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Friday, February 6, 2015

La Tuta message says: "Los Viagras are the worse criminals I've ever met...worse than me"

Lucio for Borderland Beat translation by "777"

Lucio: “El Gallito” Cousin of the now deceased former leader of Caballeros Templarios, Nazario Moreno González aka  "El Chayo",  took over the operations of the cartel after the death of  Chayo in March 2014.

La Tuta, Mexico's most wanted drug trafficker, said his former partners of the criminal group "Los Viagras",  led by seven Sierra Santana brothers,  allied with the cousin of "El Chayo" to dispute control of the criminal organization.  Viagras were  CT's  first splinter group, splitting in 2013.

 Audio Narrative Translation:

Good afternoon .. To all the people of Michoacán, and with much respect, from Mexico, from the areas where my voice is being heard, Arteaga, and Tumbascatio.
I want, and with much respect, to bring to your attention some occurrences in Michoacán. 

The brothers, Sierra Santana, aka Los Viagras, commanders of G250, a Fuerza Rural group, are nothing but criminals.

I believe they are even more of a criminal than I am, they are worse than me.  They have no loyalty, no honor, they rob and they are kidnappers. I regret meeting them. The more I talk bad about them, the greater of enemies they become.
I feel for what has happened to Hipolito and Americano.
I have no idea who is behind this. I only know that we should act accordingly and bring peace to Michoacán.
I saw some commentaries that “Los Viagras” made, regarding a “supposed” relationship between Hipolito Mora and I. Hipolito doesn't support me in any way.
It's a vile lie and they don't even take care of their own mother.
(Co Leader Mariano Sierra Santana below)

To those guys that say the Mexican Army received 1 million dollars to release me, I can honestly say I have no dealings with Army, Marines, Gendarmería, Federal Police, DEA, and any other police forces.
I have to defend/hide myself from them. If they see me they will beat me up or even kill me.
Everything “Los Viagras” have to say is a complete lie. Don't believe everything that is said in Apatzingán.

People do your job and demand justice. Ask for safety. I will not be around there. I have no plans of even going there.
I want to clear up some things.

If “Los Viagras” have something against me, they should look for me. I just want you all to know that they are the worst criminals I have ever met.
All of them. Nicholas, (image at left with Papa Smurf) the chubby one, is a fake ass. You've heard the audios/recordings and noticed all the contradictions.
I too have contradicted myself and have apologized..

I regret leading that group. Like I said before, there was no other way for me. I know the federal government has an obligation to pursue me. Go right ahead. They have to look for me and they have to do their job.
To everyone from Tierra Caliente – Michoacán - Mexico, it's a lie what “Los Vigaras” have to say.
They will not support Hipolito Mora.
They don't know what to do anymore because they are worse than I am.

The government has identified them and they are within reach. They can arrest them whenever they feel like it. They are right under their noses.
They made a deal and became allies of Nazrio Moreno Gonzalez and El Gallito

I feel for all the people of Uruapan that were affected, not only in Uruapan but all of Michoacán.
Those that believed and were against all the bullshit Nazario Moreno Gonzalez was doing.
The one responsible for all that bullshit was El Gallito. I think his name is Homero. [it is Homero González Rodríguez] 

I never ask their names.
Now it is known that “Los Viagras” are associates of “El Gallito”. And are out to get me.
I feel for those people, from Uruapan, that believed in good autodefensas. As luck would have it they were betrayed by Los Viagras.

To all the guys, and excuse me if I don't get the names right, that are with El Gallito.

Sergio, Rafa, Matraca, Mariachi, Don Jose, Gavilan, (El Gavilan is the plaza chief in Petacalco Guerrero) (Metro, Paquito, Troyano, Paisano, all of you.

If you know how to work, you should work and earn money in such a way that doesn't involve stealing, kidnapping, extorting.

At our meetings, you guys would say you were tired of putting up with these fuckers. I couldn't do much because things were difficult back then. Now you have an opportunity to be free and working on your own.

Why follow those pieces of shit that steal and kidnap?

I am referring to El Gallo. I know he is my enemy and don't care. I hope El Gallito comes alone or just Los Viagras. God decides...

