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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Who is the new head of security in Michoacan

Translated for Borderland Beat from a Michoacan 3.0 article by Otis B Fly-Wheel

General Pedro Felipe Gurrola Ramirez
Discrete, with little operational experience but known as a user of intelligence information. The General Pedro Felipe Gurrola Ramirez, in December, left the command of the Sierra Madre task force, in Badiraguato, Sinaloa, to take command of the 8th Military zone in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

Gurrola left the cradle of narco trafficking, where he had a controversial presence in command of his troops accused of shooting a beauty queen, to reach one of the most explosive cities in the country.

One afternoon in 1997 , Colonel Pedro Felipe Gurrola Ramirez arrived at the office of the Secretary of National Defense, General Enrique Cervantes Aguirre. Colonel Gurrola served that year as Deputy Secretary of the head of Sedena, and hours earlier had fruitlessly tried to get a message to his boss.

Hours later Cervantes Aguirre gave him a call to find out what he wanted that morning. Gurrola said that his brother, also a Colonel, came to his office to tell him about his friend who was in Military Intelligence, Colonel Pablo Castellanos Garcia , had some confidential documents in his office at the Defense College, which was a file relating to an individual identified as " Pedro " who was under investigation, Gurrola said his brother had the file because he wanted to know what its contents were.

They were not investigating it , but the fact that those intelligence reports with information reserved on the drug trafficking in the country , were out of the office of the Secretary of Defense itself constituted a leak of information.
That episode was the beginning of the history that revealed the penetration of the DTO's into the Army , and for the first time , shook to the core , the Military Leadership. The file " Pedro " , refers to a pursuit taken by a Group of Military Intelligence with the help of personnel of the American Embassy in Mexico , on the boss Amado Carrillo Fuentes ," El Senor de los Cielos" , "the Lord of the Skies" , and was just one work of spying that was carried out.

The then Colonel Gurrola Ramirez appeared in this story , in his capacity as Deputy Private Secretary of General Cervantes Aguirre, and was just one more piece of a scandal that shook the Army to the core, when several Generals were identified as being networked to Drug Trafficking Organizations .

At the end of the year, Colonel Gurrola , a Calvary officer graduated at the beginning of the 1970's in military college. He held various positions of lesser importance , taking into account that years earlier he had been an Assistant Military Attache at the Mexican Embassy in Washington , United States.

Those who knew him at the time in the Army , agreed that he did not have much operational experience, he was first section Chief , Human Resources, in the 25th Military zone of Puebla when he was captain. He had some command of troops who were armed , but nothing that was emphasizing him over his contemporaries.

In the cradle of the drug trafficker

For those years in particular that he was in Deputy Secretary of Defense during the six year period of Ernesto Zedillo, the now Brigadier General Gurrola Ramirez had not returned to have as much media exposure as he had in 2012 and 2013, in his Command Posting for Task Force Sierra Madre , which has its headquarters in Badiraguato , Sinaloa.
Gurrola Ramirez arrived in Sinaloa at the end of 2011, the Military advance had occupied the Headquarters of the 19th Military Zone in Tuxpan , Veracruz , but their presence was not reported by local media until January 2012 , when he headed for a few days of interim command of the 9th Military Zone.
Gurrola took charge of the Sierra Madre Task force as a result of the unsuccessful operations between 2010 and 2011 by a special group of the Army , commanded by General Antonio Gurrola Calzada and supported by the North American Intelligence Services, operated in several mountain communities to try to catch " El Chapo " Guzman Loera.

