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Saturday, September 6, 2014

11 Former Self-Defense Members Released for 'Lack of Evidence'

 Proceso: Editorial Board
Translated by Jane Brundage (Mexico Voices)

Mexico City - After seventeen months of imprisonment on charges of possession of a weapon for the exclusive use of the Army, eleven former self-defense members from La Ruana* in the municipality of Buenavista Tomatlán, Michoacán, were released after a judge federal determined that there is insufficient evidence against them. 

The release of these eleven, which happened last Tuesday night, added to the other seventeen who were released last August, means that now none of the former self-defense members from La Ruana, in the municipality of Buenavista Tomatlán, who were detained in 2013 remain in prison.

According to government sources cited by the agency Quadratín, despite the fact that the judge ruled that there is insufficient evidence for them to go through judicial proceedings at the Apatzingán Corrections Center, they will have to go there to sign their respective judgments [i.e., judge's ruling (verdict) and release order].

On March 7, 2013, in an operation by Army forces, thirty-four community guards were arrested in the settlement of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, municipality of Buenavista Tomatlán; four days later, the federal forces arrested the other seventeen.
On May 22, four were arrested in the municipality of Chinicuila; on August 15 another forty-five were arrested in Aquila.

The fifty-one arrested in Buenavista and the four arrested in Chinicuila have been released. Of the forty-five arrested in Aquila, comunero leader Augustín Villanueva Ramírez and two of his brothers are the only remaining prisoners.

Still imprisoned are eighty self-defense members arrested this year in the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas, including the founder and leader of the Tepalcatepec self-defense group, José Manuel Mireles.

MV Note: The La Ruana self-defense group led by Hipólito Mora, an agricultural engineer and lime farmer, was one of the first groups to take up arms in self-defense; dozens of its members were among the first imprisoned by federal forces. Simmering in the background was a feud between Hipólito Mora and another self-defense leader, Simón El Americano and his ally Comandante Cinco. 
On March 9, 2014, the feud erupted full-blown into the open with the murder of two former Templars turned self-defense and members of Simón's group. The government's decision to side with Simón El Americano and charge Hipólito Mora with the murder shook the self-defense leadership, which felt not only betrayed by the government but concluded "next the government is coming after us remaining leaders."
On June 27, 2014, Hipólito Mora's ally, Dr. José Mireles from Tepalcatepec, was arrested; he remains imprisoned in Hermosillo, Sonora.


  1. Seventeen months. Is there any government on the face of the Earth more worthless than the Mexican Government?

  2. Good news... I wonder what kind of hell they went thru and what kinds of threats they were given.

    Commissioner Castillo's allies, the Papa Smurf, El Americano, and the H3 gang, get new uniforms, new weapons, new trucks and a paid government job as the "Ruales".

  3. How did the world wide rallies/marches for mireles go?

  4. 4 comments? We shouldn't be shocked should we,the brain trust are to busy insulting each other about the US or Mexico,or talking about the intricacies of drug dealing and being gangster,,the fuckin idiots..I don't know...Anyway.
    17 months?What a disgrace,but the thing is,they continue to get away with it? How long are they going to hold Dr Mireles?The only people who could stop it are sadly not interested enough?

  5. Agent provocateurs want immediate action, to kill revolutions at once.
    Real revolutions need to act responsibly and real revolutionaries do not mind waiting another day or as many days it takes, patiently, one guy at a time...
    --It took moses 40 years deciding if to step out of his cove or not...
    --It took jesus more than thirty years to launch his revolution against the money changers, and one year later he was gone...but his revolution endures in spite of the devil's workers, even if it was all a fairie tale...
    --The US invented themselves 235 years ago, the devil's envoys keep trying to steal the worshipped ground from under our feet...
    --lenin and stalin gave us the USSR in 1910 after a long march and struggles of jumping back and forth for a long time, with help from the british, it endured for close to a hundred years...
    --Al Gore only started inventing the internet about 22 years ago, and the libertine apostles of corporatism are desperately trying to control it, good luck!

  6. 12:07 i have seen the effects of florida's deep cleansing facials, that guy who had all of his face eaten by the treatment leaves me with no desire to ever setting one foot in florida, unless my rich ladyfriend asks me, but i suspect she has some cuban there on the side or a colombian drug trafficker, in which case it would be no good for me, again...


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