After the feminicide, Luis tried to flee, but was arrested by elements of the Secretariat of Public Security Region IX at the crime scene on December 4, 2016.

In the fourth month of 2017, April, a nurse was allegedly killed by her husband, a well-known doctor from San Andrés Tuxtla. The firearm was secured at the scene of the crime, on 2 de Abril street, between 5 de Mayo and 10 de Mayo Streets, of the 20 de Noviembre neighborhood.

Evelyn Sifuentes García had been kidnapped since July 14, 2017, and in 24 days, intimidated and ultimately killed in an area of San Andrés Tuxtla. Inside a clandestine grave, created on a road that leads to the city of Buenos Aires, Texalpa, the young woman appeared.

And in the municipality of Las Choapas, Amelia, aged 43, died on November 10, 2016 from heavy beatings and torture to the point of causing her whiplash, according to the necropsy performed on the body.

At the time of being found, the victim had her hands tied back with raffia thread. The discovery was made by her own neighbors at around 7:30 p.m. when it was strange to them that the now-defunct building had its doors open despite the rain and the wind that slammed that evening, in addition to the volume of the television being very loud.

Dayana Herrera García, 26, disappeared the day that strangers shot at her restaurant located on the Nuevo Teapa-Cosoleacaque highway, in the municipality of Ixhutlán del Sureste. On September 4, 2017, she appeared lifeless on the Raudales-Ocozocuatla highway, which leads from Veracruz to the state of Chiapas.

The now deceased wore blue denim trousers, a navy blue blouse with prints on the front in the form of paintings, without shoes, although her flip flops were found meters further on.

Authorities confirmed that she was executed with bullets, since she had an impact on her back and another on her left side, thus the projectiles damaged vital organs that caused her death.

Still, in the demarcation of Las Choapas, Ángela de los Santos, a 50-year-old flower seller and her 12-year-old granddaughter, were executed when they resisted being deprived of their freedom. Their assailants fled in a compact car at high speed.

24 hours before that crime, a woman was found dead in an area of the Lomas de El Lencero neighborhood, in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata, an urban area of Xalapa; the victim performed the coup de grace.

In Poza Rica, in the north of the state, the half-naked body of a woman abandoned in a garbage dump, behind a business selling ornamental plants, called Flor de Lirio Nursery on Puebla Street, in the Floresta neighborhood of Poza Rica, was found on September 20, 2016.

The smell tipped off employees who searched for a supposed dead animal, finding the lifeless woman.

Two days later, on September 22, Carlos Odilón MH, 55 years old and Herlinda DG, 50 years old, were left without life in a field, on the side of the dirt road that leads to the Jilotepec-Coacoatzintla highway, near a dog kennel.

Carlos was displayed half-naked, presenting several injuries, apparently, by a sharp knife in his face and collapsing his right side. 300 meters from him, a gray Tida brand vehicle was abandoned, YKM6482 license plates.

Inside the car was a leather sheath for a pistol, a leather sheath for a knife and Herlinda's naked body in the passenger seat.

On October 21, 2016, the mother-in-law of the president of the "Frente Cardenista" Party, Antonio Luna, was found half-nude, wearing only a blouse and a bra on a property in Arroyo, in Xalapa.

The body was identified as CFT, 60, victim of sexual abuse, showing signs of being beaten before being killed.

The town of La Estanzuela, municipality of Emiliano Zapata, near Xalapa, José Alfredo Ramírez Carabo, 33, argued with his wife Francisca Martín Campos, coming to blows, sprayed her with gasoline and set her on fire.

Neighbors of the place, heard the cries of the woman on November 19, 2016, so they requested support from the emergency number 066 where elements of the State Police and paramedics from the Panteras group arrived who attended to the woman, who had first and second degree burns on 50 percent of her body.

The aggressor was arrested by elements of the State Police and was placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

In the same town, La Estanzuela, a young university student and her mother were kidnapped on December 21, 2016. They were found five days later, on December 26, in a state of decomposition inside black bags.

Unofficially, it was reported that the human remains were located by residents of the town, who, observing several bags on the side of the federal highway, immediately notified the authorities around 1:00 pm that Wednesday.

Inside the trunk of a truck, on the afternoon of Saturday, January 9, 2017, the corpse of a young woman was found. It was wrapped in a black plastic bag and on top was the message "steals husbands."

The events occurred around 3:00 pm, when the authorities received the report that a strong odor of putrefaction emanated from a Mitsubishi type Outlander, color red, which, had been for several hours parked on the side of Ursulo Galván street, right in front of lot number 15, of the Reserva Tarimoya 1 neighborhood, in the city of Veracruz.

The police reports indicated that the victim was beaten to death, previously, subjected to torture, with greater damage to the genital areas and face.

A woman was executed while walking through the streets of the neighborhood 16 de Septiembre, in Minatitlán, on January 18, 2017.

The events took place at approximately 8:45 in the morning, in Ignacio López Rayón street in the aforementioned neighborhood, where Guadalupe NS was walking, approximately 30 years old. During the walk, she was shot at by unknown subjects.

Lancheros del río Tlacotalpan reported the floating body of a woman on Thursday, January 19, 2017. The body was located on the same level of the pier. No wounds were seen and she was on her stomach.

The woman, robust, wore a red blouse, black pants and short red hair.

Flor Elizabeth Díaz Salazar, 21, was identified by her father, Jorge Emilio Díaz, a taxi driver, on a Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) of Poza Rica gurney, on February 1, 2017.

Parents of Flor explained to the authorities that a few hours earlier she had left her house to go to visit a friend in the Morelos neighborhood, without imagining that on the way something would happen to her. Theye declared that their daughter was not troubled and always left her home with her friends and it was never known that she had problems with anyone.

The taxi driver marked with the financial number 3073, in the municipality of Coatzacoalcos, was surprised by elements of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) when he left the body of a woman in the weeds under the Caracol bridge.

