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Saturday, September 27, 2014

PGJE Investigates Municipal Police for 6+ killed in Iguala Guerrero

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

On my previous post I included information about the shootings in Iguala, but it was with much confusion by Pepe and myself.  I began reading reports from people on the ground, and that is where I found photos of the buses, riddled by bullet impacts.  No where previously, was the bus attacks mentioned in the media, or government.  Residents of the city were blaming the government, police and the mayor,  José Luis Abarca (at left) as being responsible for the killings.

It appears municipal police began the violence with the first attack, but later a armed commando also attacked.  

Residents and witnesses are reporting a higher number of both dead and injured.  The State is saying 6 dead and 17 injured.

Today at a press conference, Attorney General of the State, Iñaky Blanco reported that around 21:30 pm yesterday, members of the Municipal Preventive Police had an "incident" with students and teachers of  Ayotzinapa at the bus station of Iguala.

The shooting involved 3 buses.  One bus with multiple broken windows,  hurriedly fled to the  Palacio de Justicia, where occupants exited the bus. Another bus made it to a convenience store, it was riddled with AR-15 bullet impacts, On that bus 2 people had been killed.

Later around 30 minutes past midnight, people began giving their account to reporters.  They were   at the junction that leads to the municipality of Santa Teresa,  when an armed group began shooting expending hundreds of shots.  

Among the vehicles shot at was the Chilpancingo Hornets Futbol team bus, multiple deaths were within the bus.   Bullet impacts were also from AR-15s.  It was at that site the woman in a taxi was killed.

I appreciate the fact this story is so confusing.  However, that is precisely why the state has moved to investigate and that was the purpose of this post, to inform readers that an investigation has been initiated due to complaints and eye witness accounts.  

The state attorney said the investigation is focused primarily on the municipal police.  Municipal police are notorious for corruption and ties to organized crime. (all fotos are from facebook)


  1. Conversation between son and father in Iguala:

    "Hey, Dad, how come no soccer teams come to play us here in Iguala?"

    "Now, son, you remember when we massacred the last ones who came by, right?"

    Viva Mexico, cabrones!!

  2. I guess the opposing cartel supports that football team or the team moves weight or money for them? Has to be more than random violence or are things just spiraling out of control in that area?

  3. Arriba Iguala, Guerrero pinche Cochos...we need Alfredo Rios Galeana out there...Free Alfredo Rios Galeana!!!

  4. This story did confuse me. Let me see if I read this right. The police had a issue with the team so they shot up the buses. Also that police are famous for being corrupt and or part of the cartels.......
    ....Just send in the military to wipe out the corrupt police. Oh wait. Nope can't do that. Now the Military are going to think twice about shooting the bad guys because they themselfs will be placed in jail.
    Yes I am talking about the 22 gang members the military executed.

    .......Here is a story not the same but kinda similar. In seattle, washington the local police got in trouble for profiling blacks. The Holder DOJ came down hard on them and sent a monitor to watch them. The local mayor didn't back up the police. Instead he blasted them for being racist. SO the police stopped profiling. Once the criminals realized that they could walk unmolested by the police crime in seattle sky rocketed. Then the mayor complained that the police were purposley not doing thier job.
    mmmmm can't have it both ways.
    Now I know the military commited murder. BUT how many lifes did they save? This gang would have kindnapped and murdered and raped. Now they can't harm anyone.
    Protect the criminals or the innocent. You choose.

  5. Glad this is being investigated.

  6. Whatever happened to La Tuta's son did he get out?

  7. I made a stop in Iguala doing a grand tour of Mexico I did 20 years ago. I liked the place. Sorry to hear that things aren't going so well there.

  8. "Armed Commando" ? These guys are not "Commando" they are stinky fat pigs wanna be pieces of chit drug addicts drunk flea bags that never take showers and dress like they buy their clothes at the secunda !!

  9. All dying because Americans are dying to get high.

    America will reap what it has sown. The violence will come to your baseball and apple pie small towns. Your kids may be in the crossfire on the way to their little league game. All so you could get high on the weekends.

    1. Thank you Americans!

    2. Sorry not going to happen. The CIA will ensure the plague stays in Mexico. Uncle Sam will keep the animals in their cage. Like another reader stated "no vacancy". We'll take your drugs but leave your bullshit mafioso crap in the Aztec empire.

    3. 1:29 what about our cheap labor, who is going to wash dishes, wash cars, clean toilets, clean your houses, cut your grass and pick your fruits and vegetables, not you or your kids right. Who?

  10. 12:04 The 22 murdered by the mexican army, might have been guilty of associating for whatever, with x evil intents or may have been entrapped, we don't know, the one million estimated killed by the US in vietnam, perceivedto be vietcong or vietminh, or young girls and boys and their mothers, and old people, or the million people who died in the iraq-iran wars, te people murdered by stalin or hitler, may have also turned into some evil kind of people, like the south americans that have died in the dirty wars carried under false pretenses by the US against their countries could have become some marasalvatruchas, OK, to make a short story long, there are laws on this corrupt world of us, and some times even the high and mighty must obey them, because you never know when your crimes agaist humanity will be reconciled in a court of law, you do not mistreat prisoners, for all the tea in cina, not because they are some little angels, but because you are not like them, and because, YOU may not be able to handle the consequences...
    4:55 police were working on the teacher/student combos of guerrilla fighters, the soccer players busjust happened to be at the wrong place and the wrong time, and the "armed commando" arrived to help the police finish the job, probably white guards doing the dirty work for the governor and helping the
    motherfucking police, who are taking the gloves off now that the privatizing of pemex, has been heroically consummated by the federal government, now is the time for mano dura against the rabble who do not understand clear enough where and what is their place...

  11. You fight fire with fire.

  12. "All dying because Americans are dying to get high.
    America will reap what it has sown. The violence will come to your baseball and apple pie small towns.Your kids may be in the crossfire on the way to their little league game"

    Look at this guy wishing death and mayhem on youngsters?
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  13. "Your kids may be in the crossfire on the way to their little league game. All so you could get high on the weekends.probably white guards doing the dirty work for the governor and helping the"
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    You must really have a sad and bitter life to have an outlook like yours?
    You don't even talk about innocent Mexicans being killed,you would rather whine and bleat?You and your ilk are a hindrance to Mexico and always will be..

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