I don't have much else to say.

To all that were CT and were with us, you are all free now and can work on your own. 

Abandon those so called “organized” groups. They are far from organized. (This stays in line with his previous message that he was finished with CT)

I was a pendejo/dumbass for having led all of you. I never did any stupid shit. I was only a narco trafficker. However,  I had to say I was not a narco.

All of you remember; including you fag Viagras.....what you said to me.

I regret protecting you and shaking your hand.

But oh well, those things are in the past……Nothing left to say.

He ends with announcing that this this is his last recording.....


  1. Tuta should start a podcast. A Tutacast. I don't agree with his mode of living but alot of what he says is interesting and makes a lot of sense.

  2. A very strange man. This is the pot calling the kettle black.

  3. ruana libre/ los traidores de la ruana, youtube
    advised since 2013 that all this was going to happen, with special mention to don pollo por traidores y chaqueteros que se venden por cualquier cosa, que y se les olvido???

  4. Puro Michoacan

    LOL somebody had to say it lol

    1. Just drive up north to guanajuato... onde la vida no vale nada compa

    2. La vida no vale nada en todo mexico compa!!

  5. Al rato va haber un cartel llamado los Cialis y los van a retar los Viagras. Va hacer un duelo de chorizos. ¡Salgan al topon papá pitos!

  6. this mofo is funny in a very likable way, however, when the CT ruled and he had lots of power, they made life miserable for the common folks and that should not be forgotten

  7. Much as we don't like what he stood for,it looks as though La Tuta was actually telling some truths?It makes you wonder how he wasn't aware of these rats but the Viagras were probably to strong for him to do anything anyway,they have been around a long time?Now looks as though CT really are on the outs,and look how quickly they dismantled?Of the 8 CT(i believe)that were mentioned by the gob,7 are gone only Tuta was left.With a good-will the government could achieve so much,but they like it just the way it is.
    I wonder how many"boys"Tuta has left by his side?Remember the TV interviews when he was flanked by armed men who were asked how much they were paid?He looked powerful and influential then,wonder how much influence he now maintains?

  8. It sucks that the most honest person in this whole mess is Tuta!!!

  9. Seems like this homie is asking for forgiveness and wants to quit organized crime. It must suck being afraid of even your own shadow. He needs testosterone supplements, Tuta's going soft. He probably enjoys ice skating and chick flicks.

    1. The a notebook is a great movie homie

  10. looks like Gallito was flying under the Borderland Beat, Proceso, Milenio, and Vice News radar

  11. when is someone going to decap this creep and stop his verbal diarrhea

  12. Sounds like a politician!

  13. aye tutateca, this guy would be comedy if not for the rapes and murders. wake up people, he admit his "boys" do those things. "they don't know any better"

    this is not entertainment, it is real life don't get confused.

  14. Tuta killed la gente. He robbed them, made them afraid to go anywhere. It was LCT that continued to corrupt policia y politicos. He dealed in death. He deserves death.

  15. He is not the most wanted He is the most Famous. He has got pics of Nieto

    1. It is a category


      the 30million peso reward badguys in the beginning of the 'drug war' there were 24 on the most wanted capos

      of those not dead or captured are only three remain;
      Omar Treviño

      with a possible 4th- Azul who allegedly died april of last year

  16. Its the Tuta Identity, we all know how that movie ends :)

  17. He's a slick dude. I'm sure he still has a bunch of influence abd many people in his payroll. Michoacan is a narco state and there is a lot of money to be made. If not there would not be so many killings there. I don't think he will leave the drug business, that's his life. If he quits he gets killed and makes no money to pay polititions and other crooked government officials or he gets caught. He's very influential and knows what to say. He was a teacher once but got caught up on the cartel violence. Real spit

  18. Can anyone say pacifier? He must be scared now in his wet depends diaper. Any word on that "Broly" dude? Hope that is the right spelling and name. Is he still posing for videos and Facebook? He and Tuta are so alike.

    1. Broly shut down his social media pages I think and the last that has been heard of him is this shprt video of him going ay ay ay or something. That was a while ago so he may be gone.

  19. they need to catch and kill la tuta already


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