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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Narco Tank Factory Found in Nuevo Laredo

Translated for Borderland Beat from a Proceso Article by Otis B Fly-Wheel

Nuevo Laredo , Tamps.

Elements of the Army and Agents of the PGR, discovered a winery on the Carretera Reynosa-Rio Bravo, where members of organised crime were manufacturing narco tanks.

In one communication, Sedena and the PGR add that in the interior of the winery, they found 14 vehicles, 8 of those were or were being converted into narco tanks.

After securing the vehicles, elements of Sedena found a man with radios that receive the frequency of the Military, he fled into the winery grounds, located in the stretch of Federal highway number 2, towards Reynosa-Rio Bravo at the 74.8 kilometre mark said the authorities.

As well as the vehicles, the Military found magazines for AK47, 495 rounds of 7.62 x 39, 46 rounds of .308 winchester, and four rounds of .50 browning used in Barrett sniper rifles or M2 (Ma Deuce) .50 calibre machine guns which they mount onto vehicles.

Below is a publication featuring narco tanks-it is a collaboration of Borderland Beat (Chivis), Insight Crime and Small Wars Journal (Dr Robert Bunker)

According to the authorities, in different parts of the winery, they found machines and materials for converting vehicles into narco tanks.

This incident is the second on the road known as La Riberena. In June of 2011 the authorities took possession of another at Camargo, where the armoured trucks known as "monsters" were being built.

Click on picture to enlarge

It is said that these vehicles are utilised by criminal groups to escort drugs shipments through the Tamaulipas breaches, and avoid robbery of loads by rival groups.

In the courtyards of the 8th Military zone in Reynosa , Sedena has stored about fifty so called " Monsters", secured from different areas of the state.

Original article in Spanish at Proceso


  1. No pos wow aver cuando los usan... lets see the day they decide to use them

  2. Que mugrero de armadura les deveria de dar verguenza jajaja neta q si

  3. Sure they'll be owned by the zetas.

  4. Its OK we except the criminal groups in Tamps. its normal now if u didn't except there is nothing u can do Ja Ja

  5. .308? Doing some deer hunting on escorts?

    1. .308 Winchester is 7.62mm x 51 nato, but the article in Spanish describes it as .308 not 7.62 so the ammunition is civilian made not military ex surplus.

  6. Where are the tuamalipas breaches?

    1. Itzli or chivis would probably know this best , but as I understand it they are gaps in the highway that runs parallel with the usa border , where one could leave the highway to go off road close to the border where the loads could be unloaded to mules, human or otherwise

  7. I absolutely love narco tanks. It just goes to show you how bold drug gangs are in mexico. They should have a magazine dedicated to these things. Deck them out with rims, hydros, and dingo balls in the back I say. The days of the American wild west have nothing on the current situation in Mexico


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