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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Changuito Ántrax" ; The embarrassing Son-in-law of the Sinaloa Ministerial Police Deputy Director

Borderland Beat posted by siskiyou_kid from RioDoce

The [big] news wasn't that they had arrested Rafael Félix Núñez, "El Changuito", a low-level gunman who advanced because they had arrested Rodrigo Aréchiga Gamboa, "El Chino Ántrax" but that he was the son-in-law of the Deputy Director of the Ministerial police, Martiniano Vizcarra Burgos. 

Ana Lilia Vizcarra Vega, a daughter from the comandante's first marriage, married "El Changuito" in 2006 and had two children. On September 12, 2014, they obtained a divorce, as documented in a court judgment. 

Some government officials went into a panic when they learned. One of them was the Governor. So he opted to talk to the reporters in twisted words: 

"If you have something to contribute with statements that expressed would be very good to incorporate them into the investigation," said Mario López Valdez to a Ríodoce journalist, to the question of the family relationship between "Changuito Ántrax" and the Deputy Director of the State Ministerial Police. 

López Valdez said to disregard Félix Núñez's family relationship with the Deputy Director of the Ministerial police. 

The top leader of Sinaloa even said Vizcarra Burgos is an agent who in recent years has given good results in the fight against crime. 

"I had no knowledge of this alleged relationship that you mentioned and that Martiniano is a police officer, for 20 or 30 years,  I don't know how many years has been in the department, and I know that in recent days has been very committed to combating crime", said López Valdez. 

The Governor said that there would be an investigation regarding the information that Ríodoce had spread about the kinship between the criminal leader and the police chief. 

But the investigative momentum went off like a bomb, when three days later, interviewed by the media during the celebrations of the day of the Mexican Revolution, Jesus Antonio Aguilar Iñiguez, head of the Ministerial Police, came out in defense of his "right  hand man", saying that it would put the whole department behind the good reputation of Vizcarra Burgos.

"It is true that this person - Rafael Guadalupe Félix Núñez, known as "El Changuito", is married to a daughter of Commander Martiniano Vizcarra, but he never advised them when they wanted to marry,", the police chief explained to Ríodoce, in a separate interview. 

"Martiniano (at left) divorced his first wife, mother of those kids, many years ago and has been living with another family," he added. 

In defense of his subordinate, Aguilar Iñiguez reported that Vizcarra Burgos' daughter, Ana Lilia Vizcarra Vega, divorced "El Changuito" this year. 

Last June she filed for divorce because she had problems with her partner, and on 23 September a judge of Costa Rica granted the action. 

He said that in the document, Rafael Félix agrees to pay 15,000 pesos a month as support for the two children they had together. They married in 2006, when Commander Vizcarra Burgos had legal problems, as a result of what happened at Cinepolis Culiacán Plaza on September 11, 2004, when Rodolfo Carrillo Fuentes was murdered. 

Martiniano has more than 30 years of service and is a serious man committed to his work,  Chuytoño said.

Martiano’s letter of few words
Commander Martiniano Vizcarra is a man of few words, who will not agree to give an interview, but did draft a brief letter. But his explanation is, to say the least, fantastic. 

"I'm a dad like any other and I agree to be the father of Ana Lilia Vizcarra Vega, and out of respect for her mother I will omit her name, but due to personal problems I live apart from them. 

"The fact that she decided to join together in marriage was a decision that I didn't have anything to do with, until today when I heard that she married a person who appears in the media since he has problems with the law, this person who I do not know and I categorically deny any relationship or friendship, or rather than in my capacity as public official in the police I have favored him, or that he would have taken advantage of my job".

Carlos Ontiveros victim of complicity
Changuito and Monki: How they escaped the pot

Rafael Guadalupe Félix Núñez, "El Changuito" and José Miguel Arano Montoya, "El Monki", were delivered to the soldiers of the Navy by chance. Still in the same house where slept Ismael Zambada Imperial that morning that they were captured, they decided to "run" on quads. They carried no radios. 

While on the mountain, they saw the movement of helicopters which, like huge vultures, hovered about  Estancia de Los Burgos. On seeing them land they knew that "El Mayito Gordo" had fallen. 

