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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Women's handcuffed body found in Tijuana

Women's handcuffed body found in Tijuana

In a grim image that has been replayed across the city, and cities like it, all over the world, a women's body was found this morning, in the Tijuana River channel, near the CECUT, Tijuana Cultural Center. A bleak contrast of privilege and poverty, the wealthy elite and those with bound hands and feet, slowly decomposing, wrapped in a blanket.

The facts are few, and will likely remain so; unless a captured detainee gives statements to the PGR or Siedo, and the hopelessly numbing and horrific details of this women's death will fill a few lines in a ZETA article.  However, given the painful insignificance of this incident, that is unlikely.  

No, far likelier she will join the ranks of the fallen in Tijuana, the ghosts that decorate the homes on Day of the Dead, and sit in morgues, have cheap funerals, or are simply disposed of by the state.  Disposable is a good word….disposable income, these are disposable people to many.

Not in terms of contributions, or stature, or significance, because she and those like her were undoubtedly painfully important to their loved ones.  Simply, that in a place of wrenching inequality, sickening poverty, these victims of the crushing mechanics of that system are not important to very many.

They are usually deemed either criminals, or scum, prostitutes, or promiscuous, terms that desensitize all of us to the smell of death and the way it stops the world of those left behind, lefts with nothing but memories and photos, bursts of laughter, snippets of conversations, pieces of lives.  And you go on.  And the memories haunt you, settling in your stomach and the base of your spine, dulled slightly only by the passing of time, unexpected crushing tears that come late at night.  

How many times are hearts broken?  How many times can ones heart break?  

AFN Tijuana


  1. Ahhhh Tijuana. I remember when the crime was hidden and only between criminals and never in the wide open. It was a nice little tourist spot to escape the blandness of San diego. Wow what happened to this place.

  2. J ..Llore un río,,,con usted....Pero,, nadie llora como usted
    Muchas gracias por su río

  3. "How many times are hearts broken? How many times can ones heart break? "
    How many times can one know oneself?How can one be at one with thine own true self?
    Can we look oneself in the mirror without guilt of ones inherent brutality?
    Can we truly look at the sun with oneness and sincerity?

  4. The more interesting story of the day was the "chofer" getting whacked while on his bus route. Three shots right after he boarded, no words exchanged, seems like a hit. Loads of nefarious activity on those bus routes.
    This woman, unfortunately, will join the countless others who are forgotten. I hope her end was quick.
    But on the topic of the canal "bordo" people, If their loved ones really care for them, then how come they're still in there? How come these loved ones don't ante up for bus fare or coyote fare or whatever fare to their point of origin. Because they know their scumbag loved one will make that money dissappear and then just be back crying for more. We have to face the fact that there are people in this world who receive a shit turn (really bad things happen to them, things that are out of their control), but then they use that as crutch to come off the rails and start doing crazy shit. And there's also people who have a leg up and decide to piss it away hitting the pipe or foco. Once someone is broken to the point they decide (and I emphasize decide because there ARE alternatives to the canal) to live (again, to generous, more like subsist) in a concrete drainage pipe with running raw sewage, and ingest whatever comes their way hungry-hippo style to escape that reality, HOW CAN THEY COME BACK? What can they do to contribute? A fair amount of these "bordo" people have serious, permanent, changes to their neurological makeup due to chronic substance abuse, how can they come back from that. In my view they had their turn, now live with it motherfuckers. That's not to say there aren't good people trapped in there due to a confluence of shitty events, those are the ones that should be targeted and plucked out to contribute to our city. How can you distinguish between them...simple, a thorough medical examination without any labs or imaging, just a doc (an internist from Hospital General should suffice) with his clinical acumen and hands.

  5. Arellano Felix always "encobija" their victims..

  6. the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, welcome to Mx.

  7. I have always said that no other men or women on earth has endure so much pain and suffering like Jesus did before he died on that cross, but the dead of the war in Mexico, come so close to it. Its heartbreaking to think their last days and hours, because no matter what they did in life, they did not deserve to die like that. And for the rest of us, knowing that another body with signs of torture surface, its like a bleeding and painful wound that will never heal. Brothers and sisters killing each other, but with as much pain as anyone can bear. They leave this earth, without making peace with themselves. No matter how much time goes by, peace to our souls will never come. I just pray, so that the door that was open letting the darkest side of being humans out, soon closes for good. Rest in peace, all the dead of this war.

  8. Mexicans are used to this. That happens every day in Mexico, just like the women in Chihuahua. Not to sound heartless im just being realistic. Do people get surprised when soldiers get killed in Afghanistan? Mexico is a war zone, unfortunately inocent people die. The problem is just going to get worse befor it gets better. I'm Mexican and my whole family is here because the government doesn't protect people there, just like the cops. Instead of helping you they look for ways to take advantage of you. And if you speak against them they kill you or you end up like Dr. Mireles.!! Real

  9. And the images? Nobody gives a shit tho, a body here and there but whe you add them all up the become hundreds or thousands, if there were a bunch of bodies piled up at one spot maybe people would care and the media be forced to report on it, but that's the fucked up part, the 43 were a big number at once, a number a movement but what about all the rest, the missing the tens of thousands so far under this regime alone?
    In a normal democratic society people would care about what happened to this woman and observe that justice be done.

  10. The last line of this article is the reality. Most mexicanos are now numbed to this kind of pain yet still have the memory of the lost one. They kill the mothers,the youth, the fathers, and simply have zero remorse. What a world we live in. This is practically the end of society in mexico what a world we live in. The difference is tijuana is just separated by a wall. Tragic isnt it? Que sera..sera.


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