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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Tuta Video: Rodrigo Vallejo, discusses his fathers replacement, invites Tuta to his home

Lucio R Borderland Beat, written using  material from Reforma, Michoacan 3.0, Borderland Beat, and Urbistv Noticias

Two new recordings of Rodrigo Vallejo aka ‘ El Gerber” and Servando Gomez Martinez “La Tuta” were made known in a report that was presented Tuesday Morning in Primero Noticias. (video footage is combines in one video at bottom of this post)

One of the videos has footage of Vallejo, the son of the .former Governor from Michoacán, Fausto Vallejo Mora, skipping protocol while strolling into the Public security secretary (SSP) detainment section.  He shows no ID, is not stopped, and does not sign in as he walks to a cell to visit a man wearing a black jacket.

The second video shows yet another TutaVision meeting between Vallejo and La Tuta, where decisions and political issues are discussed that would affect the future of Michoacan.

In the video, there is discussion of Ascension “Chon” Orihuela Barcenas, now a candidate for the governorship of Michoacán.

Vallejo expresses his detestation against Chon, and is concerned about the possibility that when his father would leave the governor’s position and Chon would fill the position. At the time of the video the governor was very ill and in need of a liver transplant.

Vallejo blamed Chon as being the person responsible, “for making all this mess”.

The video begins with Vallejo asking for a little more (whisky?) in his glass, Tuta responds by saying the glass is full.

Vallejo starts speaking about Chon, asking Tuta who is behind the decisions about Chon.

He continues, saying that he has direct orders from “the party” (PRI) that “if they kill a deputy” Chon is the replacement, in other words he is the replacement for any vacant position that would arise. “If my father leaves then he would replace him.”

He speaks about wanting Jose de Jesus Reyna to replace his father’s vacancy.   

He says he doesn’t like him, but it is because Reyna can be trusted.

Eventually Governor Fausto Vallejo did leave to the United States for his new liver, and it was not Chon that took over the governor’s position, it was Reyna.

The following footage is a brief exchange between a reporter and Chon, about the conversation in the Tuta video.    

The reporter asked about Vallejo’s discussion featuring Chon.

“Oh the bastard, he is crazy” replied Chon.

The reporter asks why Vallejo is discussing him.

Chon says, “Well, because they are afraid of me, I think.  Because if his father left,  I was to replace him.”

And he adds that they were worried about maintaining control.

Reyna becomes Governor, then is arrested

The son of Fausto Vallejo was accused with the offence of covering up crime, while Jesus Reyna Garcia who also appears in a video with the leader of Templarios, was accused of drug trafficking and was arrested and remains incarcerated.

The PGR added no other charges against Vallejo, no trafficking, organized crime collusion, nothing.  Even though there have been three videos so far featuring meetings with Tuta, in one he was carrying a weapon. This despite the fact the PGR considered La Tuta,  "the most dangerous criminal in Mexico" at the time of his capture.

Rodrigo Vallejo Mora was released on bail on April 11th after paying a bond of nearly 7 thousand pesos, about 460 USD.  This figure was 1,853 pesos less the bail imposed on the normalistas of Escuela Normal de Tiripetío after their arrest during a protest.

Full video

“Pepe” sent in the video from Primeria Noticias which is the original and has greater detail.  It was released by  Televisa's Carlos Loret de Mola, on his morning news program (Primeria Noticias) yesterday.

The inebriated Vallejo,  tells Tuta about “his house”.  He talks about the swimming pool, and area of sand to lay out.  

He tells Tuta he does not like to leave the home.  Tuta says he likes to be out and about, but he can’t do that.

Vallejo invites Tuta to his home.  (Pepe says he is talking about the governor’s mansion)

He then tells Tuta they have a helicopter that Tuta can be transported to the estate in.

That is when Tuta howls with laughter.

The video ends

Why Loret de Mola published the video appears to have stemmed from a personal vendetta.  Gerber Vallejo's  father the former governor, accused Loret de Mola of lying when he reported the existence of additional Gerber Tutateca videos, after the first of the series came out.

That propelled Loret de Mola into a mission to assure the videos were released so that Gerber Vallejo returns to prison.

Televisa is notorious for being untruthful either outright or by omission to protect government heads, but they have the best sources of all agencies at their fingertips just for the asking.  In this case the PGR agency.

What is perplexing is why the PGR has not included the transcripts or the videos as evidence in a case against Gerber Vallejo for organized crime collusion. 

