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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mexican Government Using Same Tactics Used in Tlatelolco Massacre To Stifle Dissent?

DD for Borderland Beat

I cringed when I saw the photos of "demonstrators' setting fire to and and trying to break down the door of the National Palace.  My thoughts were "No, No! You are just giving critics of the protests movement ammunition for their charges that all the protesters are anarchist and criminals. 

Pena Nieto was quick to respond (the next day) that "you cannot demand justice by pursuing violence". ( His quick response to someone trying to burn down his door was in contrast to the 10 days it took him to even mention the abduction and murders of the students in Iquala.)
Then I read the following article in El Diario de Coahuila and viewed the video which seems to indicate that it was government agents that tried to burn down the door, giving the government justification for using the military to move against the protesters in the plaza.  The videos  show the violent repression of the protesters that resulted in injury of 2 youths, one of them 11 years old.

That the government could have been been behind the attack on the National Palace would be hard to believe if you were not familiar with Tlatelolco massacre of 1968.  (video following the article) 

Ten days before the opening of the Olympic games in Mexico City in 1968 the tragedy unfolded on the night of October 2, 1968, when a student demonstration ended in a storm of bullets in La Plaza de las Tres Culturas at Tlatelolco, Mexico City.  Police officers and military troops shot into a crowd of unarmed students. Thousands of demonstrators fled in panic as tanks bulldozed over Tlatelolco Plaza. 

Government sources originally reported that four people had been killed and 20 wounded.  The government said that the violence started when "anarchists" among the students fired at the police and the police and army responded.  Over time evidence, witness statements, videos, some leaked govt. documents, and even a leaked US State Department cable from the US embassy to Washington has shown that Mexican government snipers on rooftops shot into the massed police and army presence that was blocking all entrances and exits to the plaza. 

It is well accepted today that the government fired on its own troops to justify them to violently attacking the demonstrators and silence the student movement.  The death count is still unknown, but over 300 were killed and unknown numbers injured.  Hundreds of demonstrators were arrested.

It worked!  The student movement was silenced as fearful students were afraid to organize other protests.  The Olympic Games opened peacefully.

Could PRI be doing the exact same thing today concerning the violence that erupted at the National Palace and other violence that has erupted in otherwise peaceful demonstrations?

The following article was taken from the website of 'EL DIARIO DE COAHUILA ON 11/11/14.  It is reporting on a story published in the Blog Notigodinez that contains a video that seems to show that an agent of the federal government instigated the violence in the attack on the National Palace.  The authors assert they take no position on the facts exhibited in the video.

México, 10 de noviembre 2014 (NOTIGODÍNEZ).-  A revealing video released today by electronic means 'In El Terreno' provides definitive evidence that the vandalism last Saturday against National Palace were orchestrated by the State Presidential.

The recording of 2 minutes 52 second of duration, it initiates with a clarification on the part of the authors of the material indicating that they do not think about how to assume any position on the facts exhibited in the video, although the same ones turn out to be conclusive to demonstrate that the vandalism against the door of the mentioned palace was another official assembly.

Then they make a brief summary of the facts and troublingl images of police repression that arose, in which at least two youths were injured, one of them just 11 years old.

In the minute 1 with 20 seconds, the authors manage to locate an individual who takes part actively in the violent facts before  the repression, heading the attack on the front door of National Palace and setting it on fire.  At times it appears he is concealing  half of the face and in other scenes one sees him completely open.

The distinctive feature that makes him readily identifiable is the military style jacket bearing an eagle with a shield on his left arm.

Ironically, the subject held a poster that read 'WAS THE STATE'  (referring to the protestors claim that it |was the state" that was responsible for what happened in Iguala) while the vandalism took place.

Also, you can see how perfectly he coordinates with the other subjects that participated in setting  fire to the door of the National Palace.

Once the violent repression is unleashed, the subject wearing the jacket with the eagle shield is taken no less behind the security fences surrounding the National Palace, giving orders to the soldiers involved in the 'operation'. The shield on his right arm is clearly visible and leaves no room to doubt that it is the 'anarchist' is the  same who just before had participated in the wreckage at the door of the National Palace.

The overwhelming evidence from this video possible to conclude definitively that the violent actions last Saturday, as others have done in peaceful demonstrations, was a setup orchestrated by their own police forces to justify repression against citizens and discredit social movements.

In their desperation, the system does not hesitate to literally raise curtains of fire and smoke to distract the attention of their own crimes, while it sows terrpr in the citizenship and inhibits their need to demonstrate and to raise their voices..

The only measure able to override these criminal strategies of the PRI regime is the NATIONAL STRIKE. The ABSOLUTE NO COLLABORATION to leave alone us alone  defenseless, while the criminals who hijacked the country remain and are willing to go on killing the people to remain in power.

DD.  Another article in El Universal reports that Catholic priest Alejandro Solalinde, one of
Mexico’s leading human rights activist, said that the attack on the National Palace and the burning of the front door have all the markings of an action by the federal government. 
The Catholic priest and activist said that the federal government is behind the fire attack against the ceremonial office of the President.

