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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Innocent victims of the Narco war in BCS

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article

[ Subject Matter: Sicarios of El Cochi
Recommendation: Some prior knowledge of recent events in BCS would be useful]

According to the PGJE, Sicarios of "El Cochi" mistakenly killed Francisco Javier Hirales Romero and his wife, Victoria Berenice Cesena Zamora, and injured their 8 month old baby, Diego Hirales Cesena in the neighborhood of Chametla, in the North of La Paz

Reporter: Zeta investigations
According to the primary investigations of the PGJE of Baja California Sur, an armed attack perpetrated on the 21st of August against three members of a family in the neighbourhood of Chametla, in the North of La Paz, highlights 3 events:

  • The execution of two innocent persons who had no links to criminal activities, who were attacked by mistake by the Sicarios.
  • Their baby that became an orphan, 8 months old who was injured during the firefight, shot in the foot with entry and exit wounds.
  • The utilisation of 3 AK47 ( cuerno de chivo or goats horn, a reference to the curved magazine of the AK47), that according to official investigations, has been utilised by killers in the service of Chief Sicario Raul Castillo de la Rosa "El Cochi", and whose arms are related to a series of armed events in La Paz and Los Cabos.

The morning of the 21st of August, the family, Francisco Javier Hirales Romero, 36 years old, his wife Victoria Berenice Cesena Zamora, 26 years old and their baby Diego Hirales Cesena, 8 months old, were attacked by an armed commando from three different directions, when they were driving their 1997 blue Ford Mustang in the neighbourhood or Chametla.

According to witnesses, the Sicarios attacked the family and the driver realizing the danger tried to speed off. They arrived at the crossroads of Calles Baja California and Francisco Villa and received fire from a vehicle on their left, leaving the driver and front passenger dead inside the vehicle, rolling forward until they crashed into a palm tree.

After the vehicle impacted the tree, the baby who was in the front with the mother, hit its head hard on the vehicle dashboard or instrument panel. After the shooting began the baby started to cry loudly, and stayed in the front seat of the vehicle injured, until the attack ceased, neighbors helped the baby, who was immediately transferred to the General Hospital in La Paz. ( Otis: as far as I'm concerned these people have opted out of the human race and deserve to be treated as such. How could any Government stand by and let these people operate).

Inside the vehicle, were found the bodies of the mother and father of the baby, who both had received gun shots to the head.

In the reconstruction of events at the attack, dogs and officers determined that at the moment of the attack, the mother covered the body of the baby with her own, and she received shots to the back and left hand side.

The Sicarios, then fired a further three shots into the parents and the baby, spent 7.62 x 39mm cartridge cases were found three metres from the attacked vehicle.

Raul Castillo de la Rosa "El Cochi"

On a trajectory 100 metres form the point where the attack started, until the point where the vehicle crashed into a tree, is a 10 metres radius, dogs found 24 spent cartridges of 7.62 x 39 calibre. (Otis: this type of munition is fired by the AK47 and its many early derivatives).

According to experts who conducted ballistic tests of the bullets left in the victims, vehicle and surroundings, concluded that the same weapons had been used in the following violent crimes:

  • The first weapon was used on the 31st of July 2014 in a gun battle where the bodyguard of Damaso Lopez Serrano "El Mini Lic", Esteban Espinoza Velazquez "El Pantera" was killed, the same weapon was used again on 1st of November 2014, where the Sicario Jose Angel Gonzalez Portillo "El 27" and the drug dealers Jose Luis Ponce Real "El Ponce" and Juan Carlos Morales Vargas "El Chapo" or "El Pancho" were killed in the Calles Ignacio Ramirez and Manuel Marquez de Leon, in the Centro Colonia of La Paz.
The same weapon was used to strafe houses in neighborhoods of El Pescadero and Todos Santos.

* The second weapon had participated in a crime against the brother of an alleged drug dealer, Rosario Cervantes Soto, which was registered on the 8th of July in the neighborhood of El Centenario, where his wife, Rosa Elvira Ruiz was gravely wounded; and on the 29th of July in the execution of the sicario Jose Alberto Lopez Chavez "El Peto" or "El R15" on Calle 1, between Palo Fierro and Palo Escopeta.

On the same day the weapon was used to strafe the house of the Sicario Ramon "El Bolas", in the fraccionamiento Del Mar Residencial in La Paz.

The third and last weapon used was related to the last crimes committed in the neighborhoods of El Pescadero and Todos Santos.

According to investigating Agents of the PGJE, the weapons correspond to Sicarios in the service of the Chief of Sicarios, Raul Castillo de la Rosa "El Cochi", which appears to have been hidden after the battle of the 1st of November of 2014, then brought out another time to be used in the latest violent events.