Dr. Mireles shared with Borderland Beat, that the raid by the autodefensas of a ranch in Arteaga, Michoacán, belonging to Tuta and where his mother resided, they found a massive amount of videos inside the home.  He said they were turned over to PGR.  Many months later a few videos began surfacing.


  1. In another world,anithe life, Tuta would have been a great TV guy. maybe there's some truth to geography determining destiny.

  2. So who is not corrupted in Mexico ?
    Only Dr Meireles ?

  3. Lucio, great job pulling a lot stuff together in this post!

    Below is the link to the original news video put out by Televisa's Carlos Loret de Mola, for his morning news program (Primeria Noticias) yesterday:

    It's more detailed and focuses just on the most relevant stuff. It also includes at the end the part where Gerber invites La Tuta to the Governor's Mansion and to go for rides in the Governor's helicopter. (Tuta had said he's nervous about going out in public).

    Loret de Mola has a personal thing against Fausto, after Fausto accused him of lying about the existence of more Gerber Tutateca videos last summer. Loret de Mola now has a mission to see to it that Gerber goes back to prison. He's using his PGR sources to release these Gerber videos.

    Tonight's Governor's debate should be interesting!!

    1. thank you pepe, I hated the other video. I am stuck having a few minutes here and there to create a post. I realize the post will not include the details of Primeria Noticias video, but I will add some of your notes and try to do better tomorrow.

    2. NP.

      Loret de Mola's strategy seems to be working because Osorio Chong said last night they ARE re-opening the Gerber case to look at organized crime charges after these videos came out:

    3. Y las casas de osorio chong, apá?...

    4. such bullshit, they had these videos and transcripts when he was arrested.

      the vallejos must have something big on someone. hope to hell it is castillo

  4. this is why no other counties here in europe bother to take mexico seriously. freedom fighters are locked up,corrupt scumbags walk out,it is sickening.

    tuta seems to be humoring this fat pig,telling him his glass is full. tuta has no time for fatty,he is just a pawn in his game. wasnt this the same guy that was asking tuta for a special operations hit team.tuta laughed and changed the subject. the fat pig is a wanna be sicario!!

    1. European cuntries take mexico seriously, the recolonization of the banana republics feeds the present world conquest by the vulture capitalism...
      --it is like spain made a big mess about wanting pinochet extradited to spain from england, and then spain gets contracts all over the world in return for taking it easy...
      --Fuck europe, nobody needs their skunk asses, there are other friendlier countries, like the brick block...
      -- i only need my bank of kisses, LA CHIVAAA ! ! ! Chola, chicana, and mexican-american "rino" lmao...OXOXOXOXO...

  5. Sooooo whats the deal? Vallejo posted bail, you aint going to hear from him again.

  6. Another great article and here is some more from El Pais ---

    1. WTF? only about 500 bucks bond? Shoot the SOB the hell with anything else. These fucks talking so nonchalantly not giving a damn who gets murdered or eliminated. family, friends it don't matter. These gutless tampons of Hell's sewage.

  7. I have been waiting forever for some more
    Puta Tuta T.V.
    Thanks B.B.
    Chivas and all the reporters should control the Mexican government
    With The great Dr. Mireles in charge
    Thanks folks

    1. at least they aren't re-runs

    2. Careful what you say.The Mexican government is reading this.

  8. These types of post doesn't even shock me anymore. This is a regular. ongoing event in Mexico. Next week will bring 4 more corruption scenarios Here's a great challenge, write a story about a politician that isn't corrupt in Mexico. Most likely would be post about a deceased, murdered one.I say, "oh well." Tuta loves that he is still being promoted and advertised.

    1. I have surprised myself, i'm starting to hate Dr, Mireles for that chicken leg, my mouth waters everytime I think of it, it must have been SOME CHICKEN LEG, to land the good doctor in prison for so long, goddamnit, can you get the recipe? Gorupos and everything, that's a must have been SOME CHICKEN LEG...

  9. Tune in next week for la TuTa season finale la tuta escapes and replaces don francisco from sabado gigante u dont want miss it on chanel BB

    1. You sanabagan, just stole my comment, Chilean don francisco, admirer of pinochet and his pinochetazo, needs help, madafaka too old, and yes, la puta tuta, could do wonders there...

    2. To all my friends on BB, you are welcome to come and meet el mil mascaras on youtube, he calls himself 'Rasputiana Culitiana "la culo bajito"...' over there...

  10. A new season of Michoacan reality television...2015 promises to be a blockbuster year!!

  11. From his Wiki:

    "But he maintained that he would not give himself up, but rather fight to the death."

  12. I resent the photo of jesus reyna, Chivis may confuse him with zorro...


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