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Thursday, November 26, 2015

CNDH: Federal forces responsible for extrajudicial killings in Apatzingán

Lucio R. Borderland Beat material from CNDH

The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) found  extrajudicial executions at the hands of the Federal Police in the events of January 6 in Apatzingán, Michoacán.   This was announced by the Ombudsman Luis Raul Gonzalez Perez  when submitting recommendation 3VG / 2015 for serious human rights violations in the case, which is directed to the Department of Defense, the National Security Commission, the government of Michoacán and the City Hall of Apatzingán.  

Excessive use of force by elements was found, which also caused the death of  ten people. 

Between 2:30 and 7:40 pm on January 6,  44 federal police and 287 military conducted an operation against elements of the autodefensas (self-defense) .  In that event, one person was killed in the parking lot of City Hall of Apatzingán.  In the second event, which occurred between 7:41 and 11:31 hours, nine people were killed.

Four of those killed in a black truck had 27, 7, 7 and 8 bullets, respectively.

"The deceased were not in possession of firearms therefore posed no threat to life or physical integrity of the Federal Police or anyone else, "says the report.  

Warning:  Graphic photo on following page

The fifth person in the vehicle is also described by  the CNDH as an extrajudicial execution, since he had no weapon whatsoever, he was fired upon suffering 14 bullet wounds, while witnesses said the victim raised his hands in surrender.  

"The National Commissioner is collaborating with the CNDH in the complaint and complaint arises because of the serious violations of human rights in the excessive use of force that resulted in the extrajudicial killing of these people. "said the organization.

 "Also, 10 people who reported having been arrested in different places next to the Municipal Palace suffered unnecessary injuries inflicted upon them.”

Un Vato translated the narrative of a video from the incident:

00:15  Screen: Apatzingán Massacre: “It was the Federal Police.

00:19  Voice and screen: “With shouts of, ‘Kill those dogs!’, they began to shoot. To kill us.”

00:27  Voice and screen: “They’re still shooting over here, over here! One of the comrades can’t get out. The Federales are shooting!”

00:34  W: “It’s like an execution, that is, at very close range and this causes powder marks on the skin…”

00:44  R: At dawn on January 6, federal police fired on members of the Rural Police in Michoacán and their supporters who, unarmed, were conducting a sit-in demonstration at the Apatzingán municipal palace.

00:56  In the ensuing moments, members of self-defense forces and day laborers were murdered by gunfire and their bodies were left strewn on that city’s streets.

01:05  The preliminary toll is 16 persons dead and tens wounded.

01:10   Everything indicates that what happened in Apatzingán was a crime against humanity.

01:15   R’s voice and screen: The official version states that in the two attacks, there were:             
8 dead,  1 person run over by a vehicle, and 44  arrested on charges of; criminal association,     possession of illegal firearms    
01:15  R: …and that Federal Police arrested 44 persons on charges of criminal    association and possession of illegal firearms, and that the persons killed in the second attack were hit by “friendly fire” between civilians.

01:40   Screen: Alfredo Castillo, Commissioner of Security in Michoacán.

01:40: Castillo: Practically all the persons killed could have been killed by their own comrades, that is, a matter of cross fire.

01:50   But there are statements that demolish this version of the facts. Victims and witnesses say that it was the Federal Police that executed unarmed civilians.

02:00  That none of the demonstrators had long weapons (rifles).

02:03  Also, the medical staff at the Ramon Ponce General Hospital asserted that the persons they treated had been shot at close range, with (powder) marks that point to an execution.

02:20  Screen:  The facts presented in this investigation were reconstructed from the testimony of 12 of the 44 persons arrested and subsequently released after the first gunfire attack (among them a businessman).

02:20  R:  The facts presented in this investigation are reconstructed from recorded statements from 39 persons...........

To view the video and read the full translation link here to original post

Dozens wounded


  1. That's why zetas and chaos torture and kill these faggets. Why not go get them instead of these poor innocent people

    1. i agree with you leave the innocents out of this and let them torture each other

    2. Yeah but the main problem here is that these innocents were among the group who created the chaos.

      Even the most trained and capable police in the world kill innocent people, a good example is the problems that are happening over in the United States.

  2. Was this incident where that heavy set lady was shot & killed wth her husband and children. Later her facebook account was uploaded of her and her kids holding pistols.
    Doesn't make it right regardless. Mexican Government must have kill squads of Federales on call. Rumor had it through a person I know that hails from D.F. Who had a brother in the PFP ( Fedral Preventive Police) the brother confided to this person that the Mexican Government sends the PFP to the Chiapas / Yucatan peninsula to keep in check the flow of Central Americans pouring through and have massacred people claiming they were Mara Salvatruchas Gang members...

    1. this is pretty clear what incident it is. jan 2015 in apatzingan the attack against unarmed autodefensas.

    2. Mara Salvatruchas don't work like that. You have to be an enemy, cut into their territory or be an individual they'll take out for a fee. They are fierce MFers not to mess with, but this, here, ain't their style. Mara Salvatruchas don't do work for governments, anymore, or mining companies.

    3. If they kept it to killing MS members, sounds good to me. Kill 18 Streeters too, and it becomes great! However, they never leave it at just bad guys, eventually they kill anyone who is inconvenient or a threat to their power.

    4. Blackwater in mexico and their mexican agents are doing that, illegal SouthAmerican immigrants have no rights in mexico, and even if they had them, blackwater in mexico has immunity all over the world...
      --the fat woman, kids and husband had had photos, where they had weapons, big ones, probably loaded, but they were murdered unarmed by government elements, and not by friendly fire as el Castillo de Kagada claimed, they also had nobody to speak for them...

