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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Orders are given for two women who witnessed a massacre of 22 presumed criminals by the Mexican army to be released.

Posted by DD Republished from TeleSur
A federal judge ordered the immediate release on Monday of two women who were arrested by the Mexican army in June this year, witnesses to the mass execution of 22 presumed organized crime members by the army in a warehouse in the town of Tlatlaya, State of Mexico.
Blood is seen on the wall of a building where 22 people, alleged members of a criminal group, were executed by soldiers of the Mexican Army, June 30, 2014 in Tlatlaya, Mexico. | Photo: AFP

The Fourth District Court in the State of Mexico ordered the dismissal of the criminal charges of illegal possession of firearms and cartridges for the exclusive use of the military.

The two women remain detained in the Women's Federal Social Rehabilitation Center in Tepic, Nayarit.

Last November, the then head of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), Raul Plascencia said that the two women were innocent since they were not members of the alleged criminal group.

According to an investigation by the CNDH, the two women were tortured and sexually assaulted by state officials to change their version of the events they witnessed in Tlatlaya so as to correspond to the military’s version that the 22 dead were killed in a firefight with the army.

Mexico’s Attorney General’s office admitted that the presumed criminal group surrendered to a military patrol on June 30th, and were thus subsequently executed by military personell. Experts assert that the presumed criminals were also shot at very close range.

Seven soldiers have thus been indicted in the case, and remain in a military prison located in Mexico City, according to local authorities. However human rights defenders have called for further investigations, especially of military commanders for the wholesale extrajudicial killings.


  1. Fck them. fck them all. Maybe they will get it that way. To no see cartel groups as their first option.

    So what if they surrendered. they knew they were going to be out soon no prove no crime. main problem thugs perpetuate crimes and never get punished for it. they know it. thats how mx should clean the cancers to do it faster.

  2. 12:24 are you insinuating that in spite of expert analysis at the scene of the murders that indicates that the dead surrendered and were murdered by soldiers and without proof of any wrongful or delictive conduct??
    --sometimes the popo the governmemt feeds you is ready to poop real soon upon demand, and for some with corrupt minds, volunteering to crucify before any investigation is even started, is the creed of the brownie pointer...
    --the optics say the dead were lured to their deaths, and murdered to make points for promotion and pay, even to prove themselves worthy of more assignments, because the mexican government is the experts on dirty jobs like this...
    --wake up, pendejo!!!

  3. What we failed to mention is that the military in Mexico does the work of the cartels and corrupted politicians above t heir own people!! I highly doubt that the military was really trying to do good! The real question should be what cartel , and who's interests were they working for when they committed their crimes! I'm not saying those guys they killed were little angels, but what do they have to hide!!!! Mexico is still a democracy right?????

    1. Mx has never been a democracy. A place to be democratic needs to runned by good honest persons not thugs with personal interests.

      Maybe is time for them to change their ways..

  4. Death penalty for mexico!

  5. Mexico is a land of evil anda suelto el diablo


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