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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

La Paz BCS: State Human Rights Commissioner Assassinated

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: BCS Noticias

Silvestre de la Toba Camacho
Nov 21, 2017
La Paz, Baja California Sur

Approximately 7PM Monday evening an armed group shot repeatedly at the family vehicle of Silvestre de la Toba Camacho with large caliber automatic weaponry while attempting to block the vehicle's movement. Camacho was the  ombudsman and a  commissioner  of the State Human Rights Commission of BCS. He and his 20 year old son died at the scene and his wife and 17 year old daughter were seriously wounded and were transferred to the city's hospital.

The events took place in the vicinity of the Boulevard Forjadores at its junction with Colosio Boulevard , where the attackers unloaded their weapons against Camacho's Ford vehicle.

Unofficial sources indicated that during the attack witnesses heard at least 30 detonations, followed by 3 isolated shots; moments after which the vehicle carrying the De la Toba family crashed into the wall of the Casino Caliente.

De la Toba Camacho Family Ford
Emergency Services arrived to carry out the transfer of the injured persons, while security elements closed the traffic on the Boulevard Forjadores between Colosio and the entrance to the Colonia Fovissste. Traffic was prohibited for four hours while agents investigated the crime scene.

Homicide and crime detectives were assigned to the case. Forensic experts transported the bodies to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo ) in order to carry out the necropsy by law.

There is no information on those responsible or about the vehicle in which they were traveling.

Authorities will initiate the corresponding inquiries in order to provide each and every Security Agency and the Three Levels of Govt  their findings and evidence that will enable the clarification of the facts.

The President of the CNDH, Mexico's National Commission on Human Rights, Luis Raul Gonzalez Perez, has condemned the attack of the BCS State official and his family.

"CNDH demands a thorough and immediate investigation by all State and Federal Authorities to find and bring the criminals in and will not stand for another case of impunity."

Gonzalez Perez also mentioned that cautionary security measures were being immediately put in place to guarantee the safety of all members of the de la Toba Camacho family and all personnel associated with  the State's Human Rights Commission. He also offered condolences to the family for their loss and hopes for the recovery of the gravely wounded wife and sister.

This comes after the ambush and murder of Fernando Rojas Perez, 54 yrs old, Commander of the Ministerial Police, as he was leaving his home on Sunday morning, Nov 19, in Colonia Puebla Nuevo, La Paz, the capitol City of the State of Baja California Sur.

Another man was found dead later on Monday night after the attack of Silvestre de la Toba and his family; an unidentified body found with a narco manta/ message.

The PGJE and C4 and Governmental Agencies are now calling this past weekend the bloodiest on record in the State of BCS with 18 people murdered, 14 men and 4 women in addition to Señor de la Toba and Commander Rojas Perez.

San Jose del Cabo
The first 20 days of November 2017:

72 people have been assassinated , 60 men and 12 women, all presumed to be tied to organized crime. These murders have primarily taken place in La Paz and San Jose del Cabo.

Wed am, Nov 22 Update:

Security Forces, PGJE and Carlos Mendoza , Governor of BCS , said the crime was "an attack of barberie and threatened the sovereignty of the states governmental agencies and society at large" and demanded immediate apprehension of the attackers. The attack took place in a main commercial part of La Paz.

He also said that he was “ fed up with the impact on society at large and was worried about the historic numbers “, putting the tally of executions at 135 for the month of October, according to data from SESNP, calling this “ unacceptable and a black mark in the history of the state and the country".

Carlos Mendoza Davis went to Los Pinos for a meeting with President Enrique Pena Nieto on Tuesday to ask for better cooperation from the Federal Govt and security support for the Sate of Baja California Sur.

President EPN will be in La Paz tomorrow, Thursday, Nov 23 to preside over two events involving SEDENA, along with the Secretary of the Marina, Vidal Francisco Soberon Sanz and Miguel Angel Osorio Chong.

The Bishop of La Paz, Miguel Ángel Alba Diaz, also made a statement, saying that the good people of La Paz are tired of discussions : “ I am not insensitive, it pains me greatly what we are all living through, but we cannot just keep watching or protesting, what we are seeing should have consequences.”

Father Alba Diaz says he has not changed the position he first took in 2014 when he publicly spoke out stating that he believed the Authorities of BCS were involved in the web of criminality.

The Bishop will be offering a special mass at 7:30 pm Thursday at the Cathedral in the Zocolo Plaza en El Centro , La Paz. A Representative of Pope Francis, Monsenor Franco Coppola will also br in town.

Meanwhile, it is still early in the day for an official body count. There was at least one murder in La Paz overnight and two in San Jose del Cabo. El SudCaliforniano is reporting that in two days there were 12 executions and 3 wounded by bullets in San Jose del Cabo.

I am reading this very minute what appears to be a Narco Manta claiming responsibility, stay tuned until I make sense of it.


