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Thursday, July 2, 2015

IACHR: Mexico slow to grant access to soldiers in missing students case

Borderland Beat by DD from material provided by el Universal . ABC. Fox

In late 2014 an agreement was signed by the government of Mexico, the families of the missing students from the Ayotzinapa Normal School, and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to create a team of experts to analyze the government's investigation of the missing students and make recommendations.  

.Four months after initiating proceedings, the Commission experts warn the federal government has only delivered 30% of the requested information completely,   while 24 percent have been answered partially and the rest are being processed.

The Commission has made some progress and in a press conference last week announced that since their last report in May  they visited the Iguala police station, the dump in Cocula where the government says the students' remains were burned and the river where the ashes were allegedly dumped. They also said they had interviewed former Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda, who the government has said ordered the capture of the students. The team, which was formed to analyze the government's investigation and make recommendations, has two months remaining on its mandate.

 The investigators said one of the biggest obstacles to pursuing their investigation is that the military has not allowed them to interview 27 soldiers that evidence suggests have some knowledge of the events of Sept. 26 and 27 last year.  

The government says students from a rural teachers college in the state of Guerrero were seized by police in Iguala on Sept. 26, and turned over to a criminal gang that killed and incinerated them. The remains of only one of the students have been identified.

Some of the students say soldiers were present during the shootings and abductions  on the 26th.  
 When the team pushed for an answer to their request which was made 3 months ago to interview the soldiers, the military said it was still "evaluating the validity of the source" that made the request and that "the official answer is that there is no answer".

There are only 2 months left on the teams mandate as set forth in the agreement signed to create the team.  

Other problems of access have been, the visual inspections of the government of Guerrero files and satellite photographs that the PGR has not delivered. In addition, there have been no safeguarding of evidence, such as the  commercial buses the students on and they were shot. Currently they are operating in the transport companies

The IACHR team has not released much of their findings preferring to release them in total in the final report.  

But one discrepency in the Governments version of events in the case was their finding concerning the body of Julio Cesar Mondragon, the student whose body was found skinned hours after the attack normalistas Ayotzinapa, was tortured before his death.

The government medical examiner said animals may have chewed the skin off of his face.
"At our autopsy, based on scientific evidence the skin was removed from his face and indicates that there are other pre-mortem injuries of torture, obviously. There is no other explanation that could cause severe skull fractures that he had or causes lung hematoma, or hematoma behind the abdomen of the size he had, "said Carlos Beristain, one of the experts. 

 The team of experts,  include Angela Buitrago, a Colombian expert,  Spain's Carlos Beristain, Guatemala's Claudia Paz, Chile's Francisco Cox and Colombia's Alejandro Valencia. 

Their final report which will analyze the governments investigation should be interesting.  The governments reaction to the teams findings may be more interesting.


  1. Time extinquishes the fire and fervor over the 43 tragedy. Soon it will be a distant memory for all but those directly involved. Just as planned by the government, put some time and space between now and then, find another story to focus on, and it's like it never happened and all remains status quo.

  2. Why bother granting the funds or any other funds for investigations, the cases will never be solved.

    1. To consolidate the cover-up, they are just showing some effort, for show and tell, remember the mexican governing narco-mierdocracia has already produced 80 000 pages of investigations and reports and imprisoned hundreds of presumed guity presuntos culpables, all with two or three different confessions...

  3. A Team of experts is not needed! Whats there to investigate? 43students got abducted n killed, several of the sicarios were arrested n the primary people were arrested (mayor n wife). You havent found the 43 n you never will so whats the investigation for? Mexico just giving families the run a around!

  4. Not one thing works correctly in Mexico. It's a failed country. The news is the same old story, nothing changes. Mexico is a joke.

    1. You sound like Donald Trump. Hopefully you are talking about the government and criminals and not throwing a blanket over all Mexicans. I am an American that lives here and believe me there are many wonderful people here. I enjoy living here, but I am always on guard just as I would be in some cities in the USA. I do feel less stress living here and I enjoy the beautiful country of Mexico and the wonderful people. Someday I hope to be able to travel and experience more of Mexico as I did many years ago here. So much to see and do if things change. Starting with the government that is responsible for all of this crime and corruption. But leave the majority of the great people out of your blanket sounding statement.

    2. I have news for you. Los Estdos Unidos Cannot even stop box cars of dinero, tens of thousands of armas mitares ni balazos por tonaladas from coming south
      That is THE BIG JOKE AMIGO.

    3. 1:20, you make this sound like it was a simple mugging and not the dissapearence of 43 tortured and murdered kids. The skin was flayed off of ones face and the bus is back in service. This is not like the USA. Also it's not just this one incident. There are hundreds if not thousands of bodies showing up that are being ignored by the government. There are riots in the US if shit like this happens. There is at least some accountability. You go right ahead and be "on guard" as the farmer in the next town gets his head lopped of. Just a walk in the park?

  5. The reaction of the government will not be interesting at at all, it's gonna be the same corrupt "i didn't do nothing" face they have been giving all the time and then they'll dismiss anything humans rights or any body else has to say. What has happened to the cops of the Atenco videos, or the ones from the manifestations against EPN? San Fernando?, Tlatelolco?, Nothing.

  6. If this was non government criminals that did this, they would have been tortured and interrogated and the students bodies would have been found. No doubt. But if you are a government employee, and for sure a group of soldiers it will never be found out unless one of them speaks out. The fact that they will not let them be interviewed, and provide all the evidence is a smoking gun that the soldiers made them disappear. No one to investigate if you are being protected by the government. Every criminal squeals after being interrogated and they had several in custody that they say are responsible. It is very evident who did this. Especially with this many bodies, even David Copperfield could not make disappear forever. Can you even imagine with that many witnesses and with all the evidence that they cannot find them. There has to be a ton of evidence. That is crazy!

    --but you are running around trying to blame ALL the mexicans for the crimes of a few, like a total nazi, on the side that blames the students, accusing them of being narcos, guerrillas, or drug trafficking gangsters members of cartels etc...
    --YOU are totally full of shit, in the company of epn and his regime that the US keeps well supplied with money and weapons to use at will against unarmed mexicans...
    --in the 9 months since their kidnapping, the mexican government has had 80 reports, turned into 80 000 pages of reports, and then into 80 000 pages per report, and so on and on and on...
    It is not that any cover up is in progress, it is that the cover up has been done, by the mexican governing narco-mierdocracia, and more weapons have been supplied by the US to help them on the efforts...ever read "The Snow Job Manuals"?

  8. A joke, a bigger joke is the support of republican and democrat presidencies give to the mexican governing narco-mierdocracia, no matter what...
    --as long as they report that they are fighting against the ugly biiig baad narcs, they get their billions of dollars and weapons for free...

    1. Ohhhh shit,the freaks are out..
      Commence the arguing..

  9. Youtube I heard with my own ears one soldado de ejecrcito tell a student. "You came looking for problems. You found problems with real men" Then the video was pulled.

    This stinks. The sicarios may have doe the dirty work but I feel in my heart most strongly the soldados did little or nothing to interfere or stop the carteleros. The truth will never come out. There will be no gran delitos de cargas contra gobernacion ni el ejercito mexicano. Que lastima.

    1. But emilio chuayffet chemor did it before, and angel aguirre helped, before with zedillo and governor Ruben Figueroa alcocer, only this time they left no "proof"...


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