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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

El Tequilero reappears

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Sinembargo article

Subject Matter: Raybel Jacobo de Almonte, El Tequilero
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

After the detention of seven alleged members of Los Tequileros, two of them in State of Mexico, Raybel Jacobo de Almonte, reappeared in the communities of San Antonio and La Gavia to get support and reinforce his group of sicarios. According to the villagers, on Monday morning El Tequilero threatened them to join his group for good or for bad. The criminal history of Raybel Jacobo began about 10 years ago, however the impunity that the government has given him has led him to commit acts of great daring in the last three years.

Reporter: Israel Flores
Villagers of the communities of San Antonio and La Gavia went to a Military camp in San Miguel, Totolapan to report the presence of the criminal leader Raybel Jacobo de Almonte, El Tequilero, who on that Monday morning threatened to kill the villagers if they did not support him.

The same version of events was given by the Auto-defensas of San Miguel, Totolapan who expressed that that morning Tequilero had arrived with some armed men to the two villages that are joined, and threatened the people that they should join his group for the good or the bad, informed a source in the village.

Both communities have ties and are very close to the municipal head, but each has different community leaders.

According to the report, El Tequilero aims to form a movement in La Gavia against the arrival of the military after the detention of seven alleged accomplices, two of them in the State of Mexico, as well as to reinforce his group of sicarios.

"They threatened the people, and the women they want to take by force all of the village, they want that all here defend him, and that everyone tells the state police and the army that El Tequilero is here and has not left", he said.

The Autodefensas confirmed that the army and the state police had a meeting with people who left those localities to report the events, but did not see any police or military operations.

The report comes two days after the state government announced the arrest of seven members of Los Tequileros, in addition to advancing with the request of the Movement for Peace and the abrogation of the Deputy Saul Beltran, linked to Raybel Jacobo.

Maria Belem, 23 years old niece of El Tequilero was detained for kidnapping

The criminal history of Raybel Jacobo, originally from San Antonio and La Gavia, municipality of San Miguel Totolapan, began about ten years ago, however the impunity that according to neighbours is given to him by the government has empowered him and allowed him to commit various brazen acts during the last three years.

Schools have closed, houses abandoned, businesses with the curtains closed, and they few that are open are empty, all because of the violence attributed to Raybel, who since Monday has promised to deal with the few remaining villagers with shotguns and rifles, until they are finished.

The violence provoked by the criminal group of Los Tequileros has changed their lives radically in this village for the last year, even though the leader of the criminal group started committing crimes in the municipal capital for the last ten years.

In this sector of San Miguel Totolapan it is one of the most affected by the criminal group of Raybel Jacobo who is related to the legislator Saul Beltran. In the last three years they have kidnapped 16 professors and of those, three have been killed and three disappeared.

In this village, they are convinced that El Tequilero operates with the support of the government.

"It is not possible that in the ten years he has been committing crimes here, that he hasn't been detained, it defies explanation, the governor says they are negotiating for the release of the kidnapped, that means he knows where he is and who he is but instead of stopping him, he negotiates with him to hand over those that have been kidnapped", the man complained, surrounded by others of an adult age like him, who sleep in the shade of the sun under the eaves of the house with moldy floors that has been abandoned.

Original article in Spanish at Sinembargo


  1. Good reporting. Gives a glimpse into the horrific reality that people in criminal societies live in.

    It does not matter if you are in a village or the ghetto: the thugs rule and it is very difficult (and often even impossible) to not get dragged in just for survival.

    The stay-in-school crowd sure got a nice point, but talk about their own experience coming from suburban US.

    Consider though: what about when there are no schools or when the thugs show up at your doorsteps what do you do? Get robbed? Get taken away? Have your sister/daughter/mother raped?

    Or do you join one of the groups to be able to provide at least some protection for yourself and your family???

    Criminal gangs always contain criminals, but many of them wish they had had other choices.

    When society does not provide good choices, poor choices are made because a choice is always made if not by you then by someone else.

    1. I can see your logic about joining th herd for safety concerns and longevity. However having joined a pack does the need of becoming predator make it acceptable?
      There are moral issues and concerns which in my opinion are being overlooked.
      We are humble to our neighbors.
      We have a moral obligation to behave and instill the highest levels of self respect.
      Moreover the ability to call ourselves civilized human beings.
      There are many factors why one chooses to engage in such activities. Financial hardships, lack of employment and security reasons.
      Nevertheless we should not forget who we truly are. Such senseless behavior has led to a demoralized society.


    2. 10:03 don't get lost in roo many tough about people's short comings or our personal weaknesses and faults, blame the state and federal government for keeping the soldiers.and.police.corporations as baby sitters, house sitter, dog walkers and lovers of the wife instead of having them do their job for the people of the state.
      The mantas clearly name epn and astudillo, stop it with the mea culpas, mejor meate en el gobierno sus miles de soldados y sus pinchis polesias.
      Remember Pastora, she and her followers imprisoned the police and persecuted the criminals, AND the state and federal government put her in prison for "kidnapping".

  2. Hey Tequilero, If your niece is involved in kidnapping for ransom, it shows youre a small time hood.

    I'd totally shoot it out with his hoods like Don Alejo.

    1. So it's appropriate to say that she is a hood rat. Since her uncle is hood.
      Perfect analogy. Could have not stated it better.

  3. Such a travesty that citizens from these villages cannot receive any protection from government officials. Moreover the criminal behavior associated with this individual is unforgivable.
    Definitely some upper hand has allowed his activities to go unpunished and unheeded.
    I would not have judged any citizen to have taken action against such trash. Since government/ military officials are incompetent.


  4. Damn this tequilero is pretty desperate. Cjng will kill him off soon though, they are in dispute and he knows it's do or die.

  5. Killing him by cjng will not change anything. Auto defensas are the only way if gov fails or offers protection to them. Defend yourself and stand your ground.

  6. If he is "reappearing" you can almost bet on it, he'll be jammed up by the po po in very short order

    1. If he is reappearing 8;56 what we need is a good magician to make him disappear.


  7. And just like last time when they arrested 8, 4 were released in days for lack of evidence.......same will happen here.

  8. Kill on site.Take no prisoners!

  9. Sheeesh! What gives! They are denying El Taquiero a sanctuary city! I wonder when the march starts in LA supporting El Taquiero!

  10. This Is bonnified blatant terrorism and should be treated as such with Global notification. Shit like this should be recognized by all humanity and dealt with by outside agencys not by other higher-up criminality.
    This has gone on long enough!

  11. 8 dead in another shootout.


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