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Friday, February 6, 2015

61 bodies found at abandoned cremetorium - Acapulco

For Borderland Beat by DD
Investigators at the scene inside abandoned crematorium
Police in Acapulco responded last night about 10:30PM to complaints from neighbors of a "bad smell" coming from an abandoned crematorium.  Upon investigation authorities  found at least 61 bodies in various states of decomposition inside the crematorium.  

Some of the bodies were fully clothed while others were nude and wrapped in sheets and some scattered in piles on the floor.  Lime had been sprinkled on the bodies and around the interior to disguise or limit odor from the decomposing bodies.  There were bodies of both men and women and at least one child found.

Elements of the army, Federal Police, and the state attorney generals office were called in to assist in the investigation.  The investigation is in the early stages and there are few definitive answers as to why the bodies were there or who is responsible  at this point.  

The abandoned crematorium is about 200 miles from Iguala where 43 students from a teachers college were kidnapped on Sept. 27 of last year.  Even though the investigators said they are trying to determine how long the bodies had been there one of them stated he did not believe they were bodies of the missing students because of the advanced state of decomposition.

Information gathered from the neighbors indicated the crematorium had been abandoned for at least a year.  Another report said the phone at the site had been disconnected since 2008.

 Acapulco has been beset by drug gang violence but it was not immediately clear whether the bodies were murder victims dumped by a gang, or whether the crematorium's operators left corpses there when the facility closed down.  Authorities are still trying to find out who the owner/operator of the crematorium was when it was abandoned.    It would seem that the crematorium was doing a booming business if it had 61 bodies accumulated when it closed.

Local authorities stated they believed it was a case of "negligence" and did not involve organized crime..

Miguel Angel Godinez, attorney general for the state of Guerrero, told Radio Formula that " "We can't say for now that there is an indication that organized crime participated in this, but we can't rule it out," Godinez told Radio Formula.  

There are thousands "missing" in Mexico, yet authorities up to this point have said nothing about suspecting these bodies might be part of the missing which is the first thing that would have come to my mind if I were investigating.

 A press conference is scheduled for this afternoon that will hopefully give the people some answers.  However the investigation seems to be starting out reflecting the attitude of President Pena Nieto when all the violence in Guerrero started to draw attention from the media.  He stated "it is a local problem".

The Attorney General in Guerrero,  Miguel Angel Godinez, said this morning that, 
 "We are talking about a clear violation of state sanitation laws,"


  1. A no-win situation here for EPN and his "new reformed" Mexico. When the best case scenario involves corruption, fraud and 61 rotting corpses left outside a supposed tourist destination!

    1. No, you've got it wrong. EPN will probably be on TV soon and proclaim his reforms are working and criminals can no longer act with impunity.

      After all the government recognizes that "clear violation of state sanitation laws" have been violated and the culprits will be brought to justice. The criminal justice reforms are working.
      (hope you realize all that is said tongue in cheek).

    2. Dude get your head out your ass epn is a piece of shit and nothing he is doing is working fuck epn lets burn that muthafucka

  2. 1. the bodies had lime and dirt which means they were very likely dug up.
    2. the neighbors just smelled a foul odor meaning the bodies were just recently dumped. the human nose can detect sudden changes in odor but once it gets used to it it recognizes it as part of the smell scape. 1 year of living next to the crematorium and they just recently smelled it smells like bullshit.
    3. you can't get used to rotting flesh. it is a primal visceral instinct to get the fuck away. so either the calls were ignored or they just recently dumped the bodies there.
    4. how close do the neighbors live to the crematorium? usually the crematoriums are not in the actual neighborhoods themselves but close by isolated somewhere else.
    5. 61 bodies is a lot of bodies to move around clandestinely

  3. I'm sure El Cepillo will testify he found the dead bodies after he smelled a "gas accumulation" in the funeral home. AG will then close the case.

  4. EPN doesn't care!!! What did Karim say "Ya Estoy cansado" on other words. "I don't want to here it". Corruption is the word of the day! Greed!!!!

  5. It could be a case where someone...some agency was supposed to cremate these deceased and maybe were paid to do it but just dumped the bodies as there seems to be no mention of decap or missing limbs or torture yet.....

  6. I can't Imagine walking into such a "Horror Show" as this place must be. Also I find it hard to believe that it's been closed for a year and the stench is just now permeating the neighborhood. This more to this story than meets the eye or ear!

  7. No respect for the dead; just another indication of the moral decay of this nation.

  8. What people need to understand is that every Business in Acapulco has to pay protection money.Maybe for the owner, it was just easier to just close its doors,Even with rotting corpses. Acapulco is getting worse. Carlos Slim where are you to help?

  9. Various stages of decomposing ? How long was the place closed, phone disconnected since 2008 ? Hope they get to the bottom of this. A "bad smell " duh'.
    Mexico the smell of death permeates from its bowels. Do not worry its a "local" problem. An empire of excess and lusting with greed.

  10. There is no possible way 61 bodies were left to rot by the owner of a creamortium as suggested as a possible explanation as if they could possibly not be the victims of drug violence. There are so many things wrong with this report.

    I can't be the first person to recognize that a crematorium would be a thriving business with exponential growth probability in Mexico given the current conditions. No business owner would abandon it.

    I'm also surprised legit cartels factions have not invested in nor have multiple crematoriums. I think every new narco palace floor plan should include one.

    1. A crematorium actually is not a good business to have Iin mexico. The punk assasins in the missing students case would give you fierce competition. They cremated all of the student's bodies in record time and without a trace left behind.

