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Monday, July 31, 2017

Rosarito Beach, Baja California: Mexican Journalist killed, eighth this year

Chivis for Borderland Beat from La Jornada

It does not appear, from first reports, that the murder was related to his profession, nonetheless he died a hero........

At  dawn today, Rosarito Beach Journalist Luciano Rivera was killed by gunfire, according to the Public Security Directorate of that municipality.

The events transpired inside the bar La Antigua, located in the center of town  around 1:40 in the morning; According to the first reports, it occurred when the young reporter entered the bathroom and according to witnesses was assaulted after he defended a woman who was harassed by the alleged murderers.

By the time the Red Cross paramedics arrived, Rivera had died. The reporter participated in various tasks of the CNR Channel 54 of Playas de Rosarito.


  1. being a white knight can get you killed

  2. My Father has a home out there. For many years now I've been trying to convince him of selling. But to no avail he is stubborn as a mule.
    Guess its stubborn Mexican roots.
    15 years back it was nice . A developers magnet. Booming business and opportunity. Now it has withered like many places in Mexico. Trying to cope with the violence and corruption.


    1. It still is a beautiful place. I have a place here and love it. You are correct about the corruption i wish that would change but i know it wont.

    2. I have a home literally 300 yards from where this took place. It's no more or less safe there than any US neighborhood of similar socio-economic background.

    3. tu apa quiere vender su casa en rosarito. Yo Le pago en dolares aqui en Estados unidos y arreglamos los escrituras papeles en mas Le doy una casa en Milwaukee por la de rosarito!!!

    4. Wonder why, Milwaukee is full of vice too, but nobody know anythin' 'bout nothin" maybe all that Detroit contamination

  3. Para que se mete en lo que no. La mujer era una prostituta.lo que paso es la que mujer no queria pagar una dosis de Cristal. Y este reportero trato de ser heroe de cantina. Si si una mujer esto y lo demas! Esto es mexico caballeros aqui si no traes pistola no busque por que plata o plomo es ley .

  4. Sad. I was there with my husband in 1967. It was beautiful.

  5. San diego are you listed on Air BNB?


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