The Veracruz woman had no vital signs, showed signs of strong blows, and traces of having suffered rape. The face was totally disfigured and bloodied. She wore blue denim trousers that were knee length and a pink blouse.

The taxi driver, who abandoned the body on February 11, 2017, was arrested and is in criminal proceedings for the crime of feminicide.

Araceli Mendoza Hernández, 47, received several bullet wounds. One of the projectiles entered through her mouth and shattered her jaw. She was the first to leave her house when hitmen arrived to shoot at the tenants.

She died along with the former policeman, Efrén Román Palacios, 45, and Abelardo Roque Caballero, 54, her husband, after not being able to endure the serious injuries caused by the firearms on February 13, 2017 in Coatzacoalcos.

On the morning of Sunday, February 20, 2017, the body of a woman in a state of putrefaction was found inside plastic bags on one of the streets of the Portón Colorado neighborhood, in the city of Xalapa.

Inside the bags, was the body of a young woman of thin build and dark complexion, who may have died four days before.


Perpetrators of feminicide murder women during pregnancy, in front of their children or with their children. On July 11, 2016, a thirteen-year-old girl was kidnapped, tortured, executed and finished off with the coup de grace in the municipality of Yanga, Veracruz.

The girl was found near death with severe blows to the body and two bullet wounds to the head on a dirt road that connects the San José del Corral land co-op, municipality of Yanga, later dying in a hospital in Córdoba.

On June 30, 2016, the minor of initials, I.R.E.A, was 17 years old and resided in Córdoba before being murdered. She was found dead with another minor of 14 years of age and a male of 16, on Friday, June 30 at 9:00 am, approximately among the cane fields of Novillero Chico, municipality of Atzaca.

Ruth Esther Castillo Dominguez, 19, was found dead on the Coatzacoalcos-Minatitlán highway on September 23, 2016. Her killers drugged her, sexually abused her and subsequently murdered her. They killed her by strangulation.

Ruth disappeared the night of Thursday, September 22, after concluding a day of work in a pizzeria in the Plaza Soriana El Palmar in Coatzacoalcos.

She was about eight weeks pregnant, had just finished high school and worked to save money in order to continue her professional studies, in addition to maintaining the child in her womb.

A woman carrying her son on May 29, 2016, was run over when walking on Highway 175 Cosamaloapan-Tlacojalpan, and was injured.

The woman was seen by paramedics from the Red Cross, who took her to a nearby hospital. Local authorities reported that the chevy was driven by her ex-partner, who fled from the crime scene leaving the car with his victim.

Araceli Ramírez Pérez, 33, mother of three minors, disappeared for 72 hours, the next minute, she appeared lifeless in the municipality of Agua Dulce on June 2, 2016. She showed signs of having been sexually assaulted before she was beaten to death.

Perpetrators of feminicide murder women during pregnancy, in front of their children or with their children. Photo: José Candelario, Cuartoscuro

The woman disappeared [on a] Saturday night and the family reported it to the police, apparently, according to preliminary Forensic data, she was murdered that night based on the advanced state of decomposition.

The corpse of the victim appeared under a tree, half buried with dry leaves and dirt, only covered with a garment, a pink bra. The lower extremities open and naked, leaving visible the traces of sexual insult.

The police made the removal of the corpse on Tuesday afternoon, after it was reported by neighbors of El Bosque II Fraccionamiento, due to the presence of birds of prey.

Without hindrance or injury to her mother, Lorena Conde, daughter of Marcos Conde, ex-delegate of the SSP of Tierra Blanca, was found dead in the El Cortijo subdivision of the port of Veracruz on June 6, 2016.

The 18-year-old girl was tortured and bled to death. Her father, the former police chief, is under trial for the crimes of forced disappearance and organized crime in Cosamalopan. Conde is reported to have ordered the arrest and surrender of five young people of Tierra Blanca, originally from Plata Vicente, to a criminal cell.

With the crime committed against Lorena, the former official registers two family deaths, since, in 2015, his son died violently in the Las Amapolas del Puerto neighborhood of Veracruz.

Anel Soto Rivera was kidnapped for two days. Her son, Eduardo Ponce Soto searched for her in different places, the last of which was the Veracruz Red Cross where he was shot. Surviving the attack, he entered the operating room, but the criminals broke in to shoot him seven more times.

The mother of the kidnapped appeared the day following the crime, on August 16, 2016; dismembered in three black bags on the banks of the La Antigua River, a neighboring municipality of Veracruz, where they were originally from.

Both were owners of the bar "El Vakarum", in Cardel city, and it is speculated that they refused to continue paying their fees [derecho de piso] and therefore took revenge against the mother and son.

Cristian de Jesus, 19 years old, was returning home at dawn on Saturday, September 4, when he opened the door and found his mother on the floor, inert in a pool of blood.

In that home in Medellín de Bravo, Veracruz, lived Sara Alfonso, 42, a worker at the Universidad Veracruzana, the mother of Cristian de Jesús, separated from her husband since 2014.
Cristian de Jesus called the Red Cross that dawn, but the delay was long and Sara died a victim of a stabbing in the abdomen.

The husband of Cecilia Nolasco García, 30, Eugenio Márquez García, 32, ran out of the house where they both lived, stained with blood. Eugenio attacked her with a machete. The aggressor and husband of the murdered woman is an evangelical pastor of San Pedro Soteapa.

Upon arrival of local police officers and their entry to the home located on Miguel Aleman street, between Patricio Chirinos and Tuxpan of the Fifth district, they observed a woman lying on the floor, totally bloodied and with her left hand completely detached from her arm.

In the back, on a cot, was the small body of a three year old girl, totally immobile, who they realized later was dead. Cecilia wanted to take the doctor to her daughter, but her husband refused due to his evangelical faith.

Eugenio insisted to his victim that his God was going to cure the three-year-old girl, a constant argument that culminated in homicide on Friday, October 15.