Discrete , and a man of few words , but known as user of intelligence information, General Gurrola Ramirez, knew of his presence in Badiraguato , the Municipality considered " the cradle of narco trafficking in Mexico ".  The General would by analyzed with a magnifying glass by groups of organised crime who felt affected by his presence.
As time passed , in November of 2012 his troops , engaged , on the outskirts of Guamuchil, and armed convoy of hit men that guarded Orso Ivan Gastelum , " El Cholo Ivan" , head of a group of hit men responsible for control of the Evora Valley for " El Chapo " Guzman Loera. This is the convergence of three Municipalities of Angostura , Salvador Alvarado , and Mocorito. Maria Susana Florez Gamez was killed in this confrontation , a Sinaloa beauty queen , who three months previously , had been crowned Miss Sinaloa 2012, who became the partner of " El Cholo Ivan ".
" El Cholo Ivan "
 The name of General Gurrola Ramirez appeared a few days later in a series of mantas located in the streets of these Municipalities, like Guamachil , where " Cholo Ivan" accused him of murdering Maria Susana , saying that she was not carrying a weapon , but was on the ground behind the vehicle asking them not to shoot her. In the same messages they accused the Military Chief of having connections to the Beltran Leyva Organisation, who had as chief of operations in the north of Sinaloa , Fausto Isidro Meza Flores " El Chapo Isidro".
With the passage of time , the presence of the General left the spotlights, local media reported only one public appearance in which the General reported on the drug seizures for 2012. A few week after , to commemorate the death of his girlfriend and former beauty queen, mantas appeared in a few towns such as Guamuchil, Mocorito and Culiacan , the messages on the mantas , were from " Cholo Ivan " and called for and investigation into the death of his girlfriend , which he blamed on the General.
Manta accusing General Gurrola
With this act of propaganda , attributed to " El Chapo" Guzman Loera, the Secretariat of National Defense announced that as of December 2nd 2013 the General would be moving to the 8th Military Zone with its head quarters in Reynosa , Tamaulipas on the border of south Texas.
Gurrola Ramirez arrived in Reynosa in the days when there was a dispute within the ranks of the Cartel del Golfo ( Otis : when wasn't there ? ) . This organization has revived the bloody clashes in this city of the border region in the wake of the arrest this year of Mario Ramirez Trevino , " El Pelon " or " X 20 ". He was one of the main operators for Ezekiel Cardenas Guillen " Tony Tormento ", killed by the Marines in 2010 , and Eduardo Costilla " El Coss " , arrested in September of 2012.
Left " X 20 "  Centre " El Coss " Right " Tony Tormenta"

Having remained in control of CDG in the Municipalities of Rio Bravo and Reynosa , Ramirez Trevino  unleashed an internal take over of the whole cartel. He did not succeed but the vacuum that his capture caused , caused disputes that returned this city to the most violent in the entire country. General Ramirez arrived at the beginning of December that year.
Original article in Spanish at Michoacán 3.0


  1. I know most Americans think when they send in the military guys, they're gonna kick butt and clean up.

    But as the pathetic history of this supposed general shows, placing a military guy in a civilian security position in MX means nothing.

    More likely, the violence and drug trafficking will escalate. Which maybe is the idea, right?

    I can't even count the number of former or current military officials who've been sent to Michoacán to clean it up. La Tuta called them "Los Verdes" on the radios, letting his sicarios know not to shoot at them because they were on their side.

    1. US American military, not the Mexican circus military. Big difference. Only the Marina's can be somewhat trusted. We as American's do not think much about the Mexican army overall. They are part of the problem too.

    2. O great another 1 probably worse than Castillo.

    3. There are more Mx Generals than the USA has

  2. Its hard to make sense of these direct translations . Probably just bullshit anyway . With so much corruption in the government why would anyone think this is any different . I think what the Mexican government is trying to do is consolidate .

  3. Another puppet slob. I say let Putin sort these Aholes out.

  4. "Cholo Ivan" One ugly fat hairy monkey, still alive or is he now with the beauty whore? selling her snxtch to narcos got her a free pass to the other side

  5. What if putin is another one of those, working with the russian mafia as one of the main bosses??? If that is the case??....then we all going to hell

    Look at that mafiosi of Silvio Berlusconi he has been shitting on italy before he even became "Prime Minister" of that corrupted rat cave called italia, looks like he did a good job at making italys economy move downwards while his bank account numbers increased by the billions....

    Who in here believes that a good chunk of the earth has fallen to the hands of evil, twisted bastards???

    Thanks alot selfish bitches of the kingdoms.... mostly from Europe where everything began a long time ago.......

    1. 11:27 PM
      "mostly from Europe where everything began a long time ago"

      Get a grip dude,your raving hysterically.Are you going to start bangin on about slavery next and your guilt complex?

  6. So he works for the beltranes and zetas. He might cause a big wave of violence to try and take c.t out and pave the way for a new cartel, or he will be under tuta's pay roll. All these military guys work for a cartel that's why a lot get killed after they retire from the military because onother cartel didn't like how they were arresting their people and not the other people from a diferent cartel. Like that guy who cleaned up tijuana for the cds and then got sent to Chihuahua and arrested and killed a lot of people from la linea and he never attacked cds. I Think his last name is leyzola . My point is they all work for cartels. Real

  7. Look at that, some one doesn't have to be the brightest slime boll to become a big narco down there. Lots of savagery is apparently all it takes, only in mx can big idiots become filthy rich, and all thanks to the corruption, rooted all the way to the bones...even the top millitary man can't stay away from it, Im not saying General Gurrola Ramirez is one of them. But there is definatly some others like that Colonel Castellanos Garcia that sold their "services" to who ever willing to pay 100's of thousands every time a deal was made, didn't Carrillo do the same thing with Riviello/others??

