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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Drunk Federal Police In Confrontation With Normalistas in Chilpancingo; (UPDATED)

Borderland Beat posted and translated by DD Republished from Proceso

A confrontation between teachers and teacher trainees against federal policemen in Insurgentes avenue in Chilpancingo, Guerrero left a balance of eight civilians and injured three agents yesterday.

The facts have started coming in this morning when five federal policemen who apparently were drunk beat two normalistas of Ayotzinapa that made preparations for a concert where there would be a rock concert and in which they would have several bands.  The event called "a light in the darkness", in which the group participate Panteon Rococo, would be there to support the movement of Ayotzinapa.

On having found out about the aggression against their partners, more young  normalistas came to the place and  detained the police officers.

Then, approximately 300 federal police officers led by commander "Spartacus" arrived to rescue the agents being held.

Teachers of the State Coordinator of Education Workers of the State of Guerrero (CETEG) and UNAM students  mobilized on Avenida Insurgentes and  they initiated a confrontation where civilians threw stones and the police used tear gas and clubs.   A subject in a pickup truck plowed into a federal agent, who is hospitalized and in serious condition.

The Feds arrested the driver of the pickup and  two teachers of the CETEG, who were beaten and robbed of their cell phones.

The 'Espartaco' Commander negotiated with teachers for the delivery of three agents who had been retained, then that he gave to them  the driver of the truck and the two teachers.

Teachers Elias Sanchez and Ramiro Leyva were beaten by the feds and are in serious condition, indicated the leaders of the CETEG.  A reporter also was injured during the commotion.

A professor charged that the federal police officers were drunk and began to attack them while doing logistics work for the concert that would be the afternoon of this Sunday.

After the confrontation, participants of the festival "a light in the darkness" reported that the event was suspended "due to the provocation of the Federal Police to the population of the Rural Teacher of Ayotzinapa". The concert would  have been in the vicinity of the monument to Nicolas Bravo, near the market Baltasar R. Leyva, north of Chilpancingo.


.It adds that the incident left nearly 17 wounded, 'including two relatives of the disappeared, normal students of Ayotzinapa, the CETEG teachers and students of UNAM, denied them medical care by Chilpancingo Red Cross and they moved them to other hospitals, and authorities removed their phones, purses and shoes'

Apparently the Red Cross has the same attitude as the government about the Normalistas.   

The former coordinator of Health Services of Iguala, Angelica Narvaez Perez, was fired from her job in retaliation because she gave medical attention to normalistas Ayotzinapa that were injured during the violent events of last September 26.

Her offense;  she  heeded the call of her profession to provide  humanitarian aid and worked late into the night the day of the attack, serving Solano Aldo Edgar Gutiérrez and Andrés Vargas, normalistas from Ayotzinapa and their families.
Solano Gutierrez was wounded by a bullet in the head during the attack committed by municipal police in Iguala and currently remains hospitalized in a clinic in Mexico City


  1. Drunk while in the job? those "types" give the gov agencies the bad reputation. A couple of pieces of shiet make the rest look bad, because not all are the same. That is exactly what happens in all the places. isn't that som. som.? cause fools can't tell who is who.... what a dropping

  2. Damning Report Claims Mexican Federal Police Participated In Disappearance Of 43 Students

  3. My younger brother just traveled to Chilpo Gro. yesterday to visit family for a month. Hope he doesnt come across the violence.

  4. 4:51 "one or two elements giving the police crporation a bad name"
    That is a government line, the whole federal police corporation, the military and their drug trafficking paramilitary associates are all corrupt and rotten from head to toe, and they can not hide it anymore, like drunk murdering homos emilio cuayffet chemor and pena nieto...

  5. Such brutalities must be dealt with severe actions against those federal policemen. Though hiring a good lawyer can avoid their name to be imprinted in criminal record. DUI conviction can hinder convict’s success in the near future and might affect their whole life. When I worked with DUI attorney Los Angeles I saw many cases where DUI completely destroyed someone’s life.


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