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Monday, November 6, 2017

Dismemberments carry on in Veracruz

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Noreste article

Subject Matter: Dismemberments in Veracruz
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Drivers of vehicles advised authorities, that they had seen two bodies of men who had been dismembered and decapitated.

This morning there was a discovery of the bodies of two persons of male sex, who were left under a bridge of the federal highway 150 Veracruz - Cordoba, at the height of the vehicle bridge that crosses with the federal highway 180.

Vehicle drivers advised the authorities, saying that they had observed two bodies of male sex, who had been found dismembered and decapitated, also that there were fluorescent cartulinas, in which were noted the illicit activities that were carried out by both subjects.

The bodies were transferred to the installation of the forensic medical services.


(Otis: as far as I can make out the two cartulinas say the following,
On the green card " For a clean Veracruz, this happened to me for robbery with violence of cars and banks, I am "El Sheldon".)

(On the orange card, " Veracruz clean of rats, this has happened to me for robbery ( unclear) of Ignacio of the key La MixtaQuilla", I am Octavio Avendaro Gomez alias El Tito, respect Veracruz).


  1. CJNG cleaning the state of all the ratas ordenes del señor Mencho

    1. They want to be the only ratas in the state.. I think theres enough cheese for all these rats until someone really stops them all

    2. So Mencho is Judge, jury and executioner?
      Riding of unwanted criminals but himself!

    3. Diego Rivera, renowned mexican muralist got the VD and promptly blamed his wife, Frida Khalo who promptly said: "Diego, ...cuelgame el santito, cabrón."
      Same thinga here, cleaning Veracruz A Lá Loco Duterte can't be a Jaliska thing, either La Marrana Duarte or new governor miguel angel yunes linares who likes his girls young, very young, according to Lydia Cacho and owned apartments in New York since well before he became veracruz's own narco-governor with his own polizetas, if anything, cjng helps politicians get and retain power.

  2. Stealing cattle...........

  3. It’s funny how all the CJNG cheerleaders jump fast to take credit for other mobs works to make seem like they the only criminal organizing putting in work lmao

  4. Life in Hell for a couple of Pesos.

  5. Replies
    1. 12:36 no mames y andes mochando cabezas,
      te vas a empachar.
      El gallinazo puede hacer buen caldo, pero nomás

  6. Y porque eata escondido como gallina??
    Alcien.? Alciendose pendejo puro matar gente inocente

  7. 5:43 don't blame La Mencha for being a smart ass, blame the mexican narco-government for being one ball of pendejos and estupidos that can't or won't catch him in spite of all the soldiers, marinas, polesias, private contractors and bounty hunters from the US, because that keeps the money doing to their pinchis nalgas apestosas, from La Mencha and from the government, they are corrupt.


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