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Monday, August 25, 2014

Pena Nieto has been unable to decrease homicides

El Diario de Coahuila (8-24-2014)

Source: Semanario ZETA, translated by un vato for Borderland Beat
MEXICO, D.F. (Apro).- Enrique Pena Nieto has been unable to lower the crime statistics involving homicides the way he proclaimed in his presidential campaign in 2012 and during the first months of his administration.

The Federal Executive began his administration on December 1, 2012, with the promise that "in one year" we would begin to see the results of the so-called strategy against organized crime, violence and insecurity. Therefore, there would be a hypothetical "decrease" of crimes that most affect Mexicans, like homicides, intentional as well as unintentional ("dolosos" and "culposos").

Faced with a lack of hard facts that would support Enrique Pena Nieto's statements, his government prefers to lead a media crusade, repeating the same long-winded speech, adhering to the premise that, "If a lie is repeated enough, it ends up becoming the truth", much loved by propagandists of totalitarian states.

Enrique Pena Nieto as well as Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, the Secretary of the Interior, have clung to that idea and use in a tiresome manner in whatever forum they appear to erase by decree the dead bodies that appear every day in urban and suburban areas of the Mexican cemetery, anything from hanging bodies to decapitated ones, those unearthed from unmarked graves or stuffed in the trunks of cars, incinerated and dismembered, flayed or even with the coup de grace.

When the Federal Executive attended the Davos Forum in January of 2013, he declared that "there has been a real decrease in the number of homicides that are committed in our country, a decrease of practically 30% in homicides tied to organized crime, which gives us hope". Then Osorio Chong stated flatly on July 29, 2014, that, "violence has been reduced to its minimum expression."

These are the narratives that Pena Nieto's people keep repeating in the days prior to the second annual government report.


Enrique Pena Nieto's administration is already bloodier that his predecessor Felipe Calderon Hinojosa's 's administration. Official statistics confirm this.

To begin with, according to the National Public Security System (SNSP: Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Publica), during the first 20 months of the Pena Nieto Government, from December 1, 2012, to July 31, 2014, there were 57,899 criminal investigations initiated (to investigate)  accidental ("culposos", or negligent or unintentional) and intentional homicides ("dolosos"), while during the first 20 months of the Calderon administration (from December 1, 2006, to July 31, 2008), the number was 43,694; in other words, the PRI government surpasses the PAN government by 14,205 homicides, intentional as well as accidental.

According to the Executive Secretariat of the SNSP, during the first 20 months of the Pena Nieto government, there were 29,417 criminal investigations initiated for intentional homicides, although  in the first 20 months of the Calderon administration, there were 18,451 criminal investigations initiated for the same violations.

During the last 20 months of the Calderon presidency, the SNSP reported officially 37,421 "criminal investigations" for intentional homicides.

As it has been documenting these past few years, Semanario ZETA (ZETA Weekly) investigated the number of criminal homicides during the first 20 months of Enrique Pena Nieto's government.

Employing a methodology that compares information gathered from various prosecutors' and district attorneys' offices ("procuradurias" and "fiscalias"), newspaper archives or records of civil organizations, investigative services and local forensic institutes, ZETA documented that from December 1, 2012, to July 31, 2014, there were 36,718 intentional homicides, a number that includes "executions", "confrontations", "homicide assaults", homicides resulting from retail drug sales, and even the so-called "crimes of passion" using a large caliber firearm or with a coup de grace. The hard facts documented more than the 29,417 criminal investigations the SNSP reports for the same period for these offenses.


During the Calderon administration, the National Institute on Statistics and Geography (INEGI: Instituto Nacional de Estadisticas y Geografia) reported with punctuality all homicides in the country; however, in the Pena Nieto administration, it reports fewer criminal homicides than are reported by the prosecutors and district attorneys for the states. For example, on July 23, 2014, in its news bulletin No. 301/14, INEGI reported only 22,732 intentional homicides. The Institute explained that these were "preliminary numbers with a cut off date of July 10, 2014, because the process for generating the statistics was still ongoing," but the Pena Nieto government is already using the statistic to proclaim the alleged 30% decrease in murders.

By using as its principal sources the various prosecutors  and district attorneys, forensic institutions and public ministries, ZETA documented that, in fact, there were 23,850 homicides in 2013. In other words, INEGI did not report at least 1,118 intentional homicides that year.

ZETA researched each of the states to identify those in which the prosecutors and district attorneys reported the total number of homicides, in contrast with the lower statistics that INEGI reports. The result was surprising: In Jalisco, there were 1,584 murders in 2013, not 1,485 as was reported by INEGI on July 23. In so many words, the Institute did not take into consideration at least 90 intentional homicides that year.

