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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Who are they the dead of Narvarte? Proceso photo journalist and four women killed in Mexico City

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from Zetatijuana articles

[ Subject Matter: Death of Ruben Espinoza and four women
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required]

Yesenia Quiroz

Reporter:Adriana Anguiano and Jesus Badillo
The scene of the crime was an apartment block in the Narvarte Colonia of Mexico City. Five bodies with a coup de grace shot to the head, and signs of torture were left in the bedroom and bathroom of the apartment in Mexico City.

The bodies correspond to a beautician, an activist and cultural promoter, a domestic employee, a Colombian woman and the photo journalist from Proceso, all were between 18 and 40 years old.

They were friends living together, but ended in the killing of the four women and one man in this apartment in the Benito Juarez delegation. What follows is the info known on them before the crime.

Ruben Espinoza

Ruben was 31 years old and was originally from the Federal District, he lived for 8 years in Xalapa, Veracruz.

Organizations and colleagues of the photo journalist said that he had returned two months before to Mexico City to take refuge from the constant threats, however the Capital Prosecutor informed that, according to family, he returned to seek work.

His colleagues saw that he was frightened. One of them confessed that Ruben was going to live in Mexico City before he was given a beating, in an interview with Formula Group, with Joaquin Lopez-Doriga, Rafael Castaneda, director of Proceso, were revising the work of the photo journalist.

In the agency Cuartoscuro, they also noted his anguish and worry, according to Pedro Valtierra, director of the agency.

The journalist was fleeing harassment, he was being watched closely. He was beaten and later detained. He was forced to hand over the film in his camera, explained Joaquin Lopez Doriga in an radio interview.

"On the 9th of June he went into exile early, because of persecution from rogue Police officers, who took pictures of him, whenever he was at work or close to his house. This lifted him to a new level of paranoia that made him leave, said his colleague Aurelio Contreras.

He explained that Ruben was one of the principal nominators to locate a plaque in Zocalo de Xalapa and to rename the plaza in the name of the Journalist Regina Martinez who was assassinated in Veracruz.

Nadia Vera

She was a Cultural promoter and originally from Comitan, Chiapas, according to the local prosecutor, who omitted to say that she was also an activist and fought for justice for assassinated journalists.

The youngster of 32 years participated in the movement HashtagYoSoy132, in Veracruz and protested  for the aggression of students on the 5th of June en Xalapa.

"She was very smiley, full of life, intelligent, engaged to be married, she had integrity, very pretty, and always with a smile on her face for everyone", this was how she was described by her friend and journalist Aurelio Contreras.

Nadia studied Anthropology at the University of Veracruz and according to Contreras, after finishing her degree she went to Mexico City to seek work.

"She came here to Xalapa but didn't speak of what she would do. There is a very strong economic crises", however, the Front for Liberty, Expression and Social Protest affirmed that the youngster abandoned the movement one year ago because of "threats of reprisals against her", because of her activities.

On Saturday, the day before the crime, Nadia was going to travel to Cuernavaca, Morelos, "to seek work and she already had an offer", said the journalist.

Aurelio Contreras and Nadia met after a march for justice for Regina Martinez, a journalist assassinated in April of 2012.

Yesenia Quiroz

When she was exactly 16 years old she left her home in Mexicali, Baja California, and went to live in Mexico City. Little did she imagine that two years later her life would end in a multi homicide in the apartment that she shared with the activist and art promoter, Nadia Vera, and a Colombian woman, whom were both killed this past Friday in the incident.

Yesenia was an independent and hard working woman, who enjoyed life without falling into its excesses, said a close friend of her family, who asked not to be identified for security purposes.

The youngster of 18 years, didn't have a good relationship with her mother, who occasionally she sent money, but never more than 500 pesos he commented. The relationship with her mother became painful. She came to Mexico City to identify the body of her daughter.

The Colombian

Friends of the family of Yesenia said that the Colombian woman killed along with the others was called "Simone", however authorities have not revealed the identity of the 29 year old woman.

The domestic employee

The Capital prosecutor informed that the women killed and left in the bath, was employed at the apartment as a domestic employee, provided by the State of Mexico, she had been separated from her husband.

Original article in Spanish at Milenio


  1. The latest:

    Looking more like robbery, with Espinosa in the wrong place at wrong time. Video with the three killers leaving with suitcases and taking the Colombian's red Mustang.