“What happened in the Zócalo is an official answer. The shock groups started it in December 2012, when (Mexican President Enrique) Peña Nieto was sworn in, you can see the signature of the house. Who could actually believe that a group like that could get close to National Palace and do what they did. It is either that or the Cisen (National Intelligence and Investigation Center) and the intelligence agencies of the Army and the Presidential General Staff are not working, which is unacceptable,” he said.

In his opinion, the main cause of anger among the people about the Ayotzinapa case is that Attorney General Jesús Murillo Karam will not accept that the crimes against the missing teachers in training in Guerrero were caused by the federal government.

“What is happening is that the PRI (Institutional RevolutionaryParty) wants to have the state of Guerrero and that is why it has worked out the conflict. They are not interested in the farmers or what is happening. They have an election-minded interest.

Solalinde added that the moment has come to demand the presentation of all people disappeared in the country and take such demands to a higher level, organizing in every state of the nation a series of coordinated non violent resistance movements working in coordination.

So, what do you think?   Is PRI (PRI and the govt. are one and the same) using the same tactics it used in the Tlatelolco Massacre to justify use of massive force to quell dissent?

Good Video about  Tlatelolco Massacre with English subtitles.


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      or use the direct URL

  2. The story sounds FASCINATING.

  3. NIETO is the leader of the largest cartel in Mexico. El cártel gobierno Mexicano. Dirtbags all of them.

  4. Capturan al mayito gordo???

  5. Chivos is it true they caught El Mayito Gordo?

    1. Lol I get a kick everytime someone calls chivis chivas chivos..its CHIVIS GODDAMMIT...

  6. They catching everybody but LA Tuta...smh

    1. Saw Tuta at Dairy Queen in Arizona last week, he was with Elvis.

  7. Same happened in ukraine

  8. "I cringed when I saw the photos of "demonstrators' setting fire,My thoughts were "No, No! You are just giving critics of the protests movement ammunition"

    Violence is a legitimate action in forcing despotic heartless leaders and governments to listen,violence is usually a last resort when everything else has failed,when all the words and pleas have fallen on deaf and ignorant ears.The men of words must move out of the way,and the men of action will act.Words and rule of law are esteem-able and righteous,but achieve nothing in the face of an EPN led government.

  9. The government own agent provocateurs organized themeeting right on the trap and ayotzinapa seems well coordinated too, by el maestro emilio chuayffet, who as a governor protected by firing the police officers who catched enrique pena nieto making out immoralities with the gay son of president ernesto zedillo, ernesto zedillo velasco, for his help, emilio cuayffet chemor was made secretary of government, and from there he went on to become the butcher of Acteal, and on to minister of education with the butcher of Atenco and with him, as president enrique pena nieto, has become the butcher of Ayotzinapa...
    Yes dorothy, the state did it, and yes they will burn anything to have an excuse to murder more mexians than you can imagine...
    --Military discipline does not require to obey orders, but selling out takes precedence over being a real man or a real soldier...
    Nice report and timely expositon of the pattern of government behaviour, some still believe the government innocently reacts to the "vandalism of the rabble" propaganda with lawful law enforcement attacks... clearly, not so...

  10. Wow...never knew about the 1968 massacre. Great article. Thanks DD.


  11. "America admitted some culpability in this massacre in a 2003 when the National Security Archive at George Washington University published documents revealing: " response to Mexican government concerns over the security of the Olympic Games, the Pentagon sent military radios, weapons, ammunition and riot control training material to Mexico before and during the crisis."

    Interesting comment on YT if true. Disgusting attrocities.


  12. too many political articles!

  13. Que pasa? You just want stories about what sicario is taking over what plaza this month? Big picture stories are much more important, relevant, interesting.


  14. though I don't trust the government, I'm extremely suspicious of the liberal media spin they put on the protesters that have a large populous of anarchists and socialists. There are many elements of socialist movement here that at all costs even fosters violence. I'm willing to bet it was the actual protesters that did this. They've caused plenty of havoc in Acapulco as well.

    1. When you said liberal I instantly understood you're from USA and an absolute moron.

  15. The crux of the matter is that the Tlatelolco Massacre of 1968 was truly a massacre of students, whereas the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989 was a massacre of Chinese citizens trying to protect the students holding the square in Beijing. It would be naive of anybody to believe that government goons of Mexico's security forces weren't behind the attacks of the soldiers, and that the soldiers in the confusion, repelled the attack while at the same time shooting at unarmed students. Let there be no doubt that authorities high in Mexico's power structure were behind behind the atrocities committed in that dark day of October 2, 1968 - and perhaps the dark night of September 26, 2014 in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico.

  16. This is the type of conspiracy mongering we can do without. No evidence or facts just speculation that those who set fire to the doors were cops or agent provocateurs. And the hundreds who have set fire to government buildings in Guerrerro? No speculation that these are in fact hundreds of cops trying to "smear" the movement? Yes the state will use all kinds of dirty tricks to destroy resistance, but at the same time it is clear that movements that are successful must use a diversity of tactics including at times armed resistance and it will not help anyone if conspiracy theorists start trying to paint every militant action as an undercover police operation!

