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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rodrigo "El Gerber" Vallejo loses injunction, but remains free because "it's not a serious crime"

Lucio R Borderland Beat material from EJE, and Reforma
Former Michoacán governor Fausto Vallejo says his son will fight the charges like a man
and that there are no criminals in their family, that this issue is media generated against his son

A federal court denied an injunction to Rodrigo Vallejo Mora and confirmed the detention order issued against him for the crime of concealment.

Judge Herlinda Velasco Villavicencio of The Fifth Tribunal Unitary Criminal court of DF considered that there are sufficient grounds to continue the process against Vallejo for allegedly concealment with respect to Servando Gómez alias “La Tuta", the leader of Caballeros Templarios.

The judicial authority, (court) ruled that the pictures taken from the videos and transcripts of the audible parts,  are sufficient to establish Vallejo’s meetings with the criminal leader.

On August 1, 2014, Vallejo was retained after he attended a meeting with SEIDO to give his declaration.  Vallejo was retained by the ministerial authority because he refused to give information about the locations where he met with "La Tuta".

Days later he was imprisoned in the state prison of Santiaguito, in the State of Mexico, where he was imprisoned until April 11th, when the Eighth Collegiate Criminal Court of the Federal District ordered bail because the crime of concealment is not serious crime.

PGR has yet to announce any additional charges of “serious” crimes, such as organized crime conspiracy. 


  1. Will fight the charges like a man??? Fuck you bitches....your whole family. This is a coward punk who hid behind power, wealth and drug cartels. Imagine the future....he is dead man, Now he is a dead man walking. The whole family inflamed with murder, drug dealing and corruption. They all need to be lined up an executed. We all have seen the evidence, we are the jury, we are the judge.... GUILTY as charged. If the Mexican people can organize a march in the 100's of thousands concerning the Normalistas then it can be again but similar to the Arab Spring uprisings but it has to be with violence against the violence. The Mexican people can do it, they proved they can do it during the Nornmalistas protests. Fuck, damn what the fuck is going on? Excuse the curse words but I cannot think of a decent word to say about the government or the cartels. A Mexican Spring and Cartel Spring uprising needs to happen, but once you hit the government and get people honestly and committed to freedom and democracy things will change. But the people have to do it. I am an American and our government fuels the fire but it can be can be but....and that is where I end...but? The real answer is an uprising like the Arab Springs....things will change in a Mexico uprising of the people... They have to pull together without outside expectations until the government can be toppled....then change can happen from the inside with help from the outside - and there is no Democrat USA President in office.... (sorry for the Op-Ed) ;) BTW IMOO

    1. Amen my brother amen. I agree. It's got to start in Mexico, the US has got to follow. Amen. The people have the momentum but they need leaders to follow through with a recall and then overthrow. Time can tell, I can't say it is going to as this is only my thoughts, hopes and beliefs.This is only my opinion but I can only hope the people uprise against the current regime of EPN. It really is the only way.

    2. Amen my ass, 8f we can not accept that the problem originated with greedy amerikkkan "investors" and meddlesome amerikkkan government elements, we an not go forward with anything else...

    3. For the ignorant poster @9:10PM what is it with you and always your racist "kkk" remarks. I find appalling all of your racist posts and so do many others. Always referring to Americans as KKK and Nazis. You are one big fucking loser and I sincerely hope BB does not post any more of your insipid remarks. Always detrimental to others with your ridiculous rants and whining. IDIOT.

    4. dude, seriously what is it always with your kkk bullshit in all your fanatical tirades? fucking jerk. They need to banish your racist ass from this board.

    5. I agree. This keyboard warrior always posting crap and including KKK in all his posts. Calling US people Nazi's, Hitler, KKK. He should not have any of his BS posted if it continues to contain offensive and racist remarks and innuendos. He is a race baiter like Al Sharpton but BB continually post his gibberish and trash. His posts are the easiest to spot.

    6. Sorry if I offend some americans who are not nazis, or neo-nazis or ku-klux-klan, but there are two kinds of americans, believe it or not, the criminal traitor kind, who send your children to fight their wars to get billions of dollars for themselves, and those that work for their money and put the dead and the maimed in wars, two different kinds of people, just like when general Washington had to deal with American independence war hero, benedict arnold, turned traitor...
      --we need to mention today's american traitors, there are many, and they are one big problem, together with their defenders, on BB and anywhere in the world...
      --i hope you do not break your nails trying to get me banned, I would never ask anybody to ban you, no matter how irrational or ignorant you are in your hysteria...

  2. Can anyone BB show daddy the Tuta videos? Lets see what he says after watching them.

  3. El raton viejo, I mean governor Vallejo still does not know that his replacement governor is in prison, or that Jesus Reyna and la puta tuta were married to sisters and were screwing his son too...

  4. Half of the criminals are the justice ministers who get enormous sums of mordida for declarations like this one. Mexico has become the laughingstock of the world.

    I have news for some of you. Los Mexicanos fear one thing far more than carteleros y sicarios. That thing is Anarchy. You people of Mexican blood do not listen to stories of your abuelos? The horror of the revolution? It was not romantic. It was a bloodbath and people starved to death. If you are Mexicano you know the fear runs deep. We have learned the hard way to not allow chaos because after chaos comes something worse than before. Steady pressure and steady reform. It is not going to be easy. But it must happen or la republica will diminish and the gringos will find a way to close the frontera
    All hope will fade.

    1. The mexican people are not buying weapons with their 25 or 20 dollars a week minimum salary, somebody else must be furnishing those weapons for money from somewhere "else"...


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