Reyna del Carmen MR, 26 years old, was a self-employed waitress and Usiel PH, 38 years old, a mobile-tortilla seller by trade, were a couple, who had their home in the city of Agua Dulce, and were executed in Moloacán, Veracruz.

They were picked up by an armed commando on Thursday, October 13, 2016, when they were riding on a motorcycle near the PEMEX factory in Agua Dulce.

From that day, relatives searched for them without finding a clue as to their whereabouts. Reyna left four minors in an orphanage on October 22, feminicide awareness day.

Enedina Contreras, 35, was killed by at least two bullets, in the town of Reforma Agraria, belonging to the municipality of San Juan Evangelista on November 21, 2016.

She had recently separated from her lover and was in charge of four children. Concerning the incidents, neighbors of the area indicated not to have seen anything, only that suddenly they heard the blasts and when leaving, observed the inert body on the ground and for that reason gave notice to the authorities.

Briseida Urcid Moreno was 18 years old and lived on Aquiles Serdán street in the municipality of Huiloapan. She died on December 1, 2016 due to a cerebral hemorrhage with a skull fracture, caused by a firearm projectile.

Her father, Jorge Urcid Pérez, a well-known doctor in the municipality of Río Blanco, requested with his wife and mother of Briseida, Mrs. Yadira Moreno Torres, the delivery of the body to be buried in the municipal cemetery.

The young woman was found dead on Ánimas street of the Carrizales neighborhood of the Sixth Ward of Rafael Delgado. She was found face-up, of light complexion and wore a white-and-blue striped blouse, black-and-white leggings, black shoes with phosphorescent green.

The family was traveling aboard a black Ford Explorer truck, when it was intercepted by gunmen on 6th street, on the corner of Avenida 26, near Besiborama stadium in Córdoba.

The assassins, closing in on the Ford truck, riddled the engine area indiscriminately and killed the married husband and wife point blank, while their two young children were incredibly unharmed by the bloody attack on January 5. of 2017

Shortly before 4:00 am on Sunday, January 22, 2017, a minor of 12 years old was sleeping, while a group of people were living together in a house marked with the number 210 of the Los Naranjos housing unit.

One of the relatives noticed that the younger Danna "N" was in a bed and her face was bloodied, as she had been stabbed and beaten to death.

The little girl was said to have been living accompanied by a sister-in-law, however, under the influence of alcohol, a subject and two women allegedly attacked her in bed, asphyxiating and stabbing her.

David Uscanga Uscanga, 17; Vladimir Reyes Rodriguez, 16; and Maria del Carmen Rosales Galan, 14 were reported missing for a few days. They were located lifeless the morning of February 23 in Cosamaloapan.

The forensic studies confirmed that they were tortured for a long time before being beaten and/or shot to death. The remains were located in two points; the males appeared near the garbage dump and Maria Rosales appeared a few meters from the Tuxtepec-Tlacotalpan highway. Mary and David lived in consensual union, when they were taken from their house with Vladimir Reyes.

Lorena Perez Alba, a victim of drug addiction at age 15, died from torture in the “Amazonas” annex [informal drug recovery center] of Xalapa on March 2017.

Her family, hoping to get her out of vice, decided by recommendations to commit her to the annex located on Valentin Gomez Farias street, in the Adolfo Lopez Mateos neighborhood.

Alejandra Gutierrez Perez, sister of the girl, tried to bring her family member clean clothes, but “The Godmother” in charge of the Annex denied access until the next day, which was Monday. In the morning, she received a call from the annex advising her that Lorena was in a bad state and in severe condition in the High Specialty Center.

When relatives arrived to CAE, they were informed that Lorena had died and emphasized that the minor had been dead on arrival. According to the death certificate, she died of strangulation and heavy blows, showing signs of torture, was missing some teeth that even looked like they had been ripped out, and had cigarette burns and apparently had her left arm fractured.

Daniela Estefania Castro Aguilar, student of the Gulf Center for Professional Studies in Isla, was killed in a house in the Fidel Herrera Beltran neighborhood in that municipality.

She was attacked by gunmen who broke into her home over the weekend, not knowing the reasons why she was deprived of her life on March 22, 2017.


Women who refused to pay fees, demanded by criminal gangs still operating in the state of Veracruz, were kidnapped or killed in the workplace.

Most are tortured until they accept the daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly payment of large sums of money in exchange for working in districts operated by cartels.

Concepcion Rodriguez Robles, about 40 years old, was murdered right next to the cabinet where he kept the fritters to sell at the entrance of Geo Villas del Puerto housing development.

Her husband, Jesus Manuel Hernandez, who was found near the location, also received bullet wounds that June 24, 2016.

Salvador Maria Aguilera, 60, began to give off a foul odor in the courtyard of her nightclub in the city of Oluta.

Smells alerted the neighbors, who reported the case to the authorities on May 24, who certified the presence of human remains in the courtyard of the bar "Doña Mary".

Cindy Damara Ferral, owner of the restaurant "La Jaiba Dorada" located on Vicente Guerrero street one block from City Hall Tecolutla, was shot at close range by unknown assailants who stormed her business on June 17.

The 30 year old woman was taken by her employees to the "San Lucas" hospital in the Gutierrez Zamora neighborhood, where she later died. The shops on her property bore witness to her husband’s crime, Lorenzo Perez Cardenas, committed December 31, 2015.

Rosa Orquídea Chan Ortiz, waitress at a bar called "Lady's Night" in Catemaco, was executed early Monday June 20, 2016.

Unknown subjects arrived at the establishment and opened fire on the 38 year old woman. Casings of an R15 rifle were found in the location.

After being kidnapped by an armed group, the lifeless body of the owner of "El Topacio" nightclub was found, commonly known as "La Nona", on July 7. The remains showed an advanced state of putrefaction, in the municipality of Soledad de Doblado.

Authorities established that the dead woman showed signs of torture, burns and gunshot wounds, it was concluded that the woman was murdered hours after being deprived of life.