According to Federal and Military intelligence reports, "El Cochi" has been in charge of recruiting hitmen in La Paz, Los Cabos and Sinaloa, contracting men without experience, and whose antecedents are linked to robberies, assaults and side arms. That makes them even more dangerous, in that they shoot at anything that moves, never at a fixed target which increases the risk for any innocent bystanders being caught in a crossfire.

This incident has led to State and Federal Authorities dubbing "El Cochi " as "El Mata Ninos" or "the child killer", and apparently is currently located in safe house of the Head of Plaza of Los Cabos, Javier Acosta Lopez alias Javier Guadalupe Acosta "El Javier" or "El Cangre" in San Jose del Cabo, who today is known for being the logistics officer for Sicarios of the "Fuerzas Especiales de Los Damaso, after perpetrating crimes with his cousin Ranulfo Lopez Portillo "La Muneca", according to official sources.

According to the investigators, the criminals count on the protection of two Agents of the State Preventative Police identified as Alex and Vega, who in turn are contact of corrupt agents in the Department of Public Security and the Preventative Police and Municipal Transit Police of Los Cabos.

Once the first Criminal Court issued a detention order on August the 17th, against the mass killer Simon Guillermo Hernandez Pena "El Simon" or "El Sepulturero" or "The Gravedigger", State, Military Authorities foresee that Sicario Raul Castillo de la Rosa "El Cochi" assumes criminal command and becomes the new Jefe de Sicarios for "Fuerzas Especiales de Los Damaso", and under their dirty way of working, its feared that the drug war may restart and he may begin to dismember and throw body parts into the street to create fear among the population and reheat the plaza.

As has happened on Wednesday August the 26th, when the drug dealer Cesar Macias Madrigal, was found murdered, tortured, with his hands and feet tied and a blindfold over his face, in the Calles San Esteban, between Isla Magdalena and San Roberto, in Los Virreyes Colonia, South of La Paz.

The 32 year old drug dealer had signs of torture over his entire body, and based on expert opinion, was strangled and then dumped in a vacant lot, with a black cloth stuffed in his mouth.

Original article in Spanish at Zetatijuana


  1. Amor por Mexico. Heaven help you.

  2. Too bad this garbage is ruining La Paz, it used to be a nice place

  3. Love the work you guys do on BB. But people not persons when it's plural guys person is singular.

    People =gente
    Person = persona

    The terminology in British English is closer to Spanish than American English, I think it'd help a lot for the translators when doing their stories.

    Hand bag =bolsa de mano
    Football =fútbol
    Chocolate =chocolate
    Sweet = dulce

    And dates are written the same in British English


    Topic related I hope the baby is safe and these sick, evil vermin meet a long and agonising death.

    RIP & hopefully the little baby will be safe, and the parents will watch over their baby in spirit .

    1. Dude,know your only trying to help but,,give it a rest.
      Your pointing out minutiae in a translated article.I think we'll live..

    2. The enemy among us always trying to slow down the shit cart, for the enemy to catch up, there are others too...

    3. There is a reason I don't like to use the word person. If you knew the correct meaning of the word you might not use it either. Blacks law dictionary says a person is : A corporate soul, a legal fiction, or an artificial entity. None of those definitions fit, one man woman or child i have ever met.
      A person is a creation of government because a corporation can only deal with another corporation, not with a man or a woman. I would politely suggest you really read the article and don't just read it.

      Hence the use people.

    4. Power 2 The PEOPLE, not f'cking corporations!

  4. So sad for that family. The baby will probably grow up hating his government. I hope all orphans in Mexico make a difference someday.
    EPN should have to compensate all orphans whose parents died in drug wars. So sad to grow up without Mom and Dad.

  5. So is Mini Lic and Senior Lic criminal cells fighting each other and Mayosband Chapos and any beltraneZ or LineaZ they find ???

    That sounds like a real cluster fuck. Im unsure if a believe they were innocent other than the infant.

    Stupid people with bad aim.

  6. Old baja califas
    Remember abandoned chapels in the desert crossroads, stone mortar, slowly eroding in the wind.
    Smell of desert plantas and salt flats mingling with a cone of homegrown and ground tortillas de corn.
    What has happened to us?

    1. World Greed what's happened, compa.

    2. Dude,you almost put me there,I got a hankering,I'm jonesin for for your description,,sweet

  7. "Give the guys a break, they made a mistake, legalize"
    Hell, fack, sheyet, no...!!!
    --The police officers involved, I hope they have been arrested and lie detectored, better late than never, what about their commanders? They are usually in, taking bribes from all sides...
    --So the first weapon was used when "el Pantera" got killed...on his side, or shooting against "el pantera"?
    --it looks like el damaso's forces are divided and fighting against each other

    1. LMAO!!! Wishful thinking 9:46. Mexican pigs are just as useless as the cartels. One cerda gets killed or caught and then there is three more swine to reap the police benefits. Gettin the perks of the job while business is good. As long as there is Mexican pigs, cartels and politicians there will always be death and destruction in Mexico. Maybe you should start your own special forces group to combat the cartels. You can call it Grupo Assmunchkins. Your symbol can be a picture of Kim K's ass.