In Baja California, using information obtained from the Security Council, ZETA documented that in 2013, there were 865 intentional homicides committed, while INEGI only reported 770. That is to say, the Institute did not report at least 95 murders that year. The SNSP reported 775 criminal investigations of intentional homicides, in fact, more criminal investigations than (the number of) intentional homicides, even while considering that a file may involve two or more victims....Continues on next page

Another clear example is Michoacan: information compiled from the state government and newspaper archives revealed that in 2013, there were 1,415 deaths by homicide in that state, but INEGI reported that there were only 916.

With respect to Sinaloa, state authorities reported 1,292 intentional homicides committed in 2013, while INEGI reported only 1,200.

Thus, in this manner, systematically, INEGI is already reporting fewer homicides in the current administration than the prosecutors, district attorneys, public ministries and forensic institutions.


While the government of Pena Nieto continues with its campaign of a "decrease in the incidence of crime", "homicides are down" or, like Osorio Chong says, "violence has been reduced to its minimal expression", and while INEGI is no longer reporting the total number of murders, "accidents" are increasing at the same time .

For example, during the first 20 months of the Calderon administration, there were 25,243 criminal investigations initiated on unintentional homicides, that is, accidents, while during the first 20 months of the Pena Nieto government, that number increased to 28,482. In other words, Pena Nieto surpassed Calderon with 3,239 "accidents".

In addition, during the last 20 months of the PAN administrations,  the SNSP reported 26,333 investigations of unintentional homicides and as noted above, during the first 20 months of the PRI administration, that number increased to 28,482. In other words, during the 20 months prior and the 20 months after the change in the color of the Federal government, accidental deaths increased by 2,149.


After an exhaustive investigation in each of the states, Semanario ZETA documented 36,718 intentional homicides during the first 20 months of the Pena Nieto government, from December 1, 2013, to July 31, 2014.

The State of Mexico, governed by PRI governor Eruviel Avila, is the leader in cadavers. This weekly journal documented that the state governed by Enrique Pena Nieto from 2005 to 2011 reported 4,876 intentional homicides during the first 20 months of the PRI government.

The second most violent state is Guerrero, with 3,301 homicides; Chihuahua is next with 3,062; then Michoacan, with 2,403, and in fifth place is Jalisco, with 2,385.

One must keep in mind the zone that encompasses the State of Mexico, Guerrero, Michoacan and Jalisco concentrates 12,965 intentional homicides, a number that represents 35% of the 36,718 total.

Information gathered by this weekly journal from state prosecutors and district attorneys reveals that Acapulco is the most violent city, with 1,371 intentional homicides during the first 20 months of the Pena Nieto government, while the Federal District is in second place, with 1,267 during the same period.

The municipality of Tijuana, or the "model city" for Calderon as well as for Pena Nieto, continues in third place, with 897 homicides committed during the first 20 months of the Pena Nieto government, while Ciudad Juarez (Chihuahua) is the fourth most violent city, with 779 intentional homicides during the same period, and in Ecatepec , State of Mexico, intentional homicides rose to 769.    


  1. puro teatro, acompañando al PAN y al circo del PRI...
    --and WE can keep checking and trying to straighten others' faulty accounting, like in the account of the calderon's days, if you put in the secret burials and burnings and pozoles, it would be a lot closer, now under el pandejo nacional, we have more gangs fighting over turf, to make room for the new president sicariato, there are too many things to ponder about too many people...
    --we need to narrow our program, to include less but bigger game, easier convictions over greater crimes and bigger criminals, politicians, police, military, businessmen, international, here at BB we have been counting the dead for about five years, and the goodwill has taken BB places, yet we can do a whole lot better, in the name of the little guys, lets leave them alone for a little while and FOCUS on real shit, let's try and fry at least one real big muthaphaca a week...

    1. P.nieto has asshole snake written all over his face dont trust him he looks like he's a cartel boss to be honest us should investigate him

  2. Free Dr. Mireles
    This man will always be remembered as true man with more wisdom and guts than anyone in this fight against these bastards!

    1. Yes free mireles !!

    2. Amen! Free Mireles!

    3. He talks too much he will not make it.

  3. Stay out of Mexico.

  4. He could do but he needs declare marshall law.

  5. who said he was trying?

