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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hotspots in Guanajuato and Guerrero: 26 killed in 48 hours

Borderland Beat, Pepe and Chivis

Guanajuato and Guerrero border Michoacán, where CJNG has been making a power move in. 

León: There's been almost no coverage of the execution of four retailers just outside León Guanajuato early Thursday morning.

Four Leon merchants were executed and their bodies abandoned in an area of the community Mesa de la Virgin of the León-San Felipe road. They were apparently killed with the coup de grace.  Caps found near the bodies indicate the victims were murdered at the scene.  Their hands tied with shoelaces, behind the back, tee shirts were used for hoods, and they were gagged.  

All four were males, two were brothers, and all four of the men were merchants of auto parts and salvaged vehicles

Celaya: Meanwhile, in Celaya, five people were executed in various places.

Thursday night two bodies were found near the road to San José de Guanajuato, near colonia Gran Hacienda, which allegedly were executed with bullets and were not identified.

Also, in  the colonias Arboledas and  Rancho Seco  two deceased men, killed by gunshot were discovered.

in the colonia Independencia  the body of a young women was found, also with gunshot wounds. Authorities, reported she was killed by a group of armed men.
Salamanca: Another other killing was in Salamanca, an armed group attacked two people in the colonia Cuatro de Altamira , one of them is  identified as Pedro Herrera Lopez, who was a mechanic, died at the scene, while his assistant is in serious condition.

A person came to the workshop of Herrera Lopez and asked him to inspect a disabled car when he did he was captured by an armed commando.

The mechanic was accompanied by an assistant; both were tied up, blindfolded and shot at close range.

In Guerrero, eight bodies have been found since Wednesday in separate incidents. 

Ajuchitlán on Thursday five bodies were found in Ajuchitlán, Guerrero,  after an apparent shootout between civilians the night before. Ajuchitlán is in LFM territory in N.W. Guerrero (not too far from the recent Army massacre of 22 in Edomex).

The five were found at a basketball court and had signs of torture.  The confrontation was near the area the bodies were found.  Reports also indicated that there were injuries in the clash but the injured persons fled.  The deceased were young men in their 20s.

Ajuchitlán is also very close to where the body of a Catholic priest was found, with signs of torture, a couple of days ago. All signs point to extortion from LFM. 

Altamirano The body of the priest of San Miguel Totolapan, was found murdered, floating in el río Balsas, after days of being missing. The diocese confirmed it was the body of Ascension Acuña Osorio, priest of the Diocese of Ciudad Altamirano.He had been severally tortured.

Zihuatanejo: Thursday night two were killed when a commando opened fire on a group of people in a street near the center of town. 

Iguala Friday: There are reports of shootouts in several points of Iguala, leaving at least 8 dead, 20 injured and 25 arrests.

Clashed between armed groups, lasting several hours,  rendered the city a virtual ghost town.

Of the dead; an attack on a bus carrying the Hornets soccer team 3 players and a coach dead.  

3 student teachers were killed. it is unclear where at this time.  Also, a woman  traveling in a Taxi. 


  1. Seemingly random killings, different types of people and occupations. Is there any link with the deceased to drugs, or are these killings just meant to sow fear? Killing a priest is a act that shows the depravity of these Scumbags unless the priest was corrupt (not a stretch of the imagination).

  2. He was likely laundering for rival cartel.

  3. They kill even a priest ?

    you wrote: "3 student teachers were killed."
    I don't understand, students or teachers ?
    Or you mean university teachers ?

  4. So many army, navy, marinas,air force,state, municipal and federal police, juersaz ruralez, and can't stop themselves from committing so many crimes el manolito patadas,manuel mondragon y kalb sabra mucho karate, pero lo que le falta de policia le sobra de incompetente, no en vano ha sido socio de lo peor de la policia desde los tiempos del negro durazo, y priista desde joven como zeta desde el enrique francisco galindo ceballos...
    Lo que podria ayudar es que metieran unos cuantos jefes de policia y a muchos generales del ejercito a la carcel, y eso es nomas para empezar...

  5. I wish I had the time to type out everything I want to say about this article. Damn...

  6. A bunch of spineless criminals. Can only kill someone who can't fight back.And a government that could care less.Get a gun and fight back or be slaughtered like sheep

  7. The upsurge of violence in Guerrero is reminiscent of the vicious war CIDA and La Barredora carried out in the early part of this decade in Acapulco. This might be a sign that the situation in Guerrero is getting worse, and not better.

    1. Yea but I know this war between cjng,zzetas,lfm is going to be more brutal. Just watch if you dont believe me. Its dumb that so many people have to die

  8. That foto of the dead Catholic priest floating in the water. That's really eerie, like a ghost talking to us from beyond. Sums up Mexico.