Victoria del Carmen Morales Corzo, about 45 years, was the owner of several bars in Minatitlán, and the public stigmatized her for allowing customers with "disreputable reputation” to her establishments.

She was killed by asphyxiation, but was also subjected to torture. The same day Victoria was killed, on October 5, hours later, in the town of Catemaco, the remains of two people were found, a man and woman near a road linking the towns of Ahuatepec and Candelaria. Both showed signs of having been tortured and suffocation.

The third murdered woman appeared half-naked, with her pants under her knees and buttocks and discovered by staff of the Public Ministry. The incident occurred in the town La Encantada. The name of the victim remains unknown, the only fact of the case registered is that she was tortured and strangled to death.

Zoraida Iveth Escobar and Ana Karen Garduza, 30 and 26, originally from Zanatepec, Oaxaca, were kidnapped and in the next 48 hours, they were murdered on October 6.

Both were employed in bars and cantinas in the town of Minatitlán, but had homes in Coatzacoalcos. Initial investigations indicated that they were deprived of their liberty near Cosoleacaque when traveling with their boss, Maria del Carmen Morales Corzo, “La Viky", known businesswoman in Minatitlan, who also appeared lifeless near Acayucan.

The body of Nancy, 32, showed signs of torture and gun shots. She was taken by an armed group that violently removed her from her home, appearing hours later, on October 21, murdered on the road leading to the community Nueva Esperanza.

The discovery of the body was reported by farmers surprised to see on the side of the road that leads to the land co-op La Nueva Esperanza, the body of a woman who worked in a José Azueta area cantina.

JL Amelia, 43, died from beatings and torture that led to whiplash inside her home in Villa Rica Street, near the corner of Abasolo of the Anahuac neighborhood in Coatzacoalcos.

On that day, November 10, 2016, staff of Expert and Ministerial Services Police found inside the home drugs in the form of marijuana, whose amount was not specified, but spoke of “some bricks". During investigations, it was noted that the drugs were for selling but did not belong to any cartel and were only a way for independence. Amelia was found with her hands tied back with raffia thread.

The discovery was made by neighbors of the victim, at around 7:30pm when it seemed strange that Amelia had the doors open despite the heavy rain and wind that slammed the town that evening, along with the high volume of the television.

Amelia, mother of three, was a domestic worker and by neighbors’ versions it became known that she had been sick for a month. She was always cheerful for her family, and had no problems with anyone, while other investigations suggest that in recent weeks they saw strange people at the home and after a few minutes went away.

At dawn on November 19, 2016, gunmen stormed the home of Maria Isabel Teoba Bilorio in Camarón de Tejeda. The 42-year-old dedicated to selling tamales, received several bullet wounds.

Beatriz Hernandez Castillo, a waitress by profession, died late Thursday January 12, 2017 inside the bar "1900" along with the head of shipping for the company Tuspa-Mora, Hugo Moreno Vazquez and Victor Olivier Melgarejo, better known as "Bobby”, father of the mayor of the city, Marcos Romero Sánchez.

All three were shot in the establishment, where Beatriz worked, owned by Secretary of the city Council, Octavio Tremari Gaya.

Protest to demand gender alert in Veracruz. Photo: Ilse huesca, Cuartoscuro

On September 23, 2016, when the violated body of Veracruzana, Ruth Esther Castillo Domínguez, was found, the Ministry of the Interior, through the National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence Against Women, formally issued the declaration of the Gender Violence against Women Alert (AVGM) for the municipalities of Boca del Rio Coatzacoalcos, Córdoba, Las Choapas, Martinez de la Torre, Minatitlan, Orizaba, Poza Rica de Hidalgo, Tuxpan, Veracruz and Xalapa.

Of these, other municipalites are exempt a year after the AVGM began, which was created in order to portray fatal attacks on women, girls and older adults. Such is the case of Tihuatlán, Papantla, Isla, Pajapan, Acayucan and Cosoleacaque, reporting three crimes against women in the last two years.

Meanwhile Tuxpan, Cosamaloapan and Minatitlan have four cases each. Cases are broken down in the implementation of the Feminicides in Mexico Map. An example of one of these crimes occurred on May 9, 2016 in Tihuatlán.

María Petrona Margarita Hernandez, 78, left her home around six o'clock for a field to cut some firewood and in the passing hours did not return so her family went out looking for her.

They did not find her, and observed near the site where she was to collect firewood, intense emergency units. They came to see what happened, never imagining that the body they would find lying there was of Margarita Hernandez.

Silvia P.B, 35, lived in downtown Tuxpan. She was a businesswoman. Her murderers abandoned her in an empty house on October 5, 2016. The body was on top of a makeshift mat.

Estela Verónica Cruz Bautista, 24, was found in an advanced state of putrefaction on the shores of the beaches in Pajapan. Some contusions tracks were present.

The discovery occurred around 8 in the morning on December 27, 2016, when residents of the area known as Peña Hermosa roamed the beach area and found the body of a woman of about 30 years. Allegedly, the woman was driven to the location where she was then beaten to death, her body dumped between a cliff and the sea. She wore white pants, blue shirt and a brown colored jacket.

A woman of regular build, dark complexion, straight hair, wore a black blouse, an orange skirt, noting that her underwear was covering a neck wound.

Her death was committed after being undressed and left at a property located in the San Juan de Dios neighborhood, in the city of Isla, on April 29, 2017.

An armed group forcibly removed Guadalupe Reyes Zamora, 37, from her home on February 16, 2017. She worked as manager of a bar called "Rio de Janeiro" in Isla.

Minutes from the house that was violently burst into, to one side of the dirt road leading to the "Popozoca" ranch, about 800 meters from the federal highway 145D, La Tinaja-Cosoleacaque, a decapitated body was found upright.

Guadalupe was beheaded and her arms dismembered, in addition to a cardboard with a message pinned to her lower back with a knife directed against cow thieves, extortionists, kidnappers, drug dealers and chupaductos [oil thieves], signed by an organized crime group.