    Says the three young woman knew the three killers. They were all partying together. Strongly implies the Colombian woman was an "escort."

    1. "They" also practiced this robbery when "they" murdered Regina Martinez of proceso, and when "they killed Digna Ochoa, and all the other reporters murdered or disappeared and their families SINCE "LA MARRANA"JAVIER DUARTE DE OCHOA took power as "gobernadora 'la gorda' de veracruz...
      --Even z1 #2 fidel herrera beltran and HIS zetas did not have this kind of record against reporters, only la marrana con ojos de toro loco does, all.while blaming the biiig baad uuugly narcs, or chilango burglars or el ferras...

    2. 8:51"Strongly implies" that the partying prostitutes having too much fun were asking for what they got...
      --how much is "la razon" getting paid for this surrazon?
      --why would anybody push this hard (to believe) crap?
      --shit detector on, chayote in the middle...
      --wonder why mexicans do not believe other than "la marrana ojos de toro loco" did it, that this is not the first time, and that it won't be the last...don't blame the narcs...

  2. The cops here in Mexico are so dirty it is ridiculous. If you are one of the few that is not on the take or corrupt, you have to be careful and are often reminded that you are in danger if you speak out against the criminal activity in your office. I know a great cop and he walks on eggshells, trying not to accidentally send out agents on called in and reported anonymous crimes. Many of these crimes are being done by criminals that are under some of the higher ups in the office. Again the reason over 90% of the people will not call in a crime perpetrated against them. Calling in a crime can get you killed. Don't write here and say that there are many good ones. Because in reality there are very few. This is the culture and the way of life here in Mexico. Mist do not take the job for the salary! Because the cops are the criminals.

    1. Mi amigo, thanks for your comments. I totally agree with your observations.
      IMO, MEXICO "is" a failed State because the common man justly fears his government (courts, police, military, politicians, bureaucrats,). Nothing will fix Mexico except a major revolution in which many will die. The USA will be caught up in this horrific scenario because Mexico and the USA are intimately tied to each other.

      When will this start? I think this may have already started with the rise of the autodefensa movements....We are in the early stages of just flickering flames here and there. One day, these political brush fires will unite into an uncontrollable conflagration.

    2. You are 98 percent correct. I have the luck of knowing one police officer, who is soon retiring, that is and has been one of the few who is not corrupted. He still a beat cop after 20+ years. You can clearly see why he has not been promoted.

    3. Your so right, in mexico there is corrupted goverment officials that protect narcos ,is normal down there...unless you have money mexico is a death trap....let's add the numbers 43 +52 =95 reasons why mexico is no country for old men..

    4. Mexican dirty cops kill an inocent person and thats it,
      Nobody ever knows anything. In the US a cop kills someone goes to court with video evidence you clearly see the cop murder an inocent person and what happens? Leave with pay? 2 months later he is back patrolling the streets. What is worst?

    5. Your comments are right on the mark.I have a very good friend that was T.J police grupo tactical.His and his wife and police k9 were found dead when he was training in san deigo.Having alot of contacts I helped him figure out "who" in his office ordered this.Two years later the target was found & delt with.He is now a fine officer in the state of nevada,but never forgetting how "dirty" the TJ force was. RIP Maria & K9 Gero

    6. Good post...
      Sad state of affairs.Mexico could be so much more,but,as you say,cultural,
      Maybe take a long time to somewhat grow out of it,hopefully?

    7. La Hermandad, this book explains the mexican police to youses, estado de mexico and el DF is all mafia and export their federal shit to all the other states, much like cancer metastasizes, add army ginirals fighting for the army's pound of meat...
      ●Proceso: Obligada por las evidencias, la PGJDF recompone la investigation del multiple homicidio...o sea ya no es un robo simple...
      Comenta Angel Aquino: en efecto, en el burdel llamado PGJDF tiene un maldito encubridor, el inepto procurador de justicia de la capital, RODOLFO RIOS GARZA, por lo que al maldito procurador corrupto e inepto tenemos que gritarle...
      maldito procurador corrupto e inepto, no te hagas pendejo...
      ●Ocho meses antes, Nadia responsabilizo a Javier Duarte de cualquier cosa que le pasara/proceso.
      --O sea que a pesar de las exahustivas investigaciones, the multi homicide was not a simple burglary, exactly like watergate, but a la mexican police, with dead people.

