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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Former State Department Official:Terror Groups in Venezuela Planning to Attack US

Rumors that ISIL terrorists plan to attack the United States through Mexico have been spread recently, even by members of Congress. While experts say an attack by ISIL may not be realistic at this time, there are other terrorist organizations in Latin America with the ambition to hit the United States.

“I’ve heard of specific cases where these groups in Venezuela are planning to strike the United States,” said Roger Noriega, a former assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, and coordinator of the American Enterprise Institute’s program on Latin America.

Noriega said U.S. security agencies in the last 8 to 12 months have “started to see this is a threat of a group that wants to reach into the United States.”
"Hezbollah has played a strong hand in  growing networks of terror cells in the U.S."
The groups, he said, include Hezbollah and others in Venezuela. Noriega could not discuss directly the details or name the group planning to attack the United States, however, due to the nature of the threat and his advisory role for U.S. security agencies.

What he could detail, however, is the deep roots that Hezbollah has sunk into both the political and criminal elements in Venezuela.

Not everyone agrees, however. Robert Bunker, past Minerva chair at the Strategic Studies Institute at the Army War College, said ISIL may actually help prevent such an attack. The Sunni Muslim ISIL is targeting the forces of the Shiite denomination of Islam. Shiite Iran, which largely controls Hezbollah, is at odds with ISIL, just as the United States is.

Bunker doubts Iran would allow Hezbollah to attack the United States at the current time. He added, more generally, “If Hezbollah ever hit the U.S. homeland you can assume Iran would also face blow back. So I see nothing gained by Hezbollah actually hitting the U.S. homeland.”

Max Abrahms, a terrorism expert and political science professor at Northeastern University, said while it is always possible for an individual self-starter to launch an attack, he does not believe there could be a coordinated attack on the United States at this time.

Given that the United States is lessening its footprint in Iraq and Afghanistan, Abrahms said, “Right now this is probably the heyday of Hezbollah happiness with U.S. policy.” Regarding ISIL, he said it’s unlikely they currently have the capability to attack the United States

History of this network’s influence speaks for itself

In July 2010, Jameel Nasr was arrested in Tijuana, Mexico, for trying to establish a Hezbollah training network in South America. Mexican police had allegedly been monitoring Nasr, including his travels to Lebanon, where Hezbollah recently helped form a government, and a two-month trip he took to Venezuela in 2008.

In May 2011, Kareem Ibrahim, an imam from the Caribbean island of Trinidad, was convicted of plotting to attack New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, after his arrest in 2007. His plan, according to the Department of Justice, was to blow up fuel tanks and the fuel pipeline under the airport.

Ibrahim’s network included an al-Qaeda leader and the leader of the Trinidadian militant group Jamaat Al Muslimeen. According to a 2011 U.S. Department of Justice press release, he also had ties to the Iranian revolutionary leadership, “including [Hezbollah operative] Mohsen Rabbani, the former cultural attaché indicted for his leading role in the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.”

Former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez hosted a terror summit in 2010, attended by leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Palastinian Islamic Jihad in Caracas. Venezuelan drug kingpin Walid Makled admitted in 2010 that Hezbollah had protection from the Venezuelan government and was operating cocaine labs.

An Aug. 15 report from the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service notes that Cuba and Venezuela are on the State Department’s list of countries “determined to be not cooperating fully with U.S. antiterrorism efforts” and that that senior Venezuelan officials are supporting the drug and weapons trafficking activities of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

FARC, the report states, commits the majority of terrorist attacks in the Western Hemisphere.

Mexico and Cartels
If a terrorist organization wanted to attack the United States through Mexico, the drug cartels could be one of largest hurdles.

There are competing theories as to whether or not the cartels have worked with terrorist organizations—or whether it’s something they’d risk.

Retired NSA agent Terry Minarcin told Epoch Times in a previous interview that Hezbollah agents had trained Mexican drug cartels on constructing tunnels and building improvised explosives.

Noreiga cited former DEA chief Michael Braun as saying the DEA had meetings every day on cooperation between drug traffickers and terrorists.

Other experts doubt there are ties between terrorist groups and the Mexican drug cartels.

