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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Community Police of Guerrero Detain 22 in 72 Hours

Photo by: Jorge Rios
Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

From January 31 to February 1, the Community Police of Guerrero carried out operations in Petaquillas in order to support the residents and to maintain order.  During the operations, they managed to arrest 18 people, secure an AK-47, an HK, a .38 caliber pistol, 40 kilos of marijuana, a cellphone, a bulletproof vest, cartridges, and a vehicle.

After the day in which residents of Petaquilla asked for the help of the United Front for the Security and Development of the State of Guerrero (FUSDEG), patrols were carried out during the night.

Photo by: Rogelio Agustín

During their first patrol around 12:40, the Community Police stopped a passenger truck which was discovered to be carrying 40 kilos of marijuana, while the weapons were seized during another patrol in a white vehicle.

Around 14:30, sightings of armed men were reported in the hills behind a police station, prompting the deployment of a siege by community policemen on foot and in trucks.
Photo by: Ezequiel Flores

 A shootout occurred which helped obtain the location of the suspects.  Three people were detained; two men and a woman.

Photo by: Rogelio Agustín

Of the 22 people detained in three days, 12 have been released. The 10 who remain detained might be handed over to authorities since they have been accused of killing and being informants for organized crime.  The 12 who were released were released since they felt that their crimes weren’t as severe. 

“This system does not have the capacity to serve a murderer, that is why the authorities must do their part,” said Salvador Alanís Trujillo, one of the commanders.

“It is not right, but during these times, even those who are less suspected are detained”.

It was noted that within 72 hours of the arrest, the security system should support the charges against the suspects.

According to an evaluation by FUSDEG, Petaquillas is 80% cleansed of people related to organized crime, although it was not explained what type of mechanism was used to come up with this finding.

According to the commander, in Petaquillas, a criminal organization operates in which until recently was unheard of.

The community policemen set up three monitoring points throughout the town, at the bottom of an overhead bridge that connects the federal highway México-Acapulco, at the main entrance to the town, and on the interstate that leads toward Mochitlán.

Small groups in trucks and small cars carry out patrols in neighborhoods, while commandos walk up into the hills to prevent the entry of criminals.


  1. Are those 22 people going to bring back the 43 students? NOOOOO, so might as well release them. They only apprehended them to take away from the 43 dilemma.

  2. Great reporting. thanks.

  3. Sounds like a good thing! Let's hope Castillo doesn't get sent there to screw things up!

  4. Clear accounting, 12 released, 10 under arraignment, 0 disappeared, 0 dollars from the MIERDA INTIATIVE, this must be a communist conspiwacy, Elmer Fudd....!!!

  5. Seriously though ?!? Who smokes that weed ? It's pretty much just dirt grass. There can't be much market in the US for it !

  6. Better than the regular local police I see who can't seem to ever arrest a dangerous criminal. I notice they're using corn husks. Most people don't realize how strong corn husks are or their many good uses, not that this was an example of a good use. I would have thought they were shipping panela the way that marijuana is packaged .

  7. The criminal schemes of the criminal organizations of Guerrero are being found out/uprooted by the PC's/AD's of Guerrero. The jig is up! These criminal organizations serve as a front for corrupt politicians to control criminal rackets and intimidate/terrorize the people of Guerrero. At the end of the day, the only people responsible for the security and law enforcement of their community are the people of that community - with respect to civil liberties/rights. The security forces have been unwilling/unable to, be it sedena, smear, pf, pgr, protect the people of Guerrero and Mexico. Las leyes para la regularización y portacion de armas de fuego si son necesarias para una sociedad de orden y leyes. Pero como están las cosas en Guerrero, eso es más fácil para decir que practicar. ¡Los Guerrerenses reclaman abrenlos el paso y
    retirense! ¡Al diablo el uso exclusivo de las fuerzas armadas!

  8. They are trying to do what they did to Mireles and ad of michoacan

  9. I want to mention it was CP/AD that discovered all the older clandestine graves in the iguala area after September 26th, making the government look incompetent at best.

    it is their children who go to the normalista colleges to become teachers

  10. Thanks valor. Appreciate the news in English


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