They hid all day and night on the mountain, and the next day took to the road, where they were collected by his people. 

It took more to recover from the bustle and establish a connection with his accomplices, when Navy trapped them. The monkey were arrested the next day while he was in a Nissan car, at the junction of the streets of bougainvillea and 12 October, the colony may 10. 

Reviewing it, the Navy found an AK-47 rifle with your charger supplied with 29 useful cartridges; a supplied charger with 30 useful cartridges calibre 7.62 x 39 mm and a.9 mm pistol.

In the trunk, said the PGR in a statement, they found a kilogram of cocaine he had. 

That morning the Monki was also arrested. 

According to the part of the Navy, at approximately 9:50 hours the Feds patrolling the colonia Ruiz Cortines and going on the calle Severiano M. Moreno, noted that on the aforementioned Street, was a person who wore a bulletproof vest as he was getting into an SUV. 

It was a Mercedes Benz, silver gray, with plates from the State of Durango. They covered his step with federal unit and José Miguel Arano ran towards the avenida Gral. Fernando Cuen, by what a naval officer ran after him. 

He was given scope on the same street. A pistol calibre was found 9 mm with a magazine inserted seven useful cartridges and one in the Chamber. Also three Chargers supplied. 

In the van found in the passenger seat a weapon caliber 7.62 × 39, known as the goat Horn, charger inserted and stocked with useful 29 cartridges and one in the Chamber. On the floor of the vehicle found a charger supplied with useful 27 cartridges calibre 7.62 x 39 mm. 

Admitted both to the criminal of Culiacan on Saturday, days after the first district judge issued them detention for his probable responsibility in the Commission of crimes against health, in the form of possession of hydrochloride of cocaine for the purpose of trade; and violation of the Federal law of firearms and explosives, on the modalities of carrying of a firearm and possession of cartridges for the exclusive use of army, armed and air force. 

Old Dirt
Both El Changuito and El Monki, along with another gunman, were arrested on April 16, 2013, when in a raid conducted by the Municipal police in the south of the city, and commanded by the then Secretary of public, Carlos Alfonso Ontiveros Salas, they were found with at least four AK-47 rifles. 

They moved them to the facilities of the police in Culiacan and entered data to the base of criminal information known as platform Mexico, while arsenal was lowered in the rear of the office of the director of the Corporation. 

This time, elements who took part in the arrest of the armed group reported that among those arrested was a person identified as El Changuito and another nicknamed as El Monki.
While they came to sign the detainees, he entered the offices of the police chiefs the high command of the State Ministerial police called , demanding their releas, by the night of April 16. 

This caused both Ontiveros Salas and other police chiefs to be threatened with death, which led to the resignation of the Secretary, after have been hidden outside the state for 15 days.
There were also threats of death against Ontiveros Salas, Hipolito Hernandez and other police controls who participated in the referred operation, among them the head of specialized unit against the theft of vehicles of the DSPM, being forced to leave the State for reasons of personal safety. 

Ontiveros Salas was in the city of Mexico until May 6 reappeared in Culiacan to present his resignation as Secretary of public safety and Municipal transit. The accurate information Hipolito Hernandez re-joined the DSPM, but not as Deputy but as first officer. 

Record or informative part about these facts was not in the Municipal police. 

The monkey and the Monki arrested, there only remain in the old structure of El Antrax three of its main agents: René Velázquez, El Sargento Phoenix, who recently came out of jail; El Tracka and Cheyo (Eliseo Imperial, cousin of el Mayito Gordo).
The death of "El Fello"
Martiniano Vizcarra Burgos lost a son in a tragic way. Alfredo Vizcarra Vega, who originally commanded the group that later would be called Los Antrax, was killed on November 4, 2008, in the framework of the war that broke out inside of the Sinaloa cartel, following the arrest of Alfredo Beltrán Leyva. 

He was in a car wash located on 21st of March Street, in the colonia Diez de Mayo, when a group of sicarios arrived at the place in two trucks and opened fire. Also killed was another person and two more were wounded. 

