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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

'El Wicked', killer of activist Marisela Escobedo, dies in prison

Lucio written with information from Borderland Beat archives of Havana and Chivis and facebook

The murderer of activist Marisela Escobedo, Jose Enrique Jiménez Zavala, "The Wicked", died of a massive heart attack, the Attorney General's Office reported.  [update; he was strangled by el Jimy his co defendant also incarcerated-see photo at above]

According to authorities, "It was around 21:20 hours during one of the cell checks, of the  high security module, a guard noticed that Jiménez Zavala, who was in his cell, was convulsing, so he immediately sought help and transferred the inmate to an area hospital.

The prosecutor said in a statement this afternoon. " in the field  CPR was applied, then  an ECP (electrocardiogram) confirmed that there were no vital signs,"he added. 

Once the prosecutors testified to the facts, the body of the inmate was taken to the Medical Examiner about the 1 AM hours of the morning for autopsy could be conducted. 
El Wicked is in the above image and below is
Marisela after the court ruling, setting her daughters killer free

MariselaEscobedo was murdered the night of December 16, 2010 before the doors of the Government Palace of Chihuahua, when she was protesting, demanding justice for her daughter Ruby Fraire Escobedo.

Her teenaged daughter was tortured and killed by her boyfriend, Sergio Barraza Bocanegra,  alias 'El Piwi' in Chihuahua in 2008.  

Marisela never gave up her fight for justice in her daughters case.

Barraza Bocanegra confessed to her murder, and gave details to police. He was tried but incredulously, was found “not guilty” by a panel of judges.

 A devastated Marisela continued her fight and was doing so in December 2010 when she was gunned down, her assassination captured on video, in front of the government palace of Chihuahua.

'El Piwi'  above Rubi below

El Piwi, Rubi's  boyfriend, moved to Zacatecas after his release, where he married and allegedly continued his work with Los Zetas. He was killed in November, 2012, in clash occurring with elements of the Army , on a road linking the towns Joaquin Amaro and Tabasco.

With the deaths of Sergio Barraza Bocanegra, and Jiménez Zavala, Marisela posthumously attained some level of  justice.
In the footage below, at around 1:30 you can see her being chased and eventually shot 


  1. Marisela y Rubi, descansa en paz

  2. Marisol's son has been harased on el paso by el piwi's brother, a gangbanger apparently running around in el paso, sergio rafael barraza bocanegra does not pay with his death or that of his fall guy for his sins, his brother is fair game, as is their Fresnillo (colonia esparza, hey, pinchis tepecheros de la TPCh!), Rio Grande, Guadalupe, in Zacatecas, to Cd Juarez, El Paso, zeta connections, account not closed...
    I don't know why women go for losers like "el piwi", maybe they should be warned about their motherly instinct; was sergio also called el comandante bambino?
    --anyways, nobody dies this young in prison just like that, i'm sure he was given an extra strong dose, but it's ok, thanks for one less asshole...

  3. Hard to believe the guard "immediately sought help" and "transferred the inmate to an area hospital." Also that CPR and a ECP (EKG) was given makes me laugh, they can't even feed the prisoners do you think they are going to waste time and money on a sack of garbage like him? The guards were probably laughing their asses off while he's squirming around probably begging for any help but knowing he isn't going to get any. No doubt the guards had wagers on how long it would take him to die with the addition to a few boot kicks to the balls and head. I say good riddance. Waiting for the next to succumb to natural causes. They never had cares or feelings for those they butchered and murdered so you live by the sword, you die by the sword....and a few beatings in between!

    1. For sure, by their own report, they only did cpr for about 10 mins. translation: they did none. this was supposedly done in transport from cell to the hospital. I am calling drugs or a hit.

      good news either way. This person had opportunities, grew up in el paso, was perfectly bi-lingual and smart.

      he was arrested for something relatively minor and when he was incarcerated he joined the aztecas

    2. I hope they were. Fuckin lowlife scum.

  4. playing the video on full screen is best. it is very clear.

  5. Marisela Escobedo suffered tremendously,her last years were fraught with stress and mental hardship in the face of indifferent authorities,the marches,courts,protest..
    This fucking dog,i hope suffered,he made his choices,he made a choice to murder a woman on her own mourning and protesting for her murdered daughter,the only good thing about this whole story is that he is dead..
    I hope Marisela Escobedo can see it,whatever we say she was a strong brave woman

  6. God Bless her and the good people of Mexico. Only the Nieto and his people can make the change, why did the people want the PRI again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it worst

  7. live by the sword die by the sword

  8. This was very good news. I agree with Chivis. They probably gave him either an adulterated dose or an uncut dose. That is, if he died in the way described in the story. Reminds me years ago, the barrio bad guy got out of jail and returned to the neighborhood. He tried to retake control and somebody gave him a dose of uncut heroin. It was called an overdose by the cops, but we saw him die and we knew who gave him the dose. Similar symptoms.

