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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

From the Zeta to the A

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

This article will not be for everyone, it contains a breakdown of the philosophical reasoning behind why the violence in Mexico is what it has become. The article is cerebral and I would humbly suggest that if you come to BB to view pictures of the dead, or are a cartel cheerleader, you may wish to pass this article by.

Subject Matter: Los Zetas, Government corruption in Coahuila
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Reporter: Fabrizio Mejia Madrid
I don't know if its good or bad. Evil is not a being, an autonomous substance, but an action. That is what I thought as I read the report before the International Criminal Court on Coahuila between 2009 and 2016, detailing the crimes against humanity committed by State and Federal Authorities together with Los Zetas.

The horrors committed against the population of Allende, or the use of prison as a war factory, documented not only how power in Mexico has become an event of evil, but how that domain is acquired on someone already devastated, humiliated, helpless, its a desire towards nothing.

The question is not, if then evil is more or less what it was in the years of the "dirty war" , with the origin of Los Zetas in the Mexican Army, or in any case, that they have refined and extended the techniques of cruelty, but what as happened to us as a culture.

Both in cases of stubborn corruption among Governors, who, according to this report, today received from traffickers arrested in Texas, trucks of money to finance their election campaigns, which makes a brotherhood together with the traffickers;with the absolution, "I leave myself and go against everything that exists, abandoned to a kind of will of nothing".

The only justification that exists for such a will, is a power that manages who should live and who should die. The Mexican population has also assumed the idea that, for one to survive, another must be annihilated.

That power, already inseparable between legal authority and illegal groups, works according to the reason in which the actions of the murdered, tortured, dismembered and dissolved in barrels with holes to oxygenate combustion, bear no relation to the management of their deaths. The absolute victims arise. Those that have not been annihilated by something, but as part of a force device that, to remain active, must continue to select, separate and discard.

The existence of this device, which ranges from hit men armed with an ax to dismember alive another human being, to the Governor who received 200 million dollars to allow it, is oriented to nothing.

Demons, by Dostoyevsky, is one of the first novels in which evil is separated from evil, that is, stating the difference between a human existence that loves to do evil, and the result of the interaction of different frontiers of the freedom.

For Dostoyevsky, all the demons of the revolutionary struggles desire an infinite freedom -  a ripple of the place that God had, that will end up colliding with the reality of others. Simona Forti writes, in "The New Demons", about the character of Stravrogin: "Too full of himself as to love another; too smart to be a fan; too disenchanted to not be aware of his sin."

Dosteyevski will make his characters ask themselves again and again if the "love of self" does not have a result of evil and if cruelty is not an effect of freedom. If in that freedom there is nothing to avoid using others to self-affirm.

If the interaction with others is not worse or better than an experiment, to generate such a device of force in nothingness, Stravrogin poses to Piotr Verjovenski, the febrile activist, an experiment: "induce four members of a section to kill the fifth, on the pretext that he is an informer. Because of that poured blood, the four will continue to live together united by a glue. No one will revolt or be asked to render and account. We understand here than unity creates the sacrifice of surplus; after sacrificing a human being, he is sanctified, and the executioners are united by the complicit silence. (Otis: here you have your explanation of the actions of sicarios and why they do what they do).

The same way of experimentation is the one used by another of the "demons" of Dostoyevski, Kirilov, who says, "absolute freedom exists only when it is the same to die as to live." Kirilov, stripped of guilt and suffering, argues: "Killing another would be the lowest point of my freedom. I look for the highest point and I commit suicide."

In this first distinction between evil and evil, destruction has no end that justifies it, but simply is evidence that it can asset itself. For Mexico, I think of "The party of the bullets" of the Villista revolutionaries. The desire for nothing is part of all justified destruction, in the finger that is tired of so much pressing of the trigger of the Villista Rodolfo Fierro, there is still some relationship between the victim and enmity.

But with the war of President Calderon, we witness another type of force and cruelty. Irritate evil as an event. Its characteristic is that it cannot be integrated or an alibi, allegation or excuse. This disorder could not be synthesized in a narrative of suffering because there was no fault or responsibility of anyone. It seemed like a chain of events that gave rise to hundreds of thousands of gratuitous, useless, sufferings.

