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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Family Members of the Three Youths Found Executed in Chihuahua Flee in Fear

As reported by El Diario Juárez

Members of the Archuleta family fled from the municipality due to the fear of suffering a new attack and the absence of security guarantees, as the authors of the forced disappearance and later assassination of three young men remain free and remain in the town, they denounced.

"We can no longer be here", one of the members of this family told El Diario that he had to decline participating in the funeral service of his loved ones, but he refused to identify the site in which he was refuging.

In this town one can not bury their dead, lamented the bereaved.

"We are afraid to remain longer in the town", said the person interviewed upon making what would be his last communication.

The fear, he affirmed, is because they are poor people, laborers, and without any relation with organized crime, despite the fact that they kidnapped his three relatives, tortured them, and killed them.

The bodies of the victims were recovered by the relatives indirectly, those who still have not decided what to do, before the fear of possible attacks if they conduct a wake for the bodies in their houses, as it is accustomed to do in this rural community.

Guadalupe is found 31 miles away and to the southeast of Ciudad Juárez; towards the border of the counties of El Paso and Hudspeth, Texas.

The territory, according to the versions of the neighbors, is controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel, but following the death of Gabino Salas Valenciano, who died in an alleged shootout between members of the Mexican military led by the then sectretary of Public Security of Ciudad Juárez, Julián Leyzaola Pérez, fragmented in cells and fights have erupted among themselves.

In that community the neighbors speak in hushed voices of the supposed head of one of these cells identified as "El Negro" and his lieutenants, the brothers "El Meño" and "El Toga".  They mention others like "El Profe", "Los Papachos" and "El Sinaloa".

"They were born in Guadalupe, in the town of Caseta (Doctor Porfirio Parra ejido) but they are in Juárez, they only come once in a while.  They are even good people if you don't mess with them they won't with you and they even are good about greeting people", said a neighbor of the town.

Before abandoning their place of origin, the members of the Archuleta family informed that through the Facebook account of Elmer García Archuleta they would be sharing information about Edgar Iván, the older brother of Elmer and his cousin Gabriel Archuleta.  They left children behind.
The Fiscalía General of the state conducted a handwriting analysis and forensic fingerprinting of the card that they left on one of the bodies (Itzli: according to El Diario de Chihuahua, this message threatened the Sinaloa Cartel and was signed by La Línea), the prosecutor in the northern area, Enrique Villarreal Macías, made known.

He added that the bodies would be handed over after they had the results of the genetic forensic testing that would allow them to establish the identity of the victims with a 100 percent certainty.

The forces disappearance and later killing of the three members of the Archuleta family still impacts the communities of the municipalities of Guadalupe and Juárez.

Elmer and Gabriel were "lifted" from their houses by six members of an armed group in front of their families; Edgar was removed at pistol point from a bus in which he was traveling as he was an operator at a factory in Juárez, informed the prosecutor Enrique Villarreal Macías.

Despite the fact that Guadaluple has a permanent presence of the Mexican army which is responsible for security in the rural area, the armed gang acted with absolute impunity.

Prosecutor Villarreal Macías said that the acts happened on December 6 and that the family did not report it until the 8th, which affected the investigation.

Now, more than 50 agents search in the Valley of Juárez for the alleged people responsible, he assured.

At the moment there have been no results.


  1. Who were the ones that killed those 6 people and burned the houses... was it la linea or the sinaloa cartel?

  2. So that is why la linea is on a drugwar with the sinaloa cartel cause they invaded the juarez territory. Those sinaloans want to be every where they want it all just for themselves typical cartel.... they all dogs

  3. The people of that town know who the perpetrators are!!! They need to put fear into them by exposing them just like they put fear into the population!!!! When the citizens fight back these cowards will run away like the coward that they are!

  4. My opinion...which i know is meaning less...Thats what they get!!! How about when they and or family members backed up the sinaloa cartel had goverment back up,lil ole chapo!!! That help us niw gone! Cds isnt a dang thing with out that help!!! How about when cds killed alot of family from la libea when they had full control of juarez valley!!! Time to pay thr piper!!! Cds will continue to fall,one by one....

  5. How I miss Guadalupe and my great grandparent's ranch. I hope to one day go back and visit that dusty town where I ran barefoot as a kid.

    1. Hell ya i miss going to Guadalupe and cruzing there . My family is from caseta

  6. CDS forever Godspeed el mayo free el chapo el mayito business never personal

    1. To hell with your cds trash. They think they own mx and the rest of the world with their corruption. well they are damn wrong. even the biggest fall, and their time WILL COME..

      They have played a big role on all the things that are going on mxico, doing whatever they had to do to get to the power destroying others. That power isn't free they gonna have to pay for it, not with money but with freedom and life.

  7. The juarez cartel and the beltran leyvas, allied with los zetas have acquired the murdering skills of the kaibiles who trained the zetas in their murdering trades for the government, whoever it is, and now it is pena nieto's priista satrapy...

  8. Puro caseta gente buena y mala a las malas el primo Diego y la familia del billar al cien y tuerkas k no falte

  9. It has been said on this very website that La Linea was going to cleanse Chihuas of Sinaloa cartel members. It was also said that they would settle debts against those citizens who supported CDS in Chihuas. I doubt La Linea is discriminately picking out "innocents" as targets and killing them. This will only get worse for those who switch sides during the CDS's occupation. It's sad but it's necessary.

  10. ''La linia'' puros pinchis deportados, can't come back to el paso s they go and designate anybody they don't know a cds or a supporter of them, after inquisition style investigations, not even waterboarding or cattle prods needed...
    -- 'linias' are Just your run of the mill El Paso County raped cons, no plata, just lead...

  11. Fucking CDS nuthuggers can"t take the fact that after seven or eight years of fighting La Linea with Mexican government support as well as U.S. CIA and DEA help La Linea still exists! All this stuff about La Linea killing innocents has been true to a big extent over the years but since the capture of kingpins like El Diego and El VIceroy among others as well as the deaths of many more of them, the newer generation of Linieros (though not saints by any means still), have learned to gain the respect of civillians once again. La Linea is nowhere as strong as they once were but all this crap about them still brutally murdering innocents at random is now mostly just CDS nuthuggers propaganda/frustration at the realization that CDS cartel dominance in Chihuahua might someday come to an end.


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