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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Purépechas Warn They Will Take up Arms If Fuerza Rurales Don't Leave Their Communities

Purépecha communities from Capácuaro, San Lorenzo, Caltzontzin, Angahuan, Corupo, from the municipality of Uruapan call for the removal of the new Fuerza Rural police force, because they can’t tolerate that they install checkpoints at the entrances to their towns and “commit a series of abuses” as has occurred this past September 11 in San Lorenzo, where there was an outbreak of violence because the rurales attempted to inspect all of the taxi drivers who entered the town, violating free transit.

The community organized themselves and called for the removal of the Fuerza Rural, which they identify as autodefensas, and they warned that if they don’t leave, they will take up arms.  Later in a negotiation, commanders of the Fuerza Rural pledged to allow free transit.  However, the five communities agreed to perform under practices and customs when it comes to security.

The mayor of Uruapan, Aldo Macías Alejandres, said that more than 40,000 indigenous people living in this municipality refuse to be stopped and checked in their own territory, and they have warned that if the Fuerza Rural continues here, the inhabitants of San Lorenzo will kick them out of this region which is located about 30 kilometers from Uruapan.

As has happened in Cherán and in a community of Paracho, the residents of the region of Uruapan insist on letting themselves defend according to their own practices and customs.  “They should know that when they (the police) go to the county seat, there are rules that must be respected”.

With regard to the communities that extract wood on land that isn’t theirs, Macías, coordinator of the PRI representatives of Michoacán, noted that “it is not enough to block roads or to demonstrate in the city halls to pressure the authorities and obtain the release of those who commit crimes.”

He also said that he agrees with the indigenous communities about organizing in order to provide security for its citizens in accordance with their practices and customs, “but they also can’t be outside of a national or state-wide mandate.”

It’s common for indigenous communities to be divided, the mayor said, because just as there are people who want to choose their own security elements, there are those who prefer that the state and Federation be responsible for this job, but it’s something that must be resolved because the same thing happens in other Purépecha communities where they don’t allow the intrusion of strangers in their towns.

For over a decade, the Purépecha regions of La Meseta, La Cañada de los Once Pueblos, La Lacustre Zone, and La Ciénega de Zacapu, have been affected by organized crime.

Source: La Jornada


  1. Dejen a esta gente en paz! sin el govierno mexicano estan mejores sus comunidades. El govierno kiere meter a narcotraficantes disfrasados de rurales. Los jefe de los rurales son viagras que no? Los perupechas no nesesitan nada de el govierno michoacano que es bueno nada mas para chingar!!!

  2. "Soy Trasco effectivo pronto les dare su pago"

  3. The Rurales ARE the AD... Theyr're stopping everyone including taxi drivers at the checkpoints and it's a big problem? What if they just let everyone thru, no questions asked and people from the community were victimimized as a result??.....Big problem too right? You cant have it both ways. Either everyone gets stopped at the checkpoints or they get shut down cause they're pointess otherwise. Just tell me this, what is it specifically that your expecting these guys to do???

    1. The rurales are not AD anymore, they are chapulines that went to the side of el castillo de cagada, and what they juersaz ruralez rancheriadas can do , is stay home and watch out for their communities, instead of trying to spread el americano and el smurf bullshit around, obviously, it infects other people's brains, like it has infected yours, aye?

  4. Those who give up essential liberties for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    -Benjamin Franklin
    This is how I view the situation in Mexico

  5. The tarasco do not need any "agreement" with las juersaz criminalez, the rurales only want to stay in the area to fuck them up one by one by their preferred method, hit them in the back when they are not watching.
    --How come the ruralez do not go and fight the many crimes occurring everywhere else?

  6. Why are michocanos always los mas ridiculos y pendejos

    1. No te enojes envidioso.. el odio es muy feo. Don't hate!

    2. Es mejor odiar que ser una victima o un pendejo.
      El odio tarde o temprano empareja las cosas.
      It is better to hate than to be a victim or a fool.
      Hate makes things even sooner or later.

    3. I don't see on other state other than MICHOACAN try to do something about safety in Mexico. Hate doesn't make things better pendejo, it's actions. You can hate all you want but that won't do anything. Chamaco menso

  7. Everybody doesn't like everybody :-)

    So purepechas are against rurales,
    rurales are against cartels
    cartels are against the navy
    the army is against cartels.

    VIVA MEXICO ! :-))))))))))

    1. Community based organizations are about community.
      Anybody from outside, connected to the state or federal government or political parties robbing the local peoples of mining or forestry products or whatever, is not wanted or needed, including navy and army whose ginirals are a bunch of sellouts who run away from conflicts because they have even bought for a few pesos...

  8. Hate is driving all the instigations against the mexican government, and all the spring revolutions, and all the resistance movements, the occupy, the anonymous, the yo soy 123, etc etc etc... while some mensos want immediate revolutionary results through flash-in-the pan actions; i know it is not the testosterone fueling your youthful exhuberance, but take it easy on the viagras, especially when you don't have a partner, mensolin

  9. pureputas are cartels? agains fuerazas policy rurales?

  10. se ve ke valen pa pura. nomas con ver al primer policia y su vigote

  11. la fuersa sinaloense los dobla

  12. Purepechas are mostly indians, residents of the area and they don't want the juersaz criminalez there, what part is not understood? Apparently they don't even want the real AD there either, and they must have their reasons, including that the viagras were giving the real AD a bad name with their own kidnappings, extortions and murders, and coddling of "former" ct ...


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