The non-assimilable disorder increased when both sides - " organized crime" and the Mexican State -  seemed interchangeable, mirrors of each other, all without heads or face or judgments of sentences. Absolute victims are no longer related to enmity. They are anyone, chosen at random, innocent in their pain.(Otis: see the Veracruz innocents).

The evil was thus separated from the banal violence that of the animals that hunt, or violence anchored in the protection of the lives of some (Otis: Don Alejo and his defense of himself and his workers and ranch). In the Calderonato, the place of an excluded majority was redefined, which became the absolute victim and whose sentences never turned them into witnesses: those who can be killed without committing a crime. ( Otis: the ayotzinapa 47 ).

There is an abysmal difference between understanding the State as protector of freedom and presenting it as a guarantee of security. It is one that exists between its citizens and its population. Between sovereign life and biology. One, leads to conflict, another to select the lives that can be discarded: the singular lives are dragged by the need of the population. A state - and the narcos that are part of it, that attacks the particular life of a group of naked people, I refer to the term nudity to the condition of those Mexicans who are not citizens or owners or even visible. ( Otis: the migrants that travel through Mexico).

They are attacked, tortured and disappeared from places like those in Coahuila. The reduction of Mexicans to statistics, trends, internal products, is equivalent to discarding them as part of "the protection of life". Their lives are not.(Otis: all BB readers will suffer from this, becoming numbed to the personal suffering of those who appear in our articles).

If we compare the metaphysical wickedness of Dostoyevski with that of the disciplinary device of 12 years of irreducible massacres, what has disappeared is the sense of pain. When a State plans an extermination that has no greater meaning than reaffirming its power, it dissociates itself from any moral and political argument. (Otis: the Ayotzinapa 47).

The absolute victims of these years are naked, they lack human meaning. They are carriers of biology but no longer of subjectivity. It is therefore no exaggeration to compare these crimes against humanity of Felipe Calderon and Enrique Pena Nieto with those that occurred in Nazi Germany, which gave rise to the legal and moral term coined in 1944 by Raphael Lemkin. Lets read his description today next to the report to the International Criminal Court:

"It starts with a reduction of freedoms. It proceeds to uproot individuals from the flow of their significant relationships and is assigned an identity. The perception of the rest of the population that they are subhuman, impure, contagious, will facilitate the progressive sliding of people towards a massacre. That is, it will play a kind of adaptive function that, on the one hand, serves to suspend the emotional reaction of the executors and, on the other, legitimizes as a necessary practise the mass slaughter of people."

From Zeta to A: to exercise evil as an attribute of infinite freedom to act as an instrument of discarding. In the middle are all of us who are still alive, in the stupefaction of a chain of simple events.


  1. This is best ingested following the concept of the "slow food" movement--go slow and let it flow into the marrow.
    Thanks for this. It explains a lot.

  2. Good article! We written!

  3. A demon by any other name is STILL a demon!

  4. Nice!
    Good post BB

  5. That looks like a familiar restaurant,

  6. Fact checks still and will always linger: The numbers that represented and still represent CDG; the ideology behind the capture of Guzman; the ideology behind how far cartels or better written, members, will go to survive; the differences between entertainment and survival not in affiliation to fittest yet in affiliation to numbers; and the theory of movement in affiliation to gravity, which is in relation to innovation that in which avoids routine schedules that may otherwise constitute greater risk.

  7. I think of freedom in terms democracy: when organised crime, state sponsored violence, big budgets, media concentration etc. prevents people from getting organized and/or their voices heard democracy suffers.

    When democracy suffers the elite's hold on power is favoured. Eventually it becomes easy to see how evil is used as a political tool by the ruling elites.

  8. Fantastic piece. Brilliant. I will share this with many. Thank you Otis for giving us English speakers access to this work.