    Want to become a big narco? go to live in the mx sierras, but better be ready for those Aks waiting for new intruders....go ahead scar faces wantta b b's, take a chance on the animals from the south, like many mx americans do when they start working for carteles on mx and never come back to the US....

  8. The US has records, vaults full of records about mexican "businessmen" and government officers involvement in drugs and weapons trafficking with powerful past and present politicians and "businessmen in the US, and the US keeps hiding the evidence...
    --american whistle blowers are persecuted by the righteous US government while MSM keeps looking the other way, and
    "all american" winnies keep blaming "filth from the other side"...
    --I recommend the all amerikkkan winniesized winnies to find a worthy foe, you have freedoms of information for gods shakes!!! Gaddamnit !!!

    1. "all american" winnies keep blaming "filth from the other side"

      Someone denigrated Mexico so millie comes back hysterically whining about the evils of AmeriKKKa,,get it? Wipe your lip millie its foaming...

    2. The US has records, vaults full of records about mexican "businessmen"and other undesirables,under the bed so to talk?We could find out a lot if you tried?
      "all american" winnies keep blaming "filth from the other side" must read and find the freedoms of information for gods shakes!!! Gaddamnit !!!
      How long must you be blind to the damage your government is doing to the world?How long must you sleep in the dark as Mexico is victimized and bullied by the US institutions and organs,the winnie ninnies and ninnie winnies of Amerkkkan politico sociology economic values of today need no excuse to pillage coffers..Los Traicioneros De La Ruana/ por una ruana libre, youtube to see the truth of General Pedro Felipe Gurrola Ramirez and his ilk.

  9. Did pedorro jelipe announce his presence in the area by spectacularly murdering that young nurse from michoacan? Because as in guerrero, the murderers took her face as part of the kaibil ceremonies of the graduates of the school of the assassins franchises...
    --Tirenle a los azules, no a los verdes, los soldados estan con nosotros said la puta tuta...
    --orita ahi vienen los soldados guey, ellos nos van a ayudar, said el americano...
    see: Los Traicioneros De La Ruana/ por una ruana libre, youtube

  10. The inglorious bastards of the mexican army, reconquering michoacan for the elite zetas of pena nieto and stuhrmtruppenfuhrer osorio chong.

    1. Did pedorro jelipe announce his presence in the area by spectacularly murdering?Exactly,under the guise of freedom from the US and help from all the other worldly enterprises that long to steal Mexico and her heritageousness and courageous striving under the massive yoke of imperial demands to the contrary.EPN will send whomever he so likes into the breach of human depths,starting with yours truly General Pedro Felipe Gurrola Ramirez

  11. The girl was playing with fire and she got burned.Cholo Ivan is a dog he put her at risk if anyone did,also carjacking some innocent people?
    Didn't see him putting mantas up for the innocent person who died?

  12. I dedicate to this general song The Iron Man, by Black Sabbath.

  13. Please let Putin sort these assholes out, Mexico is losing there Bravado quick, No more PRIDE No more where the men are men n women are lovely No more Mexico lindo y querido, i think if anyone is dying they are going to sing, Mexico Lindo y Querido si muero que me lleven lejos de ti! Hahaha

  14. --Felipe Gurrola Ramirez and his underhand qualities of warmongering
    Enrique Francisco Galindo Ceballos the nazi of Zeta rule is wholeheartedly in hand with --Felipe Gurrola Ramirez and his underhand qualities of warmongering.The Zeta made the deal a long time ago,and now his plan is coming to fruition all made with Mittal and the stealing of Mexican steel and petrol being diverted to the greedy hands of"others""businessmen"--and the foreign rule of potentates and malingerers who sell the treasures of Mexico and her poor and victimized peoples soul to the highest bidder.
    Felipe Gurrola Ramirez will do the job he has been picked for by higher beings

    1. Lmao,millie what are you going on about?

  15. He looks like Nikita Kruschev but if you put a stash on his upper lip he would look more like the dude in 'Viva Max'.


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