  1. mexico is a failed state, when will the regular people fight for their country instead of turning their head?

    1. Let's look in the mirror first.

    2. Ive looked into the mirror and mx is still failling.
      Whats next?

    3. @4:51 Lol that was a good one and well said. What the hell does looking into the mirror have to do with Mexico as a failed state right? Are we supposed to shave while looking in the mirror or what? Lol

    4. When they find out America won't help them anymore

    5. @4:51
      Don't bother, at least you have strength in numbers - you're slow.

  2. All Mx. people should be allowed to possess guns. The punks only have guns and no huevos

  3. I saw this morning, thanks for getting to it first. Grim metaphor in purest, bloodiest form.

    1. Hey J, ya thank you.........I have been struggling with computer problems.
      I may do an update on this now that I am up and running .
      I need a clone.

  4. Question is CJNG behind it for territory or does it have anything to do with the multiple drug busts in Costa Rica lately?

  5. Mexico’s National President od CNDH, Luis Raúl González Pérez, has now sent out a warning to the states of Guerrero , Tampaulipas and Veracruz for extra security measures for their States commissioners for CNDH.
    Proceso Reporting.

    1. Talk is cheap. Wonder who’s payroll he is on.

    2. I'm telling you, again, stay anonymous and don't blow your cover, you don't even know who is the enemy, no matter how irrelevant you are to anything, and leave a record of your cases pending, past and present in case somebody wants to pick up your fallen standard.

    3. 8:57 if the government wanted to find you they will, even unanimously

    4. I have turned off my microwave and covered the red light with Duck Tape, I hope it works, so there, hahahaaa.


    1. 6:05 Aunque tengas muchos huevos, es lo primero que te quiebran en la pinchi carcel, si no te los cocinan con la chicharra.
      Y la chicharra te la ponen por la vena cacaria.

    2. 10:41 the pinchi policia will not take you to prison.
      They take you to a special vacation villa, secret but nor secluded, y no te la vas a acabar.
      Same as the SouthAmerican Banana Republic Juntas like pinochet's.
      In mexico only the narcos work you out in prison, even they are better at that than the mexican government, but they ran out of space, and there was not much left for new comers.

  7. Mexico . A real horror story . Don't get why people watch science fiction . Reality is far more scary . I fear no ghost , but them demons of flesh and blood are very dangerous . Make them ghost so they can become harmless .

  8. People are causing harm to mexico from multiple sides. Government needs to raise minimum wage because corporations are not doing it. Families needs to take care of their kids and not raise non educated teens that want new truck and a girlfriend with a big fake ass. People want the easy life.

    1. Mexican minimum wage was just approved up 8 pesos!
      Do you really think it will help those struggling families?
      Crime pays better!

      Note to those who believe an increase of wage is helpful; Just another means for government to take a bit more from its people in the end. By means of taxation!
      So who is the real winner?


    2. Minimum wage doesn't get taxed on the US, in mexico it gets taxed if they use payroll, what brings mexico money is utilities and taxing bigger businesses, and state owned enterprises, without that, mexican narco-government has had to wage a war FOR the drug businews and steal huachicol from PEMEX to drive down the company and its price, same as Siderurgica Lazaro Cardenas, mexicana de aviacion, mining and power generation, issste, imss, banking, EVERYTHING. That is another driver of murdering in mexico, stealing the drug trafficking "business"

    3. 8.00 pesos is about $0.40 usd, per hour, which translates to 3.20 dollars a day, there must be an error.
      --Minimum wage was about 2.99 usd a day but then the devaluation made it worth about 2.50, A DAY, NOT HOURLY!
      you need to be lucky to find a "good paying job" like that.

  9. All you hear is nationwide outrage yada yada yada. Talk is cheap actions speak louder then words. The Mexican people need to revolt and rise against the government if they want change. Even the new left socialist candidate for MX president would cause majot harm to the country. Imagine a hard leftwing socialist in charge. Mexico would then complete it’s move to a 4th rate country in total control of narco traffickers. Judges and government officials will be appointed directly by the cartels. The representative will be hand picked cartel candidates and the government will be run by the “chairman of the board” of all the cartel crime families. It is almost to that point completely but if Obrador is elected the end of Mexico will occur.

    1. Interesting!
      Why would you think that if Obrador were to be elected Mexico would cease to exist?
      Not being sarcastic. Just curious!
      This perception of Mexico’s political turmoil is apparently visible today.

