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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Michoacán: How does one identify who the good guys are?

Lucio R for Borderland Beat

Dr. Mireles’ son, sister and friend make a run for a seat in the chamber of deputies (legislature).  They have made Dr. Mireles a focal point of their campaign.

 Sincere or opportunists?  

Hipolito Mora along with Virginia Mireles are protesting against Dr. Mireles imprisonment
"at the end of the day, what all this amounts to, is Alfredo Castillo and his evil empire were victorious."

Readers, from atop my soapbox: The situation in Michoacán is confusing and fluid.  Good people turning on each other and each day seemingly brings new divisions.

Jorge Vázquez, autodefensa leader and spokesman, is in a personal war with Padre Goyo.  

Goyo  was kicked out of the CCRISTOS… a group he founded.

Talia Vasquez and Pricila Abud (Grillonautas) is warring with Dr Mireles' former wife Ana Valencia, each side accusing the other side of being evil, liars and of betraying Dr. Mireles.

I think both sides are correct.

Dr. Mireles son was not speaking to him before his arrest.  it is unclear just how often he visits his father, if at all, “I am busy with school, when I graduate I will be better able to".

Only his youngest daughter was in fact speaking to him through it all.   Dr. Mireles felt he could trust  his youngest daughter would always be there to support him.

So how are we to evaluate all this support now?  Sincere?  Carpetbagging?

Has Lito Mora been a true friend?  He who publicly stated, “Dr Mireles’ group should not have "carried guns” yet,  now is a part of a group protesting for Dr. Mireles even going on a hunger strike?
Mora with his dead son, who waskilled in 
an attack by El Americano's men

When Dr. Mireles was imprisoned, two months later, Hipolito Mora slammed his defenseless “friend” by telling the press, “Dr. Mireles was wrong not to respect the federal agreement made with AD, and there are consequences”

That’s a friend?  A question for Mora; “how’d that work for you compa?”  Still in love with Castillo and that “agreement?”  Did it take your son being killed,  before you saw  the light?

When Mora was imprisoned, Mireles was a steadfast advocate and supporter of him.  And even after Mora joined the Castillo generated Rurales, and turned his back on the autodefensas, Dr. Mireles still supported Mora, telling BB, “he is a good man, he had to do what he felt was in the best interest of his family, to protect his family.”

After the murder of his son and his release from prison for the second time,  he began supporting Mireles.  And finally speaking the truth, “Castillo gave me the words to say when I was released, he handed me a paper”, and he says Castillo told him to speak badly about Mireles, and to say Mireles was mentally ill. 

As for Castillo, he refuses to let go of his hatred towards Dr. Mireles, telling the press; “Mireles is a dangerous man; he wanted to gain control of Mexico, and all Latin America".

It is clear who is truly suffering from mental illness and it is not Dr. Mireles.

Ana Valencia, (left photo)who Dr. Mireles made it clear she neither speaks for him nor is a part of his life.  She has called him every foul name imaginable, and said Dr Mireles is nothing but a poor man who has never had anything, but even if he has 100 pesos, she wanted them.

We do know that Virginia Mireles is close to her brother and one of his staunchest advocates.  But many of the others appear to be opportunists.  

An example is Pricila, after calling Dr. Mireles shameful for trying to cut a deal for his release, she received a nondescript simplistic letter from Mireles, after many months of not hearing from him, and she quickly makes a video featuring the letter.  A letter with no real news, just a friendly outreach. 

Opportunistic behavior.  

Dr. Mireles is highly perceptive individual, but even he must wonder which way to turn and who to align himself with.  Who among the so-called supporters, care about justice for a man whose sole motives have always been to better Michoacán and Mexico?

I am incensed at what has happened, because at the end of the day, what all this amounts to, is Alfredo Castillo and his evil empire were victorious. 

Campaigns of the son, sister and friend

The son of Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles, former leader of the autodefensa movement in Michoacán, is the candidate for  federal deputy in  the district of Apatzingán.  Alex Ivan Valencia Mireles, agreed to run under the symbol of the National Action Party (PAN).

"This I do to help my father, nothing more," he said Wednesday at a rally.

