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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Video: MIL of Iguala's fugitive mayor, tells of Narco links to government in interrogation video

By Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat
Maria is one of the 4 women arrested in 2009
This is a kidnapping interrogation video from “Agora Guerrero”.

Posted over a year ago, but has good information.

Rather than simply translating the narrative, this BB article will be presented as a post to include information that will give a better understanding to the interview.

The video presents two people who have presumably been kidnapped. Both are blindfolded, the footage begins with the woman being interrogated. If they were killed or set free is something I am yet to determine. 

Her name is Maria Leonor Villa Ortuña, (MIL)  she is the mother in law of the Iguala Guerrero mayor, since January 2011, Jose Luis Abarca, her daughter, Maria de Los Angeles Pineda,  is married to Abarca,  Abarca is a fugitive from law wanted for murder of 3 activists and the kidnapping and murder of student teachers.

MIL is asked who funded the campaigns of the mayor and Guerrero Governor Angel Aguirre Rivero.  Aguirre has been governor since January 2011.  

She answered that both were funded by Arturo Beltran Leyva (BLO).

She also said that the governor is the cousin of Victor Hugo Aguirre Garsol, one of the founders of Independent Cartel of Acapulco.  The Independent group is a splinter group of BLO.  After the death of Arturo Beltran, there was an internal struggle for control, between Edgar Valdez alias ‘La Barbie’ and Hector Beltran Leyva.  This resulted in Valdez and his loyalists leaving and creating their group.
Iguala is a valuable point in Guerrero, for many reasons but in the drug trafficking aspect, it is a staging portal of drugs, which from that point transfers to various points of Tierra Caliente, State of Mexico and Morelos.   

There is constant conflict for control, primarily between GU, who has managed to keep control, and Los Rojos.  Los Rojos is another BLO splinter group, and should not be confused with the Los Rojos of Tamaulipas, a CDG cell.

MIL is asked who is behind the criminality in Iguala. She says Guerreros Unidos, with support by her son in law, the mayor, commanders and municipal police.  She claims he is paid 2 million pesos per month, which is difficult to believe, per year would be more in line.  

But again, this mayor is very different than any corrupted mayor this reporter has seen in Mexico.  This mayor is a very hands on active character within the GU organization.

MIL is asked who ‘El Molon’ is.  She states he is Solomon Pineda Villa, her son.  She says Molon is his nickname.  She said he was incarcerated in Matamoros Tamaulipas but released two months prior, but keep in mind this video is a year old at least.
Questioning continues by the interrogator asks the names of her children, she answers:

Mario Pineda Villa  (killed)
Alberto Pineda Villa  (killed)
Guadalupe Villa Pineda
Salomon Pineda Villa
Maria De Los Angeles Pineda Villa (Mayors wife in above photo conducting her "charity work", require as president of the DIF agency)

In May 2009, there was an arrest in Morelos of 10 men and 4 women.  MIL was one of the 4 women arrested, many of the others are related to her.  Notably, her 73 year old husband, and three sons.  One is Alberto Pineda was the leader of the group in the region, aka El Borrado.  Another of the arrested was ‘Molon’.

It appears that few actually served any prison time.  Molon served about a year and a half in federal prison in Matamoros.. 

MIL is asked who killed her sons Maria and Alberto.  She said Arturo Beltran, and that he did so because her sons betrayed him.

She also states that the group were Arturo Beltran collaborators, engaged in the trafficking of drugs.

She is asked who are the allies of GU, she says Independent Cartel, the cartel led by the governors cousin Victor Hugo Aguirre.

The interrogator now questions the other person kidnapped, he is the escort or bodyguard of MIL.  He states his name as Carlos Cereso Salgado, he has worked as MIL bodyguard for 3 ½ years.  They mostly ask him the same questions of MIL.  He answers giving the same responses as she.  

In closing, seeing the relationship, control and infiltration of organized crime from the bottom up to the governor’s mansion, one can realize how the crimes against the Iguala and Guerrero society in general has been allowed to persist with impunity.  It is the classic case of the fox guarding the hen house.

PGR, EPN and other federal agencies refused to become involved with the atrocities when called on by citizens of Guerrero for help.  For years, they took the position that it was a state and local issue and as such should be handled by authorities there. 

Rendering justice an impossible feat.

Big thanks to for sending me the video and other information


  1. I wish the PIECE OF SH*T (mayor of Iguala)
    was captured and shown in TV.
    Even in La Tuta TV :-)

  2. Guadalupe Pineda Villa was kidnapped by La Familia back when los Pineda Villa worked for Arturo Beltran Leyva. A ransom was paid but he was never released and presumed to have been killed.

  3. Did I miss it, or what happened to the kidnapped two?

  4. I saw an artilcle on proceso said el h might released on bail?? Any more info on that

  5. Disgusting web of corruption, without a doubt ALL of Mexico is a cesspool!

    1. no hes right. not all the people are bad but the cartels run the country. so ya.. its pretty much all a cesspool. your probably a mexican huh? and so proud of it you live in the u s... right?

