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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dr Mireles in prison for six months so far

Translated for Borderland Beat

Michoacan 3.0

Morelia, Michoacan.-José Manuel Mireles Valverde, leader of the AUC in Tepalcatepec, on 27 December has spent six months in prison after being arrested for alleged possession of weapons for exclusive use of the Army and for crimes against health.

On July 6 a detention order was issued and it was ratified it on 17 October. The allegations were also filed against his three bodyguards.
On 27 June this year, during an operation comprising 600 State and federal elements in the community of La Mira,Dr Mireles was arrested with 80 self-defense forces , all accused of the offences of possession of firearm used exclusively by the Army. A day earlier they had entered the coastal town to clean the area of organized crime.

Dr Mireles and his bodyguards were transferred to the Federal Center for Social rehabilitation (Cefereso) number 11, located in Tepic, Nayarit, while the other self-defense forces were detained in the Prison better known as 'Mil Cumbres”, in the Michoacán capital.

Mireles is tortured and their arrest process was full of irregularities
His lawyer, Talía Vázquez Alatorre said that the capture of the leader of the movement of self-defense and his bodyguards was not prosecuted by the justice systems, nor was it carried out by elements of the Attorney General of Justice of the State (PGJE) or of the Secretariat of public security of Michoacan as was assumed, but by the Mexican army.( authors note : the mexican judicial system and the army have different jurisdicitons).

Through a press conference, the lawyer found irregularities with videos of the moment of detention, which also will serve as evidence that Mireles was subjected to psychological torture and that the truck where they allegedly found weapons of exclusive use of the army and drugs, had been manipulated.

Regarding the allegations of torture, Mireles Lawyer emphasized that images of the scene of his arrest from Televisa, show Mireles appearing hooded whilst his three co-defendants were not.

Dr Mireles Prison Interview

His lawyer Talia also disclosed there is a video where Mireles shows his bruised arms , and his statement that also confirms he was denied medicine ( insulin ) for the treatment of his condition, which is a human rights abuse.

For his part, the President of the State Human Rights Commission stated thatJosé Manuel Mireles Valverde had not been tortured during the first hours of his arrest that there was no evidence to show that he had , and that he had also received medical attention and food.

Lawyers drop the Mireles case
In a statement, the lawyers Talía Vázquez Alatorre and Salvador Molina Navarro, announced that Dr Mireles had made a pact with the Government to gain his liberty from prison, after which his lawyers announced their resignation from the case.

According to Vázquez and Molina,Dr. Mireles and his family had decided to accept the offer of political pact conditioned with Segob, in order to obtain their freedom. For that purpose they have entrusted the negotiations to father Gregorio López Jerónimo( Padre Goyo) to lead these talks.

They however clarified that the Pact did not include the more than 370 AUC prisoners in different prisons, held in conditions that were shameful.

For his part, Alfredo Castillo Cervantes Commissioner stated that it was not true that Mireles made an agreement with Segob,he also stated that there did not even exist a possibility for that to happen.

Father Gregorio López( Padre Goyo )said that so far it failed to establish agreement, however he said talks would continue with the head of the Ministry, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong.

National protests and international demand release of Mireles

Mireles protest video

After his arrest, thousands of citizens from Michoacán and across the country, activists, political left, as well as foreign citizens spoke out against the detention of the leader and founder of the AUC in the Tierra Caliente region, and carried out several demonstrations against the State and federal Government who called for the immediate release of Dr. Mireles.

Different voices from various parts of the world including Belgium, Dominican Republic, New York, Poland, Kansas City, Argentina, Chicago and Japan joined in calling for the release of Mireles Valverde, through the so-called #LiberenaMireleson Twitter.

Though social networks releaseda call through platform, forthe self-defense forcesleader to be released, after six months of social struggle he still remains incarcerated.

The PRI against amnesty law that would free Mireles and 384 paramilitaries
PRD senators, Pan and PT spoke out in favor of the amnesty law that would liberate 370 autodefensas that are prisoners, last December 11thUnited commissions of Justice and legislative studies discussed the topic, under the argument that the people who are detained never attempted to do anything against the State, and its movement originated in defense of themselves in relation to criminals acting with impunity.

The PRI opposed this initiative, because it allegedly would "endanger" the country, because they had defied the orders of the State and federal Government to take justice into their own hands.