Young Mireles said he is graduating this year with a degree in Pharmacological Chemistry.

( branch of medicine and biology concerned with the study of medication action and interaction)

His next goal is to see his father released from the Hermosillo prison where he has been held since June 2014.  He did share that his father’s health has improved.

He said it is preposterous how his father remains in jail,  while Rodrigo Vallejo Mora, son of former Governor Fausto Vallejo, who has been featured in videos coexisting with the former leader of the Caballeros Templarios Cartel, Servando Gómez "La Tuta," was released by paying a bail of 460 dollars.  

He  said; "The truth is, the absurdity made ​​me laugh," said the son of Mireles.

Alex is not the only Mireles on a Michoacán ballot.  His aunt, Virginia “Vicky” Mireles Valverde is running for deputy in the district of Hidalgo, district 6.

Vicky, is the sister of Dr. Mireles, and a strong advocate for his release.

And Hipolito Mora, Dr. Mireles' longtime friend, fellow autodefensa leader/founder, is also running for deputy in Michoacán’s district 12.


  1. This news will keep the doc in jail longer.

  2. I hope the good Dr gets free.we need more people like him in this world

  3. I want to watch and see how this election turns out, hopefully they make a big change but first they need to get elected. I hope they don't get robbed like many before

  4. If you can't beat them with firearms beat them at the polls. Smart. Play their own game and beat them . Viva Mexico.

  5. Im relieved to hear Dr.Mireles health is improving according to his son.! can only hope he will be released shortly.

    1. ya im relieved to.hope he gets released shortly.todoesanyonenowhen he getsreleased

  6. I fear that they will be assassinated and killed :-(

  7. jajaja They wont post my comment cause i callout narcos and slur them in spanish.

    1. 5:38 Jajaja, you got POSted, your other coments may never get posted, just to show you who da' boss, lolsmmfho...

    2. Boo hoo nobody wants to play with you.

    3. jajajaa I don't want to play. I just want to trash on Narcos and everything to do with them. Go to blog del narco you nuthugger.

  8. Whos running against them? El Americano?

  9. This is very sad, and maddening to think the bottom line it is exactly what carbon Castillo wanted.

    he is sitting back cracking his first smile.

  10. real talk,is sad but true, how tbe word loyalty has no meaning in Michoacan,Michoacanos killing and betraying their own, for what? Tan igualitos que los mayates estas gentes,serio pedo.

  11. lucio, you should have a harder hitting title because the editorial about betrayal and all the personal wars is the best part of the post.

    few people are writing about the mess on the ground in Michoacán, I think being we don't know who the fuck is an honorable person anymore, we don't know who to cheer for, except Doctor Mireles.

    he is the virtuous, tragic hero in all of this.


    1. I should have hit harder in the beginning, you are right that is the meat of the story

    2. You have done well to make ant sense of it at all. I've been following the Michoacaan situation intently since the Autodefensas rose up in Feb 2013, and I've all but given up because of the complexity of it and the characters involved.

  12. “Mireles is a dangerous man; he wanted to gain control of Mexico, and all Latin America". OK, thats the most idiotic thing I've ever heard.

    As for the "dream team" here is the scoop. His son is a jerk and an idiot. His statement, "This I do to help my father, nothing more," leaves one to wonder what sort of dedication he has for the job. (Hint: none)

    Ana Valencia..well, just look at her picture, it is worth a thousand words.

    His sister is a good lady.

    Hipocrito Mora is like a flag, and blows whichever way the wind blows. Now he is all about stardom and making sure his "image" is carried far and wide. He is reveling in the notoriety, but he deserves none of it. Note how he even wears his stupid cowboy hat standing in front of his sons casket. Got to preserve that image see.. I had a bad feeling about him and smurf from the very first time I saw their faces.

    Listen to the Thinktank to gain understanding.

  13. Hipolito mora has lost his son while standing up for himself and his followers, he said openly he would not cut his hair in support of Dr Mireles, and asked for forgiveness for it, Dr Mireles himself does not put demands on hipolito, and says he understands everybody does what he feels is better, no problem there, why try and offend hipolito mora?


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