  6. Can you say population control...the best way you can keep the population in check is to keep them in a state of constant fear. They (government) want the people of Mexico to believe that they (citizens) need the government to keep them safe from harm. The bad thing for President Nieto is that all he is a pretty face for publicity and not a true enforcer of the law of the land. The state and municipal governors have too much power to do and say what they want with impunity. Every so often one gets popped for bribes and embezzling money but there is usually someone to follow behind them that's even worse. And yes there is corruption and murders in the US. We all know that but on the scale murders are happening in Mexico is like Mexico is at war with itself. When you disarm the population and don't allow citizens to protect themselves from the danger they will eventually fight or flee. The ones who fight get killed or imprisoned and the ones who flee end up heading north. It's a double edged sword whether you stay silent or you speak out against the status quo.

  7. Did you get the video where AMLO is telling soldiers conducting a routine check on his vehocle, that the real narco is in "Los Pinos". Narcos are better informed and perhaps better educated than EPN. Ask EPN the capitals of the states and he wouldn't know them. He has no knowledge of the way the government works. He is a soap opera actor along with his televisa wife. There gotta be other soap opera actors better qualified than EPN Im not trying to insult actors. But this guy is as fake as pro wrestling. I can't believe Tamaulipas isn't on that list. But then again organized crime has taken on a governing role. Going as far as to send their men out during traffic accidents. Where they also perform the duties of transit officers. It's like the US's political system where corporate lobbyist urge for laws or breaks.But corruption in mexico can be had as an individual for the right price. Without the political power required in the US. Corruption is within reach in Mexico. In the US you have to buy senators and Congress people with trips and crates full of lobster. They're cheap crooks. Mexican politician's kids are driving around in exotic sports cars be they in Spain, the US, Britain, or México. That said numbers can always be worked Specially when you know the local authorities are partly or wholly responsible for your loved ones death or disappearance. Know that if you go make a report you might end up missing also. In cd. Victoria a lady was choked by an officer and shoved outside when she went to report the deaths of her entire family of 6 in one day. So add those to the toll and imagine the missing who have never been reported.

  8. It's Martial, as in Military/Martial Arts (Mars, the god of war). Not as in George Marshall, the US General "Marshall Plan" guy.

  9. I dont believe anyone from here on being president in mexico is going to "decrease" homicides.

  10. --You need to know MARSHALL PLAN, it revived europe after WWII, there were no austerity back then...
    --and you need to know MARTIAL LAW where every tree leave has ID and needs to be ready to account for its whereabouts twenty four seven, the penalties are very harsh, but the government imposes its will at will, and it is never good for the people...
    --the NARCO-DEMOCRACIA of vicente fox, has evolved into:
    --the NARCO-FASCISM of the calderonato of fecal, into:
    --the NEO-PORFIRISMO of enrique pena nieto...
    --with all the neo-carrancismo institutional of the grupo atracomulco...
    Carrancear= robar, stealing from the public through, the word had its origin when the friends of don venustiano carranza abused his being the president to steal everything in sight, even if it was nailed to the floor.
    --codigo stories illustrate the level of robbing under don porfirio diaz, with his bank of england in mexico's vaults full of HIS MONEY AND GOLD, that picked the newly mexican revolutionary interest of the US and their financing of the mexican revolution, with luxurious general uniforms for pancho villa, airoplanos and plenty of weaponry, (OBAMA AND HOLDER were not even born yet), there was a presidency there for francisco i madero, to be martyred by the traitorous military, in 1910, one hundred years after the US instigated war of independence of mexico.
    --Now two hundred years of solitude later, we can't have a revolution, because we can't win against the weapons and gorillas the US (again!) provides to the poor mexican inditos in charge of governing over the new raping of the mexico and the mexicans patrimony.
    --Five hundred years of being banana republics have not taught us enough lessons, the satrap caciques have learned all of them...
    --and now it is not america for the americans, but america for the imperial powers of the global vulture capitalism, the US et al...

  11. One thing that the organize crime and cartels have demonstrate is that the STATE is not invincible and all powerful (that includes first world countries like USA and the EU) .People should break this sick post industrialist world we live in is all an ilusion the economy should really fucking collapse for good and people will be free.

  12. @ 4:25 p.m. I'm pretty sure countries like Somalia and Sudan don't have much restrictions on who can live there. These countries have almost no government at all, and the people are really "free" there. Maybe you should go check them out if that's what you're looking for.

  13. 5:53 and if you check the history of sudan and somalia you might find why those countries, like libya, iraq, almost syria, don't have almost no government, like ethiopia and other african countries, as a result of other nations bringing their bitching over there, i'm not even curious, but since you mention it, you should check it...

  14. If you are trying to insinuate in your lameass way that other countries have it worse, and therefore we should resign ourselves to our destiny, you are wrong, mister, you have eaten too much poppycock, enjoy, we the people won't...


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