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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sinaloa: Cessna stopped while carrying weapons to Los Chapitos

Borderland Beat Guest reporter Siskiyoukid From Riodoce

BB Note:  The war between the Chapitos and Beltran Leyva presented itself in June, when the home of El Chapo’s mother came under attack.  It was largely assumed that the perpetrators were Beltran Leyva.  Since that date the conflict has heated up to a full struggle for power and control of the region. The theory is Beltran Leyva initiated the attack to force a “show down” with El Chapo’s people and gain greater control of  territory in the region. Each group is from the region and has controlled areas.  This week Chapitos took control of  Huixiopa in Badiraguato, which was controlled by Beltrn Leyva.

Because of the money seized, (the amount of money they concede was in the plane) and the few quantity of weapons, it is more likely that the shipment was already dropped and was stopped after the delivery.....Article begins below

A military operation in Culiacan resulted in the confiscation of weapons slated for Los Chapitos, group of organized crime operating in this city.

The delivery was tracked from its departure point identified as Mexicali, Baja California.  Around 150 soldiers, members of five reaction teams, participated in tracking and seizing the shipment.

General Alfonso Duarte Mugica confirmed that at 10:00 on Wednesday, they arrested the first civilian, who was driving a Chevy Silverado Pickup truck and from whom they secured three short weapons [pistols].

The Commander of the third Military Region said that this was the first indication of a delivery that was coming in.

At 11:30 Wednesday morning the Cessna small plane, registration XB-MUG, white with blue stripes, was intercepted at a landing strip in the town of Benito Juárez.

At the time of being encircled by the military, the pilot tried to take off, but one of the military trucks intercepted it, hitting one of the wings, destabilizing it and stopping it from fleeing.

With this maneuver two soldiers ended up with injuries and burns. The injuries sustained are not considered serious.

The pilot and four crew members were arrested and placed at the disposal of the PGR [Attorney General's Office], as well as weapons that were seized, consisting of  a Barrett rifle 50 caliber rifle, four AK47 automatic rifles, and five packages of 500 Peso bills that were sealed in plastic, totaling 700 thousand pesos. (35k USD)

Official sources claim that the conspirators intended to enter Culiacan with weapons and money, for work with the sons of Joaquin Guzman Loera, El Chapo.

The detainees were identified as Hector "n", who is from Angostura and who showed his pilot's license.

The crew were identified as Daniel "N" and Marco Antonio "N", both originating of Culiacan, as well as Carlos Martin "N", originally of Caborca, Sonora and Jose "N", of Altar, Sonora.


  1. These weapons were used to attack BLO.

  2. As usual .......the shipment still missing ! ? !

  3. He took over El Rayo DE Sinaloas job, landing in El Desierto DE Altar with loads of drugs??

  4. Well at least they siezed the 50cal.

  5. "The load had already been delivered" as always, smfh a little.
    Making the parts fight and bitch slap each other with great hate may further divide the sinaloa a little bit more, they had been dealing too much for themselves, and that was their sin, el pri wants it back.

  6. Hauling pesos from Mexicali, California to Benito Juarez, Sinaloa?

    I don't understand that - if it was US dollars, it would make sense, but pesos does not make sense.

    Can anyone offer an explanation?

    1. Those who can, dump pesos and hold on to US dollars, or any other foreign currency, next payment of choice, payment in meth, the payee can eat or sell their share, they will force someone else to buy, that is their pedo.

    2. The pesos were either the pilots salary or a fellow cartel member wanted help taking home some profits.

    3. Paying with dollars here in Mexico attracts attention.

    4. Yes the only explanation I can give you is learn how many pesos is in an american dollar 😎

      El Mayate

    5. 20.06 pesos por dolar mayate, but it varies with the turf, you want dollars, you pay 25 pesos for dollar, you want pesos? They give you 16 or 18 pesos per usd dollar, the banks are not much better, and the pinchi peso should be at 30 per dollar, or more, soon it will be 4 kilos de pesos por una tortilla, because hillary refused to go see epn, and because the donal' went, not because epn and his cabinet are una pinchi bola de pendejos and got schooled by the gringos taking their lunch boxes and their boy shorts with promises of a better day, tommorrow...

  7. Pesos can't be traced easily as dollar bills..

  8. Is the mexican air force pilots school still in zapopan jalisco?
    They used to call it Escuela del Aire de la Fuerza Aerea Mexicana, they used to be proud cadets and train the pilots in WWI planes before the mexican army took over and decided to use the pilots for their drug trafficking.

  9. Huixiopa is El Azul's home town, he might get upset for the heat that is being attracted.

  10. La Escuela del Aire used to be a proud military institution, part of the Fuerza Aerea Mexicana, but since they went dumping bodies and people on the sea for the mexican army they became their corrupt pinchis gatos and gofers, their dignity and moral went down as their went up in new powerful jets and helicopters.
    Uh, and the marinelas did not exist, the mexican navy was a shameless affair in rusty buckets full of piss and poopoo until it became clear there was a need for somebody to oppose the mexican army's mighty might and corruption, and the marinelos went in all pride and dignity to become as powerful and corrupt as the army, SPECIALLY THE BRAS, I MEAN THE BRASS...
    THE MEXICAN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ANSWER? create functions for the legislators who hold ten or twelve jobs to grab 20 checks a month for totals of $500 000.00 pesos, to approve the dismantling of state owned properties and their privatization for peanuts that forces the military to take over police jobs and drug trafficking to survive, just like the GAFES and Mexicana de Aviacion pilots...



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