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Monday, October 6, 2014

Why did the prosecutor say there were bones? 'Cause they used diesel to burn them.

La Jornada (10-4-2014) 

By Arturo Cano, translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

Marine guard in Iguala

IGUALA, Gro.- "You're the only one who will know this", said the weary ministerial police officer, although he went on to tell half the world: "there's nine bodies. Why did the state prosecutor say that it was bones? Because they burned them up with diesel".

The waiting, on a street -- if you can call it that-- in a precarious neighborhood to the northwest of this city, right by the hills, was long and tense. To top it off, a ministerial police office accidentally fired a shot.

Contrary to the usual practice, the authorities forbid the media from getting close to two places where clandestine graves with human remains were found. Containing six persons, they say at first. Twenty, is the number going around by nightfall (although a state government source asserted right at 9:00 pm that there were nine). There, because a pair of reporters who took the wrong road ended up at another site where they weren't allowed to cross, either. What they saw was similar to the operation carried out in the Pueblo Viejo killing site..

A source from the excavation site confirmed that, despite the condition of the remains, there are indications that it is the students.

In this same area, between April and May, authorities found a total of 30 cadavers in several clandestine graves. Then, the reporters were able to get close to the place. 

Everybody else may be astonished, but not the people who live there. "To tell you the truth, this place is a drug trafficker cemetery," said a girl, who seemed to be amused by the macabre business. "A lot of bad smelling pickups often pass through here at night, I mean really stinking".

"The military and the police have been coming here all week", her mother goes on. "That never happened before. What usually happened is that, at night, pickup trucks would come in, like what happened Saturday with those students, but we never look out."

Right at that moment, the state Attorney General, Inaky  Blanco Cabrera, drove up in a white pick up, and he asked the newspaper group to be "understanding". He released two facts: it is "an indeterminate number" and there are "skeletal remains".

Hours later, the prosecutor appeared with the governor, Angel Aguirre in a press conference in which he elaborated: "It would be irresponsible on my part to state that it is the normalistas (student teachers)".  Forensic genetic testing will tell.

If it is not the student teachers, those who were waiting uselessly commented, will the responsibility of authorities at all levels be any less?

Many do not believe it. Meeting in Ayotzinapa, the leaders of the National Coordinator  of Education Workers (CNTE: Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educacion), the students from the Ayotzinapa teachers school and the relatives of the disappeared students were called  to meet at the Casa Guerrero, one of the state government offices.

When they were called to the meeting, they were told it was to clear up "some rumors", and that they would be met by Ernesto Aguirre, the governor's advisor. To every one's surprise, they were met by the governor of the state. The student teachers, who have agreed they will not speak to the governor, left the meeting. The CNTE general secretaries stayed behind and, among other things, demanded that the identification of the remains be carried out by the noted team of Argentine forensic investigators that has operated in Mexico on other occasions (the governor had offered only what he had offered at the press conference: wait for DNA studies).

The student teachers went out, yelled out some threats, fired off some fireworks and "shook the door; fortunately, it went no farther", said Pedro Hernandez, with Section 9 in the Federal District, from Chilpancingo.

A detainee spit out everything

In Iguala, after the attorney general left, the policemen, which used to be called "judiciales (judicial police) -- now "ministerial" -- stayed, sullen, in front of the reporters.

"For a week, we have been sleeping on the street. We don't even get an allowance to eat, while the politicians are strutting around", said one of them, as he pointed at one of his companions who was just swallowing some junk food. "Look at what we're eating."

Anger loosened the tongues of the police officers (none of them from that area, all of them brought in from police agencies in the capital and the coast):

"We would have liked to meet up with those sons of bitches, but nothing. We even went to their houses, but there was nobody there", (nobody from the Guerreros Unidos group, it is understood).

"But there are detainees, that's why we're here."

The governor would later say there had been thirty arrests related to the investigation into the clandestine burials.

The cops went on: "On of the detainees spit it all out. He came with us and showed us where they buried them. "Why? Well, because he was one of the ones who did it."

The detainee, say the local reporters, could be an individual who was arrested a couple of days ago after a gunfight.  "He went inside the CBTIS 56 (a local school) during classes and fired some shots  inside; you know those bastards don't care who they kill", confirmed a professor from Iguala.

The operation started a little after 8:00 am. The state Attorney General's anti-kidnapping group went in first. Then the ministerial police got there.

Past noon, the panorama was as follows: above, an Army helicopter, then another one from the state police, and still later, a third one that local reporters recognized as the aircraft that is used by Ernesto Aguirre, nephew and advisor of Governor Angel Aguirre ("the real governor", commented the local reporters).

Below, all the state police agencies, Federal police, the Army, the Marines, the Medical Examiner and the station wagons from the funeral homes with which they have contracts. Hell, even the H. Corp Firefighters.

To get to the area, which provides a panoramic view of the city of Iguala, one must go through "streets" that look like small streams. The residents don't know anything about drinking water or sewage drains.

Where the houses end, the huizaches (trees) begin. The bodies were found up on top, in a canyon, in thick brush.

Several colleagues tried to go farther up, nut even the most daring could not make it past the last security cordon manned by the Marines.