  17. in the words of Emiliano Zapata...
    - "If there is no justice for the people, there will be no peace for the Government"

  18. if theyre not careful theyre going to run out of drug dealers. this seems to coincide with alot of scandals that go on.
    1. el chapo captured after the whole Times Magazine Pena Nieto "Saving Mexico" backfired
    2. El H captured after finding La Marina summarily executed those 22 teenagers
    3. El Viceroy captured just as the protests for the Tlateloco massacre in solidarity with the recent Iguala Massacre just a few days before was set to bring in thousands of protesters (which it did - only the media covered the capture instead)
    4. Now this amid the rising dissidence among the people

    But the momentum is too great. What they fail to realize is that regular people dont care if this drug dealer or that one is captured because they are now realizing that it is in fact the government that is causing most of this mayhem and murder and also facilitating OC in its criminal and murderous activities. They are the most guilty of vicimizing civil society. They know that capturing a Narco will do nothing to stem the violence because it is the government that is doing most of the killings. Vale Panda

  19. I was listening to an NPR report about the Ayotzinapa massacre and the way this massacre stripped bare Pena Nieto's and his government's image before the world. No more "Saving Mexico".

    The commentator made a very good point: the U.S. has been sending Mexico money to conduct its war against drugs since 2007 via the so-called Merida initiative. But rather than fight the drug traffickers, Mexico has used the money to suppress and disappear annoying dissenters-- and to line the pockets of politicians and other government officials, or course, but that goes without saying. As the Ayotzinapa massacre and the Michoacan mess have shown, the police, the military, the narcos and the politicians are in the same team. In effect, the U.S. has been providing funds for a war against the people, not the against the narcos. Very little, if any, of these funds have been used to fight drug trafficking. In the U.S., the Merida Initiative is being promoted by defense contractors and the Pentagon, the usual suspects. I don't believe drug traffickers worry that these funds will be used against them.

    So, DD, when you ask whether the Mexican government is using the same tactics, I don't think there's much doubt. One other situation in which the military will play their usual role is when they are called to protect multinational oil companies against the people when these corporations, as permitted by the new energy "reforms", begin to seize private, communal or indigenous property for their own use. It has already started in Coahuila, where an oil exploration company recently expropriated several hundred acres of ejido lands.

  20. BLACK JACK, angel aguirre has renounced, mayor abarca has renounced, their party, PRI has denounced them, their new party has expelled them, the leftist terrorist agitators do not own a 7 million dollar mexican whitehouse that they are trying to hide, and not ONE soldier or polizeta agent has disappeared...
    --Not one single student or street agitator has been caught on camera shouting orders and hiding behind the grenadiers saving the remains of the burned door of the nazional palace...
    --So i think your defense of the "authorities and the rule of law" is very dumb , stupid and lacks any merits, please go back to hairdresser school, girl...
    __By 68, mexico 68, the mexican state had very experienced military and police elements, they had been practicing, on other peoples, and had their trap well set in tlatelolco, the US ambassador and the military had been preparing the strike on the students for a while, since secretary of government gustavo diaz ordaz was recruited by the CIA and us ambassador winston scott as a part of his litempo CIA program...
    --See: Jefferson Morley/Our Man In Mexico: Winston Scott and the Hidden Story of the CIA.
    --See black jack, these conspiracy theories have been substantiated by documents the CIA itself has relased, i'd like to know what is it going to take for you to shut the fuck up?
    --then you could go around killing a few more dissenters for your beloved government...
    @12:51 wonder why there is too much political now? Because the narco-politics of the narco-politicians are losing their secret status, everybody is getting to know that behind the narcs, their sicarios and their many crimes are politicians of every party, big and small, that work for US drug trafficking and money laundering politicians and businessmen, who also work for other bigger rats, who had no need to be having so may people murdered all over the world, that no one can deny, the world will always love this gossip, as time goes by...

  21. the people of mexico have had it!!! you dont snuff out 46 innocent students just don't do it. This goes way beyond conspiracy... the people of MEXICO must rise and burn those buildings to the ground. there are more mexicans than crooked cops in mexico. no doubt the revolution is about to happen!!!

    these people are sick of the daughters being raped and their sons being shot in the streets. the president of mexico better watch his ass i hope they torture him the same way he does to others.


  22. Unbelievable.Mexico never ceases to amaze me;the dirt.I never knew the massacre in Mexico City was snipers shooting at police to get them to react.Not only does the Mex Gov not respect citizens they even sacrifice{kill} their own men.Total setup and extremely dirty.If this article on the attack of the gov palace is true,Im glad someone brought this to light.Obviously EPN has no intention then of rectifying things in the student massacre but retaining the status quo.Boy Im naïve.

  23. …(\_/)
    ……( ‘_’)
    …./”"”"”"”"”"”"\======░ freedom not free!!
    \_@_@_@_@_@_/ hey you Mexicans that actually live in mexico grow some balls and star a civil war! !!!


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