A former owner of a private security firm that operated in Mexico told Epoch Times the cartels tend to avoid Islamists in order to avoid drawing attention from the United States.

Bunker said, “An unwritten understanding exists with the cartels that if they engage in certain activities they will get the full wrath of the U.S. government down upon them.”

He also said “It would not make business sense for Mexican cartels to facilitate an ISIS [or other Islamist] attack on the U.S.” since they’re in it for money, and doing so would be bad for business.

Noreiga noted, however, that cooperation between drug traffickers and terrorist organizations is well documented in South America. He added, “Congress created new authorities to allow the DEA to hit terrorist organizations because there is this sort of systematic cooperation.”

At the end of the day, however, the possibilities of a terrorist attack on the United States come down to capability.

Abrahms and Bunker said no group currently seems to have the systems in place to launch a large or successful attack on the United States.

Abrahms said that moving forward, the largest threat from terrorists is the possibility of groups vying for attention. He said, “Terrorists use violence competitively in order to outbid rival groups,” and believes there will be small attempts in the near future.

According to Bunker, however, the only terrorist group that comes close to being able to attack the United States is al-Qaeda, and if it could do it, it would have done so already.

He added, however, that if left unchecked new threats could emerge: “In some ways ISIS could be considered the next evolutionary stage in these groups—both far more violent and appealing to the disenfranchised and fully radicalized Sunni Muslims that they are recruiting.”

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  1. Pathetic bullshit spread by liars who would love to instill fear in those who they wish to enslave. These asswipes have been claiming all these "terror" groups are planning this big attack and at the same time we've seen the pigs becoming more and more just as bad as any group they claim is coming to attack. You can run around all scared but in the end you can't do a damn thing to stop anything, especially when those who say they have your best interest's in mind are the very same scum bags who have all along been the one's targeting you and yours. It's always nice to know there's those who are glad to spread their propaganda for them.

  2. Isis is also planing of doing something similar to this.

  3. The ISIS threat is relevant to the security of the Middle East. An unstable Near East is not something the World wants if you consider that the world's oil supply is at stake, along with potential oil/gas reserves falling into the hands of Islamic extremists. Although what I see in Iraq and to a lesser degree in Syria, is a partitioning of the country along sectarian/ethnic lines, the danger exists that ISIS won't just stop in Iraq/Syria and carry out attacks on neighboring Sunni states in order to remove their govt.s while installing theirs. Furthermore, by eliminating the ISIL threat, the risk exits that the world powers might further strengthen the hand of Iran. Something that happened with the removal of Saddam Hussein, and the installing their Badr militia allies in Iraq. To say the least the U.S., is between a rock and hard place.

    As far as Venezuela is concerned, I doubt that the govt. of Pres. Nicolas Maduro would want to attack a nation in which Venezuela has many invested business
    interests, specifically in the oil and gas industry. That last thing Venezuela would want to do is make a bad economy in desperate need of hard currency worse.

    1. Much more oil in Montana,n Dakota than ALL middle east.

    2. 12:49 wrong then why doesn't the US leave the Middle East, OIL!

    3. "12:49 wrong then why doesn't the US leave the Middle East, OIL!"

      It's obvious you have no idea about the oil business. If a country can control the flow of oil in the Middle East that country can control the price of oil world wide. The more you slow down the production the higher the price will be. The slower the production the more money the US oil companies can make per barrel of oil.

