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Monday, November 6, 2017

Seven bodies discovered dismembered and semi-burnt in Chilapa, Guerrero

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

Subject Matter: Guerrero, killings
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Reporter: Ezequiel Flores Contreras
Seven dismembered bodies, in black bags and semi-burnt, were located this morning in an urban zone in the town of Chilapa, where the violence simply does not cease.

The discovery of the human remains, all of them male, was reported close to 08:30 hours Sunday morning in the outskirts of the Las Margaritas Colonia, where the road connects with the village of Acatzactla, indicate official reports.

The same reports mention that in the property known as Las Pilas, human remains were located inside 8 black bags that were burned.

Officially, it was reported that there are seven dismembered and burnt bodies but it is still not possible to determine why they were killed, the ministerial authorities continue to carry out forensic work in the area.

El Universal adds:

In Chilapa, for the last four years the criminal groups Los Rojos and Los Ardillos have been disputing control of the region. This dispute has left more than 400 dead and more than 140 disappeared.

This year, 2017, according to official reports 200 people have been assassinated, as well as entire villages being forcibly displaced.

This violence has semi-paralyzed the region called Montana Baja with its integration of 5 towns, Chilapa, Zitlala, Atlixtac, Ahuacuotizingo and Jose Joaquin Herrera.

In this zone transport is intermittent and the schools remain closed because of the violence.

For more information on the Los Rojos and Los Ardillos actions in Chilapa , see link to article by BB reporter Yaqui on events there.


  1. Are Los Ardillos still click up with CJNG?

  2. All these deaths...what a shame. World Wars, between other countries, depend on alliances. Although other countries consider Mexico as an ally, these other countries could certainly not feel secure with Mexico as an ally with the continuous decrease of population by the way of killing each other over drugs

    1. Would you rather have a communist government at your doorstep? Or an ally
      with influential interests?

    2. 10:24 Here you go again, you don't even know the names of the victims, but you know your lesson well, "they were narcos killed by narcos, over drugs"
      The murderers did not leave a message did they?
      But you Madam Clairvoyant can foresee through your murky shit conclusions in a jiffy.

  3. 11:59 i'd rather NOT have special interests slowly murdering mexicans with their slow soft coups d' etát, they have all the planes and the bombs to do their motherfacking murdering QUICK, but the hypocrisy of their little wwars for profit on drugs, on corruption and on mexican grameros and old narcos and addicts must be observed for a 100 years.

  4. 8:13 Man, you bring to mind:
    Q: "is it in?"
    A: "what" is in?


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