During the night of February 18, 2017, a rotting corpse was found in the garbage dump of the town Antón Lizardo. She wore a purple sweatshirt, and apparently a skirt that was up around the waist, and pink sandals.


Lorenza Lara Alfonso was killed in downtown Ignacio de la Llave caused by a deep wound to the neck. Her body lay on the road between Esteban Cuesta and Javier Mina. She was wearing a blue blouse, jeans and flip-flops.

Lorenza was 37 years old and lived in the neighborhood of La Huaca, in Ignacio de la Llave until August 8, 2016.

Her crime is repeated in 37 other municipalities of the 212 that make up the state of Veracruz, like Pánuco, Tempoal, Ozuluama, Tantoyuca, Naranjos, Huayacocotla, Álamo, Gutiérrez Zamora, Tecolutla, Nautla, Atzalan, Perote, Coatepec, Alto Lucero, Rinconada, Manlio Fabio Altamirano, Soledad de Doblado, Paso del Toro, Antón Lizardo, Boca del Río, Carrillo Puerto, Atzacan, Río Blanco, Nogales, Rafael Delgado, Cotaxtla, Tlacotalpan, Lerdo de Tejada, Ixtaczoquitlán, Oluta, Hueyapan de Ocampo, San Juan Evangelista, Soteapan, Oteapan, Moloacán y Agua Dulce.
Among the tombs, a woman appeared blindfolded with her hands tied behind her back. Visitors of the Anclón and Arenal Community Cemetery, in Gutiérrez Zamora, found it when they followed the foul smell emanating from the brush.

By following the trail, on August 28, 2016, they realized that it was a body of a woman, four or five days after death.

Esther Vazquez Grijalva, 82, was found among thickets in the town El Rodeo, in the municipality of Atzalan, bound hand and foot, in addition to being gagged with tape.

The body was claimed by her son, Israel Vazquez Mendoza, 46 years, after the necro-surgery law was carried out on August 28, within hours of its discovery.

A man allegedly interested in the sale of a plot of land came to the home of Rosalba García Angulo, 46, located in El Jobito, Cuitlahuac and she agreed to take the stranger to see the property.

Rosalba Martinez Salgado was accompanied by Vicente, 70, who was traveling in the passenger seat, while the interested buyer in the bed of the truck. They reached the spot and after seeing the property were about to head back to Cuitlahuac.

According to the investigations, the assailant shot Rosalba in the back twice on October 25, while Vicente, her companion, was shot in the arm and again in the chest. The assailant escaped and Vicente, bleeding, walked to the main street where he called for help.

Maria Teresa SD 47, originally from Cerro Azul, was found lying on the floor naked. The incident occurred in the town of Los Pinos on October 25, 2016.

The woman’s husband arrived and went into shock upon hearing the news. The authorities opened an investigation file, that, due to the evidence collected, could be considered feminicide.

Neighbors of Saturno Street, in the La Cadena neighborhood, in Ixtaczoquitlán, reported on October 31 that a woman was handcuffed with visible signs of violence, on the side of the road, in the grass.

The victim was between 25 and 30 years, with apparent signs of torture. She was young and fair-skinned, wearing a pair of navy blue and pink socks. At the time of discovery, the body was lying face down with her hands tied.

Few feminicides have an investigation file. Criminal Proceedings 024/2016 accuse the probable crime of feminicide committed against whom is identified as LRH, to John Valentin "N".

On December 3, 2016 Juan deprived his spouse, LRH, of life in Huayacocotla.

The incident took place on that date, when the now accused had a discussion with the victim, who was his girlfriend, and then with the use of a bladed weapon, injured her several times, stabbing her to death and then fled.

A female was located in an advanced state of decomposition, in the Orizaba River, located at the rear
of the Mahuixtlán mill, municipality of Coatepec.

The victim had bullet wounds in her chest, lying in a ravine of about 300 meters on December 29, 2016.

The body of a man, found naked, and a woman with pants at her knees, both showed signs of torture and cardboard attached to the chest with a message.

The couple was executed in the town of San Antonio Texas municipality Cosamaloapan, located on January 23, 2017.

In the backyard of her house, a woman was beheaded in the neighborhood Lazaro Cardenas del Tlapacoyan on February 23.

Mariluz Reyes Jimenez, 37, was last seen alive on February 23, 2017. That day she did not work and her ex-husband made an appointment to meet with her in a location in Orizaba, supposedly, to go to the movies.

For two weeks they searched for her, finding her on March 9 in the community of Zoquitlán Viejo, belonging to the municipality of Ixtaczoquitlán. Her limbs were lying in cardboard boxes and others were scattered in the bottom of a ravine.

Ruben "N", her former partner, was arrested and remains a criminal suspect for the crime of feminicide.

Victor Javier YS, 41, businessman and owner of La Revancha bar, and his girlfriend Laura AC, 35. Both were completely naked in a pool of blood in their apartment, in the downtown area of Antón Lizardo, on March 13, 2017.

According to official reports, the woman was lying on the floor face down and the man was lying on his back and between his legs was a long shotgun type weapon with which he killed the woman and then killed himself.

At kilometer 102 + 200, on Federal Highway 145, section Sayula - Rodriguez Clara, police observed a white Toyota Tacoma, Veracruz license plates XW58697 with the body of a woman inside it.

Ministerial authorities reported the women to be between 35 and 40 years old, wearing a pink plaid blouse and black leggings. The body showed gunshot wounds, but it was not said how many; April 2, 2017.


Amelia LB was 52 years old and a retired teacher. At the time of her disappearance, she was driving a Chevrolet Trax truck, orange, model 2015 with state license plates YKP 6626.

The kidnappers demanded one million pesos in ransom, however, the term for payment was only a few hours. The family collected 300,000 pesos, not covering the full amount demanded.