"They know not what they ask for," said Emilio Gamboa, Coordinator of the PRI said against the legislators from opposition senators, adding that the law had many risks for what were completely against " the society also".

The amnesty law is not a pardon, but an understanding of the legislative body where it would explain why they were detained and the social problem which originated it all. So far there are 384 detainees self-defence including José Manuel Mireles Valverde, founder of the movement in Tepalcatepec.


  1. ...When you have a RIGHEOUS PERSON MAKES A STAND, its incredible the light that shines forth on this soul. Making a STAND for the GOOD OF PEOPLE gives others the desire to follow suit and be someone who STANDS FOR HIMSELF HIS FAMILY AND HIS COMMUNITY...My hat goes out to this man for his courage and preseverence in this situation, therefore setting an example for others to follow...

  2. the Mexican elite feeling so threaten they send 600 State and federal elements for an old man with diabetes and the village trying to defend themselves against the newest state backed cartel, shit is disgusting

    rise up and fight mexican people

    1. they won't do it they have no guns

    2. To call him an old man with diabetes is political spin. He was a leader of armed men willing to die for their cause....When Israel lit up the old man in a wheel chair using a gunship helicopter, it wasn't just some little old man they hit. Lil old men sit in the plaza eating peanuts and gossiping about the men toting heat and trying to change the world

  3. Mireles is a goner hes going to regret standing up for his countries/state rights. they both turned there back on him n now hes paying the price. Where is papa pitufo? It looks like hes the smart one out of the michoacan 3 mora mireles n himself.

  4. The good get locked up gor speaking out if not killed while the bad with money get special privileges! !! Every body saying to speak up, there is people waiting for the hem to speak on them so they can get rid of them. Easy to say when your not there. It's not like the U.S. where you call the cops. In Mexico the same cop you call is working for a cartel. There is thousands of people who tried but now are dead.

  5. Gob fears that he was too close to exposing their lies and acting against their criminal associations. Too obvious. Tuta still goes free. One for the WTF? files.

  6. I still believe that the plane wreck was an assassination attempt and it didn't produce the desired effect. So now, he rots in prison as plan b until diabetes or some other natural cause saps his life or most of it, and then, he no longer is a threat. The government can then point to his failed health as the reason for his demise, and things go on the way they have..

  7. ***Setting A Poor Example As Nothing Good Came From It Except The Whole Self Defense Groups Failed, Rurales Failed, His Health Failed And He Is Locked Up*** Try To Form A Group Of People Like That Within The United States And The Same OutCome Would Have Happened. Not All Of His 370 People Who Are In Prison Are Innocent, He Had Some Bad People On His Side*** Please Stop With The 1 Sided Reporting/ Comment Editing To Try And Make Dr. Mireles A Saint, Maybe He Is A Good Person "Now", But No Saint Or You Would Really See The People Of Mexico Rise Up To Free Him*** Go Vote And Vote Again If Your Party Was Not Selected Vs Giving Up Hope And Stop Voting*** Reality Check, There Has And Will Be Corruption With Any Government*** Even Here In The United States*** There Is A Right Way To Go About Things And Even Though Dr. Mireles Is Smart, He Made A Bad Decision And Now Has Time To Reflect Upon His Past While Doing A Full Circle, Back In Prison For Going After Drug Dealers Which "He" Once Was... Smoke And Mirrors, But His Mirror a Broke...

    1. Spoken like a person who judges from afar but is ignorant and uneducated. First off there was a huge effort even by congress and the PRD party to free Mireles. but pri is in rule and to allow him free epn would have to eat crow as it was his unlawful program that caused the mess michoacan is in.

      secondly there are literally thousands of people imprisoned in mexico that are innocent, only guilty of being strong leaders in social activism and those who worked with them. All of the people in prison are innocent if one follows the constitution.

      those who were not, the ones with weapons not afforded them by the constitution , those people were released.

      I would advise, in place of vomiting ignorance, began with the Mexican constitution, and read carefully. it is on line in english

    2. I read a couple of articles that Castillo tried in vain to find misappropriations with money that he was hoping for. He said they were looking into that on the same day of the arrest. They found nothing.