  4. Politicians trying to scare everyone so they can close the border!

  5. The US is scared, the terrorist won!

  6. They are lying to close the border!

  7. If you don't want terrorist then get out of the Middle East.

  8. Always trying to look venezuela look bad

  9. Chivis someone in forum had an ISIS post and you told them to stop. How is this different?

  10. Translation: US needs an excuse to control Venezuela's oil

  11. CHAPO gets caught and all this happens free him and everything goes back to normal..

  12. 7:53 the devil has been trying to control BB, boxing the unrepentant in their little boxes, and manipulating our blog for his side, rightista of course, as if...
    9:00 the US needs no excuse, but they come handy, hugo chavez demanded that venezuela's GOLD were returned, and it got returned, you can see it on youtube, also some people demend the venezuelan oil be re-privatized, and that the state should be happy with the .01% Of the oil proceeds, and 0.5% in kickbacks, or the US will keep trying to destabilize their country and steal anyting they want, elections, oil, government, drug trafficking, anything, the US, owners of all the cartels, the murderers, the drug traffickers, the gorillas, their weapons, their money, los maras, the school of the assassins, and the bananas, now want to own even the citizens shit, and will import all the isis excuses they have to, just as they imported the 9/11 bombers and billions of dollars in help for the terroristas for what has become isis to bring down assad from syria, the US never expected their new pretty boys to take over iraq again but hallburton and blackwater sure want another war there, WAR WAR WAR !!!
    said john mc cain, one hundred years of war and occupation!...
    Let's hope the US don't get too carried away in their lustful pursuit of WAR!!!

    1. I think your tin foil hat might be on a little tight. Or maybe I'm a govt. agent sent to infiltrate BB in order to identify those that are getting close to the truth, the illuminati are controlling us and they are controlled by the New World Order who is controlled by the CIA in cahoots with the NSA from the center of the earth with the all mighty overlord Lúcifer himself!

  13. Pro-Palestinian extremists hang anti-US banner on AZ border fence:

  14. This is nothing new to most of us who pay attention. The border will never be closed so don't get your panties in a wad. The US needs the border open just as much as Mexico. If the cartels start working with terrorists then you will have a different result. As the article says all the cartels are about the money and they don't want any extra attention from the US. Unlike in Mexico the US government actually wants to keep the Americam public safe from terror.

  15. @7:48 Venezuela already looks bad on their own. Starving your citizens and punishing them doesn't make the government look to favorable on the international stage.

    1. Economic blockages and speculation by insider agent provocateurs will do that and worse to ANY country's economy, and the US are the experts, I don't know how the cubans have withstood it for so long, oh, helping american drug traffickers helped for a good long while, as did the fall guy, general arnaldo ochoa...
      Venezuela should kill all traitors on the spot...

  16. US is asking for help from Iran and Russia to fight ISIS. Iran said no, what do you think Russia is going to say?

  17. September 14, 2014 at 7:53 PM Chivis someone in forum had an ISIS post and you told them to stop. How is this different?

    LOL I think she can no longer find good news to post.

  18. oh you are so funny willis @3:54

    this is directly related to cartels.

    dr bunker sent the link to his interview,

    and readers have asked my opinion. I felt this article fair and not like ones I have seen saying ignorant and downright stupid supposition

    I can decide what I post. if you do not like it, move on.

  19. I don't know how you put up with these idiots. I saw the post you objected to, it was seal the border, and migrant kids are terrorists.


    I am going to miss you chivis. I appreciate the work you have given the blog for years.

    1. I asked the question tell me why I am an idiot?

    2. You don't have to kiss ass , chivis don't let idiots like this defend you he implied ladies are not smart!

  20. Leaving? Hope not chivis, I am affraid of some greedy arseholes taking over BB, they have all kinds of programs ready, with tiaras and everything...

  21. These "experts".
    When you talk about Mexicans Cartels, you are talking about the Mexican Government.
    ALL CARTELS are controlled by Mexican political parties, as a whole.

  22. 11:28 it never fails, if you have to ask if or why or how you are an idiot, the answer is in the question, anymore explainations would be a waste of time, you would never understand, you must be a lady...

  23. @10:43....I know , right? ;)
    maybe he thinks yes

  24. 3:54 ahjajajajah! Andele güey, mas enchiladas?

  25. Implying means more than implicating the implied but, ladybugs would not understand, you would have to be one of the boys, real women would not care either way, there is nothing wrong for them, ever!

  26. 8:48pm called us idiots...
    11:28 was the only idiot asking why am i an idiot?
    1:34 tried to explain, 11:28 was the only idiot taking offense.
    1:08 even more incensed idiot demanding an answer, why is he an idiot?
    While i did not call anybody an idiot, i've been volunteering trying to explain that you took offense and made it your personal quest to find out why YOU are being called an idiot, to clean your honor, the rest of us were not offended, because we are smarter than a touchy-feely limp wrist smartypanties...


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