  9. Myself, Not Wanting To Harm, it translates to Sensitivity and CONSIDERATION towards 'others'. Keep in mind that WE are not the only CREATIONS THAT WERE BORN ON THIS PLANET, other life forms have the right to be welcomed to this planet and well treated.

    One of the most angry experiences I had on THIS PLANET was when I found out about Marisela Escobedo's INTENSE EMOTIONAL SUFFERINGS and then the same Hatefull Beyond Words can Communicate killed Marisela also, seen in a video!!. She Lost HER Precious flesh and blood CHILD. Emotionally involved I myself wanted to help find the LOW LIFE who had taken Marisela's Precious Daughter and who also killed Marisela. Here tonight I find out that the THE LOVELESS MURDERER has died. Is that enough, did the bastard PAY for the suffering he imposed on THE HUMAN LIFE HE TARGETED AND DESTROYED? Give Me The Power to cross to the side where that Bastard is now BECAUSE I WANT TO 'MAKE HIM 'SUFFER' AS MUCH AS HE MADE VICTIMS suffer' !!!!

    1. I agree, the photograph above of her being led from the court room after the piece of shit was found not guilty, that image is etched in my mind since I first saw it.

      RIP Marisela and Ruby

    2. I would also like to say RIP to both of those beautiful humans who had their lives stolen from them way before their time by human filth.

    3. In the past posts I came across I think that it was believed that the guy who killed her daughter also was suspected to have murdered the mother so, my above commentary was based on far in the past news posts, my mistake, now I understand, there were TWO murderers involved. El Piwi was the one I was referring to when I wrote to the aforementioned Mexican politician living in the USA currently with a career as lawyer.

  10. Happy New Year Wicked

  11. His death photo is the only image I have seen of Piwi smiling. It is a strange death face. and those chupacabra ears

  12. ya marcho este culero es lo que deven hacer con todos estos lambe huevos matarlos para que los quieren presos y cuando salgan o se escapan siguen matando según muy hombres matando gente inocente horita ya esta en su nueva cárcel el vato...

  13. And who was presidente municipal of Fresnillo and Rio Grande or governor of Zacatecas when sergio rafael barraza bocanegra was being protected?
    Or governor of Chihuahua state when sergio got all the impunity he needed?
    That is when the zetas had their biggest days in power on both states, with durango in the middle and the zetas grew all the way from tamaulipas to cd juarez and to veracruz, coahuila, nuevo leon, guatemala, all conquered from tamale or paleta carts, while the mexican army, the police ar al levels, and the mexican press, never saw anything, nothing, nadaaa!!!

  14. If this death occurred hours before New Years it seems to me that 'someone' decided that The Rat was to be denied A Happy New Year and a happy new year celebration 'wish'. An autopsy would surely tell the truth.

    When I became aware of Marisela E.s tragic loss of daughter and Marisela's protest and campaign for justice to be served I became pasionatly interested and emotionsallly involved in her plight. Videos had been made, the final video I saw is the one posted here at B. Beat, so damning and frustrating to witness. Since the first viewing of that Particular I wished that 'someone' would appear from nowhere and be running next to the punk who was running after Marisela; the murder would be shot in the head BEFORE he had a chance to shot Marisela, it would have been satisfying to see the murder denied the chance TO MURDER AN INNOCENT WOMAN WHO HAD ALREADY SUFFERED SO TREMENDOUSLY!

    There came a point in time when a news post appeared with a 'guy' who had the same facial features as The One Who had murdered Marisela's daughter so I wrote to a certain Mexican politician now living in the United States about who I thought the captured deliquent was; my hopes were that the murderer who had been on the loose was now captured and prosecuting the bastard would ensue.

    When we are on earth our EGO and lying side can mask The Truth of our actions thus making it possible for 'some' to kill, steal etc and still sleep well at night but when one dies the Ego and its buffers disappear and The Judge / Conscience makes its Full Presence FELT and what wrongs were done to others is fully felt by the Soul and this time the shame doesn't disappear from the abuser of the lives of others, the experience of ongoing incessant SUFFERING is the Big Payoff. Let's hop that loved ones and family get to rejoin their family, relatives, and friends when they pass over to the invisible side and that the love from the living of this planet is delivered and felt by those who have gone before us.

