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Friday, November 28, 2014

Governor Confirms Cocula Kidnappings

Borderland Beat by DD
Related story byChivis31 Students kidnapped in Cocula Guerrero in July”

Temporary Governor Rogelio Ortega
Denial and Retraction.  The federal government has a predictable response to potential scandals.  First ignore it.  Then if it doesn’t go away, deny the facts.  Then as more reports surface, retract the denial and excuse it because it had no information or knowledge of the events.  PRI has followed this established pattern in the case of 31 missing students in Cocula. 

When a French television company aired a expose of what happened in June or July 2013 in Cocula the Minister of the Interior, Osario Chong responded to reporters questioning that he nor the federal government knew anything about it until the French TV program aired the report.
He said that he had ordered the PGR to contact the French reporters to determine their sources and investigate whether the charges of kidnapping were true or not.  He further stated that he had called the principal of the junior high school and asked him about any “missing students”.

The Director of the high school "Justo Sierra" located in Cocula, Ricardo Lagunas Alejo, said that in the four years he has served in that position within the educational institution has no knowledge that any student has disappeared. 

In an interview with the newspaper 24 Hours, the delegate of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) in Guerrero, Arturo Contreras Gomez, said the family did not report the disappearance of their children for fear and said the federal delegation never had a report about an absence mass of students, and in this case would have been considered dropouts.

So it seems that the government would have us believe that their lack of information was due to asking the wrong question.   There were no missing “students” since when the children were kidnapped they had just finished their last day of the school year and were not longer enrolled in any school and therefore not “missing students” but were “missing children”. 

Given the current turmoil in Mexico over the “Missing 43” students kidnapped in Iguala, the government certainly didn’t want any more headlines about “missing students”.   “Missing children” happens every day in Mexico stories about children missing might be less inflammatory right now and receive less attention than stories of “missing students”.

It is also hard to believe that the federal government had no previous knowledge of this atrocity when it had been reported in Borderland Beat by Chivis as early as August 2013 that 31-32 bodies were found in a mass grave near Iguala (only 20 minutes from Cocula) and that ;

Cocula is as violent as Iguala, with large groups of people taken and never seen again. In 2013 between the months of May-July at least three groups were taken; 12 in May, 10 in June and 23 in July.

There were probably other publications that reported on missing groups from Cocula in 2013, but we know from sources that Borderland Beat is read by high officials in the government.

Osario could could have saved a lot of time and expense of the taxpayers money if he had telephoned the Governor of Guerrero or the Mayor of Colcula rather than looking to France for answers.   As reported today in 24 Hours;

  The governor of Guerrero Rogelio Ortega, said yesterday that the abduction of 31 young denounced by the FRANCE 24 television happened a year and four months ago  in 2013; his statements coincided with Cocula Mayor Cesar Miguel Penaloza, who said there were two kidnappings, one of 17 people and another 14.

Ortega Martinez acknowledged that he was not aware of this incident and that his administration has no further information on the subject; however, said on Wednesday the state administration anyway and sent a team of investigators to Cocula to find out what happened.

"The news we investigated and it seems that happened a little over a year. What spoke to me, friends and personalities of Cocula, is that a year and four months ago early one morning, at night, they took about 17 boys Cocula. There were no reports, this was an event that was silent about the situation of fear, "he told Radio Formula.

Interviewed by this newspaper, the delegate of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) in Guerrero, Arturo Contreras Gomez, said the family did not report the disappearance of their children for fear.

  24 HOURS also asked a resident of Cocula (who asked that her name not be published); this person agreed that the claim of the French television corresponds to what happened in 2013, precisely in July.
According to the same source, last year a group of young people were missing in the municipality of Cocula, although not all students at the secondary Justo Sierra. This person said that once knew what it was that had been missing 50 boys, 17 and 31. (This number 48 corresponds to the number Chivis reported as being 45)
What was said in the village was that some boys were released but others do not already know or will say anything. The uprisings were not reported.

"As far as I knew, had been boys, but some had already appeared. The truth was very difficult, many difficult situations. First came as a rumor and then knew for ransom, about brothers yes it could give, they were back then, "he said.

