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Friday, November 28, 2014

More Disappearances in Mexico: Dozens Missing in Michoacan

Borderland Beat posted by DD Republished from Telesur

Self-defense groups block access points to Uruapan, July 4, 2014. (Foto: Valor por Michoacan)

 Protesters blocked major access points to Uruapan, Michoacan on Thursday to demand the return of family members they believe to have been forcibly disappeared.

Close to a dozen men were apparently disappeared last Sunday in the village of Agua Verde, near the indigenous community of Zirahuen, Michoacan, and their relatives want to know where they are.

The disappeared men are said to have been members of auto-defense groups and some press reports indicate that they had joined the Rural Police Force, although their status is not clear.

The protests in Michoacan’s second largest city began at noon and lasted all afternoon. Four out of five major highways were blocked, including those leading to Patzcuaro, Apatzingan, Paracho and the Siglo XXI toll road that runs from Morelia to Lazaro Cardenas. 

Family members fear that their missing relatives will turn up dead or decapitated as was the case with Gerardo Serafin El G1 and his nephew Nicolás Serafín, two former members of self-defense groups who were participating in the Rural Police Force at the time they were killed.

The State Attorney General said on his Twitter account that he has spoken to the family members and that the case of the disappeared people is being investigated. He denies that any of the people involved were members of the Rural Police Force.

Approximately 350 members of the self-defense groups are now held prisoners in the state of Michoacan, including Jose Manuel Mireles, who may soon be released under highly restrictive probation conditions, according to his former lawyers.


  1. PRI is just letting anyone know who is their true and only god...

    1. Is not just dirty politicians. Is all together like criminals in the gov disguised as "politicians", drug cartel gangs, organized crime groups, corrupted autorities, etc.. put them all together & thats what they get, just imagine the other places of mexico they must have fosas every where fcking animals.

  2. Guerrero and MICHOACAN are the only states with more people fighting against organized crime. That's why the government is killing the people that want to stop the injustice. . Rest in peace to these brave men!!!

  3. But castillo de cagada is there with his H3 and army and federal and state police how can this be happenin'? Dr Mireles and co had it under control, untill el migueladas decided he had won...for el pri, the federal pri...

  4. Another mass grave found in el Sahuayo, Michoacan.
    Looks like CJNG is not different from the other drug cartel garbage.

  5. To Los axtrax please help clean up michoacan we need your help in la pieda Michigan there is alot of rapeing and robbing people killing little girls the 4 cartels have taken over this city.
    Los rojos, ct , nueva generation, la guerrilla michocana ,please send help my mom is missing she was taken from the public bus from the bus that goes from penjamillo to la pieda we can't find her and we only been here in Mexico. 5 day we came here from froth worth Texas to penjamillo michcoacan for Las fiestas this is what's happening to us right now the police from here are not doing anything please come to are city and clean it Gracias ....por un Michocan libre...

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