  15. The autopsy will read regardless as acute hear failure or heart attack. I too believe he was assassinated with an OD of potent drugs or poison. Good riddance, they fed the right person rat poison. His death means nothing except he was a piece of trash who hurt so many with absolutely no remorse. I am glad he is deceased and will pass my sentiments in prayer tonight. No doubt this was a paid for death and it was an appropriate time, before the New Year. Killer of 16 people and participant in approx. 300 others. His boyhood life until death was nothing less then a son of Satan. Started his actual life of crime at 12 years old, quit school after 2 years of high school, no father, his mother was a prostitute drug dealer. He robbed and stole for kicks and to support his drug habit. Went to jail for robbery, hooked up with a real gang, committed his first hits in prison before he was released. Never tried or arrested for the murders in Abilene. Was deported to Mexico where he started his own gang and decided killing was cool and that he enjoyed murdering. What a scum waste. Thank you Lord for ending this roaches life.

  16. Rest in peace, parte de tu carnal,Silencio,huaraches puestos aya en terrell unit,en el 96...All u cyber narcos,from the safety of ur pc,in the U.S...say what u choose to say...We all know damn well,u wouldnt,if u had us in front if u...Los Aztecas,Chihuahua es nuestro...oy yeah...wheres ya lil chapo/cds...Like Wicked...we are thousands ready to go,and more.

    1. You're 'in front of us' now punk but you chose to be Anonymous. Coward mouthpiece...identify yourself for all of us to see.
      -Canadian girl

    2. 12:24 PM
      "Rest in peace, parte de tu carnal Los Aztecas Like Wicked...we are thousands" Like wicked you gonna die motherfucker

      Mr Azteca you down for killing women and girls are ye?
      Bang hard Mr Azteca against women and girls like "el wicked"Someone banged hard on his ass the little fuckin clown,was it you?Your clave is El Bellend isnt it?Bang on other crews and sicarios and all that shit but dont go after defenseless women,that shit aint cool.Did you get down an dirty in the Terrel Unit?Carnal,fuck you and his rotting ass el wicked,get the fuck outta here.You get no love for killin women you fuckin clown,fuck off and get another tat on your greasy snide ass Snr Azteca

    3. 12:24 PM
      " Like Wicked...we are thousands ready to go,and more.Los Aztecas "

      Just fuck off no one wants to hear your shit about this little prick wicked.
      Hes dead meat,fuck him and fuck you and El Diegos dick that you rode in on Los Azz-reca ...

    4. January 1, 2015 at 12:24 PM

      Look at this fuckin guy?

    5. " 12:24 PM

      Has perdido tu camino,

      Tu pinche carnal mató a una madre INOCENTE. Me parece k naciste SIN CORAZÓN. Si tienes VALORES no se ven !

    6. 12:24 Another criminal thug deported like el wicked. Only to go form other criminal cells in their own country. Messing up the citizens.

      This time is mexico. But it happens with Central America & South American countries too. What a shit.

  17. I hope Marisela is with her girl Ruby with no more worries and not having to deal with the disgusting Mexican authorities who let her down virtually every step she took.
    Brave and indomitable WOMAN in the face of cartel threats and warnings to stop.
    She had more balls than all the men around her and would not stop,,so the bad ass men killed her as she sat at her vigil unprotected and virtually alone..
    This was a heartbreaking story and still is when you read about it..She was a loss.
    Marisela Escobedo and Rubi R.I.P..D.E.P

    And El Piwi,El Wicked?Bury them scrub motherfuckers with a stake in their hearts,or better still burn them like stinky rubbish...Don't even let worms feed on them..
    Man,i hope they suffered for what they did to that family,unspeakable baseness

  18. I remember this story as if it was yesterday, how i found out about it trough media like this, because let's not forget how the Mexican established media, televisa did not run this story not until they had to because of marisela's courage in starting a movement by herself, when they killed her i finally understood the level of impunity in mexico at all levels, i remember the faces of the judges when they let that asshole walk, they were threatened we all knew that is why they let him walk, we understood that fact and yet we hated them, we hated the whole mexican judicial system and hoped these scum would somehow pay, and pay they did, we hope, I hope that marisela and ruby witnessed this from above.

  19. A hug to all who can INSPIRE to CARE FROM THE HEART. Let us ALL help make this planet a Heaven On Earth !!

    Share Your HUMANITY, YOUR 'SOUL' with all of the LIVING !

    Don't be SHY, show your Caring Heart !!

    SMILE, WINK, and HUG !!!

    1. I admire your upbeat message Maria,but we all know it aint gonna happen..
      I wish it could,but sadly not in our lifetime...

  20. El Piwi looks so happy


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