The quantity delivered allegedly pleased the kidnappers who promised to return the teacher in the next few hours. On February 2, 2017, Amelia appeared lifeless under a tree in Sector Four of the Totolapa neighborhood in Poza Rica.

She was a white woman with light-colored curly hair, wearing beige dress pants and matching underwear. When located, she showed signs of having been dragged into the shade of the tree that she died under.

Kidnapping, disappearance and discovery of clandestine graves have remained now for two years in Veracruz. The change of government, PRI to PAN, does not reflect any improvement concerning the situation.

Velia Zavaleta Hernandez, who disappeared in Martinez de la Torre on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 returned to her family, dead, five days later, on a farm road that connects the communities of Arroyo Zarco and Úrsulo Galván.

Velia Zavaleta, a nurse by profession, was on her way to do some shopping in Martinez de la Torre when she was last seen. The truck carrying her was found abandoned on the road leading from the community of Puntilla Aldama, off the Federal Highway 129, in the municipalities of San Rafael and Martinez de la Torre.

After her disappearance, family of the nurse claimed that police patrols in the municipality of San Rafael did not take the event seriously, because they claimed Velia was ”out clubbing” or drunk, and would eventually appear.

Like Velia, eight months earlier, on June 25, 2016, were buried human remains in a mass grave in the Huatusco cemetery. Officials located eight buried bags and also hung eight posters with INI badges (individual not identified). Two allegedly corresponding to women.

And the 5th of June, when election day was carried out, bodies were discovered, but the incident was denied by Omar Zuniga, a spokesman for prosecutors in Veracruz, stating that there was no news about what happened.

One day later, the mayor of Emiliano Zapata, Daniel Olmos, admitted that unknown persons left a human head in a park with death threats.

Mariana Galicia Galindo, a Córdoba native, was reported missing since June 17, found in an advanced state of decomposition at Río Blanco, in the area of the farming co-op "El Pitalillo”, June 28, 2016.

The 21 year old disappeared with her lover, Gabriel Mayoral Peña, after a fight in Córdoba. Eleven-days after her escape, neighbors of the land co-op El Resplandor y Pitalillo, reported a dead person in Río Blanco, stuck between the rocks.

The corpse's head was covered with duct tape, she had some clothing such as a white bra, but the scalp had been detached from the skull. On her left wrist, a tattoo with the name Rodrigo and a heart.

The body of Laura Soveira Muñoz Castor, who was murdered in January 2016, remains in the mass grave in the Palo Verde cemetery in Xalapa - Her family seeks to bring the remains to Viesca, Coahuila, where they had to return after spending 10000 pesos in travel on the first of July of the same year..

A commando of about 15 vehicles allegedly broke into several communities in the municipality of Alto Lucero on August 21, 2016, taking and then killing eight people on the spot.

Municipal authorities reported that the criminal group first forcibly took up to four people in La Báscula or Puente Rebelde; then they took two on the way to the coast; in the community of El Ojital they kidnapped a seventh, and an eighth victim was forcibly taken toward El Limón. All residents were of Alto Lucero.

When they reached the place known as Mesa de 24, guarded by the Mexican Army, the remains of seven men and one woman were found.

Nancy Vazquez Rodriguez, 32, mother of two children and employed in a bar in Azueta disappeared with heavily armed people in two cars, which arrived at the home of the now deceased, in an area of Azueta

It was October 18, 2016 when she was taken by force, amid insults and blows, threatening their children not to say anything to the authorities, or return them. The family said they did not know if the young woman had problems with someone, so the abduction and subsequent execution seemed strange.

Friday night, February 17, 2017, heavily armed men removed Maria del Carmen Figueroa Quezada, 37; and Eyda Verja Garrido, 24, from their workplaces. The two were allegedly foreigners, one from El Salvador, and the other Honduras.

Both worked in various bars in José Azueta and appeared lifeless the next day, on February 18, near the road leading to the town of El Maguey, in that municipality. Both showed signs of violence, shootings, beatings, and blood stains on clothing.

Three bodies of women, reported kidnapped on February 20, were found eight days later, in a clandestine grave located in an area of the Diana Laura Riojas de Colosio neighborhood in Minatitlan.

Eleven people were abandoned inside and outside of a van in the neighborhood of Graciano Sanchez, the municipality of Boca del Rio in March 2017.

At the corner of Paseo Puerto Banderas and Cosamaloapan, on the coastal town, there was a white Nissan Urban van. Inside, a woman and six men, one of them wrapped in black bags and masking tape while on the pavement three men and one woman could be seen.

The victims were wearing underwear, were tied hand and foot, and had signs of violence and gunshot wounds.

Also, at the back of the vehicle on the windshield two orange cardboards with messages could be read, saying, ”From this moment begins the war, war they want war they’ll have, they want to have all the power to reign in their people, but here we all die.”

Residents of Galena street in the town of Nogales found a suitcase on March 3, 2017 that inside lay the lifeless body of a woman. At first glance, they detected that the victim was dismembered.

An abandoned, decapitated, and mutilated man and woman in an area of the road that connects the community Santa Rosa to the town of Hornitos in the municipality of Actopan on April 5, 2017.

Students of the faculty of fine arts held a performance in Sebastian Lerdo Square to protest the wave of feminicides in Veracruz. Photo: Alberto Roa, Cuartoscuro

The heads of both were interwoven, the woman's between the man's legs, while his near the knees of the woman. Between the feet of the corpses a green cardboard was left with the message "to anyone who kidnaps, the same will happen to you. Keep it clean."

The 13 municipalities with two feminicides are Castillo de Teayo, Coatzintla, Actopan, Yanga, Cuichapa, Soledad Atzompa, Tehuipango, Amatlán de los Reyes, Fortín de la Flores, Maltrata, Villa Azueta, Rodríguez Clara y Jáltipan.