  11. --leonel godoy, michoacan, about 40 billion pesos, in six years...
    --anyway, bertie boy moreira is back from spain,where is his hand in any of this,you can bet your bottom dollar yolla the US weenie neenie beenies are watching closely to see what their handiwork has wrought.They could possibly be the victims of drug violence. There are so many things wrong with this report--but it may be crazy yazy amerkkkans with there invertebrate war mongering and bongering and profit grab from pobre Mexcio.The yoke of imperialism has yet to be lifted from thine eyes but some of us,rukaaaa,need to address our minds and intellect.Acapulco is getting worse. Carlos Slim where are you to help?

    1. "crazy yazy amerkkkans,war mongering and bongering.The yoke of imperialism"

      What the hell mildred ?

  12. geeze give it a rest no way anyone has given any consideration that these bodies were the 43 missing students.

    first off, a number of the bodies were embalmed or prepared for cremation. there is no mystery here, a heartless bastard business owner just walked away. supposedly, they are tracing the contracts in the final months of business.

    This reminds me of the tri state case in Georgia over 300 bodies not cremated just dumped here and there while others mass buried, a hole dug and several bodies dumped in. and those were the lucky ones. another case in the south same thing.

    iguala is not near Acapulco, it is about a 3 hr drive in a truck. this story is not likely to have any thing to do with cartels. I don't know of a case where cartels prepare the bodies or embalm.

  13. Mexico - its a never ending story.

  14. Well tourist, does this still sound like a great vacation destination? Makes no difference. The invincible, unaware tourists is probably booking a trip right now, instead of reading current events. Thank goodness you guys are keeping folks informed on here. How about a story on the detainees held captive by south Koreans for sex trade?

    1. This is borderland beat reporting on the drug war in mexico not sex trade in south Korea.

  15. I call out BS when the government says maybe the owners of the crematorium left the bodies behind. If you brought a loved one to be cremated, you would expect to pick up the ashes. Multiply that by 60 pissed off customers, certainly authorities would have been made aware of it and people related to the person being cremated would have been there already. How anyone can believe that is beyond me.

    1. You obviously don't live in Mexico.
      often people do not take ashes.

      the bodies were all prepared for cremation, wrapped in sheets. ready for the fire. some were embalmed. there is better articles and fotos in publications like reforma. you can see all the bodies, many on on gurneys and all wrapped.

      the thing is there is no big crime. just like the cases in the US

  16. Hey do better in Tamps. Its normal to have at least 72 corpus

  17. Maybe it's a Texan funerary because this is a gringo way to work "take the money and they we'll see what to do" remember what they did on texas with the inmigrant bodies dumped on black garbage bags???? Don't just see the bad thing on the other side of the border gringos because you do worse things....

  18. In were chicago were found about 600 corpses, needed autopsies and to be moved on, lack of funds made will county just keep piling them up on refrigerated trailers, the mayor needed all the money to prepare for the olympic games, he did not get the olympics, too much gang killings, robberies and assaults.
    Mexico can get the olympics of crime, which sponsored by the CIA through its satellites on the army and police forces, investigative bodies, the DFS, School of the Americas hall of shame graduates, makes the GODMOTHER of crime in mexico proud, her name is Henry Kissinger, our own living NOBEL PEACE PRIZE winner, Angel of Death Legend that puts the nazi SS to shame, also with millions and millions and millions of genocide victims all over the world where this neo-liberal technocrata rules...

  19. I am going out on a limb and guess this is a dumping ground for people that were kidnapped. I read that over 30% of the people are killed even after a ransom is paid. Because to spread lime on them to keep the smell away would allow them to come back and keep dumping bodies for an extended time. There were men, women and even a child. Some clothed and some not. I am guessing the nude ones were women that would have been violated before being killed. No matter how they died, what a shame. People to not care here. When I drive around I see dogs that look like they came out of zombie horror movie. The other day I saw many dogs that were so skinny that they were knocking on deaths doorstep. I saw a couple where the fur was literally falling of the body from rot, and maggots where crawling in and out of the flesh of these live animals. They had been like this for a long time. I told my wife I would like to put them down. She said if I did the police could throw me in jail. People walk buy these animals and do not even take a second look. How people treat animals is a reflection of society. So maybe these people were left by previous owners of the crematory. But I am guessing otherwise. Sorry about the story about the animals, but people really do not care, and to many this story is just another day here in paradise. I am one person that lives quite well here. But I care about the poor, the rich , the animals and all living things. I am not just in it for me. Treating humans like trash and cartels dumping them in garbage dumps is not something that people care about here. You talk to them about it and they do not seem to care. It only cares when it happens to them or one of their loved ones. Like the dogs on the street, even humans are getting the same treatment here. They are just forgotten.

    It could not be the 43 missing students unless some of them were women or a child. L

  20. Germay was doing pretty well until their street gangs got strong enough to put rich jews they hated in prison, and then all of them for being jews...
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    --henry kissinger understood the poor nazis and their circumstances, that is why he has been carrying out the revenge of the nibelungs on to the world, spreading murder and mayhem from the government to the people, and dumping those that do not play by his book...
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    --the chileans of salvador allende needed a good famine...
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    --All accompanied by the bride of the grooms of death, the SS tottenkopff, la santa muerte, and this german born jew kissinger learned who his master is, not for nothing he has been convicted of genocide, after 70 years as a mass murderer, peace prize and everything...

  21. That type of business certainly has lots of room for misconduct.Even if the crematory got behind with work, this is not the way to handle a situation. Who knows, maybe they were just a "crematorium" by name...and really just dumping bodies all over the place. Some of the mass graves found, could have been a result of something like this? If you have no respect for the living, why then..for the dead!



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