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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

4 Decapitated in Atizapán, México State

Less than a week after two young men were shot on Emiliano Zapata street, the colonia of San Miguel Xochimanga, in the municipality of Atizapán, México state, suffered more violence. 

On Tuesday, January 13, four decapitated bodies (partially clothed and showing signs of torture) were left at the doorstep of a home, once again on Emiliano Zapata street.

They were found by the occupants of the home when they opened the door after someone, likely the individuals who dumped the bodies, rang the doorbell around 3:00 AM.

On top of the bodies was a message reading:
 "Here is your cannon fodder give up the fight fucking 'puerco dorado' (literally: golden pig or fried pig), you 60 even though you are inside and you tronpas you two are nobodies, Sincerely La Vívora".
According to authorities, the heads of the victims were found in black bags scattered in various locations in the area.

At the present time I am not aware of any reports as to the organization(s) believed to be involved in this crime, nor the suspected identity of the two individuals mentioned in the message and the signer.

However, it is worth noting that the alias "Vívora" is used by Francisco Javier Recillas Ríos, an alleged member of the Sinaloa Cartel operating in the nearby city of Tlalnepantl, with influence in Atizapán, Nicolás Romero, and Cuautitlán Izcalli.  He is wanted by Mexican state authorities, who in July 2014 offered a reward of 500,000 pesos for information leading to his arrest, for the crimes of homicide and drug selling and distribution. 

Dejan cuatro decapitados a las puertas de una casa en Atizapán

Dejan cuatro cuerpos decapitados con narcomensaje en calles de Atizapán

Message from the governor, in Spanish


  1. Eruviel avila villegas, descendant of the maximino and manuel avila camacho, family of murderers, last famous hit involving rafael or manuel, moro avila in the murder of Manuel Buendia for meddling with the CIA/DFS and its boss jose antonio zorrilla perez involvement in drug trafficking with the guadalajara cartel and the murder of kiki camarena...
    --eruviel avila will waterboard and torture anybody acused, for the rewards, like marisela morales and la senora wallace, genaro garcia luna and luis cardenas palomino, all known criminals protected from prosecution by mexico and the US...
    --eruviel avila has conducted his first public massacre for the training, in Tlatlaya...
    --that is vibora, of the worst kind of viboras, chilango pickpocket murdering politico...

  2. I don't understand why all the cartels don't just merge together. It would end all the violence.

    1. what good would that do they still be fighting amongst each other to see who would be the leader

    2. Because they lack the class and discipline for such an endeavor. Plus there'd have to be a huge purge to get rid of the uncontrollable sociopaths that like to massacre & rape.

    3. They are merged together it's called the Mexican Government!

  3. Ok if the home these bodies were left at is that of innocent citizens, I'd be moving right after that discovery!


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