    8. It's so sad that those who claim to love their country and people are such liars who would sell their own mother for a paso. I would love to see the good people of Mexico be able to just live their lives without all the bullshit their having to put up with today. I would love to see the government fall and the people to take control of their lives. The problem with what's happening in Mexico today is just how ingrained the corruption is in the government and just what it's going to take to clean the scum out. I think everyone's going to get to see how gun control works for the government to suppress it's people.

    9. If a police officer is about to retire, he has been around long enough to know a lot of things, he must have been corrupted to keep silent...
      --never said anything, never heard anything, because never saw anything? Three monkeys in one...

  3. There are no "rogue" agents in the police departments, unless they are canary, singing birds, or sompim' who do not parrot the official lines of hogwash, specially en el DF...
    --funny how Ruben Espinoza was safer in the land of z1#2, former givernor fidel herrera beltran and his fill-in puppet governor duarte for what, 8 years?
    --no funny el DF, or la Colonia Narvarte, my love...

  4. Oh my god, Chivis please put your two cents on this topic.I Hate hearing heart breaking stories of this nature!!!!! R.I.P to all the innocent!

    1. Eddie, Lucio was working on a post but is MIA today and maybe tomorrow. It is difficult because we don't trust info form authorities without independent sourcing.

      but it APPEARS, that the journalist was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, going there with the 2 girls from the club. the killers were already there partying. 2 of the girls seem to be the target. IMO the robbery was an afterthought.

      The journalist was not supposed to be there.

    2. Thanks for the info,keep up the great work bb.and everyone who cares to help change the corrupt ways of mexico, and the U.S.

  5. Its just Mexico . Live with it abandon it or change it . If you always do what you've always done , you will always have what you've always had . Does that mean Mexico will change ? Not for the better. Is this government campaign of mass killing meant to clean up organized crime ? Maybe , but maybe the government is trying to sanction it .
    Guzman leaving the prison says it all . If any of you believe this was just another little miracle shorty pulled off , Ill bet you think pro wrestling is real . Oh yea and by the way his big stash is under a big rock on the moon . The best way to collect the big reward is catch him between Mexico and the moon when he makes that trip.

    1. 12:54 how is mexico trying to change anything by covering up for murdering maniacs like governor la marrana ojos de toro loco?
      The rape sexual torture and abuse before murdering these people just to rob some computer equipment, drives, cameras, photos, records by a crazy mexican maniac chilango?
      --Please, it is chilangoland, not disneyland, and the chilango government covering up for frustrated homo javier duarte de ochoa, they owe him for the petrobonos he gave poor peña nieto for his campaign where the party nobody wants or likes won with the least votes thanks to the most corruption...
      --Blame mexico, mexicans, el chapo, "the moon"...payaso, payasa...

  6. different storie ... whats going on in Reynosa?? heard of a massive shootout .. no info .

  7. "I've been ROBBED! I've been ROBBED!"

    "Shhh, you'll bring the police"

  8. If I didn't have family in Mexico I wouldn't visit. The government does ZERO to protect its citizens. Let alone foreigners. Government officials are the biggest criminals in all of Mexico.

  9. The government killing people get in their way?

    1. Reporting does not get on anybody's way, personal feelings get on the reporter's way, Ruben Espinoza's photos especially the one on the cover of Proceso that made javier duarte look like the marrana ojos de toro loco he is, instead of like maria felix or sompim', that can get a reporter murdered, no matter what, also the accusations of persecution made on Rompeviento tv by Nadia 8 months ago and by ruben with lopez doriga... that is not in the government's way, that is personal...

  10. I miss my summer visits to my parent's home town which is a rugged three hour drive from Guadalajara. Not long ago, I was told that there wasnt much going on in that region. Not long after I heard that the mayor was assassinated. then there another story that son of "such and such" was mutilated and dumped in the river because he owed $40k to dealers. It sucks that I cant take my son to visit the town and my relatives. The town knows when outsiders are visiting. Last thing I want is for the wrong person to know that Im visiting from the U.S. As the story goes, Im more afraid of the cops than the criminals. :-(

  11. The women were raped ...pinches perros ojetes no merecen vida gente de nuestro Pais tienen que levantar Armas y poner les un alto a estas occur encased demonicas........y no dejar que 3l c.i.a. controle nuestro pais

    1. All were sexually abused/tortured like the government sicarios do to enhance the humiliation of their victims, to please their masters and all were given Tiro de Gracia to make sure, they were dead, not to end their suffering...
      The pinche government and even areli gomez keep this information secret because THEY KNOW WHO DID IT...
      --no autopsy results, no genetic tests? Were the victims found naked? No sabe?

