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Friday, September 18, 2015

Arrest: "El Gil" lieutenant of G.U. author of manta accusing Joan Sebastian Brother as founder of G.U.

Lucio for Borderland Beat

Principal in normalistas case.  A manta of a year ago signed by "El Gil", claimed Federico Figueroa, brother of singer Joan Sebastian, was the founder of Guerreros Unidos.

Gildardo López Astudillo “El Gil” or “El Cabo Gil” a leader for Guerreros Unidos has been detained in Taxco, Guerrero.  According to the Mexican Federal Police webpage  page, he is identified as the one responsible for collecting, transporting and incinerating the normalista group on September 26-27, 2014.

He was apprehended in a home in the Colonia Taxco, in Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero.  According to CISEN,  El Gil had changed residences on at least three occasions since the normalistas massacre.

He also has warrants for drug trafficking, organized crime, and kidnapping.

PGR claims that several of the detainees pointed to Gil as the author of the normalistas attack and disappearance.  Sidronio Casarrubias Salgado, also named as a leader of Guerreros Unidos and involved in the crime, was arrested last October.

Manta of one year ago signed by El Gil

October 30, 2014, 34 days after the disappearance of the 43 normal school, a manta (banner) was hung in Iguala next to the  27th Military Battalion.  It was signed by “El Gil “who is a lieutenant of Guerreros, working under Sidronio Casarrubias. The message offers to surrender when 80% of G.U. is behind bars, because detaining a few including commander Casarrubias (apprehended before the manta) would do nothing to disrupt the group. 

It states that Federico Figueroa is one of the founders of the group. (Remember this is a manta hung just 4 weeks after the massacre)  It claims the normalistas were still alive at the time of hanging the manta.

In the text of the manta, addressed to President Enrique Peña Nieto, a list of corrupt officials is named, including state, federal, and municipal mayors, that the message alleges work with G.U.

It also names the 27th battalion, as being on the payroll

"All received their payroll" in exchange for "disappearing people and kidnapping". Prompting the government  to check, because there are fosas (clandestine graves) in all the municipalities. Aside from Iguala, it then names the cities of Taxco de Alarcón, Huitzuco, Tepecoacuilco, Apaxtla, Teloloapan and Cocula, saying the mayors and public security forces of those cities are on the payroll.

It names Casarrubias Salgado and Tilos as the chief commanders of Guerreros Unidos.

At the time of the manta, the federal government described  “El Cabo Gil”" as the  link between the police of Iguala and Cocula with Guerreros Unidos group.

This was according to the declaration of Sidronio Casarrubias Salgado, who the government contends ordered the arrest of the normalistas in September, 2014.

Also according to PGR, (attorney general)  Sidronio Casarrubias said in his declaration, that he received a message from one of his lieutenants nicknamed "El Gil," who told him verbatim "the ashes were made (of the normalistas) and dumped into the water, no one will ever find them.”


  1. These lowlifes are not worth the resignation of a whole governor like angel aguirre rivero, with powerful friends at the very top of mexico politics, keep digging...
    Before the ayotzinapos made it again to el DF to protest about MEXICO 68, THE GOVERNMENT HAD A TRAP READY...
    --they are the only ones that can kidnap and disappear 43 people and leave no evidence behind, just a looong list of improbable suspects and implausible theories...

    1. The problem is that there's a lot of evidence that's even worse because they still get away with it, we all know who's to blame and the only way to stop them is another revolution sad but true

    2. 43 are the very famous, disappeared, where the #44 come from?

    3. I am pretty sure 44 represents Julio Mondragon as the 44th. he was kidnapped and face skinned an left for dead on the AM of the 27th on a street in Iguala. he was a normalista on the bus but never counted. there were 50 killed but 44 normalitas.

      the world got it wrong.

    4. Julio Mondragon is not disappeared, he got murdered after having his face "flayed" by a specialist, but he did not disappear.
      The thing about the 43 is they are disappeared, and we who want them back want them back alive as they were taken by the federal government and not by any municipal cuicos or imperial couples or "cartel members" over which crimes governor angel aguirre rivero WOULD NOT HAVE RESIGNED

    5. I did not say that. 43 disappeared and 1 mondragon is the 44th who was flayed and left on the streets. he was the only american

  2. Great post Lucio, looks like the Federico Figueroa angle is true.

  3. Why would Gil out Frederico as a founder of GU? Was there an internal struggle that would neccisitate a cartel lieutenant making the identity of his boss public knowledge?

  4. The text from El Gil to Casarrubias, about throwing the ashes in the river, supposedly came in EARLY MORNING the 27th. Impossible, because according the official versions, the burning of the bodies took until late in the afternoon of the 27th.

    “Nunca los van a encontrar, los hicimos polvo y los tiramos al agua”, escribió el Gil en un mensaje de texto que mandó por teléfono a su jefe Sidronio Casarrubias Salgado, líder regional de Guerreros Unidos. Fue la madrugada del 27 de septiembre, horas después de que –según la investigación de la PGR– fueron incinerados los normalistas en Cocula."

    Also, it's completely absurd to think anyone believed the normalistas were members of the Los Rojos. One or two, maybe, but all of them? Crazy. There are inconsistencies about who determined they supposedly were Rojos.

    1. Some say this Gil guy told Casarrubias they were Rojos.

    2. Many reports say it was the local police, who interrogated the normalistas at El Gil's house, who made the determination. (it's even less likely that local police could have confused the students with Rojos).

    3. Some statements of those who said they were at the dump, like El Cepillo, say THEY were doing the interrogation right there, in order to find out if the students were members of Los Rojos.

    The whole thing continues to stink to Hell.

    1. what is your op on the 5th bus? and what about federico? I knew he was connected to trafficking through iguala-taxco plazas but not that he is the founder or leader.

    2. I've never placed much credence in mantas. For the simple fact that anyone can make one. I know the level of sophistication may mean something, but I just don't pay as much attention to them as some do.

      I definitely think the fifth bus, presumably loaded with drugs, is a much more likely theory for the massacre than confusing these 40+ students with members of Los Rojos.

      Also, based on what I know about smuggling things INTO Mexico, I can say that, if any contraband is being carried on a regular basis in any vehicle on a Mexican highway - the Mexican Federal Police know about it and are in on it. Reports are that it was the Federal Police that stopped this fifth bus. And and as you've said many times, in all hot spots in Mexico (Guerrero defines the term) the Federales are on the payroll of the dominant local cartel.

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  6. ¡CALMATE!
    This man will be released under AMPARO and walking the streets before Doctor Mireles!

  7. Never thought i would post this
    I miss La Tuta shiiiiiit let him out it wont make a difference the country is fuccckked anyways I need good Narco news with humor and PuTa was the man for that with all his shananigans.

  8. I can read a lot of the text and this names the names, including the mayor and wife. this guy is pissed, feels betrayed and is ready to talk.

  9. As a Mexican-American that's why i support Trump, I don't want this level of corruption and violence reaching the United States.

    1. WTF?? God I hope you're joking. If you believe Trump is your answer you are more delusional than Peña Nieto.

    2. ¡¡Calma Mi Pueblo!! Trump won't get the GOP nomination. He'll have to start his own party to get his name on the ballot, even Trump doesn't have that much $$. IMO the GOP hierarchy's musty-money is delighted watching Hair-Thingy spend his nouveau $.... Krazy Killary will probably be the next narco prez usa style, she's got the 8x10 glossies on EVERYBODY. Personally, I can't abide the woman, not that it matters...

  10. lol, thats a lot of text for one blanket sheet.


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