    2. 7:41 he is compared and likened to Maduro of Venezuela. He supports that type of government which is a socialist failure. Venezuela is run by a drug trafficker as vice president and the US Treasury already has him blacklisted. Over 500 million dollars in assets and properties have already been seized including bank accounts. He is a former supporter of Chavez and is friends with Castro's regime. Need I say more? The US slapped sanctions on him so tight he is borrowing money from drug cartels as he is internationally known as a drug trafficker. Tareck El Aissami is his name and you want his friend and buddy Obrador elected president of Mexico? The failed country of Mexico would immediately collapse in doom and probably be militarily invaded by a coalition to rid the area of drug cartel terrorists once and for all. I am sure the US would love him to be elected so on any support to the cartels it would be handled militarily. You really want the dangers of another dictator like Castro and Maduro in Mexico?

    3. Just beeing next to The gringos doesnt mean You Are first world. I doubt that a leftist Can bring More harm to The People. Ans Mexicans got ans get what they paid for

    4. @10:06
      Thank for your input !
      Will do my research on some key points you stipulated.

      However, having lived a long and comfortable life; age has taught us all that all governments are politically aligned for many reasons.
      A benefactor which like chess is beneficial for both. Although political views may differ. A balance is created.

      Again thank you.
      Also happy thanksgiving.

    5. For @ 10:06 I have to agree with you on that one. Obrador would be a great fit for the cartels to really run the country with total impunity and without interruption from the Marina’s or Federal police. but as a president for the Mexican people he would be the Judas goat who will lead sheep to slaughter (that being the general population of Mexican citizens).

    6. i dont think Obrador would be a good president for the people. He is appealing to the lower class, the illiterate and poor and is using that to his advantage. Same philosophy as the cartels to brainwash the voters to elect on false hopes. In numbers, the lower class outnumbers the middle and upper classes so they are easily turned to vote with a few pesos or “gifts” and ultimately threats. he can’t even justify the amounts of cash he is spending to get elected.

    7. Andres Obrador is bloodlines to the Beltran family. Need one say more??

      But thanks a lot, you could say AMLO is also a cousin of Obama, Hillary and Bladdermir Putin y corriente.
      Thanks for your timely campaign in the best russian troll bot hacking tradition, hope you get many tweet and Fb centavos for the reposts, and from Google and kaspersky and Cambridge too.

    9. La primer esposa de AMLO se apellidaba BELTRAN, por ende sus hijos mayores son LOPEZ BELTRAN.

    10. 4:31 it does not matter where you are from your relatives and decendants are everywhere not just some specific town or area all your family is from there. Example, you are from Galveston so every single relative and family member is from Galveston County? I don’t think so. Geez, nice school you went to they better change their curriculum.

    11. We don't want Obrador he is a puppet to the crime gangs and cartels. I bet at Xmas he and the cartels will be giving away gifts that they murdered to get. Kill one to give to the next then kill them in then end.

    12. December 4th the leftwing nut job Obrador tried to run on a platform to give all cartel leaders amnesty for all their crimes and was ripped by citizens and media alike. He is a dirtball in bed the the cartels. He will be their narco president if the people are dumb enough to elect him. The PRD, PAN among a few laughed at his insane idea and said HELL NO! This idiot is living in the Pancho Villa days and does not know this is 2017.

  10. El Pendejo Nieto no puede con Mexico porque es culo le tiemblan las patas de pollo al El Pendejo Nieto. Nesecitamos a Kate del Castillo para Presidente esa no le tiene miedo ni al tequila blanco.

  11. Well planned out hit, it was right after the Baja 1000 race. The race brings a lot of revenue to that region, not to mention hightened security.I wonder if the hit was made during or days before the race if it would of effected local profit margins. Laz Paz' s crooked officials can't afford SCORE international racing and all its affiliates along with all the spectators to feel like it's unsafe to have the Baja 1000 race to end in LA Paz. They were probably told wait till after the race, then take him out.

  12. Until Mexico raises the pay and quality of life for everyone not just the corrupt elite in the country will this nightmare end. The lower class will do what ever it takes to live like the upper class.

    1. The idea is to exploit more and better the american worker, and bringing their salaries to participate with the chinese captive communist slave labor, not raising mexicans wages,
      no matter how high the mexicans rise las patas, or bend over, which is not the point anyway...

  13. Partners & friends w/ Venzuela’s Madura, prior to that Chavez. Unacceptable choice for president he will sink Mexico and let the crime families take over 100% completely fashioning a true narco state run by international criminals. That would be good in only one way, if it happens Mexico will be invaded and taken over. The US will move in if that occurs.

  14. Narco Manta left at the Scene Claiming Responsibility:
    “Sr del gobierno ya esta mas que demostrado que estamos trabajando en la limpia de todo que nos estorba asi que aliniese o correran la suerte de ministerial y de Silvestre y su fam…. atte los tegoripeños y guzmanes”.

    Basically saying : Now señores of the govt, you can see that we are cleaning out all who stand in our way. Get in line or you will face the same fate as Silvestre and his family .....the “ Tegoripenas and the Guzman’s “.

    Anyone know who the Tegoripenas are ??


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