  12. Grupo Formula, isn't that one of the media organizations that pretty much runs Mexico? Emilio Azcarraga comes to mind.

  13. this is what happens in Mexico . reporters cant speak too much . This guy Ruben did an interview on tv with Doriga . and spoke about the threats and that people from Veracruz were out to kill him . not very smart , he should of lay low in Rosarito beach .

  14. Cop's are as crooked as the criminals they are chasing.smh

  15. In America most cops are hard working and honest. In Mexico I am ashamed many are crooked and work for the cartels!

    1. 11:56 wrong, the mexican police chiefs collect from cartels, government, citizens, and their police officer members, who are tired of their motherfucking commanders and their extortions, in the event of an insurrection, the government will save their asses with the army and the marinas, whose saint patron must be Doña Marina de cortez, better known as la malinche...that is reality...
      What I do not understand is that the US is in cahoots with such a shitty regime, WHY??

    2. Yes in America cops just shoot and kill unarmed citizens (mostly black), whose only offense is a misdemeanor traffic violation or selling cigarettes without a license!

  16. Young women and men killed as if they don't matter?Many of these are the good people,intelligent and trying to make a difference in Mexico,they had no protection no-one to run to,imagine the terror of these people?Victimized by worthless rat bastards,whoever they are..

  17. I don't agree on what happened to these people, however one thing I recommend is that reporters should be very careful on when and how they comment on story in Mexico. Far from being any equivalent in the truest sense but similar is what happened to the reporter that insulted the last Mexican national team soccer coach "Piojo Herrera". As it turns out a reporter for a tv station was so upset about the teams performance under Herrera that not only did he criticize the coach but ended up insulting his immediate family as well resulting in the coach losing his temper and striking the reporter more than a few times. It is easy to blame the coach for turning to violence to solve an issue however this reporter took things too far himself by insulting family that has nothing to do with the game and or the coaches training! People in media should never take things personally when trying to tell a story specially when this involves defamation of a persons or agency's character. This reporter should have stuck to insulting the coaches game or players, but why insult his family as well? Drug dealers and police agencies involved with corruption are even less forgiving (as we already know by this story), on how they treat people trying to uncover their malpractices! Media should stick to facts and only when enough are uncovered about their target which they wish to uncover, should they try and alert higher authorities than the ones trying to defame. Even then, if it wasn't for investigative journalism alot of stories such as government spying without a warrant here in the U.S. would never have been known. Just a heads up!

  18. Hell there even crooked trigger happy cops in "In the land of the free" but atleast our country has somewhat of a grip of the nation in some sort of way. #PrayforMexico

  19. So messed up, in every freaking way!

  20. 11:56 I witnessed the results of a state police strike, on some US american state...
    --immediate rise in crime all over the city, the state police immediately got results, their demands were met in full, immediaterly, right away, not that I am accusing the police of extorting or shaking down THE STATE...
    --then in the US, the state "taxes" the citizens...
    --In mexico, the state sells the mexicans down the river, taxes everything , steals it all, and then sends the police to extort everybody again, including the narcs and the criminals, or they die and get someone else to fill their position...
    --Like some BB commenter says, the shit rolls downhill...

  21. Fat Veracruz governor sent his guys to rape, torture and kill these people. The president, governors and congress in Mexico are all criminals. Its sad that Obama, knows this but keeps his mouth shut.

  22. BREAKING: Mexico City prosecutor: 1 person Detained in case of slain journalist and four women.

  23. the detainee "confessed" yesterday

  24. The mexican police perform surgical strikes...
    --they can arrest hundreds of different confessed criminals from a hundred different cities for every crime they really want to solve, without touching the real criminal, 100% of the time!!!
    --Unless this time they have arrested la marrana, javier duarte de ochoa, veracruz governor puppet of fidel herrera beltran, z1#2 former governor of veracruz...who had it up the ass with these "activista" cell members for years, since veracruz marches, including for Regina martinez, another proceso reporter "murdered to steal her tv" by her lover...


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