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Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter to My Disappeared Son


Letter to My Disappeared Son

By: Ramiro Padilla Atondo

Columnist, Sin Embargo

Translated by ME

Son, first of all I apologize. I know that this apology is coming too late, but I think it's the only way to do it.

Though you're not my biological son, you are my son by being born in this land. So it hurts, I get an infinite rage knowing that your dreams have been cut short, precisely by those  which we pay so that you could fulfill them.

I also know that much of the responsibility falls on me, as on any citizen who has not cared much for the country's direction, I prefer watching TV to reading, I am gullible to anything coming from the idiot box.

I knew from the beginning that those who swore to take us to a better world, are but a business club for those who do not care about the average citizen like you and me. They are already on the other side, the side of impunity side of the untouchables.

And you know why? Because I've allowed. I am easy to buy. I'm a pushover. So when they go to my house in a campaign, I perpetuated the image of the idiot, submissive Mexican who still believes in the eternal promises that never come.

Why this happened, has caught me deeply. You're a boy and you're a boy like many that was kidnapped and taken up in the mountains, like the ones shot and burned. Both are victims of a broken system, a system like Saturn, has started to devour his children.

Demanding a better country should not be a cause of death.  Joining a cartel should not be  an option to circumvent poverty. But this is what we were taught.  . We live in a country that  lives the culture of the minimal effort   If you're a soap opera actor or president (which are generically interchangeable) or on his political shortlist, you know you do not have to work.  Just walk around and have your picture taken at public events, to prove that you're working.

We live in a country where being poor and demanding your rights is synonymous with being a vandal. You as a poor student must understand that you have no rights, even the right to life.

The sad thing is that I, your father, I understood this too late. It gives me an infinite shame knowing I could have done something and did not.

 But you know what? It is never too late. This parasitic class has to go. They are mistaken if they believe they have control of the country.

The simulation has an expiration date, and now they are paying a very high price. Every day that passes without them knowing it was you will turn into a very heavy burden for them to carry.. The house of cards they built will collapse. .

And although they bet on delay and the people forgetting, we, the majority, have four words, no forgiveness, no forgetting. They will try to divert attention, they will try to blame a few and then say it was resolved.

But do not forget. The world is with us. And for the first time in ages, we are united.

And this I do for you. For my other children. It's my country too, and have the right to decide what goes on in it..

I bid asking forgiveness from the bottom of my heart, and promising you that I will not stop fighting until I know it was you, and that justice is done.

Let me end with  this quote by fBerltolt Brecht:

"First they took the Jews, but I was not Jewish, I did not care.

Then they took the communists, but as I was not a communist, nor really care.

Then they took the workers, but I was not labor, nor really care.

Later they took the intellectuals, but as I was not intellectual, nor really care.

Then followed with the priests, but I was no priest, so I did not care.

Now they come for me, but it's too late.

(DD.   I would have added

“Son, we care and will not let that happen again”)


  1. The ending quote is very humbling and speaks many many words in very short lines. But credit for this poem goes to a true individual in spirit Martin Niemoller. Niemoller was an outspoken enemy of Adolf Hitler, he was German Protestant pastor and 100% anti-Nazi.

    In the beginning Niemoller welcomed Hitler until he saw what was becoming. He was a very brave individual who stood up for human rights in a time of mass atrocities including the Holocaust. He was sent to a Nazi concentration camp and did 7 years hard labor for his beliefs and until the day he died, in 1984, he was a champion of the people who could not defend themselves. An outspoken critic on reform and human rights.

    My hats off to Martin Niemoller and credit for that quote is rightfully his, he earned it after seven excruciating years in Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentration camps, put there by the Gestapo led by Himmler on orders of Rudolf Hess.

    Contrary to the beliefs of Bertolt Brecht who was a socialist with Marxist ideology who never for one minute would have words of that nature come from his mouth. He was anti-Nazi but a hardcore socialist and anti society believer.

    Truth be told his beliefs were narrow, short sighted and all failed. He wanted the failure of capitalism, he wanted no military and he wanted in essence - his dream - "a redistribution of wealth." Sound familiar with the USA's current president?

    Please give rightful credit to the quote for a true patriot of human rights and a champion for equality to Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemoller, the man who in his own words and by his own hand, wrote that quote and others similar with those words.


    Fitting quote to the injustice in a great country like Mexico. I love this BB and all the great information put forth and I hope it will continue so people will know what is going on in Mexico. For some of us it means nothing, for others it is a true dose of reality which causes concern. I am sure countless people in Mexico will be happy if this blog closed down for good and others who will be deeply saddened as it is our only comprehensive means of information .... Thank you Chivis for all your great work!

    1. Excellent statement!! Quite on topic in today's political strife in Mexico. A different time in a different place on a smaller scale. The Holocaust is something no one should ever forget and the atrocities going on across the border here should not go unnoticed or unreported too. The evils have to be stopped not just by Mexico, but the USA and the world. The cartels are like the Nazi's and the Gestapo in this instance would be the federal government. Can we point to Nieto as Hitler though? I would not go that far but he is a puppet and his strings are being pulled. The Mexican government is so transparently corrupt and deceitful to it's very own people.

      In essence, a strong front and a war against the cartels needs to start quickly before this can never ever be stopped or controlled. There is a disintegration for the lack of respect for human rights and of human lives. The Nazi's, (the cartel gangsters) have no conscience, no feelings, no emotions and no remorse. Killing family, friends and neighbors alike without the blink of an eye. They are evil sociopaths and psychopaths that have no right to roam free and need to be caged or somehow legally eliminated. The Mexican congress needs to step up and institute the immediate use of the death penalty for these heinous individuals, if one can call them that.

      Stop the plague before it continues to spread that it can never be stopped. The cartels and government are identical in fashion to the Nazi's and Gestapo.

    2. Absolutely correct!!! I agree. This is more political then drug sales. This is about greed, culture eradication and absolute power. This will be an untamed Narco state, it is already like the old Wild West with no laws enforced on the guilty. Pure lawlessness. Mexican Nazi's should be the new term. They worship money, drugs and death..

  2. Lazaro mazon alonso, secretary of health of the state of guerrero resigns as requested by governor angelico aguirre rivero, to answer questions about his friendship with iguala mayor abarca...
    On oct 17, his brother LUIS MAZON is appointed new mayor of iguala to replace abarca, hisappointment will be ratified on oct 21...
    --what the fuck? A friend and associate of murderer abarca as his replacement?
    Somebody is real stupid in iguala and on the guerrero legislatura... it is high time the people from iguala ELECT their own motherfucking mayor and their own motherfucking police, and if new motherfucking laws need to be made, make the motherfuckers!!! Why receive any more bullshit from the legislature???

  3. Wow this is also profound and moving.

  4. disposable individual innocents lives are no care to the federal govt or the cartels - they use other terms like collateral damage and think its a game to hunt down and kill human beings for sport. these are sick demented individuals and the feds need to enact strict, harsh and immediate new penalties to lock these savages away for the remainder of their slime stinking loser natural lives. bring in the death penalty and let the govt executions begin.


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