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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Huetamo Mayor arrested on murder and extortion charges

Mayor fought against autodefensas saying Huetamo was peaceful and didn't need them

No details until the press conference later today, but this morning the PRI municipal president of Huetamo, Michoacán was arrested.

Dalia Santana Pineda was arrested by members of the Attorney General of the State (PGJE).

The offenses alleged charges are alleged extortion and murder. The Attorney General's Office (PGJE) reported that it will give a press conference this afternoon to share  further details. 

PGJE is the state version of PGR, and is alleged  to be corrupted.

In photo below are three Michoacán mayors.  Santana Pineda is far left, on right is the  Pátzcuaro mayor, Salma Kurrum, who is seen in a new video featuring her in a meeting with La Tuta

Update from PGJE:
The  Attorney General of the State (PGJE), Martin Godoy, confirmed the arrest of the municipal president of Huetamo, Dalia Santana Pineda, accused of aggravated murder.

At a press conference, he said that according to the investigations, the mayor allegedly ordered the murder of her friend Antonio Granados Gomez, with whom he had a personal conflict, the killing took place on 9 April 2013 in the city of Huetamo.

Godoy explained that the victim was tricked into going to a Chinese restaurant called "The Venchy", where the  murderers hired by the mayor entered and shot and killed  him.

During the investigations, said the prosecutor, it was established that the perpetrator of this crime is a member of the criminal group, with whom the  municipal president was linked to.

Also, the mayor is accused of extortion, citing  evidence that she  charged 20% of their salary of  all city employees which was forwarded to La Tuta.  Tuta collects 20% from all city employees in the majority of municipalities.

At the time of the killing, Viagras, who use Huetamo as their home base, were in alliance with Templarios.  They have since split and have an alliance with CJNG.


  1. you don't piss off the viagras, you send the PGJE after them ASAP...
    it is getting to be a way of life, anybody in el castillo de cagada's club denounces anybody for murder, drugs or weapons, and they go up, to prison until they prove their innocence, bullshit...

  2. viagras control huetamo and the region of huetamo.
    she was in bed with viagras.

    state of michoacan is corrupt including all agencies

  3. The Army also just arrested a whole bunch of fake AD's allied with Pitufo and H3 in Huetamo:

    Typo in headline. Michoacán should be mentioned - not everyone knows where Huetamo is ; )

  4. this can't be! is el castillo de cagada getting his revenge for being made a CLOWN? but he was a clown already! only not so many people was aware of it; clowns should wear their masks at all times...
    i hope the properties stolen by the viagras and the H3 get recovered by the people, if no owners appear, all properties should be communal, for all their suffering and no new caciques should be allowed back, ever!

    1. The government will deal with the criminal elements and then the backstabbing will take them down when they choose new criminals to side with! In the end the good honest people get screwed!

  5. all this happened because lazarito cardenas brought chilango size corruption to michoacan for his presidential campaign, then he bent over for carlos salinas de gortari to steal it, leading to massive losses of state owned enterprises like conasupo, pemex, SICARTSA, mining, social security, panista panochos for 12 years of murder and mayhem and now pena nieto and more robbing of the mexicansseems like mich really matters...

  6. Chivis, not trying to stir up things, but do you think any of these ass-holes may have had anything to do with the Harry Devert atrocity?

    Huetamo? Viagras?

  7. porque viagras? a poco deveras levantan el espiritu tanto asi, de lo buenotas que estan, como la senadora templaria, esa si es una viagra pa' que vean...

  8. Tuta is a coward hopefully he will be shot or captured soon.

  9. Holy cow she's ugly!

    1. Yup! She looks like an Ex-Man! Transvestite! With cake as makeup!

  10. Mexico is reminiscent of renaissance Italy?A collective identity in country and without,but internally ran as a loose collection of petty fiefdoms with its lords at the head with the consequential loyalties and antagonisms?

  11. Study the venal way the Mexican government took the steam out of the AD movement?
    A fleeting chance left to wither through public apathy and the usual malignant governmental duplicity...
    And still Dr Mireles sits accused by the same people?
    The effrontery of the so-called political class in Mexico knows no bounds,but this effrontery and contempt is allowed to fester on without opposition.
    Political public apathy is without doubt a politicians best weapon,but it can be hard to sustain interest in something you despise at almost every level..

  12. Why Huetamo? It should be obvious. That is the home base city of Sierra Santana Bros, aka viagras. in spring 2013 they were still with CT and just forming. in fall they aligned with Mencho, after discovering Mencho had H3 and Federal Police on his payroll.

    This "lady" tired to stay neutral between the tow, but worked with Viagras against AD in 2014 when AD on 2 attempts tried to take Huetamo. Remember the federal police came out of no where? and cuffed AD repelling them the first time? and this bitch in the main plaza saying the people did not want AD?

    viagras expanded their territory by more than double by going with mencho

    1. And now they will meet a worse end than the previous leaders of the Caballeros Templarios!

  13. chivis, is there a possibility that the federal police have el mencho in THEIR payroll? because you know, they can smoke anyone anytime, but he can't...
    there seems to be some disinformation going on all the time...

  14. Chivis, have there been any developments in the Maria Santos Gorrostieta case? This looks pretty close in proximity to where Ms. Gorrostieta was killed.

  15. I was thinking of her yesterday also, nope I haven't seen any reports about the killing. Sad

  16. As is often the case the people you think are working on the good side end up being the worst offenders!

    1. Like Dr. M who knows, we don't we are just going on faith.

  17. ---los mas rajones son los primeros que claudican, muchas muchachas, como nosotras ni siquiera le entramos a ningun nivel, de la lucha...
    --the worse quitters are the first to give up, many girls, like us did not even get into the fight at any level...
    --so lets comment all we want, but do not cast any aspersions about Dr Mireles or his real supporters until something real comes up.
    some AD supporters have died, some are in prison, others jumped ship at the first chance of making some money, quite a few for nothing more than promises,while many of us girls did not support the movement in any stage or at any point, so lets keep quiet until we know something for reals...

    1. But we have to be real, we don't know if he is fake or not.

  18. 4:49 PM
    "many girls, like us did not even get into the fight at any level... " ????
    Cálmate, estás hablando tonterías,,,sin preguntas, sin respuestas.
    Vas a encontrar de nuevo histérica,,,extraño...

    Free Dr Mireles----Libres Dr Mireles


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