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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

PGJ secure 20 Caballero Templario homes in Apatzingan

Translated for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article by Otis B Fly-Wheel

Kiki Plancartes house
20 houses which were the property of the heads of Los Caballeros Templarios cartel, were taken back by the PGJ for state of Michoacán , and the municipalities of Apatzingan , Mugica, and Paracuaro.

The real estate belonged to the fallen leaders of the Templarios , Nazario Moreno Gonzales , Enrique Plancarte Solis , and Francisco Galeana Nunez , El Pantera , alo Mario Alberto Romero Rodriguez and Victor Hugo Almazan Mendoza.

Romero Rodriguez , El Tucan , was detained in October of last year, he was a collaborator close to Servando Gomez , El Tuta , the last leader alive of the Templarios.

Jose Martin Godoy Castro, Michoacán Attorney General , reported that in Apatzingan they seized ten piece of real estate, of which , five were the personal property of Nazario Moreno, who lost his life on 9th March of 2014 in confrontation with the Mexican Navy in the municipality of Tumbiscatio, Michoacán.

Also in Mugica , the PGJ seized four pieces of real estate which were the property of Enrique Plancarte Solis , another leader of the Templarios who died on 2nd of April 2014 , and one more piece of real estate which was the property of Victor Hugo Almazan Mendoza.

In the Atunez locality, municipality of Paracuaro , they seized five properties of Mario Alberto Romero Rodriguez , El Tucan , said Godoy Castro.

During the operation , they secured three vehicles,  250 doses of synthetic drugs ( presumed to be meth ) , and seven horses.

In one of the houses located in the colonia Francisco Villa , they seized a drug scale and metered substances , a black Surburban van was located in an estate in the colonia of Lazaro Cardenas model 2005, while in a colonia in Las Palmas there were two vehicles seized on of them armored , explained the Michoacán Attorney General

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  1. Former governor leonel godoy accused of getting the state of michoacan in debt by 40 billion of pesos, (40 000 000 000.00) about 4 billion dollars, and all the state has to show for it is dead killed and murdered citizens all over the place, others incarcerated for eating chicken, or for getting their family murdered, a virrey who can't find his pestilent ass with both hands and impunity for the friends of the party like el migueladas...
    --Like bertie boy moreira, only worse, because bertie boy only got his state of coahuila in debt by 30 billion pesos, about 3 billion dollars...

  2. But La Tuta remains invisible.

  3. Y doesnt anybody talk about el tio? Wasnt he a leader? The one that made that video calling out hipolito mora and he looked like a gay cowboy haha

    1. They say el tio requested Hipolito as a cell mate?

    2. All leaders specialize in specific. La Tuta owned most extortion in the state and still does , el loco sold more meth then any other cartel.. Usually those two categories get most heat , the negotionater with politicians usually gets mention the less from all bosses ( like el azul being hardly spoken of , to chapo and mayo who ran the drug business and extortion for cds they got all the heat )

    3. The Mad Hatter? JaJa

    4. @3:32 Mann. El Chapillo chaputon, got all the heat for the CDS. All the rest of the btches were behind him hidding making him look like he was the only one there. El mayo with others never got the heat like el chapo did.. & he has the same power something is going on there.. el MZ must doing something there. like making good deals with somebody 'really powerfull' or something....(sometimes it makes me believe like if someone used the shorty as a mask for the real cartel boss/bosses) thats some ESCORPION type of shit right there.. where no body knows the real boss/bosses of the mx mafia. Where state governors & presidents form part of it under office doors.

  4. Guess tuta wasn't in when they rang his doorbell must of been shopping for crap baseball caps.

  5. Pinchi castillo de cagada, he is going to steal the toilets too, and keep the prettiest houses for himself, he has run out of iron ores to steal, so taxing the kilo de tortillas will be next, just like la puta tuta...

  6. Those houses were presents from ct to the government. Now back to bussines as usual.


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