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Friday, November 27, 2015

Tixtla: Four Community Policemen Dead

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Armed men ambushed and assassinated four Community Police members of the House of Justice “La Patria es Primero” (“The Motherland Comes First”) of the Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities (CRAC) in the neighborhood El Fortín, located in Tixtla, when they were patrolling the city.

According to El Sur, the assailants fled in ten trucks.

Members of the Community Police reported that at 2:20 pm on Thursday, they received an anonymous phone call warning them about the presence of armed men.

Six Community Police members went to the site on board a truck; they came out of the truck and searched the area to look for the armed men.

Later, the attackers caught up with the Community Police and attacked them with AK-47’s, killing four of them.  The other two members were not injured in the attack.

The bodies were covered with sheets and mats and were removed by villagers and taken to the House of Justice “La Patria es Primero” in the neighborhood El Fortín.

Forensic experts and public prosecutors based in Tixtla arrived at the scene, conducting relevant proceedings.

A Community Police member covered with a ski mask pointed out the alleged perpetrators of the killings, the two criminal groups who fight for the plaza in order to traffic drugs: Los Rojos and Los Ardillos.

He added that they have received threats from the two groups because they monitor and provide security to the municipality.

In Tixtla, two groups of organized crime are disputing the plaza, Los Rojos and Los Ardillos, we think that it could be one of them, it appears to be a declaration of war, we have received threats but maintain a position to not have war against organized crime since it would cause more deaths,” he said.

This happens just a few days before the mayoral election of Tixtla, which will be held on Sunday.


  1. Two of the Community Police weren't harmed?? These stories infuriate and make one feel so powerless to help. Big respects to these brave people standing up for their community against these rat bastards, may their god be with them. The killers would seem to be well armed, I don't imagine just anybody can get their hands on AK-47s in Mexico, which begs 10 thousand questions as to who is paying the Rojos and the Ardillos to be such shiets. Gold Corp heads the list, imo, with EPN gob's blessings. Thank you for the article BB.

  2. The tixtla community police support the current mayor and his favorite replacement...
    --the ardillos and los rojos called el chapo to send the CDS paratroopers dropped by the cds air force, yeah, for the "drug trafficking plaza" where the people do not have money for huaraches...
    --the ten trucks were parachute dropped by the chopper that took Willie away to freedom...
    --the thousands of soldiers, marinas federal and state police in the area could not check them on their way out either...

  3. Y porque no mataron a los otros dos polesias y les quemaron su pinchi troque?
    --You know, this "ten truck story" stinks to the high heavens, smells like a rat cage and rat traps...

  4. Not have war because it would cause more deaths? The problem is that the cartels are at war now with the community police, and pretty soon, they will be dead or slaves.

  5. @2:15 - Don't read it literally. The man simple means the community police would rather not just start shooting, then they would be no better than the criminals [that disappeared the 43+ students from the teaching college], that they are trying to purge from the area. Tixtla Population:21,720 (2005)

  6. Replies
    1. Chapo! Cut it out. Its like anybody's seen you, lately, not that you're disliked.

    2. If you buy me a pack of non menthol ciggys...ill like you.


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