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Monday, January 26, 2015

abducted Veracruz journalist found dead, the 11th during Duarte administration

by Lucio R.
                                   Veracruz Journalists murdered during Javier Durate governorship

Mayor ordered his death, former police confesses to the killing 

Moises Sanchez was a Veracruz journalist who reported on corruption and organized crime for the newspaper La Union. On the second day of the New Year, gunmen invaded his home and abducted the reporter.

His body was found on Saturday in the municipality of Medellin de Bravo, there were signs of severe torture.

On Sunday, the attorney general of Veracruz, Angel Luis Bravo, reported  the capture of Clemente Noé Rodríguez, a former municipal police, who said the murder was "commissioned" by  Medellin mayor Omar Cruz Reyes.  The confessed murderer revealed Sanchez was killed the same day as his abduction.

Although the PGR agency reported a "positive" identification, those results were based on fingerprint comparison.  Sanchez' son, Jorge Sánchez, mistrusts those results because of the poor condition of the body.  The body had been decomposing for 22 days when discovered.    The PGR agency has ordered DNA studies.

Because the mayor has immunity from prosecution, he has not been arrested.  A legal process is being conducted to impeach  annul  immunity.  The same process was conducted in the case of Mayor Jose Abarca of Iguala.  It was during that time that Abarca and his family fled.  

Since 2010 eleven Veracruz journalists have been murdered

From the date in 2010 when  Javier Duarte de Ochoa took office as governor of Veracruz, there have been 11 journalists murdered.

Names of Veracruz Journalists murdered:

Noel López Olguín, Miguel Ángel López Velasco, Misael López Solana, Yolanda Ordaz, Regina Martínez, Guillermo Luna Varela, Gabriel Huge Córdova, Esteban Rodríguez, Víctor Manuel Báez Chino and  Gregorio Jiménez.


  1. State PGR will do more testing on the corpse after the son concluded that it was not his father:

  2. You see they all contribute to the mexicants progress with their malevolency, mediocrity...Etc.

    One dog here, one dog there....(Those called. "Mayors", "Governors"..Other bitches "working for the gob") sum it up, and thats what they get.

    A total JUNGLE where only the MOST ANIMALS rule with IMPUNITY... given to them by other animals, "working" for their own personal gain. Nothing else. Selfish Dogs.... A society destroying cancer.

  3. Where is the international outrage? U.N.? Geneva? What kind of world do we want to live in?


    Flores twins update^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  5. When the media is silenced that's seriously bad.

    "A total JUNGLE where only the MOST ANIMALS rule with IMPUNITY... given to them by other animals, "working" for their own personal gain. Nothing else. Selfish Dogs.... A society destroying cancer"

  6. I spoke out against this kind of filth an barbaric acts when I saw the 10 + bodies hanging post mortem from a main bridge in Nuevo Laredo in Plain public view .
    That did it for me . I became outspoken & was humiliated publicly, (in Texas)
    and oustcast from my community . People cannot believe that all this chaos happens. I guess the beautiful beaches etc . are a distraction .

  7. Hey BB folks . Feel free to go join in on " Is Mexico Safe " Its free. Help enlighten the populous and might save someone's life by posting the truth. There is a question to log on (google the answer)

    1. I ask you to please stop with the comments about this website. They have the right to post whatever they choose to on their blog, if they want to say Mexico is safe, fine, I don't care about that or the blog. Same goes for people that would not gather security information from various sources.

      But it appears you are on a campaign to annoy them. Please don't use BB for that, ok? It is disrespectful to the reporters,


  8. No protects the first forget the UN they do nothing

  9. Hola Chivis and everybody at BB. They just released Florence Cassez, that French lady that was the head of a group of kidnappers(Los Zodiacos)

    1. Two years late and several info items short.

      The news today is that from France she's threatening to sue former President Calderón.

      Fat f*uckin' chance. She should have been forced to rot in a MX prison.

    2. How can you call a leader of kidnappers, a lady? she is a bitch not a lady!

      That bitch should had die in mexico, give them an example that mx has enough rats of their own already, and that they don't need foreign ones doing the same shit!

    3. Small Pene let her out when he first came in to embarrass Calderon.

    4. Orale. Thanks for the info. If that's the case then you are right, fat f'n chance. She's not seeing a penny. This b!tch is lucky she's out. Again, thanks for the info.

    5. Florence cassez does not enjoy official impunity, her sin of being a french ho compounded with genaro garcia luna and la senora wallace, was bad news for her from televisa...
      Garcia luna and felipe calderon enjoy official impunity in the US with their millions and ernesto zedillo's jundillo, they are:
      The immunity laws were cooked with premeditation, and can not be enforced until the perps get outed and a great big ruckus gets under way, politicians are thinking of everything these days, at all levels, with consultants and accountants paid from the public trough...they should be sued too...

  10. Mexico seems to be just one criminal organization after another . big ones little ones and many in between .

  11. Comply, keep quiet...and mind your not the job of a journalist. The pen can do more damage than any gun. It's that pen that these punks are so scared of..

    1. That's beutiful. Couldn't have said it any better.

  12. Sad to hear this...RIP Moises Sanchez.

  13. Instead of the government noticing the constant abduction of journalist, also notice the constant involvement of a Mayor and this silly immunity excuse. Isn't it time to strip those positions of that benefit? It is quite apparent that criminals go into these positions to allow the crimes and corruption we constantly hear about, to take place. It seems there are way more laws protecting criminals in Mexico then there are convicting them. With more loop holes in them than a box of "Froot Loops!" I bet if they did take that immunity away, there wouldn't be any candidates, or less.

  14. Too much 007 laws, the impunity laws are a recent development to have the mayors align with el pri murdering ways...


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