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Monday, August 25, 2014

Executions & Mantas in Morelos

Temixco, Morelos

By: Héctor Raúl González, Carlos de la Fuente, Silvia Otero, Karaosean Cullen
Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

In separate incidents, the bodies of two murdered men were found on Monday in the state of Morelos.

One of the bodies was found inside a plastic trash bag between the streets Narcisos, Pensamientos and Azares, located in district Milpillas, in Cuernavaca.

The body had at least one bullet hole in the chest.

Next to the bagged body was a narco-message.-

“Come pick up your trash Luis Ramos Ortiz, don’t be sending chapulines* to my plaza, you’re next, we’re going to tear you to pieces Kiko Guillermo Nájera Castillo, Analilia, attentively your father, fucking chapulines”, the message says.

*Chapulines translates into grasshoppers/ or kids, but I believe that some readers have previously stated that it is referring to those who switch sides.

In another incident, in the municipality of Cuautla, a man was gunned down in a street.

The incident occurred in district Guadalupe Victoria, where from a moving car, armed subjects shot at the victim.

In another incident on Sunday, the body of a man with a bandaged head and signs of torture was found in the municipality of Temixco, Morelos, along with a narco-message addressed to the governor of the state of Morelos, Graco Ramírez.

“Here I leave your fucking trash Rene Noé Reynoso Gama,  Federico Nava who are just looking to get paid so you can go around and continue doing your bullshit and like that to avoid your guilt at the expense of innocent people.  And you Mr. Governor, do you realize the kind of trash that you have within your government?” the message reads according to police sources.

“From there, you organize and execute your fucking kidnappers and extortionists.  Leave the people alone, you’re next Nicolás Vazquez Bravo.  Amado Bautista and Amado Cevallos, Paco (Pollo) and for all of you Guerreros Unidos who are the same shit commanded by Figueroa”,

The text, written on an orange piece of cardboard is unsigned.

The discovery was made in the street Tabachín from the district Nueva Morelos, behind the municipal cemetery.

*The only info on the names that I could find was on:
"El Nico"
Nicolás Vázquez Bravo “El Nico”— A former judicial police officer who was arrested in August 2011.  He was an alleged member of a criminal cell that operated in the municipalities of Emiliano Zapata and Temixco.  He was sentenced to Atlacholoaya State Prison.
Figueroa in box
Federico Figueroa— Narco-mantas signed by Morelos Unidos placed in May 2014 [photo below] accuse Figueroa as being the new leader of the Guerreros Unidos.  They accuse him of being in his ranch in Teacalco, Guerrero and being protected by the municipal police of Taxco, Guerrero, who receive the order to protect him by Erubiel Salado Chávez, head of the Municipal Public Security.  They also accuse him of being responsible for kidnappings in Taxco, as well as being linked to “El Mencho”, leader of the Jalisco Cartel in Guadalajara.   He is probably better known as Joan Sebastian’s brother.

*The Guerreros Unidos are one of the splinter groups that formed from the Beltrán-Leyva Cartel who are known for disputing the State of Mexico with La Familia Michoacana/Los Caballeros Templarios, according to federal intelligence reports.  They have a presence in Guerrero and Morelos in order to allegedly take the State of Mexico.  They are infamous for the wave of violence and homicides throughout 2012 in different municipalities which left over 70 dead.


  1. All these new splinter groups are trying to get their name out there. They all start out trying to "protect" the public but end up being public enemy number one.

  2. Guerreros Unidos are not aligned with CJNG nor el Mencho. They have a working relationship and alliance with the Zetas. Specifically the GRUPO OPERATIVO ZETAZ led by ex-Gafe el Comandante Tommy. Who is based out of central Tamaulipas but puts in work in Guerrero, Oaxaca, Puebla and Morelos.


  3. why is joan sebastian picture doing here lol... hes a Singer that dont even sing narco corridos you got to be kidding me...

  4. It's the c.t, they are deep in morelos

  5. joan sebastian has had two sons killed, murdered very openly, and joan does not say much in public, other than he goes freely wherever he wants to go, and without escorts or security guards, but i don't know, other than his music and loving roots and ties to CHICAGO, the windy city that is always in the middle of everything, in spite of all the rats and snitches an all the best that police has to offer, including fbi, cia nsa...

  6. Federico Figueroa, purported leader of Guerreros Unidos, is the brother of Joan Sebastopol. Figueroa is the real last name of Joan Sebastian.

  7. These groups need to come up with better names

  8. Really good article. Thanks

  9. I still like El "Fig in a Box".


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