The Coco and the political slice 

It was a day of discoveries in the birthplace of the Flag. At exactly 5:00 in the afternoon, the military, with state and Federal police, searched the home at No. 15 Jardin Campestre Street: in the back yard, buried, they found eight of Mr. Kalashnikov's creations, six AR-15s, 56 rifle magazines, six M-16s and two grenade launchers.

From Pueblo Viejo, ministerial police vehicles left the place while escorting a tow truck dragging a green Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Maybe one of the trucks belonging to the Guerreros Unidos, whose participation in the shootings on September 26th and 27th, along with the municipal police, has been confirmed by the state government.

The press conferences without questions have not been enough for Governor Angel Aguirre, who had his photo taken that morning with Jesus Zambrano during his farewell to the PRD party presidency, and in the evening felt constrained to dust off his best common sites in the social networks: "It would be highly reprehensible, those who want to profit or take a political slice, of a situation like the one facing and saddening us today" (actual text).

Even if the demons are loose, night fell in Iguala with a parade ("Peace and Good", reads the banner in front) and a feast in honor of San Francisco de Asis, patron saint of the city. Fireworks were lit, and the band closed with a "no, no, no, El Coco no". (Literally: "no, no, no, not the boogeyman".)


  1. El castillo de cagada formed "his"juersaz ruralez with chapulin autodefensas, and angelico rivera formed his autodefensas wih authentic 100% gangster-murderers who have never known any decency, he knew who was getting in or more likely his "fall guy" ernesto aguirre his nephew whom they called "el real gobernador".
    --Guerrero state governors have all been to the figueroa dynasty's school of government, fed with veracruz mafiosi contacts since veracruzano miguel aleman declared acapulco a tourist resort, as president, with formidable contacts and associates in televisa, veracruz criminals, and french maffias because marriage, tourism secetaries, and having arrived to the presidency through murders, but this governor has now stolen the cake with his murders...
    --Please stop blaming the narcos, it is all government elements who have the people killing each others, and helping all along, all the way...
    --As a matter of fact i was impressed by the body counts and the blame put on the narcs here on BB, and never any blame put on soldiers, police or government, we are going places now, krongratlations...

  2. What great tragedies are inflicted upon us by these narco-capitalist! The US voters turn their jaundiced eyes toward ISIS in the Middle East, thoudsnds of miles from our door step, where two beheadings horrified the world. Nobody in the US seems to care about these quantumly more horrific crimes being committed in and around our neighbor's house. WHY? Is it because of the tens of million of dollars in campaign contributions going to both political parties in the US from the narco-cartels, who are lobbying to keep drugs from being legalized in the US.

  3. ISIS decapitates a few people and we go to war. Mexico massacres its citizens and has better decapitations and we issue a travel warning...

    1. Mexico does not massacre it's citizens - criminals do. Mexico is a democratic country where millions of honest people work each day and most encounter no violence. For those seeking to cast stones you might find more satisfaction reading about Guatamala, Afghanistan, and Washington DC.

    2. US will never mess with mexico because the mexicans refuse action from us but accept "$" help instead.....its the mexican govts fault for not admitting they are a failed state like the countries in the middle east.....its sad that there is not much US attention on the desmadre that has engulfed our country in comparison to that of isis pero its mexico that rejects intervention...and plus with all the bs statistics that the mex govt produces saying that the country is safer than the usa just perpetuates the non-intervention....but oh if the us is offering help with money please send it uncle Sam!!! Its utterly messed up but until the govt admits its not in control anymore or wants intervention the us will never intervene ( I think I over used intervene sorry.)

  4. Pinche gente cochina, no respesct for human life

  5. In a small village near Iguala, every day, just after dusk a heavily overloaded dump truck leaves, going towards Iquala. Finished product? Every weekday about 8:00 to 9:00 pm a really stinky smell permeates. Cooking up some nose liner? In 3 years the village has changed hands from LFM, to Rojo, to GU, and back. Last checked held by GU. How can I help get arms to the people?
    Todo veyan nada. Maldicion! Oh and all of the rural land is held, thanks to 'reubication'!

  6. Some crafty reporter should deploy a drone.

  7. Dog and Pony show! The real truth will maybe come out a hundred years from now! Or never! These scumbag politicians and the people with real power are just working on the spin!

  8. 10:08 there you go again motherfucker, blaming mexico and the mexicans...
    --when are you going to understand that it has always been US interventionist policies since they invented "america for the americans" monroe doctrine?
    --Mexicans were happy, expecting at least a slice of marilynn monroe pie...
    --heinz kissinger (aka "henry")'s policies regarding latin america have landed mexico in this deep shit, all the bullshit unleashed on the continent to prevent a communist takeover, has come to it being taken over by the devil himself, the great satan must have his fall who may...
    --The US money sent to "help the mexicans", has always been stolen and privatized by american middlemen for the most part, whatever remains, becomes mexican satrapy bounty, weapons go on the credit card of the US taxpayers...
    --So 10:08, you may want to ask your american government why they tolerate such criminal results and such criminal state of affairs from their criminal gorilate and their henchmen and sicarios who have been selling a bill of goods to the american taxpayer, with total complicity of US governments past and present, to not to "offend the mexican president in charge"...
    --What would we do without pussy excuses and finger pointng???
    --Ok, 10:08 school bus ride over get the FOOHMFAH...


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