      They took away the ambulances and trucks of Autodefensa. Including the fully equipped one bought new from Guadalajara, and Mireles armor car. He bought one when Castillo took away his, and Mireles was making payments on it along with his attorney. that is also gone.

      if he owned anything that would be confiscated as well, but he owned nothing, not even his house which belonged to his father. and pretty soon his pension will be nullified, because he had 2 years of medical service remaining but only 3 years to complete it or his pension goes bye bye.

      this is a good honest man, a rose among the thorns. we Michoacana love him and sure hate seeing such a stupid comment as the person above writes

    3. No to defend this guys, but doctor mireles, tried very hard....he knew the consequences have you seen his speech on UNAM in mexico city campus....he basically said that the longest the young people don't start to get organized and actually giving a fuck about their country not would change, he knew he was going to either get killed or Locked up but he at least did something. And yes is easy to judge ,but most are frustrated. That's all..

    4. Watch "Conversatorio: Dr. Mireles y estudiantes de UAM, …" on YouTube
      Conversatorio: Dr. Mireles y estudiantes de UAM, …:

    5. Let him out and allow him to run for office and see what's happens? ?

  8. They can send 600 agents to arrest the Dr., but they can not send 600 agents to arrest La Tuta, a real criminal.

  9. Such a shame,6 months in prison?We have Zetaz,Golfos,all kinds of animals(murderers,rapists,thieves,cartel etc etc) that are somehow released to continue depredations on working and peaceful people?
    This could and should have been a catalyst for people to get off their asses,maybe it needs something more to rise against these grasping corrupt politicians?
    Mireles is not an angel,just a human,a doctor,but he seemed like a man who cared?
    A huge indictment of the Mexican government...

  10. Political spin? he has spent 15 weeks in the hospital most in ICU since he has been incarcerated. that's more than time in his cell

    he is not old, I give you that, but if not for his physical strength he would have died, he is not getting the insulin 3X per day as he needs.

    1. The guy olmost died fightting for good i wonder how many of us are really willing to do that ??? the fact that he did thats enought to be admired .

    2. Not saying that he isn't diabetic or old.....what I'm saying is that he's much more than that.....He wasn't put in jail for being diabetic, or his age....He was put in jail because he was symbol of the mexican uprising in m Michoacan that's why the govt came deep. To say the government came like it did for a sick old man is to ignore the fact he commanded an army and that's the reason they came like they did. I dislike what the mexican politicians are doing as much as anyone in the states can, but I also dislike spin

  11. Dr Mireles is not in prison because of "his past" even if he had an unsavory "past"...
    He is in prison because his present does not please a bunch of criminal bureaucrats of the mierdocracia mexicana who have him in prison as a political prisoner, under trumped up charges the government is cowardly not even bringing to court, not even the fabricated charges...
    --And we have to suffer pena nieto's pussy lickers and propagandista gaviotas wannabe's here in our own home!!!
    --we know, you are not stupid, nobody can be that stupid, it is that you are earning for trying to save pena nieto's ass, gladly, it is not working...
    --youtube: nina pone en ridiculo a eugenio derbez y lo invita a un debate, en la UNAM o en el poli...

  12. Mireles is not old,he still has the fire burning inside him,shown by many things...
    6 months wherever he is,is 6 months gone,out of sight,gagged,without voice,without his presence.Its unbelievable he is still incarcerated and incommunicado,really cant blame him if he wanted out.The Mexican government has shown what it will do,the contrast between various arrests is disgraceful,in fact nearly every arrestee in recent years including notorious ones were treated much better than Mireles,why ?

  13. Dr mireles is done, sorry to say that, he got stabbed in the back by his own people.

  14. Mireles will have his day! The tide is slowly turning. THE PRI's backs are up against the walls and they are desperately trying to keep the corruption that's been going on in Mexico for decades from falling apart. The military and Police have always been corrupted, and it's not just the PRI, but all politicians in general that have lived by corruption! The problem is now the corruption has gotten out of hand! Everybody wants a free hand out and nobody wants to earn it! The citizens of Mexico are the ones getting screwed! WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE? THEY RISE UP, LIKE THE PARENT OF THE 43 STUENTS! it would be nice to trust government and the police once again? Just a thought!

    1. Amen**I was thinking the same;politicians backs against the wall because they must be worried the gravy train is slowing down.Thats the most of their worries not the majority average Mexican citizens interests,just their own selfish ones.

  15. Dr Mireles, imprisoned, silenced and isolated, has and is wining more followers than pena nieto or any of his pussy lickers, puchacacas y lambeculos, and that is without spending millions of dollars on propaganda in mexico or in the US


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