  8. '' opted out of the human race ''
    Without a shadow of a doubt they choose to forfeit their human rights when grown men choose to act like this? There must come a time when people like this are condemned to death?If any man can knowingly kill a child that man has forfeited all claims to societies rights..
    What a start this little guy has been given ?

    1. Agree with you, 9:49 PM. These creatures lost or just gave away their humanity, they are "out siders," not "out laws.' They're outside the human race.

  9. Thought this pig was in custody ?
    There are many mentions of this greasy bastard on previous BB stories about BCS..
    All the reports state this El Cochi is a dirty stinky kller even from his own people

  10. I thought CDs didn't kill innocents

    1. Wrong. They all do now man. Its fucking sad, but so true.

    2. They do and always have 10:56. It doesn't get as publicized in the media like the Zetas, CT and Golfos. CDS's positive image in the media is very important to the CDS leaders. It's like watching professional wrestling. You cheer for the good guy even though you know the storyline is all fake.

  11. Corrupt pigs. Nothing better than that. Start paying these cops more and make them more disciplined

  12. This guys are starting to look like the dumb asses from tamaulipas and michoacan that can even shoot a weapon lol
    -pancho villa durango-

    1. You took the words out of my mouth i was going to post the same thing , those michocanos and tamaulipense need a bettered training on guns cause they be shooting at the air no skills at all my niggu

  13. They need to kick out all the new tacuaches from el cartel de Los sapos that are in town fucking shit up when Ramon was around shit like this wouldn't have happen it was against there law viva la familia!

    1. Yeah you're right only they were allowed to do stupid shit like that.

    2. @ 7:34 "the new tacuachones" LOL

  14. I thought only people in the business got killed

    1. They do and that's why this might not of been a case of mistaken identity. I think the hitmen knew it wasn't piggy boy. Can anybody confirm that the deceased was not involved in anyway? Does anybody reading BB right now know this family? Anybody from la paz around here? What does the PGJE stand for and are they always legit?

    2. PGJE is the attorney general office of a state. They have corruption issues and have far less credibility than the federal PGR

    3. 8:37 AM: u r joking??

  15. BB we can Polly-Wally-Doodle all day long with British, Canadian, Irish, Scottish & US spelling & vocabulary. The differences are subtle and truly don't amount to much. It's funny that every other major language on the planet has an official academy of language, but English! Hell, even the Italians and the Irish can agree on their grammar rules. There is no official acquiescent body of stuffy prima donas in charge of English. It's a rather young language, the Johnny-Come-Lately to the Indo-European language group, the family bastard, if you will. English could also be categorised as the world's "Living Language," since it is always evolving through everyday usage and slang. English is a commercial language, with its origins in trade and commerce. This accounts for the Latin, Greek. Arabic andvCeltic roots in so many English words, not to mention the joys of spelling them, correctly, according to the English spoken where you live--out of courtesy, or for the sake of readability. With texting, tweeting and techno-symbolism, English is re-inventing itself, once more. English doesn't possess the passions contained in its expression that the mostly Latin based languages like Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian do. It's much more fun to cuss somebody out in Spanish! But, English makes up for it with slang--nobody does it better. English slang words typically become universal in spoken and written usage, yeah? Why? It's the language of commerce. At the end of the day, language is a tool for people to use to communicate with each other, to share our ideas, our hopes, impressions and perceptions. Borderland Beat's readability shines far and above anything offered up by contemporary press, anywhere. Why? Cuz it's straight from the heart.
    Cheers! Ta.

  16. If they are mistakenly identified as enemies they are gone, but what makes the powerful cartel murderers go and fack up is the meth they.consume, and their powerful police connections...
    --those connections include a lot of kickbacks, almost impossible to meet the quota, the narcos have to eat each other like cancer, include there the police commanders and their politician patrons...

  17. @88:37 Shit happens everywhere. Innocent people sometimes go to prison for many years. And then years later DNA exonerates them. Cartels are no different. No one is better than the other.

  18. Time to go, investigate the government paramilitary doing their murdering for the states governors and all kinds of political affiliations, all the crimes the regular police will not do, or the military, unless they are trying to make points to get hired and promoted up to the mexican paras, getting away with murder and crime, proving it to the bosses, gets you in...
    The top boss is peña nieto of course, his second is miguel angel osorio chong, from them all the blessings come down, who are their security underbosses?
    --Are we supposed to believe forever that the biiig baaad narcos are so powerful that the poor mexican governing narco-mierdocracia is defenseless against them in spite of the about 8 billion dollars in gimme gimme grants and buys of US weapons?

  19. --Ricardo monreal, paramilitares en mexico/youtube
    --Paramilitares nacionales y extranjeros en mexico/google
    --paramilitarismo Cibernetico/ google


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