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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

VIDEO: Dr. Mireles Describes Agreements Made With the Government

By: Ernesto Martínez Elorriaga | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Morelia, Michoacán—A video message recorded in April 2014 by the former leader of the autodefensas, José Manuel Mireles Valverde, was released in social networks.  The video message was intended to be spread after his death.  According to Mireles, organized crime groups, federal and state governments, and even his wife, intended to eliminate him.

  Some parts of the message had already been released, however on the Grillonautas2 YouTube channel, the entire video, with a duration of 46 minutes, was released where it is clarified that Mireles lost all the support of the federal government after taking Tancítaro with a group of autodefensas, on November, 16, 2013.

In early November 2013, Mireles says, he met with several federal officials in Mexico City, including Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong and the director of the Center for Research and National Security (CISEN), who approved his proposals:

To clean up organized crime throughout Michoacán; restoring the rule of law; liberate all imprisoned autodefensas; to appoint a single spokesperson on behalf of all autodefensa groups, which would be Mireles, and the arrest of 20 organized crime leaders, of which seven main ones operated in the region of Tepalcatepec, from which Mireles was born.

He said that there was an unwritten agreement whereby the federal government committed to provide them with an armored unit, and “another agreement: that we would no longer move to other municipalities,” and in the case that they would progress to other municipalities, it would have to be jointly with the federal government.

At that meeting, Mireles said that he planned to take Los Reyes, Aquila, Coahuayana, Uruapan, Ario de Rosales and Apatzingán.  They asked him to wait a week.  There was no response.  “We chose to take Tancítaro (November 16, 2013) in response to the request for help.  The day we decided to enter, the body of a seven-year-old girl, the daughter of an avocado farmer, appeared and her nine-year-old sister disappeared, even though they had paid 23 million pesos.”

He said that later they took El Chauz, municipality of La Huacana and Churumuco.  Immediately, CISEN called for him where they incriminated him for having advanced without warning.  On January 5, 2014, the plane in which he was riding in crash landed on a road to El Chauz.

“From that moment on, my natural enemies ceased to be The Knights Templar—the state government, the federal government and some autodefensa coordinators…even my own wife, amounted to be my enemies,” he said.

Source: La Jornada


  1. He is true hero and a perfect example of that the real enemy to honest people in Mexico (or anywhere in the world) are not the cruminals, but the corrupt elite which has hijacked the institutions we commonly call the government.

  2. Modern day revolutionary.. my respects, but a few hundreds of people won't change Mexico. All the Mexican states need to follow what mireles and michoacan did. Mexico needs a revolution, too crooked !!

  3. "Unwritten agreements", please, the mexican government does not respect the constitution, or any other written contracts or regulations or agreements, and they will not respect verbal agreements ever, maybe unless they are in prison or before the firing squad.

  4. Great work.. Martinez
    1 question Y r u posting video y the Doctor Dead?? Cuz he made it very clear to post video After his death??

  5. Desde Tierra Caliente

    Está encarcelado porque es una amenaza política para la gobernación del Estado de Michoacán. Esto es ver la corrupción en México descubierta y desnuda para que todos la vean. Morelia no puede tolerar esta competencia.

    1. tambien desde tierra caliente mich.

      no que habia el mandado a matar una familia de seis contoy niños porque les debia una lana para no pagarles? no es heroe como creen

    2. No seas un pinche ignorante 2:16 es por gente como tú que así está Michoacán y todo México

  6. Thank you, Valor.
    Tragic, just tragic and that avocado farmer ALREADY paid a hell of a lot of extorsion dinero, plus lost two daughters, my god.

  7. Meanwhile, mencho, mayo,and a few others getting rich while they poison some of the world population.let's get upset and do nothing like we have been doing all this years but at the same time if it wasn't for the all the shit in mexico we wouldn't have bb, what should we do?

  8. Go, Dr. Mireles. <3 You are a hero.

  9. He had guns. Politicos biggest fear. A Revolution
    I am just an American feel so sorry for the good people of Mexico. It is a shame how the Mexican government steals..Than move to The US after they get rich.

    1. 6:44 the US government has been feeding that mexican fat pig we have for government, fully aware of their crimes, budget stealing, misuse of loans and grants, you have freedom and liberty to ask the US government WHY?

  10. The accusations he mentioned, do these call for the PGJE to start an investigation while he is in jail or he has to go in person to the procuraduría de justicia and say it?

  11. This is off topic, but not really. For the people who don't live in Mexico, have never been, or would never go... it kinda paints a picture if you watch the video in this article, even if you don't speak Spanish, you still get the effect. Nueva generacion (Jalisco cartel) showing power in Mexican prison. Yep, prison. That place bad guys are supposed to go when they fuck up. Gives you an idea of the corruption people like the good doctor are up against in Mexico. Money talks and everything else is just seen as bullshit that is in the way. I was supposed to start translating for BB but unfortunately I haven't the time. Saludos to the people who keep this site running by donating your time.

    1. Yaqui here,
      Thanks for the link and the heads up. I saw it also and watched the video, you are right. Just unbelievable. I haven't had time to translate it either.

    2. Almaguer Ramirez said that the party would have been held on the occasion of the celebration of Father's Day in June 2013 and to commemorate one year of the death of one of José Luis Valencia's children.

  12. One thing is clearly evident. Government officials who are in cahoots with organized crime are to blame for his apprehension.
    Moreover the resistance from citizens which clearly demonstrated a clear and present danger to its government institution.
    However I find it difficult to believe that his wife would turn on him.
    Having watched the documentary of his movement he did not hide the fact that he was unfaithful.I think we are all aware of a scorns woman's capabilities.
    Nevertheless regardless of such infidelities one would not impose severe harm to a loved one .
    Moreover I find it strange that members of government have not officially opened an inquiry to an investigation.
    Are the powers of it's captors indisputable?


  13. un mazon mas parte del sistema juega su papel.

  14. He's the truest hero in Mexico. A saint that is cast aside by the government and apparently his wife as well.
    I hope whoever makes the movie of his life does a good job.

  15. Also a society which stands by and does NOTHING !

  16. Hopefully there is good news coming concerning Dr Mireles?
    Or then again they may be playing games to break his heart?
    Time to let him out,he is no danger to good people...


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