  9. What the fuck is going on in Mexico!? Like seriously, why doesn't anyone do anything, why don't people fight back? Fuck your government and your crooked ass police. Save yourself and if they shoot at you, you make sure you shoot back! These assholes operate with fear and brutality. It's high time the Mexican people band together and strike back. I hope to god the AD movement continues. This is bullshit!

  10. leon gto, usually a quite place and never really disputed over anyone in the know can expand what might be coming its way, I travel that way often for legit reason mainly for leather imports that wondering thanks

  11. Thanks for sharing, type of news Mexican government and Epn wants to supress.
    More victims swept under the rug.
    How often does this go on in Mexico where now the story never gets out?

  12. How can these fuckers just murder and maim people with no feeling? Their own friends and family, their neighbors. There are 10's of thousands of cartel members and they are all killers with no remorse. It's about time USA gets more involved like they did in Colombia. People just killing people like they are eating out or going to a movie. The murdering and kidnapping is like going to McDonald's or Walmart. No one ever gets in trouble except the innocent who pay with their lives for the crimes of the cartels. Mexico is worse than a third world country and the world has to open their eyes and boycott everything and anything coming from and about Mexico until the govt cleans itself up and eradicates these cartels.

    1. Mexico is a third world country and the US is the only first world country that borders a third world country, hence all the problems that come with that in modern times.

    2. Idiot Mex is not a third world country!

    3. This violence is fueled by the very drugs they make billions on.It isn't that hard to see.Everytime a corpse is found or somebody goes to jail small amounts of drugs are found.Pulling a trigger is easy while high on coke and smoking a blunt.Meth allows for the taking apart of bodies piece by piece.Heroin lets one forget what fucking year it is.

  13. Mexican savages in the same category as Islamic terrorists. The ISIS coalition needs to use some of their bombing runs in Mexico and not just Syria and Iraq. These cartels are terrorist organizations against their own people no less. The hatred they have and the innocents they kidnap just to torture and murder, they are not human.

    1. I don't think you understand torture and why its done in México. They are human, animals don't do this to each other. Well, maybe dolphins too.
      The people causing this "terror" are the politicians who don't legalize drugs. They profit from this war on drugs, which is not on drugs but on its own citizens.

    2. Another one they will never be branded as a terrorist group because it will hurt the us as well because then they will arrest anyone who buys drugs and charge them with financing a terrorist organization, another reason why is because thers so much money involed on both sides thst they wont risk it

  14. And that idiot Pena Nieto "bien gracias a dios",all he has to do is get his cronnies to come out on tv every now and then and tell el pueblo mexicano,"aqui no pasa nado,todo esta bien"...and the sheeple just follow him to the slaughter house...

  15. @12:06 you can't justify 'why its done in Mexico'. Torture and murder is the same throughout the world. The cartel members are terrorists plain and simple. Any cockroach cartel member has the following attributes, they are each in fact: barbaric, barbarous, bestial, brutal, cannibalistic, cold-blooded,
    cruel, devilish, diabolical, fiendish, grim, hateful, heartless, implacable, malicious, malignant, mean, merciless, pitiless, relentless, remorseless, , ruthless, truculent, uncompassionate, unfeeling, unkind, unrelenting, unsympathetic, vicious, inhumane just to name a few. Mostly they are the spawns of satan and all are cowards.

    Keep defending them, you are a non aware individual. These Mexican terrorists are the same as the extremist Islamics, no different. They trade drugs and weapons, kidnap and enslave, torture, maimi and murder.

    Where the hell have you been? Wake up! This is 2014.

    1. Maybe 12:06 is one of them trying to justify the malevolent behavior. wath a punk rat

  16. You forgot they are real barbarians and their only intention is to KILL. They have no future, they cannot be rehabilitated. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I agree, they are real freaking terrorists.

  17. --The US supports the mexican government with weapons and a little money, to steal a whole lot of money from all the mexicans for a looong period of time, now going on for more than 200 hundred years.
    --The US does not steal the whole country only because it is full of mexicans...
    --The US would rather have its narco-sicario politicians in charge...

  18. Nacho Coronel's nephew's release could be behind this. It might be hard for him to do much in Jalisco because of Mencho (even though they aren't at war) so he could be trying some close by states to tie up some loose ends for CDS.

  19. The billions of dollars "they make" are nowhere to be seen anywhere in mexico, because all those billion always find their way to the real owners of the drug trafficking business banks, bahamas, panama, cayman islands, sweden, england, name it, and the money the capos make also gets expropriated by the US no matter where they hide it, why, the rich make multiple floor garages for their cars, we don't even have a car, but sure do get shafted and go to jail for one joint, the rich do not go even if they traffic drugs and launder billions of dollars by the trillions!
    And i don't blame bill gates, warren buffett or george soros for making their money the old way, they steal all of it, honestly, but those who make money by laundering it, for others, and stealing it from them, they are the worst of the worst of the worst...


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