  3. good to see you posting again lucio.

  4. Look at the top picture, 3 rifle mags are in a row next to each other under the bottom butt of the 20gauge rifle. That's impossible to be according to the extent of the crime scene, there suppose to be thrown all over, instead there in a row next to each other, planted for sure.

  5. Matenlos como perros!
    --We was talking here on BB about the Mexican Federal Police being somewhat better than...other poopopópoolice corporations in mexico, just a few days ago, sorry that CNDH is growing some balls...
    Now the consign will be "be efficient, kill'em all, and disappear 'em all, but most of all, kidnap their arses when nobody watching and nobody see..."
    --In Tlatlaya, the murdering military that murdered all the more than 20 anonymous narco guerrillas have been released...
    Alfredo el Castillo de kagada shot hisself on his own nalgas with his own hocico, i'm happy for that, may they go after all the other poolice and soldiers and their commanders that "kill'em all"

  6. Humanity gone astray........we live in a sick world . Too many people , guns and drugs everywhere. I pray for Mexico ........Viva La Raza

  7. The "official" version of events: all of the dead were caught in the crossfire of they own shooting". Great, the Federals just show up and all of their opposition eliminates it's self! No need to even issue bullets to the faderales.

  8. A russian bomber being shot down by turkish F-16's is big mind blowing news, but seeing these people slaughtered, hugging themselves on the floor like that is, grotesque, beyond evil. Epn needs to he held accountable, legally. This letter from the humans rights people should be enough to get international attention, the US official story on hating assad is that he killed public demonstrators, these people weren't even publicly doing shit. They had their hands up, unarmed hugging on the floor begging for mercy from the people that are supposed to protect them. Horrible, we are losing respect for human life people, analyze what that does to us as a species. We are letting them finish us off, one by one. But as long as i (you) am SAFE at home, it doesnt matter. Black, brown, yellow, pink, blue, purple but not white (or do they?)

    Just a humble opinion.

    I wish you all a happy thanksgiving. Lets be thankful for simply being a life this time. PUN INTENDED

    1. 10:46. "We are losing respect"
      includes too many people that is just losing respect for the institutions of government that like nothing more than showing people their "mighty powers"

    2. Human beings aren't livestock. Too many governments treat us like we are, forgetting the job isn't representing corporations and the industrialised military complex. It's to serve us, the people.

    3. don't forget cops us for live target parctice

  9. The report actually just found five killed because of "excessive force" and just one killed extra-judicially. That's it. It's a white wash that is a blessing to PRI and Castillo.

    1. No it was 10. in three separate attacks. five, 4 and 1
      uso excesivo de la fuerza por elementos de la corporación, lo que además causó la muerte de nueve personas más.

    2. exactly. from the report that is what was concluded.

      a gift to Castillo would have found no violation

    3. I'm 10:54 I'm not talking about how many were killed. I think it might have been as many as 20, almost all executed. But the CNDH only found FIVE were killed by "excessive force" and only ONE was executed:

      "La Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos (CNDH) acreditó el uso excesivo de la fuerza por parte de elementos de la Policía Federal, que derivó en la muerte de CINCO personas, así como la ejecución extrajudicial de UNA más durante los hechos del pasado 6 de enero en Apatzingán, Michoacán."

    4. Horrible situation in Mexico. Inexcusable for USA not to take strong action in Mexico to help our neighbors. Not an invasion but some of the covert operations we so willingly engage in outside of the Americas. Beautiful country and wonderful people excepting these thugs.

      Hundreds of thousands of USA/Canada and Europeans would live and retire in a peaceful Mexico. The economy would be enriched with fresh $.

      In US extrajudicial is referred to as--"under color of law."

      Any single event reported on borderland, occuring in US, would provide 24/7 new coverage.

      Is US media and print news--afraid of retaliation.

      Mercy. The Pope ought to make a trip to hot areas. He is charismatic. Needs to tell em all the creature they pray to is--evil.

      I am rambling along on my first post.

      Been reading for a few months and really is so sad. What can we do?

  10. So what else is new??

  11. Ok, so now that we know what happened, what is going to be done about it? Let me guess...this being corruption at it's best and as usual in Mexico the answer....NOTHING will be done.

    1. 6:28 it looks like it is as it is, as if by design, right? What you can do is THINK, who could be the evil genius of design, and how this got designed to slip it in without anybody getting wise to any of it until this late hour...this was a big Trojan horse, too big to hide forever...

  12. Stupid Mex government is working with narcos and kills anybody that tries to fight cartels.

  13. So, now what? Does anything actually happen to the individual agents or supervisors? What a god forsaken place Mexico is for people living there. So damn corrupt.

    1. 7:00 Well, the people that selected peña nieto have been giving him accolades, medals, goldened pretzels, diplomas and other doggy treats to do exactly what he is doing, so there, and they will back him with war, murder, depopulation, relocation, expropriation, weapons, gorilla training and human rights organizations cover-ups, I hope that fits in your doggie bag...
      AND they know peña nieto is the biiig queen of drug trafficking in mexico, since before he was presidente...but oh hell, epn is not bigger than them international drug traffickers...

  14. Estos michoacanos estan locos pero nececitan una union stable, como sus papis los sinaloenses..

    1. No digas tontadas, los de sinaloa se estan matando y peor. En tijuana, sinaloa y chihuahua estan en disputa los chinolas. As mirado autodefenzas en Sinaloa? Claro queno! Y nunca lo veran. En michoacan ay valientes no chingaderas!!!

  15. Los asesinos responsables de estas muertes NO SON DE MICHOACAN...
    --SON fuerzas de policia y soldados, o sea fuerzas federales del castillo de kagada...


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