    2. That's idiotic. I have business interests in Leon, DF, Saltillo and other areas of Mexico and in 17 years of doing business I am fully aware that "cartels" do not run Mexico, and my company in Dallas deals with more graft than any municipality I do business with in Mexico. Your question of my nationality is irrelevant and telling about your unfounded, myopic, and inaccurate generalization about Mexico..but FYI I'm Swiss

  6. awww man I hate when old people, teenagers and babies are kidnapped in killed. was the lady in the video ever let go o was she found dead? regardless of her sins RIP

  7. even for mexico this is shocking

  8. They are both smiling because they know they are the biggest criminals out there. Peña Nieto and the Mayor.Hipocrites

  9. Revolt or die a slow death.Get up off your a**. Years of looking the other way is the cause.Corruption starts at the top.

  10. Yes shocking. Larger groups of innocents have died that are even more shocking. If you knew everything that went on down here you would just shake your head in disbelief. If you looked at this incident as the size of a 22 bullet. All the crime and corruption in Mexico would be more compared to arsenals of nuclear weapons. I cannot even believe how the whole system and government works here. Mexico lives and functions off of the most blatant corruption imaginable. It leaves a swath of dead, extorted and kidnapped people in more in it's wake. The people all know it, but what are they going to do. Really is not much that can be done about it. The world really does not understand the underbelly of Mexico. I was talking to a dark skinned indigenous looking man here not to long ago. He said he blamed it on the tall white looking Mexicans with Spaniard blood in them. So he felt the Spaniards had something to do with it. I then talked to a tall white looking Mexican one day and he blamed in on the darker indigenous people saying it was all past on down from the Mayans and other Indian cultures that sacrificed people, cut their hearts and heads off. I did not say it to either one of them, that I have seen the same thing come from all colors of people down here. It has been here all along and there never has been a Mexico without this kind of corruption.

    There was a store owner killed here the other day. In cold blood. A very popular and wonderful business owner. Every store in the block is being extorted by one government official. He even picks up the extortion money before he pays it on down to the police. I was at the viewing and one of the relatives could not understand why they him. Because that person thought that their extortion account was current. The owners cannot call the police or report the politician because they would be signing your own death warrant. That is why it is reported here that about 92% of the people do not report a crime when it happens to them.

    Want to see 100's of women slaughtered, raped, killed and thrown into the desert in Juarez and the Juarez valley. Then no one found to be responsible. It can and does happen in Mexico. Like they say here you can get someone killed for nothing, and you will not be caught. With a 3% conviction rate you can understand why.

  11. 4:53
    I am guessing that is for the firearms warrant? There are three warrants that I am aware of and each are treated separately at this point. His others are for kidnapping and a third organized crime and more should follow. they always trickle in.

  12. at least I hope i am correct :)

  13. Nothing surprise me anymore but the way this people was killed it's uncalled for this it's beyond any reason to use such brutality ,,, sick sick men


  15. The Mexican people will never forgive the current regime!

  16. The fox guarding the hen house.Well put Chivas.Thats exactly what it is and I think Mexico has an overpopulation of foxes.

  17. open hunting season needs to begin on Mexicos overabundance of foxes especially those guarding the henhouse as the hens will be safer without the guarded henhouse.

  18. Save pena nieto and governor el gavioto angelico rivero, or mexico will sink...
    Now el PRI will have a chance to reivindicate itself by putting distance from their godsons in the guerrero gangland...
    --Pena nieto saved mexico, by selling mexico's much raped ass...
    --It is mexico's turn to save the mexican great clairvoyant and his friendzzz...
    --200 years of US/mexico "friendship" will not end up like this...

  19. @11:31 right, as usual, except we don't know WHO you talkin' to because you can't remember to put the time you are talkin' to, because, i, guess, it is too much effort...
    --Speaking for myself, the US does not require of anybody to be a believer of lies or to even appear to be one, the US does not need one more ass kisser, it has more than it knows what to do with...
    --i highly suspect that the US needs more people to see the truth an say it as they see it...
    --but cheap ass gangs and criminals demand unconditional allegiance, and cowards and the unintelligent do not miss a chance to fall in line, i think it has something to do with living in the US, where being a coward brownie pointer is an all voluntary affair... proveably, ignorantly...

  20. Now we know why the mayor of Iguala " Jose Luis Abarca "
    looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp ..

  21. October 8, 2014 at 11:31 AM
    Without a doubt

  22. October 9, 2014 at 2:23 AM
    "Speaking for myself, the US does not require of anybody to be a believer of lies" The monster lives in the US?From where he pontificates on his love for Mexico,in safety,and how much he hates the US and wishes harm to its children?Deranged hateful little man..Nothing to do with nationality millie,its all to do with morality and whats right and wrong..

  23. Y la hija de los pineda villa y de abarca , toda una empresaria nunca les quitaron ni embarcaron sus bienes!.


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