El Fello lived two blocks from there, by the Lilia Street, Martiniano Vizcarra's home until he had to flee the city once the PGR sought ithim, along with Jesús Antonio Aguilar Iñiguez, under the presumption that they had protected drug traffickers when they were - as now-, at the head of the Ministerial police in the six-year period of Sinaloa governor Juan Millán Lizárraga. 

The death of Alfredo Vizcarra, his friend Rodrigo Aréchiga Gamboa, who had baptized his eldest son, took command of the group. Later they named the team of assassins: Los Antrax.


  1. Puro Antrax ....El gato Negro is out new Antrax Talibanes special forces in conjuntion with Damasos special operations group cuidando las plazas del Senor Chapo Mayo Damaso
    RIP R5 M1 El Bravo

    1. Ya deja de escuchar corridos ni a Mexico vas puto pocho pendejo

    2. You do realize that is was in fact El Mayo got rid of M1 and Damaso along with El Chapo's sons who killed El Bravo? And by the way if you are going to name CDS capos recently killed, you should probably put in Macho Prieto. He was El Mayo's head of security in the 1990's and much bigger than idiots like Chino. The only reason everybody knows him is twitter.

    3. You have to pay close attention to 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 corridos, you'll find a lot of info, a lot of clues, but only the ones that know what they are trying to say will understand it. The old will come back to rule!!! Los que están ya no estarán!!! Esos si que quedarán en la historia.

      M1💯 MP💯 JT💯 And last but not least es la pieza clave y es el ??????? 😉

  2. Off topic, offsides, unrelated:
    La jornada reports the news via france,?!?!?
    France 24 tv, say on july 7 2013, 30 students were kidnapped and disappeared on the last day of classes by the police of Cocula Guerrero, who were wearing masks, but using the Cocula squad cars, the parents had not talked about this other incident because of intimidation from the police forces to make them keep quiet...
    --More work fo the US senators protesting about the state of the state of mexican government affairs

  3. I didnt know there was a commander before gamboa, crazy.

    1. Is how it goes. one is taken down another sht takes the place. only way would be to snatch them all at once from the highest rank to the lowest street level rat. thats how you really destroy drug cartels. not leaving any "seeds" to grow back again.

      Now if a different drug cartel is formed with different criminals to take the place of the destroyed one, now that is another story. if they come up they must go down. with the take down. that is how it is. easy money isn't free drug trafickers/killers. any one could be next. better think twice before forming "el carteliyo". .... ... lol

  4. Anthrax are weak, compared to other cartel assassins anthrax look like girls to busy taking s elfies for facebook

    1. Your not kidding. ... dropping like flies

  5. These people make money

    1. Venden un 20 y se creen grandes capos (sapos) lol

  6. CAF are gonna pop out again watch

  7. Is it true that they got Ivan Hijo del Chapo....?

  8. This guys son was a comandante for the antrax then his daughter marries el changuito u think he didnt kno or was probably protecting him hahaha bs

  9. chavo felix and samuel fuentes captured in culiacan

  10. So el Monki and Changuito are 2 diffrent people correct?

    So Antrax are pretty much dead!

    Chino Antrax-Jail
    Changuito Antrax-Jail
    Phonix Antrax-Jail
    Guero Bastidas-Dead
    El Pocho Antrax-Dead
    El Fello Antrax-Dead
    Pancho Arce-Dead
    El Mele-Dead
    El Roke-Dead
    El Chuve-Dead
    El Frankie-Dead

    Who em I missing?

    I cant remember 2 names, Im sure there still alive or locked up..

    1. There all dead rats

    2. Chino Antrax free
      Phoenix antrax free
      Cheyo antrax free
      Chavo felix free
      Chente Anrax free
      Javi Antrax free
      Traka antrax free
      Chikillo Antrax free
      Serafin Zam free
      Wiwi Antrax free
      La Muerte antrax free
      El Meño Antrax free

      No le sigo c

    3. Pedron Antrax- Dead

    4. El jotolone anthrax. En chorizado
      El maricon anthrax. En chorizado
      El mama fierros anthrax. En chorizado
      El enmierda Chile anthrax. En chorizado

    5. Rumor is that Sargent Phoenix was recently released, and neither Cheyo Imperial or Chavo Felix were captured as reported.