Paula Amador Diaz, 39, was one of the veracruzanas killed. She was identified by her father Santiago Amador on April 16, 2016. The indigenous woman was missing. Witnesses say her brother-in-law hanged her and then tossed her into a ravine in the community of Tetelcingo.

Rebeca Matías Utrera, 29, died late Wednesday May 25, 2016, when she was taken to a hospital in Isla after being shot by her brother.

The attack occurred on José Mártir street between Amado Nervo and Francisco Gonzales Bocanegra, of the Díaz Mirón neighborhood, municipality Rodriguez Clara, by her family member, Leonardo Ramírez Azamar, who fled on a motorcycle after committing the crime.

For May 31, 2016, the body of a woman in an advanced state of putrefaction and eaten by scavenger animals was abandoned on the underside of a bridge near La Ortiga, in the municipality of Coatzintla, in the northern part of the state.

She was approximately one meter 60 centimeters tall, light complexion, 22 to 25, average build, toenails black, wore blue jeans, purple blouse, blue underwear and various colored shoes to one side of the body .

The above description is of a woman discovered by farmers in the municipality of Zaragoza on June 14, 2016. Her body had a fatal stab wound to the chest on her left side.

Jesús Vázquez Muñoz, 52, came to the house of his ex-wife Virginia Luna Herrera, 49, to resolve personal issues. Upon entering the home located on Insurgentes in Tinajitas, in the municipality of Actopan, he found her with her current boyfriend identified as Eusebio Cervantes Ceballos, 65, which began a heated argument followed by a quarrel with a machete.

Vázquez Muñoz struck his ex-wife with several machete blows in the living room of the house, while Cervantes Ceballos was seriously injured while trying to defend her, but also managed to injure her jealous husband, who severed his left hand.

Both Cervantes and Vázquez Muñoz Ceballos, were taken by the Red Cross to the emergency room of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Cardel, but Eusebio died minutes later from deep lesions on July 2016.

In the town of Casa Blanca in Catemaco, a discovery of the body of a woman was made on October 8 2016, which was found in a sewer and whose body was partially hidden in the undergrowth.

The remains of the person were removed to the side of a road linking the towns of Casa Blanca and Rancho Aparicio Hueyapan in the municipality of Ocampo.

In an ocular inspection of the body which was in an advanced state of putrefaction, no injuries caused by gun or knife could be found. She was wearing a blue blouse with white flowers and jeans.

Mayra Paulino Yaneth Thomas, 24, was returning from a dance in the town of Castle Teayo. She was walking down the Castillo-La Meza road in the town of Xuchitl when she was blocked and her chest stabbed with a knife.

The body of the woman was taken to SEMEFO of Poza Rica where doctors certified that she received several stab wounds that bled along roadways and no one could do anything to help her that Nov. 27, 2016.

A woman was found between channels of the land co-op La Concha, of the Yanga municipality on February 16, 2017. Her body was found in an advanced state of putrefaction and eaten by animals.

The body of a woman of about 18 years was reported in channels in the area of Paso Real of the same municipality of Carlos A. Carrillo. She wore a red shirt, blue denim shorts, black shoes and had dyed pink hair.

The woman had several bullet wounds and in the place where she was found were seven 9mm shells. Beside her, two boys aged 15 and 17 years, one of them wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, red pants and black tennis shoes, on February 23, 2017.

An elderly woman was killed inside her home in Lagos de Puente Moreno housing development in Medellín. The police reports said that it was an alleged attempted robbery.

The victim's body was found at her home in house number 23, Esturión Sur between Esturión Oeste and Esturión Este of the mentioned housing development on Febuary 26, 2017

"They all had a name, a life, parents, siblings and some were the livelihood of the family. The goal is not to see them as a cold statistic," said Maria Salguero, geophysical engineer of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), during the presentation of the Feminicides in Mexico Map, to senators and federal government officials on Friday, November 24, 2017 .

Within three days of the presentation of this map, Veracruzana Yendi Guadalupe Torres Castellanos was killed on the doorway of her job.

She served as a prosecutor specializing in sexual crimes and against the family in the Pánuco municipality, in the State Attorney General's Office (EGFR), responsible for monitoring the aforementioned cases.

Yendi was 35 years old and in charge of hundreds of records on file for crimes committed against other women; covering alimony, rape, domestic violence, and feminicide, crimes committed against them.


  1. I'm speechless,it's a doggy dog world,a whole lot of killing going on ! Wow

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    Emilianother even says his daddy Carlos Salinas de gortari loves the idea of NXIVM (Nexium, founded by a very smart Canadian con man, pimp brainwasher supported by the sisters who inherited bIllinois of dollars from their canadian bootlegger daddy owner of canadian alcohols...
    Sometimes shit doesn' move without dumb dumbass dumbos that give a bad name to their genre.

  4. Such an important article. It is a shame it doesn't get the attention an article like el pirata gets. This is so much more important. Femicide has been rampant in many states where organised crime is rampant. I think Ver is the worse, even more so the Juarez. ditto to Michoacan, but we hear less because the people are more indigenous and darker skin. Mexico after all is a very racist country.

    Thanks Profe

    1. Such an important article for a female....what’s the ratio between male homicides and female homicides chivis? Don’t go USA 2017 female harassment on us here, borderland beat is a drug war news site right? Is the femicide cartel related or the work of some sick serial killers? Just a question.

    2. Chivis, I agree. It was very difficult to read about these crimes against women, but so important to get out into the news because if left unpublished, there is no hope of stopping the crimes. It looks hopeless now, but if no one knows about these horrible injustices, they will certainly continue.

    3. Chivis, right again. Narcos killing each other, nbd to me. They know the risks, and how 99%, either get locked up, and or dead. It's the crimes like these against normal people, especially women and children, that infuriate me. I can wrap my brain around the sadistic nature of the Narco, and the business often involves extreme violence. I can understand a grossly underpaid LE officer on either side of border taking bribes to allow drugs to pass. But the impunity for the Femicide, and extortion, disappearing, and just terror imposed on Innocents is a disgrace. It's getting to the point where the UN needs to take action. Not just the bully US, that fuels this whole fire. The whole world needs to know about this stuff. I'm happy that the violence against journalists in Mexico is being looked at more. For now....we can just pray that something is done to at least minimalize this travesty.