"They took these kids, about a technical school and a girl. They were like 50 and it was a rachita who took them all. Here were several cases. Everyone is afraid, nobody knows the fear that one lives here. The truth itself is a little difficult. From home to work and from work to home. I stand at the entrance of the community and not even go to the center, we avoid as much as possible, "he told 24 HOURS


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    1. It could be better! But thank you so much.

    2. chivis thanks alot for all the good news you gave us but is hard to believe that you leaving already wish you good luck and thanks for all the info

  2. So USA, Argentine and France are involved helping Mexico.
    That's good.
    The more countries are involved the more Mexican politicians
    will be ashamed of their behaviour.

  3. It is annoying to try to read this when you guys use google translate and some sentences translated dont even make sense, this is huge as it is horrific that this kinds of mass kidnappings of children are going on and it takes international media to bring this to the public attention, at least have the decency and respect for all those missing and their families and make an effort to do decent translations or if you guys need help a lot of us i'm sure would pitch in some of our time and help this site, please post this and take it as constructive criticism.

    1. I understood everything maybe you don't know how to read..

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  5. Sooo just hate to say it but kind of told you guys along time ago. Now people want to worry haha. It's fine nobody down in Guerrero cares why should you? Haven't all this while.

  6. This seems to be a systematic system of extermination for some sinister purposes. If young people of Guerrero are disappearing by the bus loads, and after forensic DNA testing of remains found in clandestine graves is revealing that the missing Ayotzinapa 43 are not in them, that could only lead to one conclusion: human organ trafficking. That would explain why only males are being taken since females are needed to reproduce. You wouldn't want to wipe an entire community of people. If for no other reason, it's time the people of Mexico launch the velvet revolution in an effort to overthrow the corrupt and rotten system of govt. in place and install a new one. A toda mi Raza de México : Dios los bendiga y animo. ¡Viva México!

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    1. Oh no, honestly it is not money in the least, just time. I need to travel for a few projects and good computer access and time is the issue. I hope to write in the future about a couple of projects in Guerrero.

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      I will say that mainstream media is confining. A friend, who is a journalist for Reuters tells me he is very restricted of what he can publish, I would not do well in an environment such as that. I will be around and maybe post now and then. But need this time for my personal life.

      Love you guys!

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  8. How about having to go to a french source for mexican news or information about crime in mexico, france the new terrorist state training the government forces of the mexican nazi-onal gendarmerie, one of the countries that have kept the memory of Che Guevara alive, who helped Uncle Ho Chi Minh defeat the US, and sponsored the US independence from the brittish, now one of the worst globalista supressors of dissent...
    That is where we get the bad news from? France24?
    --The mexican police and investigators are really stupid if they think we are going to believe their bullshit...
    "They were not students, they eloped with their boyfriends, or with their girlfriends..."
    --They were high school students, not college students, they were not yet attending ay guerrila school...
    --what the hell is going on in mexico with all these disappeared people who are not criminals yet, or guerrillas, somebody is trying to make all the people go away, is it gold and silver mining concessions??? OIL, WIND FARMS?
    --the white 15 passenger vans of the churchs trying to redeem the indians through the evangelical teachings of the progressive churches of capitalist jesus that demand development at the expense of the not-connected???
    --this has been going on since the sixties, and the mexican government is behaving like it only started yesterday, 'when we were born'...

  9. Why didn't cocula mayor cesar miguel penaloza do anything about it? was he threatened too or was he an accomplice? where was the fat pig of ex-governor angel aguirre when it happened? That useless chino indio of osario chong should be replaced. seems like he is not competent/care in doing his job, stupid penia nieto how can a president choose incompetents to work in his presidency.

  10. Can someone close to the situation comment on WHY these people are taken and by WHO? Is it extortion? Cartel warfare? Mindless mass murder? Do the people in Guerrero have any notion of what is going on?!?

  11. The argentnians have not found many of their own disappeared, AND even after finding the argentinian militaries, the military school of mechanics, and others guilty of crimes against humanity, they are not being punished...
    --Like the chilean military, after committing treason against their duly elected president and betraying the country, their countrymen and brothers-at-arms, they still claim to have saved 'their countries' and are protected by their masters, england and the US the new nazis posing as neo-liberals'', singing their 'death's groom march' on parades...


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