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Monday, October 27, 2014

Mexico hypes high-profile captures,but quietly releases other leaders

Borderland Beat translated and republished from Reforma
From 2012 to date, 10 of the top leaders of drug trafficking in Mexico were arrested or killed, but another dozen dealers in the same time period were released. The administration of President Enrique Peña has captured legends criminal cartels of Sinaloa and Juárez and organizations Beltran Leyva and the Knights Templar. 

Among these are Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman; Miguel Treviño Morales, "Z-40"; Hector Beltran Leyva, "El H"; Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, "The Viceroy" and Nazario Moreno González, "El Chayo".

In that same that same period, 10 high-profile drug traffickers were released from prison, most released quietly and after a short sentence. Only one of these traffickers  who was released from  prison, was rearrested and is back behind bars. The other nine are free, some of which are untraceable. 

In some of these cases, the federal court concluded that the guarantees of due process of the accused was neglected, or ; the detainee was a protected witnesses,  that the accusations endured proved fallacious and some captures derived from warrant-less searches. 

The most emblematic case is that of Rafael Caro Quintero, who on August 9, 2013, after serving in prison for more than 28 years,  a court ruled that he should have been tried in the local  jurisdiction rather than  in the federal. He was ordered released, without notification to the United States, where he was wanted.  This ruling was revoked and today, once again is haunted. 

The Sinaloa capo Jesus Albino Quintero, "Don Beto" who reconciled the interests of cartels of Sinaloa and Gulf, was released last June 12th  after being convicted by a federal court in Mexico City and sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment.

Another high profile drug dealer who also left the jail is Carlos Alberto Rosales Mendoza, "El Tísico", who had influence in Guerrero and Michoacán until 2004, when he was arrested. Rosales, who led Los Zetas in Michoacán for more than a decade, was boss of the leader Nazario Moreno, founder of La Familia Michoacana and Los Caballeros Templar, Rosales left the federal prison Matamoros last May 22.  

For Albino Quintero and Carlos Rosales soon could be prosecuted again, because the PGR appealed their sentences and unit courts could modify them.  Something similar happened with Martin Alejandro Beltran Coronel "El Aguila "jefe for the Sinaloa cartel in Jalisco, following the death of his uncle Ignacio" Nacho "Coronel.  He was acquitted and released on September 24 for failure of due process and inconsistencies in witness protection. 

The PGR challenged the exemption to a unitary court .  The lot is very different for Ricardo García Urquiza, "El Doctor”,  commander for the Juarez Cartel, released Jan. 17; Roberto Beltrán Burgos, exonerated on May, 16th who was a leader for the Sinaloa Cartel, and Rogelio González Pizaña "El Kelin", Operator of the Gulf Cartel released on August 30th . 

Garcia Urquiza and Gonzalez Pizaña was awarded  a higher court ratification that greatly reduced the sentence, which they had already  fulfilled.  Meanwhile with Beltran an unitary court confirmed his innocence by finding he was not involved with trafficking. 

José Gil Caro Quintero "Jogil", nephew Rafael Caro Quintero was arrested in 2004, also released after serving 10 years with 5 months in prison.  Although they did not elaborate, some sources consulted said that he was arrested and again today is confined to the Criminal Puente Grande, Jalisco.  

In 2013, in addition to Caro Quintero, Arturo Hernández González "El Chaki," also was released from prison, one of the bloodiest operators of the Juarez Cartel, who in April completed their sentences to 10 years in prison for laundering money.  

Another bad guy that left prison is Adán Medrano Rodríguez "El Licenciado", who at the time considered one of the main operators of the Gulf Cartel.

Leaders and commanders released and on the streets: 
Adán Javier Medrano,  Cártel del Golfo

Rafael Caro Quintero, prominent and historical narco leader

Arturo "Chaki" Hernández,  Cártel de Juárez

Ricardo García Urquiza, Cártel de Juárez

José Gil Caro Quintero, Cártel de Sinaloa, the only one recaptured

Roberto Beltrán Burgos, "El Doctor", Cártel de Sinaloa

Carlos Alberto Rosales, Maximum leader Zetas in  Guerrero and  Michoacán

Rogelio González Pizaña, Cártel del Golfo

Martín Alejandro Beltrán Coronel, Cártel de Sinaloa

Jesús Albino Quintero, Sinaloa and  del Golfo


  1. The US also releases criminals early.
    --Juan ramon matta ballesteros, drug trafficker, connection to colombian and guadalajara cartel for felix ismael rodriguez, the pretty boy of CIA and vicepresident george hw bush, murderer of kiki camarena,
    --reagans drug trafficking cabinet, stole the money their dirty dealings on drugs on the US and weapons to iran with help of israel, to iraq with the help of donald rumsfeldt whose decisive weapons dealing never had any doubt about selling poison gasses to saddam hussein george hw bush included, they stole the money and could not defeat the sandinistas, came back to rob the US government with iraq afghanistan wars, and keep trying to rob america a little bit more every day...
    --mexican drug traffickers in prison or out do not bother me the least bit, the justice the bigwigs reserve for themselves is bothersome

  2. El problema de las liberaciones no es corrupción, sino que hay capturas que se realizan violando la ley, además hay delincuentes que tienen corridos y son famosos en el mundo de la mafia y sociedad, pero realmente no se tiene nada solido en contra de ellos y por eso se les libera, la acusación más solida es la portación de armas y es técnicamente algo menor.