  9. i said this a while back .. those of you who decide which comments pass or not can remember. It was the one of that Huachicolero who died during surgery. someone commented that he was a looser. and i said no, he is not a looser. he was an alpha survivng in his environment. you have to kill to survive. but i understand some of you are not wolves. just like Denzel asked Hoyt" you want to be the wolf or the sheep". and that is a reality economicaly poor mexicans have to decide everyday

    1. 4:03 do not ask your country what it can do for you.
      The politicians have decided YOU ARE SHEEP and that they will stick it to you, and they have the pistolas to back it up, straight from Uncle el tio Sam"

    2. im glad im a sheep on this side of fence. i can live a good life without having to resort to being a wolf. That aint possible down south. saludos

  10. That's the price of love , hate,and mente en Blanco,

    1. 9:23 eso lo será usté.
      We don't mind if they are a little dirty.

  11. Nice post but there will be no hope for Mexico if the good People dont increase the pressure on mexican Gouvernement. Mexicans outside Mexico must act to bring international Attention to show how involved mexican government is. As Long most People belive its police/marina against narcos. dont start to explain the violence with philosophy. This will not help and will only make the killers to become victims of circumstances. Which is bullshit. I Can see this in Germany. Steal something and it is not your fault. Rape someone and its not your fault. Its a failure of the Society which Made them to steal/rape...-which is only a stupid excuse.
    And comparing this with nazi Germany shows only the lack of understanding history. Mexico is far far away to be hitler Germany.

    El Rana Rene

  12. Amazing how "academic analysis" can disassociate the individuals suffering and reduce it to moral values and government needs.
    WRONG IS WRONG, as we contemplate the rebirth of white supremacist and nazi neo-fascism fed by billions of dollars stolen from the public through by "tax reforms" and drug trafficking and money laundering made legal by kickbacks to american lawmakers, let us not forget t&t&at it all has been fed by empty promises of trickle down Voodoo Economics and Vulture Capitalism, the kind of which creates nothing but exploits everything creating justifications like corporate personhood and every kind of Bullshit that can be printed or spoken and promoted by russian puppet blogstres that have become the only apparent defenders of "We The People" while sticking it to us with the worst of the bandit oligarchs, example: the most excellent reporting on RUSSIA TODAY vs the idiotic support of the Russian Oligarchs for the american oligarch wannabes now undergoing their papanicolaus and rectal examinations from the special counsel Robert Muller and co, who will not be played for a fools, (in my dreams).
    As long as we can feel every murder in our hearts, the mexican narco-government oligopolis will be denied a permanent victory over our intelect, no matter how many US tax dollars come to their help from an american government divorced from its people by graft and greed.

  13. Victor Alexandrow, "La Generacion Sin Alma", based on the russian revolution a most lovely book I read on the 60's but lost track of it in my youth in mexico city.
    I assure you, nobody wants a new mexican revolution, but US interests sure see a way to cash off of it.

  14. Why has God written off mexico

    1. God has nothing to do with this.

    2. 8:42 According to "Das Kapitalist Jesus" by modern interpreters with learned mighty pens for sale that become Prophets when chosen by big money.
      --God loves the rich sooo much that they naturally feel like they deserve it all, and are entitled to more.

  15. Thank you OTIS-FLYWHEEL: I very much enjoyed your take on the "evil" construct, particularly as it manifests itself in modern Mexico.

    While you draw on Russian literature that I am not familiar with.... but will explore as best I can, I sort of understand where it fits in.

    I know you want more substantive feedback. For now, my own view is that "Evil" is somehow in our personal DNA and expresses itself when social,culural, psychological, environmental, and other factors combine in a "perfect storm" kind of way. From, this cold perspective it may be that EVIL might even have survival value for organisms such as Man, dinosaurs (like alligators) and our antibacterials, antivirals, and killer white cells that fight our immune system enemies every second of our short lives.

    While it may sound like I've drifted far from the topic, I gave considered thought to my ramblings.

    I plan to come back and post more, cause, bless you, " You got me started."

    I thank you again, and have a Very Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

    I will do critical thinking on your stimulating essay.

  16. Poor Mexican people . Down trodden by their government and the USA . Its getting to the point there is no place for them to turn .


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