    4. Duarte's death squads killed 4 women and one journalist exiled from Veracruz to Mexico city in the Narvarte Murders.
      These secret death squads seem to have been left alone, but they help EPN do damage control like Pinochet's traveling Death Squad called La Caravana De La Muerte in chile on the early 70s whose general in charge Sergio Arellano Stark who also trained on the US prior to the pinichetazo) got sentenced to 6 years in prison but never served even one day "because he was too old and in bad health", they dragged many Chileans to "En Las Garras Del Puma".
      --There is a book "Los Zarpazos del Puma" The Puma Helicopter of arellano stark.
      General Joaquin Lagos acusa AL general Arellano Stark...
      This is a 45 year old case, the victims are still trying to get their victimizers to tribunals, the Chilean army still justifies its golpista junta "heros", I bring it up because the Mexican victims of the war on drugs in Mexico can expect for the same exact kind of shitty justice many years from now.

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      --New governor of the state of Veracruz, accused pedophile pederast Miguel Angel Yunez Linares who somehow made millions of dollars to invest ON THE US in real estate and shit, and used to be a priista efore becoming a panista and never had any other money earning enterprise, is to be in power o ly one more year, he could be ramping up to fly away by stealing duarte's businesses by torturing and killing his partners, because the judicial system would protect duarte's enterprises, along with his "new millionaire in dollars" former shoes os state public security who resigned before duarte was gone "to clean his name", prolly by organizing the murdering disappearances and executions of their name lenders.
      La Nacion 123/ Caso Duarte, Estos son Los testigos que la PGR tiene contra Javier Duarte:
      1 Miguel Angel Yunes linares
      2 Antonio Ortega Lopez helped set up phantom corporations..
      3 Arturo Bermudez Zurita, SSPE DE VERACRUZ, Secretario de Seguridad Publica del Estado de Veracruz "with several million dollar properties in Midland Texas..."
      Even blind mice could see that duarte ran to hide in Guatemala where he was caught, and the kaibil gangsters must be tight with him, cleaning up any witnesses to his business deals all over the state, they are the ones he needs to silence, well, he and his wife, these days exhiled on europe, with extensive money resources in Swiss Banks...

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    1. You sound like a real winner.

    2. You ever come across a Basque man from Spain??? Google Basque. Who do you think taught the Natives of Mexico how to be brutal....The Spainards, and Basques that conquered the natives. Take your misinformed misogyny back to Mississippi..

    3. We're men, we could handle it but let's protect the women.

    4. What the fuck has Spain got do with any of this you idiots.THIS IS ABOUT THE KILLING OF WOMEN..WHEREVER IT OCCURS..Some societies have a lot of work to do,this shit is absolutely unacceptable.

    5. Idiot?.....What does Spain have to do with it??? Ever read a history book? Or were you home schooled??? Yet another keyboard tough guy. Where I'm from you call a man an idiot, you get a mouthful of fist. But it's apparent you've never been in a fight. A man who's been put in his place, if smart learns from his mistake. Debate fairly and at least with some degree of civility. No reason to berate, name call, or in general, be an ass. And lastly, be careful who you talk shit to lil man, if you uttered those words in my presence or any other real man, you'd be racking up some dental bills. Implants ain't cheap!

    6. "Idiot?.....What does Spain have to do with it??? Ever read a history book? Or were you home schooled?"
      So its all the fault of them pesky Spaniards,all the violence can be lain at their door.Why have you got false teeth,do you put your falsies in a glass or a special case for your choppers?Damn you dont shut up do you?
      I think you missed the point of this story.

    7. Hey rojo or whatever the fuck your tag is,you talking about 1000 years ago you idiot,still havent taken responsibility for your own actions,great progress,blame someone else,no lets blame a whole country

    8. 203 thats right! 1037 men can just take bieng killed??? really? well then so can women, they are equal and can do anything a man can do right????

  11. femicide is far different than settling scores or killing of enemies. adice to the lost XY souls.. research so you won't appear to be so ignorant.

  12. A man hurting or killing a woman is the height of rat cowardice,she is an easy target for a bully rat bastard end of story..Yeah man some of the comments are strange to say the least,somehow blaming women for being killed what kind of shit is that.If they wear the wrong clothes does that give some fuckin dog the right to kill them,course it doesn't then where does it stop.

  13. Told you man,there are some strange fuckers on here,this should elicit outrage,some countries still have a long way to go in every way

  14. What a crazy country, becoming worse than Brazil.

  15. Dont be to critical of Mexico,we will have all the hysterical crusaders like dd etc going insane and calling many of us racist

  16. Thing is as well,Mexican women are opinionated,feisty,strong,keep things in check(like many women)and fuckin beautiful with that black hair and dark skin,dudes should count themselves lucky in Mexico and protect and fight for them not fuckin hurt them,us dudes are fuckin clowns sometimes,fuck would we be or do without women,gods gift dudes gods gift,recognize...

  17. I`ve said it before and I`ll say it again, Mexico has to be the greatest place on earth for serial killers. It`s disneyworld for psychos. Especially American ones, they can just drive to Mexico, do whatever they want, dump the victims anywhere and go back home. No problems. Pretty crazy stuff, so much violence in Mexico that no one will ever notice a serial killer.

  18. And if you are caught and pay the right people you are off the hook.I have heard of people in remote late night car accidents that were clearly at fault pay and the other person gets the blame.

  19. mens lives dont matter, no one cares. why then is society surprised when the men dont care about anything or anyone??? Why should i care about a society that doesnt care about me???

  20. Less than 40 comments on this issue?These geniuses can't read a few paragraphs unless its about a corrido or Z40s undies?


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