  3. The U.S make mistakes the same way Mexico does. I don't see the difference.

    1. There is a huge difference in the two countries. In the US one death of a innocent person is a big deal and is blown up in the media. Versus in Mexico the death of dozens of innocent are swept under the rug and the media is blacked out. If the police in the US kill an unarmed civilian it is in the media for months until the officer is acquitted or convicted. In Mexico it is not the same. Mexican police officers can kill innocents by the hundreds with impunity. An US drug dealer can get a 30 year sentence for trafficking an ounce of meth and then in Mexico a dealer will get less than 10 years for trafficking a ton of meth. I can go on and on but I believe it won't change your thought process. But understand there are some major differences between both countries.

    2. They aren't "mistakes" the way you mean it but they show the true nature of the show. What you see is the illusion of the state breaking down to its true nature that the state is just the most powerful, aka. ruling, cartel and nothing more. A more sophisticated Mafia.

      Mexico, USA and most other states aren't run by and for the population. They are run as a business for a very selective Oligarchy which serves the international cartel, the bankers.

      Laws are just their instrument to rule more efficiently and make the people believe there are true rules. If necessary they are completely ignored. We see it clearly in Mexico and more and more openly in the USA. Things are happening which were "unthinkable" before.

      Literally there is no real difference between the people running the US or Mexico. Both are either coming from old money families or serve them as proxy.

      The true difference is that the people in the US still have more control over their Matrix, their created reality. In Mexico the elite never truly bothered to create such Matrix. People always knew who were at the top and who were the peasants and that there is no illusion of safety.

      In the USA the population once had the power until maybe mid 19th to maybe 1913 when the FED took over completely. Since then they has been living in that created illusion that they have a real input in the state and their laws.

      Since 11/9 people in the US are gradually waking up to the harsh reality that they truly live in the mother of all lies and not just a sea of "smaller" lies. Sooner or later the US will look like Mexico today. Not just because the influx of south american people but because the Matrix itself is breaking together.

      The program is "Neo-Feudalism", the abolishing of what was built up with the french revolution. That's Mexico's reality and it's coming back to the USA where "democracy"(Rule of the majority) or "republicanism"(Rule of the Law) are openly abolished by the state representatives themselves. A Coup d'Etat by the elite.

    3. In what state or even federal give a 30 yr sentence for an ounce of meth, you give to much credit to your country

    4. Ok here we go....Pendejo 9:42. In California a person can get a life sentence after their 3rd felony conviction. That's just an example from one state. In Texas the penalty for possession of 4 grams of meth is 2-20 years incarceration. There a 28.3 grams in a ounce. If you have more than two court convictions of the same possession charge the a State of Texas can enhance the new charge to a 1st degree felony (5-99 year sentence). Possession of more than 200 grams but not more than 400 grams is already a 1st degree felony. I know three guys personally who got crazy sentences for petty crimes. One got a 65 year for burglary, another got a 60 year sentence for theft by repetition and another got a life sentence for robbery. It would be wise for you to not comment on things you know nothing about. The American Criminal Justice system is very complex so I doubt you would understand any of it.

  4. Chivis, El Universal also had a story on it, but it being a PRI mouthpiece, it placed the blame for the release of all the accused/conficted on Calderon and his attorney generals, It said 74 were released because of bad work by the PGR in cases reviewed between 2010 to 2014 but started in Calderon administration.
    Link to story is

    1. Thanks DD...looks like Reyna is going to be released. I can't stop hurting over that one...

  5. El chapo is free go to alfredo guzman twitter

  6. Another being released soon... la reyna

  7. Figures....Mexico has historically been a tit for tat government. Two high profile Mafiosos get arrested and four smaller profile Mafiosos get released quietly. It's no wonder the violence never goes away. Oh well it will never stop as long as there are drugs and people to buy them.

  8. El chapo is free go to alfredo guzman twitter

    No pendejo it's @FaustoGalvan

    1. No he is out and in hiding. I don't know about the twitter thing but he's out

  9. 5:25 mexico makes mistakes about mexican in mexico, where their foreign partners make billions of dollars, and very few mexican satraps make a few billions of pesos and centavos...
    Amerikkka makes billions and billions of dollars, loses billions and billions of dollars, steals and launders billions and billions of dollars, borrows trillions of dollars, on its word of honor, prints all the money they need, , unlike mexico, clearly, there is a difference honey, goggle it with some coke bottle bottoms...
    --mexico can not enter any deals, commercial, legal or illegal that our foreign educated ministers do not end up with mexico owing billions and billions of dollars to its trading partners...mexican proffesionals are all PhDs in pendejos

  10. Un chaka de los grandes don albino Quintero, they paid for what they got arrested for let them Get caught up again why do they want to arrest them the next day

  11. Carlos Rosales Mendoza was re-arrested after his release a few months later.

  12. My internal Millie alert is going off


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