    6. Chavo Felix- Jail..recently caught
      El Cheyo- Jail...recently caught
      Samuel Fuentes- Active member
      El Totoy- Active member

      They are pretty much done...ya nomas las mujeres quedan...

    7. I have said it before and I will say it again.....CDS sicarios are not the best gun fighters in Mexico. They are probably 2nd to last on the list just ahead of the CT. That includes Los Negros, Nueva Gente and Los Antrax etc. CDS is known for being the best drug dealers in North America and not being tactically sound in fire fights. Their hair, clothes and gold plated weapons look good but that's about it. There is more to weapons then taking pictures with them and posting them on social media.

    8. Bullchitt daddy0,ya gotta have bling or ya aint Gonna sling.WORD!!

    9. Your comment make sense, no wonder chapito isidro and mazatlecos-zetas killed alot cds.

    10. any Sicarios are good with guns as long as the people they are up against have none. That's the way they like it.

    11. To the guy who said that stupid wannabe rhyme: You're a stupid wannabe.
      On topic: If you look at all the twitter profiles there are guys there who are could be part of Antrax/CDS. Although there is no proof, they sometimes talk communicate with Chapo's sons. I'm not a fan boy at all but they post some interesting stuff like unknown Chapo photos and recently a picture when visiting Chapo mother.
      On Cheyo Antrax's account he had heaps of photos with this older guy who he would always call his jefe.

  11. El Mayo & Vicente where really smart. Vicente & now all of el mayo sons had agree to get capture to snitch everyone so they could serve 30 years in prison & ones they are released they could live in the US under the govr. Eyes & under different names. While right now all of them are in jail the whole CDS is going to start falling down like dominos. El mayo made tons & tons of money for his family so ones he capture & dies in prison his family is covered in money for many generations. El mayo, el mayo gordo & el mayito would call the DEA agents to give them info about what the guzman family was doing. DEA help them all along. El Chapo wasn't the snitch after all.

  12. Is chavo felix antrax or just friends with them. I've seen pics with them. Or is he another faction, like El Lic and Mini lic. I know chavo is mayo's son in law

  13. I dont think Chavo Felix is an official antrax, I personally think he was just a close friend of the clan.

    Majority of them are all dead, must suck to know most of your boys gone forever. I still wonder if these guys were actually clean and precise hitmen, I mean if the corridos are true these guys were Seal Team 7 lol I guess only the people from culiacan and sorrounding citys really know.

  14. Mad respect for chivis...working for a better Mexico...gracias chivis de un Mexicano que quiere a su Mexico porque su gente en Mexico quiere a un pochito :)

  15. Los Antrax are a bunch of rats..Weak mothafu#*as..Gente Nueva is the new era!! Ay pa ke digan por si no lo saben! La Voz De Mando Sigue Siendo La De Guzman Chavalones!!! La cosa a cambiado! Pronto se vera..Saludos alos Salazar alos Damasos a todo la Gente Del Chapo de Chihuahua Sonora Baja California Sinaloa y ala finikera aki andamos!

    1. Are you saying there is a fight between guzman and zambada?

    2. Gente nueva are no better, You kidnap and force a bunch of tepehuanos from the hills to do you garbage. Get real if you have to force people to join by threating these poor indios.. then you aint much better then the lowest form of diarrhea. puto narcos and chapo is a bitch snitch anyway


  16. BB Who is siskiyou kid?

  17. that's not changuito in the pics

  18. ya dejen de escuchar corridos y si quieren estar informados , vayan a mexico y vivan unos 3 meses alla y entonces opinen, conozcan la geografia y las rutas geograficas, las costumbres y la sociedad misma, y entonces si opinan, y respecto a who arew the best gunman, the onlyones that may be good gunfighters are the ones exmilitary or the ones that served in a federal law enforcementinstitution. and the ones taking selfies holding a high poer rifle are like monkies with a gun, the same than bitvchers with a nice ass and a gun.


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